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my daughter is 6 and a half yrs old and she is suffering from recurrent wheezing and cough from the age of 1 yr....the doctor diagnosed her as asthma patient...they prescribed her flexotide inhaler for 2 months last yr and ventoline inhaler incase of coughing....she had several asthma attacks of cough and wheezing almost every month till now...this yr also prescribed her of flexotide and ventoline inhalers for two months...but as long as she is on the inhalers she is ok but after a week of withdrawl she starts coughing etcc. atleast almost every night during sleep she coughs...i am really in need of help
i have tried so many homeopathy medicines but no permanent cure...can any of the doctors here help????
  fauzia on 2006-05-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
its hard to see such young kids suffer like this..just read this thread...

your daughter will be alright soon...prayers
muruganrsa last decade
To Fauzia

I am grateful to Murugan who alerted you to my post on the treatment of Asthma and you are invited to visit the link that he gave you for the details of how Nat Sulph 6c that I prescribed helped a 7 year old boy to overcome his Asthma.

I shall copy my post below:

Re: 7 yr old with nocturnal asthma From Joe De Livera on 2006-03-26
I have treated many cases of chronic Asthma with Nat Sulph 6c in the liquid dose which is made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Nat Sulph 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by shaking the bottle in your hand to aerate the water.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy into half a cup of water from another bottle of the same water and stir it gently.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup just once daily.

You will have to stop all other medication if you wish to start on this therapy.

This remedy should be taken daily for some time in the future and you may like to know that I have many instances of adults who were chronic sufferers from Asthma for many years who do not use the remedy any more after about 4 months on this therapy. Others who were not so chronic react favourably in a few days and only use the remedy if and when necessary.

The remedy that I have used when the patient is having an acute attack ans is straining for breath is Ars Alb 200c. This remedy is taken dry and just 4 globules will suffice for a dose which may only be taken just once daily when the patient is gasping for breath. This usually clears the lungs and opens up the airways in under 20 minutes.

Report response in a week as this remedy has to be monitored in use regularly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe De Livera ,what do u mean by water fron another bottle is tit the plain water or the succussed one too??? secondly how many doses of arsenic can i give if she is not controlled from the 2 ??? she never gets breathless, but gets a coughing attack and then wheezing..........i forgot to mention that she is allergic to dust and cats.....and is a minor thelesemic too..thanks..
fauzia last decade
Dear Fauzia,
please give your daughter only 1 dose of ARS ALB 30,
then wait for the progress, and also report back.
drsajid last decade
To Fauzia

The Split dose is made by taking a teaspoonful of the remedy in the 500ml bottle after succussing (shaking) it hard to ensure bubbling and mixing it with half cup of water from another bottle which is not the remedy. This is to dilute and further potentize the remedy.

However in your daughter's case which we can consider chronic as she has had Asthma from the age of 1 year we can start with the teaspoonful direct from the bottle of the remedy for the first 2-3weeks. You can read about the therapy I used to help Shiny's 7 year old son which seems to have stabilized itself in about 3 weeks and he is now on the Split dose to which I referred to above.

Please follow my instructions precisely as the therapy I indicated has worked in almost all the cases that I have treated. If you do not observe some improvement within about a week I shall indicate another remedy which can be used.

In the event of your daughter having an attack, I would prefer that you use the higher potency of Ars Alb 200c as this is the potency that I have settled on after observing the response of many patients.

However I have noticed in many cases that as soon as you start your child on the Nat Sulph 6c which you will give a teaspoonful from the bottle direct, the child will feel better within a few hours and will not have any attacks. If this occurs we know that we are on the correct path and I shall give you further instructions on future therapy. In this event you will not require to use the Ars Alb 200c at all. Please note that this is only to be used in the unlikely event of your daughter having an attack which you would normally have treated with the Inhaler.

Please keep us informed within a day after you start your child on Nat Sulpn 6c.

Please feel free to ask any questions if you would like to have any clarifications.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks a million for your prompt response....i am trying to find this medicine here in AbuDhabi where i live , but unfortunately i am unable to.....even if i do it comes in small bottles...giving her 1 tsp will finish the bottle in 2 or 3 days i guess so does it mean i need to buy lot of bottles?????secondly where shall i put the potentized bottle of water??thanks
fauzia last decade
You will observe that I have instructed you to insert just 3 pellets into a 500ml bottle of spring water. A dose is a teaspoonful taken just once daily and a bottle will usually last about 4 months and not 2-3 days as you have feared.

You are advised to store the potentized remedy in the refrigerator and you may have to have a large sticker to inform your family that this is medicine and should not be used as drinking water. No damage is done to anyone who does drink it however as it will only help the person if he too suffers from Asthma when it will be just one dose, equal to the teaspoonful that is the dose for your daughter.

I presume that you have visited the link that Murugan gave you.

Do let me know when you get the remedy in AbuDhabi. Please note that it must be Nat Sulph 6c and not any other potency.
Joe De Livera last decade
i have found arsenic alb 200ch not c...is it the same???
fauzia last decade
Yes it is the correct specification.

They use Ch in France and I presume your remedy is made by Boiron in Paris.
Joe De Livera last decade
last night again she had an attack and now in the morning she is coughing and wheezing...she has red blue circles under her eyes....pale looking on the thin side.......usually cheerfull, since i didnot find nat sulf uptil now what to do to stop her cough and wheezing???????
fauzia last decade
Do not use the Ars Alb as Shiny was advised to do with her son by some advisor which made a bad situation worse. This remedy may only be used in conjunction with the Nat Sulph when you find it.

Do you think that you can get it today in other homeopathic pharmacies in Abu Dhabi ?

Continue with the treatment that you have given her so far till you get the Nat Sulph 6c.
Joe De Livera last decade
if i find natrium sulph in CH potency rather then C , shall i buy it .....currently i am nebulising her with flexotide and ventoline 4 hourly...poor baby...
anyway i am highly grateful to u for ur taking out time for me...thanks a million..may u be blessed with never ending happiness...
fauzia last decade
Dear Fauzia
I would really recommend you to try nat sulph as Joe has advised you to,please give it a try as i did after a lot of apprehenshion .Believe it will work like a miracle.No other homeopathic remedy helped my son except this one

To Joe
I could not report the progress as i was out of town but the good news is my son is doing well even on the split dose.No asthma symptoms ,touch wood this is really the first time my son is enjoying his summer vacations ,having ice creams,juices ,choclates which uptil now were only a treat.Thanks to you Joe for helping selflessly.
shiny last decade
To Fauzia,

As I informed you in a previous post CH and C are the same in identifying the potency. You must only be certain that you get the Nat Sulph 6CH potency and not any other.

You must get this remedy ASAP and I pray that your daughter will also turn a new leaf in her young life with the remedy as Shiny' own son has done on the very first day that she gave him the Nat Sulpn 6c in the wet dose when it worked in about 12 hours or earlier.

Please keep me posted on her response as soon as you use this miracle remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Shiny,

I am very glad that your son is enjoying his life as a child of his age should. It has been my pleasure to help with his cure and I hope that others who may read this post will also use Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose as their default remedy for Asthma.

I requested you to please post his case history about when he first came down with Asthma and what treatment he has had in the past and would like you to do so on your own thread.

Thank you for spreading the word about Asthma especially to the children in your son's class and I am sure that there are many in his school who would be very grateful to you if you meet the principal and spread the word to the other Asthma cases in his school. I do wish that the principals of other schools can also be contacted and advised to use this simple remedy which anyone can use very safely of course and which will eventually cure Asthma in their children. Please keep up the good work by spreading the word around. People will believe you as you have a good example of the cure in your son.

I am convinced that Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose is the obvious cure which anyone can use anywhere in the world in place of all the inhalers and steroids that are prescribed by doctors which will affect the patients in their future lives. It is so very effective and almost like magic in the manner that it helped your son and you will see for yourself that in later life he will grow out of his asthma perhaps in 6 months when he can then be weaned off the Nat Sulph 6c in the Split dose for good.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear doc joe, i went ot the pahrmacy and found out that they have natrium sulfuricum 30ch and 200 ch in Boiron or else they have 6Din some other product , maybe DHu from germany
fauzia last decade
6D is the equivalent of 6x which cannot substitute for 6c or 6Ch.

You must get it somehow and you can perhaps try in Dubai or Sharjah.

The brand is not so important. It is the potency that must be exact as I have used the 6c for many cases of Asthma with miraculous results.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear DOc joe, i was going through the shiny psts and i found out that u offered her to deliver the medicine by ship ...can u do it for me ??? i will be grateful.....
fauzia last decade
i have finally found one paharmacy here selling natrium sulf 6 ..no c no x attached to 6...is this the right medicine??????
fauzia last decade
Since this is the only choice you have I would suggest that you get the Natrium Sulph 6 as it most likely the 6c. I believe that it is of Pakistani origin as they always entitle Natrum as Natrium. You may inquire from the manager of the pharmacy if this is in fact 6c.

Keep looking in the other Emirates as well as you can then be certain that you get the correct Nat Sulph 6c.

If it is the 6c we will soon know within 24 hours if it is in fact the correct potency by observing how your child responds to the first dose and if she does so positively we will continue with the therapy.

Otherwise I shall send you a few pellets in a cellophane sachet in an envelope tomorrow by registered air mail if you will give me your address.

I have often sent remedies in this manner to various parts of the world, all free of charge of course, and you should have it within a week in the Middle East although it takes 2-3 weeks to reach the US.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks a lot...i have found the pharmacy in dubai where the medicine is available ..i will get it tommorrow...regards
fauzia last decade
i got the remedy of natrum sulph in the afternoon today
just now i shake the bottle 6times but the round tiny pills did not disslove...is it ok..the remedy is ready to be given or not...or i did wrong???please help
fauzia last decade
do i need to shake it 6 times before every dose?????????
fauzia last decade
The little pellets must dissolve in under 5 minutes. If they do not do so, take another 3 pellets and crush them between 2 identical teaspoons that you wash in boiling water before doing so.

The powder should then dissolve easily. You then shake the bottle 6-10 times before each dose of a teaspoonful which you will give your daughter just once daily.

You know the rest of the therapy but if you do not feel free to ask.

Report response on the day after the first dose which you should give before lunch to enable the remedy to help her.
Joe De Livera last decade
yes the pellets dissolved within few minutes....i have already given her one tsp from the bottle directly as per ur instructions earlier!!!!!
but she had her dinner 1 hour before and had eaten 1 buscuit 30 minutes before......
fauzia last decade

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