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Update: If you value your smell too much, I'd consider hiding in a bunker for a couple of months. While I'm at college I get complaints from people that I smell of seaweed, not that I'm surprised, the smell is appalling, I thought TTO was a bad enough smell but the DMSO makes it so much worse lol. Just a heads up to people wanting to try this. Progress is slowing down but I'm still persevering, it's only been 3 weeks after all.
mrjql7 3 years ago
Long time sufferer - BXO first started about 15 years ago, thin tight ring, baffled doctors, ring got tighter and thicker and started developing fissures when stretched, ring calmed down (not sure why - possibly because of the bio oil + TTO I was using at the time) but the underneath of the head of penis has now got a large white patch (approx 30% of head of penis is white) and has irregular red patches, and some small dark red blotches that look like blood blisters. Go through phases of being depressed about it.

Obviously steroid creams didn't help. Have tried bio oil, TTO, Moo Goo products, cutting out dairy + sugar (as much as possible), acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, creme complete, vitamin E oil, apple cider vinegar, salt soaks, keeping it as dry as possible and keeping the foreskin retracted as much as possible. Urologist has twice recommended circumcision which I am considering but have significant reservations about. Other than the ring kinda sorting itself out I've not had significant gain from any treatment.

My current daily procedure is to wash with TTO shower gel, apply Moo Goo starflower oil, then creme complete, vitamin E oil + moo goo during the day, in the evenings a salt soak in warm water, more starflower oil and creme complete and a few drops of TTO. During the day I keep it as dry as possible (irritatingly I am prone to post urination dribbles which makes this a challenge) and keep the foreskin retracted as much as I can. All this work plus minimizing sugar and dairy just seems to stop it getting worse, or possibly just slows down progress significantly.

I do notice that the affected skin can change very rapidly from moisturized to dried out, from feeling soft to feeling dry and plastic.

Sorry there are no solutions or revelations here - I just really wanted to share my experience. Many thanks to anyone who read this far !
irieguy 3 years ago
Hello irieguy
Iam long time sufferer too. Iam 25 and I have BXO since aprox 17. Iam already circumcised and it really helped. But only for 2-3 years. Until white skin appeared on glans. It will be better for u to do circumcision, it helps to maintain glans clean every day and to stop progress of decease. But speak with doctor first.

Write me and we share info quickly
relifer1 yahoo dot com
Relifer2055 3 years ago
^Circumcision also damages nerves, decreases sexual pleasure, can look pretty ugly, can spawn a whole host of other problems, huge scar etc.

People please don't have a circumcision unless absolutely necessary.

I'm trying to avoid it at all costs. I have severe phimosis and BXO, this treatment seriously looks promising and with stretching exercises you can gradually fix your phimosis. I'm far from fixed yet and circumcision is still on the table, but I think this thread in general is evidence enough to not have a circumcision for BXO.
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mrjql7 3 years ago
Just wanted to post a little update.

I started this "treatment" in November 2015 and thus far I have seen great improvements on my foreskin, I have very little white parts now as opposed to pretty much everywhere back in November and I have pretty much stopped the treatment (maybe once or twice a week) due to the progress I've made.

I just want to thank dfrance for this, as it makes my situation look optimistic (I have very tight foreskin and the BXO did not help).

I have also stretched using various methods and the diameter of my hole has increased quite significantly, it's still very tight but I'm making progress at the very least.

I just want people to realise that this treatment is not immediate and it may take months to show results.
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mrjql7 3 years ago
Hi everyone,

I posted a couple of times on this thread a few years back, and found the TTO to be quite helpful.
However, I've since found something that is showing results beyond what the TTO could do for me.
A few months ago I was searching for alternative treatments, and came across a thread somewhere where someone had mentioned that they'd had good results with a skin cream containing vitamin D (can't remember who or where this was but thank you!) After another quick search I found a vitamin A & D ointment made by Fougera - I believe a fairly well known brand in America, although I had to buy from Amazon to get it to the UK.
This stuff seems to be working! I'd gotten to the point where TTO was no longer having any effect, but the Fougera is still working. Since I've started using it my white ring has thinned out to the point of almost not being able to feel it; I'm still using it and hope this progress will continue.
From my testing I've found that 1 application a day is enough - 2 seems to actually slow things down a bit and any more than that seems to actually thicken the white ring, but keeping this in mind by all means do your own testing to find the best amount.
It has none of the downsides of TTO - doesn't smell, is thick enough that you can just apply it and get back to what you're doing without worrying about it dripping into your underwear, and doesn't damage the skin at all.
I seriously recommend everyone try it, especially if you're at a dead end. It would probably also be a great help to anyone still using TTO and wanting something to help heal the skin.
And it's inexpensive - I got a 4oz tube for approx £6/$9.
I don't have any patches on my glans, so have only used it to treat the phimotic ring, but if we are to believe that the two share the same cause then it should work on the glans as well.
And if anyone wants an easy way to stretch out your foreskin, I'd recommend silicone ear stretchers - buy one in every size and as long as you do it after the ring has gone or mostly gone, it shouldn't be painful - I stretched mine out before I had started treating the ring or even realised it was abnormal, and so experienced a lot of pain and tearing - don't do what I did!

I'll pop back in a bit with an update on how the Fougera is working out. I really do recommend you all try it, and hopefully it'll work for you too!
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goldspanner 3 years ago
Posted by Piet80 "Does anyone have experience with or know anything about carbon dioxide laser treatment for men with LS / BXO? I couldn't really find anything negative said about this treatment, but I could find the extract of a paper on the outcome of a trial in which it was deemed fairly successful: "Is carbon dioxide laser treatment of lichen sclerosus effective in the long run?"

I did some research on this topic time ago and it seems that it may works at some degree but at the price of scarring the glans. I think is medically used as a last resort in long-standing cases but you could probably do this procedure privately. Honestly I would try some other alternatives before literally burning the glans.
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draytek 3 years ago
Hi all,
I found that i have difficulty to urine and i found that there is some white-hard spot in the forehead of urine.

I tried press down my penis forehead and notice my urine tube at fore head is hard.

Doctor diagnose and found my urine tube at forehead become tighten.

As mentioned by doctor, he suspect it is BXO

Anyone have similiar sympthom?

Appreciate if anyone can share your experience here, thanks a lot.

Chinteong80 3 years ago
Hi guys I've been following dfrances method for treating my BXO, I have it only on the ring around my foreskin it is white, hard and up until now has been peeling and loosening. Before this I had no problems retracting when fIaccid but found the tight ring too tense to pull back when erect. It's been about 3 and a half weeks since I started the TTO and DMSO but up until about 4 days ago it's became very painful and swollen almost as though it had been filled with water and it's so painful I can hardly retract without excruciating pain and it's worse than ever!! It's as though it's split at one part and swollen into a red sore. I'm 18 and really have little knowledge about it other that what's on this forum and other online sources so would seriously appreciate some help as this really worries me I've read up about circumcision and atm it's looking the only successful option as I'm sick of sticking to treatments and them not working.

A reply would be so appreciated

Cheers Lennon1
Lennon1 3 years ago
goldspanner, how did that Fougera work out for you? I have not been officially diagnosed with this dreaded disease, but have all the symptoms. Doctors don't really know what to call it but the head of my penis is almost half white with thin crinkly tissue covering raw red areas. The skin on my shaft looks pale and feels like plastic. I hope there's a way back from this.
Rainin3s 2 years ago
Recently had circumcision as I had terrible phimosis since early teens(now 28). My doctor is having me do reconstructive/grafting of the urethra due to BXO being present throughout the urethra.(urinary problems for the last few years).

Wondering what type of diet is best to switch to long term to help keep the bxo at bay and never go through this again.

Im fond with the circumcision its not that big of a deal to me but doing this urethral surgery blows and never want to deal with it again, any help is appreciated.
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Rob1234 2 years ago
I had BXO in the past which developed the white Phimotic ring. I was able to clear that up last year using dfrance's method of TTO, DMSO, Emu oil, and red clover.

I have been cleared of BXO for about a year, but now i think it is slowly returning in a different form. Instead of a white ring, I am getting tiny white dots on the underside of the foreskin. Very tiny, probably 1-2mm in size. But overall, my foreskin looks great and healthy with no ring.

Has anyone ever experienced this?
jhaha 2 years ago
Hey - I had pretty much cleared mine up and slacked off on the treatment. I started noticing bxo in the inner edges of my urethra and my hole got a little smaller & less elastic. It appears it's back but doesn't seem to be anywhere else. Restarted treatment but can't see how far in it goes. Last time I could see pink a little further in but not this time :/
How did you know you had urethral issues? What were the signs and symptoms?

I'm trying to get tto, dmso, emu oil, and Perrin's inside as far as I can to treat it...
How did you know you had to have urethral surgery? Thanks.

How goes the battle vic75
dragonreborn 2 years ago

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