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maybe, she has caught that virus, which i will rule out by getting her swab test done today....but its been 16 days now that she is on the natrum sulph , and her cough instead of occurring every night is now switched to alternate nights , and wheezing is under control, with the exception of last night when she was wheezing too......all night she has been coughing and i had to give her nebulaiser...after which she slept ok...she woke up all ok today in the morning , and as usual i gave both my kids the natrum sulph.....as i told u earlier my daughter had been getting tonsils infection ...in normal days also they stay swollen but not red!!!!!!!
any suggestions!!!!!
fauzia last decade
To Dr.Joe and Shiny,
Sorry for the delay in reply. Your reply has been a shot in the arm for me.
Thanks for pointing out the steam treatment. Since I have literally been affected for say 6-7 yrs, I think it would take me atleast a month or so to feel any relief.
To be frank I feel that I can get a cure for this problem after a long time of failed medicatiosn and stuff.

Aandu last decade
now its 8:58pm here in the night and my daughter started coughing violently 10 minutes before....she is lying down and very sleepy.. she is exactly the same as was before the natrum sulph therapy....same nocturnal attacks....i am so tired of trying all the medicines in the world.....i just gave her kali bichromic 6c under her tongur...i hope it works for her...........please help
fauzia last decade
I believe that it is time to give her an antibiotic but NOT Augmentin.

If you have done the throat swab and culture test that I recommended you can select the antibiotic that the bacteria is most sensitive to, in the report.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Fauzia
You could rehaps give her azithral ,it's a good antibiotic for lingering cough .Check with your pediatrician.
Do not loose faith in nat sulph.What you need here are some words of encouragement.i had perhaps used more than 20 remedies going from docs. to docs.I started giving him nat sulph with full faith in the med. not being apprehensive at all.I only know how i suffered along my son.
But this trying period will get over.Have faith in god perhaps the time has not come for her to get healed but just don't give up .Let her be fine again and then try the remedy.

shiny last decade
To Shiny,

I am happy to note the encouragement that you are giving Fauzia who lives in the Emirates.

I too support your choice of Azithromycin -- Azithral but I would prefer her to see a paediatrician before she give her daughter the antibiotic.

I also hope that she has taken my advice and has done a throat swab to identify the causative organism which is important at this stage as her children seem to be affected with throat and asthma problems which must be investigated in depth and it will just not do to keep the children suffering indefinitely with various bugs as the treatment will affect the Asthma therapy.

Glad to note that your son is now well on the road to a permanent cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a lot Shiny....for the encouragement and all ur suggestions so far, i really appreciate ur gestures from the bottom of my heart.may ur son never be sick again....
yes, i got the throat test done yesterday afternoon and i will get the results after 2 days....
but i will not give her antibiotics again...its very upsetting when homeopathic doctors give advice of antibiotics as a remedy!!!!!
fauzia last decade
now its 9:00pm at night and again my daughter started coughing , its usually very violent cough and with a gap of 1 minutes or so.....somebody please help????
fauzia last decade
Dear Mr.Joe

I wish to inform you that the following medicines just did not work...

Cold - Ferr Phos 6x biochemic tablets 2 tabs every 3 hrs

neither on me nor on my daughter inspite of taking them every 2 hours for 6 hours. Finally we had to resort to Cetrizine hydrochloride to stop the runny nose.

re : Cough/Sore Throat - Causticum 30 & Bell 30 in wet dose - 3 times daily
for my son, it just did not work at all we had to give him bronchodialators and expectorants to cough and thin out the phlegm. Steam is very difficult cos he just gets wild with the heat, and we fear he may burn his face in the action.

Nevertheless, we are still on the Nat Sulp therapy and with the runny nose stopped by Allerid, my phlegm problem seems to have improved.

But I should note one thing...my son did not get breathless like last time...thanks to the Nat Sulp therapy.....

Finally I have to say that Nat Supl therapy works when u don't have any other ailment, maybe other medicines antidote the Nat Supl therapy....but it becomes very important to control the ailment with all possible methods and then again resort to the Nat Sulp therapy....Secondly, the ailment does not become so critical due to the Nat Sulp effect on the body's immune system.
solvin last decade
A Cold and a Cough cannot usually be stopped with any remedy or drug after you have caught it. As you perhaps know, a cold is always started by a virus which usually dies in about 3-4 days. The bacteria then takes over and this is the stage when you have to be extra vigilant as it can end up in the lungs.

It is at the first stage when the virus is attacking that one can sometimes stop a cold or cough virus with Homeopathic remedies which then stop the virus being succeeded by the bacterial stage.

Use the remedies that I prescribed as early as possible after you notice the first sign of itchiness in your nose or the phlegm in your throat and they usually will abort the virus. If you cannot succeed in aborting the virus there is little that you can do except to ride it out which usually takes about a week after the first infection.

I hope that the Nat Sulph therapy will help with your Asthma and that you will keep me posted with your response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes Mr. Joe...I will surely keep you informed.

I just tried 'as early as possible after you notice the first sign of itchiness in your nose ' and it just did not work, so I thot I should inform you about this.

Nat Sulph has definately strengthened my immune system due to which the effect of Allerid was immediate, which was not so earlier.

and this time though I was on antibiotics for throat infection....I did not develop even 10% of the phlegm prior to the Nat Sulf therapy.

So I am positive that's its working on me 100% and so it will also work on my son.

Thanks again
solvin last decade
i got the throat result today...she has hemophilus parainfluenza....i took her to the doctor and she has prescribed augmentine for 10 days
fauzia last decade
Quite frankly I am concerned at the damage that can result if you give your daughter Augmentin for her infection. If you have not already given it to her I would suggest that you see the result in the ABST (antibiotic sensitivity test) that you have already done and give her any one of the other antibiotics to which the bacteria is sensitive to.

The problem with Augmentin is that the after effects are unnecessarily severe and I believe that Penicillin or Amoxycillin will be equally effective.
Joe De Livera last decade
but augmentine contains amoxycillin and clavulanic potassium
fauzia last decade
It is far too powerful to be used for your daughter's throat ailment. It is like using a bull dozer to move an anthill. I believe that you have used it and you should know the after effects.

It is the after effects that I am not willing to risk exposing a young child to when other drugs like Amoxycillin or even Penicilline will eradicate the bacteria.

Did you check the ABST report on the sensitivity ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I am still on your Nat Sulp therapy. But something unusual is happenning since last 4-5 days.

My breathing gets heavy after about half an hour after dinner around 12 am(I even tried taking half & quarter dinner)
I tried ARS ALB 200 but not much effect upto next half an hour.

Secondly I am awakened from my sleep at exactly 6 am in morning due to heavy breathing.

I take a puff from the inhaler and I am ok immediately in a minute back to sleep.

There is no cold nor phlegm accumulation.

If it is GERD happenning after dinner is understood, but then why does it happen 7 hours after dinner (6 am in the morning while in sleep)

Please Advise
solvin last decade
Let me try using another therapy.

I would like you to take 2 tablets Nat Phos 6x after dinner and report your response on the day after.

Please also visit:


It is understood of course that you will continue with the Nat Sulph 6c therapy for your Asthma. I have added the Nat Phos 6x as I believe that the reason for your asthma is hyperacidity.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
My son hasn't quiet recoverd from the stomach infection which h is sufferring from.I told yoy that i gave him ars alb 200c once and he felt better no more motions after that so i did not repeat the medicine.But today again he passed 3 motions have given him ars twice will certainly not give more than 3 doses.I have also started giving him nat phos 6x .He experiances pain in the stomach before passing motion and couple of seconds after relieving himself the pain continues and then he feels fine.Before and after passing stool he feels pain in his stomach to make it more clear.Are we on the right track or we need to give him something else.

Please advice.
shiny last decade
Mag Phos 6x will help his pain before and after but I cannot understand the reason why the Ars Alb does not stop his diarrhoea.

You can change over to Nux Vomica 200 and report his response.

Also control his diet and give him only bland foods to keep his stomach from over-reacting.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I tried 2 tablets Nat Phos 6x after dinner yesterday night....No effect....I got up at 6 am with the same heavy breathing....

This is strange, it used to happen with lots of phlegm stuck up in the throat and used to get relief after coughing out phlegm. But now NO PHLEGM....still heavy breathing.

I wish to ask you one question....If this is due to GERD, why do I feel panting for breath after 6 hours of dinner and how does GERD trigger Asthma.

ALB ARS 200 also does not work on me

Kindly advise alternate medicine


solvin last decade
Regarding my son, he still has lots of phlegm congestion in his lungs.

We just cannot steam him cos he goes wild, and we fear him burn his face.

I have been giving him Belladona 30 c as advised by you earlier for almost a week. Just no effect.

Please advise.

(Dear Mr Joe...sometimes I just imagine your patience to read all the problems/queries of your patients and your precious time and advices. You are just gr8 a blessing for us in disguise)
solvin last decade

I am concerned that my best efforts to help both you and your son have failed so far.

The problem I have is that I am not really able to treat your ailments as I do not have the possibility of a face to face consultation and cannot get the 'feel' of your respective problems. As you have seen on this thread there is evidence of patients who have been cured of their Asthma. In your case I really do not know what more to suggest and I would suggest that you consult a Homeopath in your city and see if he can help you.

There is also the possibility that other homeopaths on this Forum can also help and I hope that others will please offer their advice ASAP.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
My son has passed one motion since morning gave him ars alb after that .He is experiancing pain before and after ,so i just gave him Mag phos 6x two tablets .How many times should i gve him Mag Phos 6x.I am giving him ars + nat phos 6x after meals + mag phos.

shiny last decade
The problem with the homeopaths in our city is that they just don't disclose the name of the medicine. They just put it in the pills bottle and ask us to see them after a week.

Their one visit fee is Rs.60 for a week and I have already done with one homeopath for almost 3 months but I never got relief like you have given me in the Nat Sulp therapy.

Its just that the new development of Asthma without congestion of phlegm has confused me.

Should I try a particular brand of homeopath medicine, just to check on the quality side of the medicine.

Please advice.
solvin last decade
To Shiny

You must control your son's diet as this is the only way to help his stomach to come back to normal.

I cannot think of any other remedy to help him and since he is not having loose motions you can only hope that he will recover.

My main concern is for his Asthma which he has so far been saved from and I hope this will continue.
Joe De Livera last decade

I would like you to detail out for me your progress after you started on the Nat Sulph therapy. You state that it helped you but today you are faced with the additional problem with your phlegm.

I note that no other homeopaths have responded to my request as I believe that they too are unable to work out some remedy that will give you some relief.

Give me details of your progress after the NS therapy and I shall try to think of another remedy to help you.
Joe De Livera last decade

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