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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I lost my original reply due to some problem on the ABC server which seems to be occurring quite frequently.

I shall try to repeat my lost post again.

If your son is not responding to Nux V please stop it.

We will have to treat his lack of resistance to catching them and the remedy that I would like him to use is Bacillinum 200. Please note that this is a nosode and must not be used lightly. He can be given one dose of 4 pellets when he is completely free of other ailments and a repeat dose can follow 6 weeks later. Please report his response after this medication.

As for your deviated septum, I cannot advise you from here in Colombo and you will have to depend on your own surgeons who I am sure will be only too happy to oblige. However I would like you to reconsider whether this is essential and you can seek alternate opinions.

How is your Asthma and your GERD ?
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera, I hope you are well. The arsenicum album that I am using is 200ck is this the right one. When I am tight and cannot breathe I use it but it does not open me up and my attacks are so bad that I have to use the inhaler. If I use the inhaler do I have to stop using the nat sulph treatment? Lately I have been drinking espresso coffee to help open me up so that I dont have to use cortisone. Thank you
jasminem last decade
I believe that the 200ck is equivalent to the more commonly used 200c. You can ask for confirmation from your pharmacy whether the 200ck is the equivalent of the 200 centisimal potency which is used in the UK and India.

I am concerned that you are drinking expresso coffee to help with your asthma and this is perhaps the reason why the standard remedies that I use to help Asthma are not helping you.

My experience with using Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose for Asthma is that it usually helps the patient in a few hours but if in your case you do not respond positively, I shall indicate another remedy which I have used as a alternative for cases that are not helped by NS later after you have observed the normal restrictions on antidoting substances which you must observe if you wish to break away from your allopathic medication.

In the meanwhile, I would urge you NOT to drink coffee expresso or otherwise as they antidote all homeopathic remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thanks for your advise.

Regarding my son, I will try another day to make it a third day today. He still has congestion which is really difficult to get cleared, cos he gets violent sitting in the steam, decongestants, expectorants are just not working on him. My mom has been giving some homemade liquid paste which is a mixture of Sambar Peli(herbal leaves), Tulsi leaves, Honey, Raw Onion for his congestion, which I feel is Post Nasal Drip. I will give him Bac 200 once he becomes ailment free

What is Nosode = Disease or something else, please clarify.

Regarding my problem of Deviated Septum, my nose was operated 20 years back, when I had severe cold allergy problems. Since then though the operation did not help much, my nose septum definately got deviated, cold allergy remained the same till last year when I developed asthma due to Excess mucus accumulation.
Regarding surgeons operating on my nose, I somehow just don't believe in them. Their basic aim is to make money giving/forcing any kind of diagnosis. Anyways b4 I go for it, I wud definately take 2-3 opinions of other surgeons to arrive at a decision for surgery.

Regarding my Asthma, its 90% under control due to daily jogging 10% of phlegm still gets accumulated when I sleep in the night due to choked nostrils(open mouth breathing & snoring)and GERD seems to have vanished.
solvin last decade
Hmm...an interesting read.
-Sits back and watches-

Dear Solvin, you say your GERD has 'vanished', have you noticed anything else appear in it's wake? stomach upsets, headaches, anything at all?

And you say your son 'get's violent' when you make him sit in the steam, did he show this tendency twoard violence before you began him on your current course of treatment?


Hahnemania last decade
To Joe De Livera, thank you always for a quick response. Can you indicate which remedy I should use instead of the nat sulp. I am still wheezing and I sometimes get a rash on my chest. I have been trying to watch what I eat. Im trying to eat just fruits and veggies but it is hard. Thank you again and again and God Bless.
jasminem last decade
I am not happy with the action of the Nat Sulph 6c as it helped you about 6 months ago but does not do so today.

I would like you to change over to Blatta Orientalis 6c which you will make and use in the same manner. I have used this remedy in cases like yours which are not helped by the NS any more and they have invariably responded positively.

Please indicate your response on the day after you use this new remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes Jacob...thanks for for interest.

Yes my GERD has completely vanished...no stomach upsets or headaches or anything....but one day I don't do the jogging...I again start feeling heavy and bloated....

Regarding my son, getting violent in the steam ...yes...we tried to make him sit on a low chair with the steam coming at a distance of half metre and covering him with a bedsheet...also tried sitting with him by his mom..... he is just not able to bear it....cries loudly and tries to move out or remove the bedsheet...I think its normal and every child of 2-3 years would behave that way. U find anything unnatural with that ?

Can you help in any way ?
solvin last decade
But was he actually expressing such tendencies toward anger before you began this treatment (not all children do)? And yes, I'm sure I could help, but it would involve stopping all present remedies and therapies, and leaving things for a week or so to 'settle down'. If you are willing to do this, I'm willing to help :)

Hahnemania last decade
No...He has no such anger tendencies....he had no idea of what steam was untill we put him to it...He is absolutely cute, normal & mischeivious child for his age.

I am alrdy working on Joe's therapy for my son and yes...for the time being...I have stopped all medications except 4 pills of Bac 200 as advised by Joe. Now his congestion has reduced quite a lot.

Yes I need your help for me for my deviated nasal septum. Do you think this is the cause of my asthma/breathlessness. I wake up panting for breath in the early hours of morning, sweating, One puff and I go back to deep sleep...all other symptoms (alrdy taken care by jogging but how long dunno) you may have read in all my other posts.
solvin last decade
Hey again Solvin, and hmm, keep an eye on your sons behaviour.

How often are you giving him Bacillinum? Which btw, being a nosode is usually given as a one off dose, we do not continually apply it, as this can be VERY detrimental.

Regarding your own problems, to be honest I have not read the entire thread, I just kind of picked it up at the above few posts.
If you would like to start a new one from scratch though, giving your full case history, and all remedies taken etc, I would be happy to advise you.

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade
To Joe De Livera, I have not written because I have been very sick. I had to use my nebulizer in order to breathe. Always thank you for answering me. I like to know if instead of the pellets can I use the blatta orientalis 6c in liquid form? I dont think the sugar in the pellets does me good. thank you and may God bless you all the more.
jasminem last decade
To Jasminem

The problem in using the dry dose in pellet form is that you cannot use them for any length of time. I note that you seem to be using the dry pellets and believe that you have done so without fully understanding my instructions which was to use the wet dose only of the Nat Sulph 6c. It is possible that the real reason for you not responding as so many have done to this therapy is due to your use of the dry pellets which will not help.

The wet dose that I started to use early last year which at that time was not used by other homeopaths, has been proved to be safe in use for as long as it is needed as the succussion created by shaking the bottle lifts the potency of the remedy ever so slightly thereby making it far more effective to be used than the dry pellets which are at the same potency always.

I note that you were compelled to use the nebulizer during your attack. You will note that I have prescribed Ars Alb 200 dose 4 pellets sublingually to abort the attack. I have observed that it is far more effective than the nebulizer or the inhaler and the results are longer lasting.

I suggested changing over from Nat Sulph to Blatta Orientalis in your case as I felt that the latter remedy may perhaps be more effective for you than the former.

You are best advised to get the remedy in Ethanol and use just 2 drops in a 500ml bottle of spring water.

I am confident that you will be able to overcome your Asthma and so many have done with my therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera, Joe Im sorry you misunderstood. I was using the wet dose of the nat sulph 6c the problem was that I kept on having asthma attacks and the ars. alb 200 did not help. I am not going to give up,I will try this new remedy and pray that it works. May I ask you if you are a religious man or at least have a belief in God? Thank you.......
jasminem last decade
To Joe De Livera, I forgot to mention that I went to a chinese naturopath and she took saliva and urine samples for testing. My adrenals are in poor shape and also my ph is very acidic. THis kind of confuses me because I hear people say that they have acid when they eat but I do not. Is is the same? How do I get my ph balanced? thanks and God Bless
jasminem last decade
I believe that you should respond better to the Blatta O as I have found that some cases that do not to NS respond to BO immediately.

If as you state your pH is very acidic, I would like you to also use Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets after 2 meals daily. This will also help you to overcome your Asthma. I am glad that you mentioned this fact as a direct connection has been established between acidity leading to GERD and Asthma.

You have inquired if I believe in God and you may like to know that He has been my Guide throughout the past 77 years of my life and I have an abiding faith in Him.

God Bless you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Oh boy, I hope this is not going to turn into a thread about mytholgical deities, as it detracts from following the case...
Hahnemania last decade
To Joe De Livera, I am very glad that you love God and I know that he loves you and loves that you are trying to help his people. May He continue to bless you and your family.
jasminem last decade
To Hahnemania, you dont have to read what was not addressed or intended for you.........
jasminem last decade
Excuse me? This is an open forum, for HOMOEOPATHY if I understand correctly, and as such anyone can read and comment as they see fit, but yes, likewise, as my comment wasn't directed at you either...

Hahnemania last decade
To Hahnemania, if you notice I always address to whom I wish to communicate with just as I have addressed this one to you. You are exactly right anyone can read and comment as they see fit but.....a personal question should be anwsered by the person to whom it was asked. I dont wish or desire to argue or cause bad feelings with you or anyone else. May you have a blessed day.
jasminem last decade
As do I, and my comment wasn't actually addressed to anyone, neither was it a response to the question you asked, yet you responded?

I'll admit though, the comment was maybe a little 'blunt', and I'll apologise to anyone it may have offended (well almost anyone), but it was for someone elses benefit, based on some ongoing 'ill feeling' that was around at the time. Please though, don't bless me...I have no desire or need to be 'saved'.
Hahnemania last decade

I am glad I did not opt for taking your advices for my treatment or that of my son.

The reason being that.... myself as well as many who have read your last posts, especially the one good human (who is still silent) u r trying to attack, and of whom you are jealous (your words 'ill feeling' to Jasminem) find that all your statements are contradictory. Leave aside all of your other contradictory posts.....let me give u my example....

You said to me that u have read my posts and found them interesting...and when I asked u for a treatment....You are telling me that you have not read 'all' posts.

Basically u are in this forum to gain popularity and bag patients of your envious homeopath in this forum.

You are just disturbing harmony in this Asthma forum
solvin last decade
Dear Jacob

Though you have precious knowledge about original homeopathy, and may be termed more classical than anyone around here, with your different kind of presentation people are getting different idea about the original cause. Please dont let the water(wisdom) drain in gutter.
maheeru last decade
Dear Solvin, um actually it was not me that first 'stepped up' as it where, but okay, sure thing ;)

And hmm at many, funny because no one else has said anything, in fact, most I have encountered have said the complete opposite. I have no idea where 'jealous' comes into the proceedings either, why exactly would I be jealous? Thankyou also for scouring my posts in order to find some contradiction in my words, and for the laugh it gave me when the above was all you were able to come up with.

Also, do not tell me why I am here, you do not know me, or my reasons for being here, and I have no idea what you mean by the rest of the sentence, as it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Again, I apologised if the comment I made had offended anyone, so I do not see the reason for your post. If by 'attack' you are referring to my comment about being saved, I just have a very deep loathing for those who address me as one of their fellow 'christians/muslims/catholics/buddists' etc etc, as I find the whole concept of organised religion laughable at best, and it is my right to assert this if the subject arises.

Oh, and what you do with your son is of course, your choice. I am sure I will not lose any sleep over it either way.

'Have a blessed day!'

Hahnemania last decade
Dear Maheeru, thank you for your kind words, but I am unsure as to what you mean by original cause, please explain.

Best wishes etc

Hahnemania last decade

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