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Ok, now in the middle of my third peeling. My problem is this, I need to penetrate a bit deeper because I just seem to be peeling the fresh skin. There is still the tight waistband look to my penis which is the main issue. I will say that it is slightly less tight though. On a scale of 1-100 I'd say its improved by 3, Not much I know. I've ditched the flesh tunnels now and I'm just applying tto/ dmso then wrapping it in cling film and surgical tape to keep it all in there. I was really hopeful after the first peeling but I've hit a wall now. I'll keep on doing what I'm doing and report back. If anyone's got any ideas I'd appreciate it.
Frankgrimey 6 years ago
can I ask where you got your tto from? you need extreme quality for everything that has been recommended. mcdonalds makes hamburgers and you grill hamburgers.even with the same name, we are very aware of the difference in quality. this is no different. can I recommend natures sunshine tto. I got it off of familyherbshop d o t com. very high quality and its a decent price. this what I used and it was extremely effective.
dfrance 6 years ago
It's from a shop called holland and Barrett here in uk. It's probably the best you can get here. It's doing its job because it stings like crazy when applied, it goes white and i get the peeling weekly. I don't think the quality of the products I'm using is the problem dfrance. I just seem to going around in circles. Thanks anyway.
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Frankgrimey 6 years ago
Hey all,

I have recently been diagnosed with BXO, and I'm glad I was able to find this thread otherwise I would've considered going in to get circumcised.

Anyway, I'd like to note beforehand that the only symptoms I am suffering right now of BXO is the white skin on my foreskin, and the head of my penis.

With that in mind, should I just use DMSO and Tea Tree Oil or should I buy the other things listed here like red clover and what not? I'm also going to start dieting too.
zoholft 6 years ago
Zoholft, i would follow dfrances regime to the letter as he seems to be the only one completely cured of this. So buy the things he did, follow his posts, and see how you get on.
Frankgrimey 6 years ago
update from me
I've been using the TTO/EO mixture 25%/75% daily for some time now. Also have been following a strict diet although occasionally I would eat something that is against it. Although i have avoided sugar like the plague. The disease is still there I have only experienced a little bit of peeling on a couple occasions then it would stop. I would only see the beginning of peeling hardly any skin actually peeled off though. And I haven't seen any peeling in months

I can't beleive so many people say they are nervous when it starts peeling - the peeling is what you want for that skin to come off. I'm quite disheartened that people see results in 2 weeks and i've been doing it for so long with nothing. why isn't it working for me?

dfrance you said the TTO has to be high quality, would it really make a difference? I mean it's still TTO... Well I should try since nothing else is working what is a high quality TTO available in Australia?
ccone 6 years ago
Ccone, you need to start using a 50/50 mix of tea tee oil and DMSO. The DMSO needs to be at least 99% pure as well. This will get deeper down into the skin and initiate a weekly peeling. I'm on my 5th week of treatment now , treatment for 5 days then 2 days of peeling but I still have the tight foreskin. It's really frustrating. The fresh skin is of the same consistency as the phimosis skin. I'm at the point of giving up.
Frankgrimey 6 years ago
Ccone, from my experience yes it does. I used other TTO and with it took like 2 weeks to make the skin peel. Switched to Nature's Sunshine TTO which is lot more potent than the earlier TTO in my opinion. It really does burn/sting with DMSO and i can't use the mix without emu oil.

Frankgrimey, i've been using this treatment for probably for a half a year now, but it's been the most efficient for me, those steroid creams weren't so effective in my opinion. (though i have not tried the most powerful ones) I will not go get myself circumcised for this.

You can always stretch the tight foreskin what this treatment might cause, atleast it does for me.

Right now there's no white skin on my foreskin, but im still keeping up the treatment.
jomppa 6 years ago
Jompa, so do you go through a weekly peeling just to keep it as it is?
Also I've tried the stretching. I even bought the phimocure kit. It only made the skin rip and actually made it tighter.
Frankgrimey 6 years ago
Frankgrimey, last time i stopped treatment right after i managed to peel all the white skin away, it just came back. From what i have read about lichen sclerosus / BXO that patients keep using steroid creams even after the white skin have disappeared, they just use the steroid cream less frequently.
though im not sure for how long they keep using them.

I've also had those 'tears/wounds', i just let them heal and stretch.
jomppa 6 years ago
I agree. I think its important to keep up with the treatment on an occassionaly basis. I havent had a reoccurance but I do reapply maybe once a week or every two weeks. the tto gets rid of the white skin but I think diet and lifestyle change is at the root source of not having reoccurances.
dfrance 6 years ago
Guys, I was just reading through past posts because I havent caught up in awhile. Really surprised and saddened to see some people are still struggling through this. let me reiterate that I had the most success when I started mixing the tto and the dmso 50/50. make sure to apply emu oil at some point after to help heal the skin. Do NOT peel the skin off until its ready. doing so will not allow proper healing. if things hurt or get brittle take a break for a few days and use a little emu oil to help the skin repair. Buy good tto seriously...its well worth it. I also kept the area religiously dry. I found tanning in a sunbed with the areas exposed also was good for the skin. if you have done your research about bxo you will understand why this helps and why keeping it dry is crucial. ket me know if you need help.
dfrance 6 years ago
just want to say thanks for hanging around to help people dfrance, you could have easily just forgot about the problem once you cured yourself.

I started reapplying the TTO/DMSO mixture and got some peeling but not on the hard white ring on the skin just below it. my TTO says 100% pure on the bottle so how do I know if it's quality or not? also how do I keep the area dry? wiping with toilet paper doesn't seem like a good idea because fragments come off and might get trapped under the foreskin. also do I need to dry it manually after having a shower? one more question which hasn't been asked yet do you abstain from masturbation and sex when you have bxo?

btw I found a website where a guy was selling his own treatment regime for bxo and he used something called 'caproil' topically which comes in a 'yeast buster' kit. I'm waiting for some to arrive from overseas now if it gets through customs i'll let people know if I have any success. the rest of his regime was pretty similair cutting out sugar, dairy, etc. he also recommended drinking lemon juice with warm water in the morning to alkalise the body and taking a testosterone supplement daily and laxative teas to clean out the bowels regularly.
ccone 6 years ago

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