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Is anyone else trying this? Has dfrance surfaced?
london2014 6 years ago
London2014 How are things going regarding the white patches on your glans? You said a few weeks ago that your glans was looking much better after the wrinkling stage...have the white parts of your glans peeled/disappeared?
lb_65 6 years ago
I tried a retinol prduct (A vitamin) and think it caused a burn wound under the foreskin. Yellow fluid has been leaking into my pants, so I made a plug out of toilet paper that I put the foreskin (pretty tight).

Now all the white skin is gone and everything looks normal except the tight foreskin!

Try to keep the foreskin dry and see what happens!

I have earlier tried tto and emu oil which dealt with thick white skin on the foreskin and on the glands. I tried it again not long ago but the foreskin compepletely dried out and caused cracking and made it impossible to have sex
radiator 6 years ago
Before you apply any oils to sensitive genital skin, it is wise to perform a 'Patch Test'. There are instructions on the web, but basically apply a small amount of the mixture to a small discrete of skin area and leave it for 24 hours, then check for inflammation.
Russs7 6 years ago
Good Evening All,

I was diagnosed back in 2005. I've endured 2 surgeries only to have it come back again. It seems mainly to be just around and in the tip of the urethral opening. Would you still recommend the treatment that dfrance has described? I can't go through another surgery. Thanks all.
Jersey57 6 years ago
To Jersey
What surgery did you have. I had a circumcision last year and I found during the recover that it seemed to be starting around the urethral opening. It was scabbing up and after a week or so it woul fall off then scab over again. I currently just have what looks like scar tissue where that was happening. I tried the TTO and emu oil on t foreskin when I still had it but the DMSO I ordered never came which a specialist I spoke to said was a lucky escape. Can't comment myself though.
Did you have surgery on the urethra, if so what was it, if you don't mind me asking. Also do after having it for some time do you find there are any triggers.
Arm88 6 years ago
I had the first surgery in 2005. They did a meatoplasty and enlarged the opening. They brought up good tissue fron a few inches in and then I had a catheter for 7 days. This was great for about 5 years when it returned. He again took away what was at the opening and dilated through a thin stricture about an 1' in. Left a catheter in for about 4 days and then it was good. Now 4 months later I see the whitish skin returning and the stream narrowing again.
Jersey57 6 years ago
Where are you in the world.
I'm in the uk. The specialists I spoke to said the procedure would involve skin from the inside of the mouth as they said using the same tissue would lead to recurrences like your experiencing. I know the names of some doctors that know a fair bit about this, but there uk based. But you have probably been talking to everybody anyway. I'm sorry to hear you've had such an awefull time with it. It's the most random medical issue I'd never heard of it till getting the thing.if I can help with any info please let me know if not then no bother.
Arm88 6 years ago
I have heard that too in my research. My surgeon has been very conservative in treating it as it hasn't become too bad. Also, there are not many urologists who deal with this disease.
Jersey57 6 years ago
Jersey who is your surgeon/specialist?
london2014 6 years ago
He is Dr. Stienberg out of Morristown,NJ.
Jersey57 6 years ago
Arm88 what doctors do you know in the UK?
london2014 6 years ago
To London
I saw a dr suks minhas from the London urology clinic. Also a dr Paul Anderson who specialises in meatoplasty. But the doctor nearest to me in the north is a dr shaw. Hope this helps
Arm88 6 years ago
Does anyone know how to apply the Tea Tree Oil and DMSO mixture? Do you drop it on or use a Q-Tip? Thanks.
Jersey57 6 years ago
50/50 was Dfrance's recommendation, and yes, use a q-tip.
london2014 6 years ago
Now that being said, my BXO is at the opening and just inside. How safe would it be to apply this mixture there? I'm sure it will irritate.
[message edited by Jersey57 on Sun, 27 Apr 2014 02:39:57 BST]
Jersey57 6 years ago
I cannot advise in any way, sorry :(
london2014 6 years ago
Well I ordered everything on dfrances list so we will see what happens. Wish me luck.
Jersey57 6 years ago
I asked the same question about it working on the gland itself and I don't think anyone else has tried it yet. My DMSO didn't arrive so I never got the chance but it subsided alone anyway. If it works it'll be pretty amazing so make sure you post the results. Good luck
Arm88 6 years ago
Hello All,

Just wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to dfrance for coming up with an effective solution for us BXO sufferers! I've been lurking around this forum for a while and decided to give the DMSO/TTO mixture a go for my mild BXO. I'm happy to report that I have seen amazing improvement using this mixture. I initially started with TTO alone as I already had it on hand. While I was waiting for the DMSO and Emu Oil to arrive I saw that the TTO had already improved the condition significantly; a lot of the white skin had already begun to peel off.

When the DMSO arrived I only applied it once with the TTO and noticed hours later that the affected skin on my foreskin had begun to shrivel up. It's actually quite frightening to see such significant change on your goods in that short a time. I also experienced a small tear on my frenulum that made it a little painful to pull back my foreskin (It seems the TTO can dry out the skin causing it to crack, Emu Oil would have been helpful if I had it at the time). The cut prompted me to wait until applying again. The good news was I didn't have to because after the cut healed, all of the white skin was gone.

I have continued to apply the EMU oil to my penis daily; it feels good and keeps everything nice and supple! Aside from the cut on my frenulum I never experienced any pain or discomfort with the treatment. I also decided to experiment with autocircumcision during the treatment (taping my foreskin back with elastic surgical tape). Having read that prolonged exposure to moisture (urine, pre-cum, and cum) could make matters worse, this ensured my penis and foreskin was completely dry and had plenty of air at all times.

I'll do my best to update you all if any relapses occur. My BXO came at a time when I had a lot of stress on the job and I think that may have contributed. I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has about my experience. I was totally freaked out when I first started reading up on the disease. I decided not to see a doctor because of the ignorance I have experienced in the past having an uncircumcised penis in America; knowing they would suggest circumcision or simply prescribe a topical steroid (I tried cortisone initially to no avail).

Anyway I hope this long winded response puts you all in better spirits!

Oh and for Arm88, the DMSO seemed to only affect the diseased skin, it was admittedly hard to keep it from touching my glands and I had no issues when it did. As long as it doesn't cause pain I would say go for it. My BXO affected the foreskin under my frenulum, my frenulum, and a small portion of the glands near my frenulum (under my urethra). Hope this helps! Best of luck!


newyork90 6 years ago
Hi everebody !

Im from Argentina... I dont speeak very well but i ll do my best here...
I start Reading this fórum looking for some kind of knowledge or research of the BXO on the web... and i read the 19 pages of this thread... y follow all the people responses here and i did all the common things that everyone of us maked... steroids, creams, etc... nothing functions for me... I have photos of my glands and the ring on the foreskin now... and I will start today whit the TTO, the DMSO, whitout the EMU oil because it cames next monday from Chile, because there arent here in Argentina... A friend of mine arrives netx monday from chile where there is a Factory of EMU.

I will follow the rules of dfrance to overcome this headache, and I will record whit Photos and translate to spanish for all the people that suffers this disease and the alopat medicine cant find a cure... I dont think that they cant find it ... I think that the dont care what its not profitable...

Anyway newyork90... I follow your steps... Keep us upgraded !!

Thanks... astor
astor 6 years ago
Sory... updated !! ;)

Just one more question... When you apply the mix... you just put the glands whit the mix into the foreskin...? or you leave it out, nude for a while, 10 or 20 minutes... ? Because the DMSO recomendations it says that you dont have to wear nothing by at least half an hour... because its a solvent...

Simply... you put the mix TTO/DMSO/EOIL and wear your slip or clothes or wait a Little that dries all ?

Thanks in advance !
astor 6 years ago
Thanks for the response Astor. I would leave everything open to dry if possible. I would say 10 or 20 minutes sounds good, just to be safe.

As for me I just applied another round of the DMSO/tto to hopefully get rid of the small amount of skin still affecting my frenulum. Things have continued to improve so far.

Sincerely. NY90
newyork90 6 years ago
Hi again... third day... all my gland its shriveled up. the affected skin on my foreskin had begun to shrivel up but very shrivel up. A Little more red under the skin... and its really sensible... Im Married, and whit sex...hurts a Little. The only improvement that I saw its that the ring of my foreskin has gone... It wasnt very thigth the ring, but now all the foresking its normal, just whit a Little White points where it was the ring, but things there seems to be really good... just 3rd day... tomorrow will arrive the emu oil... I think that gonna be a good help for the skin shriveled up... Come to see...

See you all
astor 6 years ago
Just one more thing... I was thinking abouty which could be the reason of my BXO, Reading the posts of other people here... I went to gym since my thirteen... but I started to drink proteins, aminoacids, and those stuff and 3 or 4 months later started the phimosis... one day I felt my foreskin hard to retract and a ring that started to peels off. I got that ring since that day and a small White patch started to grow from my frenulum until the uretra hole... Then, started to grow rounding that uretra... and grows up in a lapse of 5 or 7 years to the actual size... like a small coin rounding the pee uretra. 2 years ago the grows stoped and its the same size... But I started to see some Little veins under the White circe on the glans... and im always worried, because 3 or 4 years ago, when i went to the doctor and diagnosed my BXO, he said that this can grows up or not, its a mental issue, like psoriasis, an autoinmune disease, and the worst could be an cirurgical cut to the uretral hole if it seems sealed... Man !! I was scaried... But the clue here I cant find it... I dont know if was the proteins for the gym like other people here, I drink too much alcohol, dont think like an alcoholic but more tan normal. Im not an streesed people... at least I think that. I have a really good diet on my life since i have use of reason... Never eated Fast food, just 1 or 2 times for a month... I play basketball and tennis, really do excercise... Dont know... I leave this here for a precedent and a base for analisys of anyone whit this problem...

Thanks again
astor 6 years ago
I just want to thanks DFRANCE like newyork90, because i am like you, I look and look and try alternative treathments, because must be something to do and I never like to quit on anything in my life... I tried too whit lot of things... whit kombucha, whit yode, whit bicarbonate... in a regular basis... like an indian rabbit... and in this thread of 19 pages i found a lot of people and experiences and felt that this was the key... Im in the 4 day...

Nice update...

I started to pells off on my glands. I applied emu oil finally last night before I go bed... THIS really makes me feel good, because just whit the TTO/DMSO things get very sensitive on the glands, between the urethra and the frenulum. But the emu oil really calm down that. My pennis its more softer and normal whit the EMU oil.

See you all... I dont know how to hang photos on this phorum... If anyone knows... To documentate this atarted for DFRANCE whit visible results... Thanks again
astor 6 years ago

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