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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Do not get back on the ventoline ever.

You can give her Ars Alb 200 under the tongue but not for a cough which is not really connected with a spasm when she cant get a breath.

Steam is the answer and will help her to get over the coughing spasm.
Joe De Livera last decade
i gave her steam and she was ok and she slept after that
...she is still sleeping ok ..its 10:09pm here now....
can u tell me the diff. between natrum phos 6x(homeopathic) and natrum phos 6x(bio chemic)????
fauzia last decade
I was watching the England v Trinidad match and did not catch your first post.

You MUST change your ENT who is in my opinion absolutely stupid. I only requested you to check with a swab culture for the bug and NOT to take any drug immediately. You first do the test and then check the tonsils for any signs that it could be the cause of the constant infected cough. They you do a ASOT test and then if this is high, as a last resort you take long acting Penicillin for some time.

You are advised to stop taking the Augmentine and never visit your ENT in future.

You do not have to go to a ENT for a swab test as this is done by any Path Lab for a small charge. If they isolate the Beta HS they will then do a ABST to verify which antibiotic it is most sensitive to.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Jasminen

I am so glad that Nat Sulph has helped you to overcome your Asthma in just 2 days. This is where I feel that it is God who is guiding me to help all the people who come for help for Asthma.

There is nothing wrong in your taking this remedy now as you are not taking your cortisone and your inhalers which you will never want in the future. I presume that you take 1 teaspoonsul straight from the bottle and not the split dose for the moment.

You have already seen how it helped you in just 2 days days and it will continue to do so in the future as well.

I would like to have some details of your ailment as to how long you have suffered from it and what treatment you have taken so far before you started on my therapy.

May God Bless you and help you to overcome your Asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade
can u plz tell me if i was supposed to buy natrum sulph(bio-chemic or homeopathic?????
fauzia last decade
what is asot and asbt????
fauzia last decade
Asot = A Serum O Titer
This indicates the level of damage that this bacteria may have caused in the body as an elevated reading indicates the need for the antibiotic usually Penicillin, Erythromycin or Azithromycin.

Abst = Antibiotic Sensitivity Test
This is done if the Beta H Strep bacteria is isolated and the culture is placed on a disc which has the various antibiotics on it in segments to which the bacteria is shown to be sensitive. The level of the sensitivity of the bacteria makes it easier to prescribe the drug.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

My 2.3 year old son had bad cold wednesday night and yesterday whole day, he was coughing with runny nose. He also had fever, though still on Nat Sulp therapy, My wife gave him Allerid & Anti tussive Lemo Syrup (Chlorpheniramine maleate 2 , Phenylephrine hydrochloride 2.5mg) which our allopathic normally prescribes, and crocin 8ml for fever. Last night he vomited and his stomach was upset...till now he has passed sticky lather/bubbled motions about 3 times, he is also having fever. We have given him Normet(Anti Diarrhoea)(Metronidazole
and lactobacillus sachet.

He has also starting breathing heavily...Please need your urgent advise
solvin last decade
I am afraid that there is nothing I can suggest for your son as it is obvious that the cough syrup and other drugs that you have given him have antidoted the very delicate balance that the Nat Sulph was creating in his asthma which was I hope, improving.

You can use Ars Alb 200 dose 4 pellets under the tongue and see if it helps his breathing.

Watch his loose motions as in the event they continue more than 2 days it may be necessary to put him on a IV drip to rehydrate him. You will then stop all food which will stop the diarrhea and enable the digestive system to recuperate.

Consult a paediatrician ASAP.

Continue the Nat Sulph as usual.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please note that the Ars Alb may only be used twice in a day.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Since the homeopathy shop is not close-by, my wife had to resort to allopathic medicines.

In any case, could you please inform what would have been your advice on this cold/cough/diarrhoea condition while on Nat Sul therapy, had it not been allopathic medicines

As per your earlier messages
Cold - Ferr Phos 6x biochemic tablets 2 tabs every 3 hrs
Cough/Sore Throat - Causticum 30 & Bell 30 in wet dose - 3 times daily

I wish to keep in stock and explain the same to my wife for next episode.

Also I wanted to ask...If we buy pills/pellets, they dry up after about a week, so should I stock drops instead of pellets....Please advise

His sticky lathered motions, is it due to heat of the medicines in the body, bcos he has been on allopathic medicines for one and a half day and milk is stopped for the last 2 weeks....nothing to cool his system.... Please advice.....

He is stable at the moment, and motions under control, but also coughing....though not so breathless like b4
solvin last decade
Also please inform what should be given for Fever and time interval for all the homeopathic medicines
solvin last decade
I forgot to mention in my last post that Ars Alb 200 it the best remedy for diarrhoea. But you cannot exceed the dose which is twice daily as this is Arsenic in the potentized form.

For fever I prescribe Bell 200c in the dry dose taken 3 times daily. It usually bring down fever in about 2 hours.

Pellets are always dry balls and as long as you keep them in their pack they can last forever. I have some remedies that are 30 years old and they are as good today as they were at that time.

You state that your have stopped feeding him milk. What do you feed him now on ? This is the reason why I advised you to see your doctor to get advice on the treatment of his problem.

Please ensure that he does not dehydrate as that will complicate matters.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for your prompt advice.

Ars Alb 200 for diarrhoea twice daily till it subsides, which means 2-3 days

Bell 200c dry dose - 4 pellets 3 times daily

By dry pellets, I mean, if I buy them today, the pellets are wet and there is a bit of fluid medicine at the bottom of the container, which when you overturn and pellets are resoaked. This medicinal fluid dries up in a week. That is what I mean by wet pellets on the first day which dry up in a weeks time.

Instead of milk, we give all kinds of fruit/vegetable soups and juices alongwith his routine food intake. He is still on Mother's milk.

We have thought of starting cow's milk slowly by next week. Please advice
solvin last decade
my daughter woke up in the morning and after a while she started coughing , so i gave her natrum sulph the daily dose and then i gave her steam for 5 minutes ...she was ok then........
my son woke up coughing too and even after taking the natrum sulp he continues coughing every now and then...since from tomorrow thier final exams r starting , i just could not stop giving him one puff of symbicort inhaler.....
as for myself i woke up with my voice almost gone....despite of taking 3 doses of antibiotics so far!!!!!
fauzia last decade
To Solvin

The problem is that we are dealing with a 2 year old and I do not feel qualified to advise you. I would give Ars Alb 2 doses on the first day and this usually should stop the diarrhoea in a day. If it continues I would suggest that you change over to Nux Vomica 200 same dosage.

The pellets are wet because there is too much of the Ethanol that your supplier puts into the bottle. Keep the cap open for the alcohol to evaporate and shake the pellets every 2 hours to ensure that they do not stick together.
Joe De Livera last decade
Taking the Augmentine in your case is of no use whatever. It will only make your condition worse as you do not have any bacterial infection in the 2-3 days after you caught the throat virus. I warned you in my last post not to take any more of this drug and also never to visit the ENT idiot who prescribed them to you.

Please make quite certain that you do not experiment with this powerful drug for your children.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for clearing my ignorance regarding the pellets & Ethanol & the fact that these pellets can be used even upto 30 years...this is amazing.

My son's motions are stable now....but his food intake is very low..and keeps vomiting.....His fever also upto 100 (max)...I was just fearing antibiotics....Hopefully if he is stable by evening...I will stop all allopathy and start with the medicines you prescribed....if worsens by evening...then will go to his pediatrician....like you rightly said....cannot experiment with small children...(Its this fear that parents become restless & impatient & resort to allopathic medicines, when homeopathy does not show immediate results ) The another pre-condition for Homeopathy should be patience, I suppose.

I will inform status of my son tmrw. Thanks for all your help
solvin last decade
Hello Dr.Joe,
(I know you wud say you are not a doctor... who cares ? To be frank I need cures not certificates)

I went through your posts yesterday and think you are kind of a miracle worker. I was so impressed by the results achieved by Fahed( whose symptoms are 85% similar to mine), Shiny's son, Fauzia, Solvin and your niece.

I was so impressed and excited of getting a cure that I went out yesterday in search of the Nat Sulph 6c and Ars Alb 200. I located the druggist at around 9:45pm when he was downing the shutters! Somehow convinced him(actually begged him) to open it back and give me the meds! :).... I got drenched to the bone, in the rain on the way back home.

I prepared the mix as you had indicated in various discussions (i have memorised it) and took one course of nat Suplh yesterday night. ( one drop of Nat sulph 6c in 400 ml, well succussed and from that take one spoon into a 1/2 cup of distilled water and mix well; From the ensuing mix, drink one sppon....right ?)

Also took Ars Alb (as indicated by you of course!) at around 2;30 PM when I got an attack. Felt that I slept better but not sure if it was due to medicine or my own tiredness.

MY PLAN (actually your ideas)
* Take Hepar Sulph to get rid of heavy congested chest cold.

* Then Take Nat Sulph 6c for as long as necessary.

* Take Ars Alb 200 on a SOS basis not exceeding twice in 24 hours.

* Use Fero Phos if cough gets unduly out of control --- CAN I USE THIS ?

* Report to you about the progress of my situation.

Please go through my symptoms and suggest if I shud take other medicines or continue with the above

* Wheezing, breathlessness, heavy cough.
* The symptoms are worst in rainy weather and winter.
* Usually asthma affects me at night.
* Heavy Chest cold throughout the year but reduced to almost nil in summer.
* I rarely get blocked noses or running nose but always have chest cold and asthma.

I am 23 yr old male from Bangalore-India, workign as an IT Professional.

* Had Tonsilitis from 2 yrs of age;
* Got bronchitis around 8 years of age very mild;
* At around 12-15 yrs of ages used to have it 2-4 times a year; Medication was primarily tablet form of Asthalin; Deriphyllin;Salbutomol etc;

* Also took homoepathy, got cured, doctor declared me as normal.
* Used to have very weak immune system; have been affected by Jaundice, Typhoid, Chicken Pox, Flu ( in my 23yrs of life). There was a time when every disease that was in town visited me!

* Upto 16-17 yrs of age used to be a state-level athlete in 100,200 and 400 meters. Also a soccer midfielder for my high school team. Also a badminton(shuttle) player for most of my life.
* Bronchitis started increasing around 18 yrs of age. I also used to have mucus and heavy chest cold. Stopped taking allopathic drugs. Used to work on my computer all night long because I would not be able to sleep ( Heavy asthma). the problem used to remain for a week and then get cured on its own.
* Tried Homoepathy but no effect after 3-6 months also. Probably because my homeo doc was 84 yrs old ( he was very good earlier) and lost his hearing powers a bit.

* Asthma became intolerable and chest was congested completely almost 9 motnhs of the year( except summer)
* My parents and brother who were very concerned introduced me to Inhalers; I suppose, that's when pandora's box was opened. The more I got asthma and breathless the more I used inhalers. The more I used Inhalers the more i got attached to them. I was around 21 yrs of age at the time.

* I have come to the point where I use them atleast 4-5 times a day;

TYPICAL TIMINGS in Usage over the past 2 months ( but this kind of inhaler abuse has been going on for 1-2 yrs)
Around 12:30 am in morning 1 dose;
4-6 am in morning 1 dose;
8-9 am in morning 1 dose;
1-2 pm afternoon 1 dose;
6-7 pm in night 1 dose;

* Even if I dont have asthma (which is rare), the wheezing sound due to the chest cold remains.
* But inspite of all this I am still very active... I work out in the Gym(muscle training), trek once/twice a month; Play games; jog for a KM etc .... earlier used to run for 4-6 km a day... but after 18 years it has gradually gone downhill and now if I run for a KM ( i still run a KM 4 times a week) the rib cage feels like bursting apart and I start vomiting and coughing at the end of the run...!

Illness in the family
* Mom used to have it but got cured at 11 yrs of age; Will tell you the treatment if you are interesetd to know.
* Brother used to have it but the disease got rid of itself.

Thanks for reading so doctorly err.... patiently

Aandu last decade
Sorry folks...seems I have broken the record for the biggest post in the Forum by a huge margin.
Aandu last decade
Dear Anand
I think you have landed in the right place.Iam confident that nat sulph will help you as it has helped my son and others who are trying this remedy.My son all of 7 yrs was also getting attached to asthalin inhaler but starting on nat sulph he has not even used it once .I mean literally not even once.Like you were apprehensive to admit that you slept fairly well the first night on nat sulph.I was also very apprehensive of admitting that the first day on nat sulph and my son slept peacfully.It's been a month since my son is on this therapy now he is taking it every alternate day.
I really thank Joe for sharing this wonderful remedy with everybody.I think people who criticise Joe for prescribing without knowing should be ashamed ,here is a man who is not a qualified doctor but is curing people of so called incurable diseases.
Anand do as Joe asks you to and you won't regret it.

shiny last decade
To Anand

I am glad that you read about my therapy for Asthma and you have got it absolutely correct. I am confident that it will help you as it has helped scores of others whom I have treated.

It pained me to read of how you were an athlete a few years ago and you got various serious diseases and it is possible that your Asthma is due to the drugs that you used for them.

Let us start with your Asthma and I have one remedy that I am sure that will help you to relax and sleep deeply : Arnica 30c but I have not recommended it to anyone who is undergoing the Asthma therapy and you can perhaps be the test subject for it. If your Asthma does not respond positively you can stop the Arnica and then see how your asthma responds.

Don't mix too many remedies like Ferr phos and others as the Nat Sulph 6c is a very delicately balanced remedy which may not work if other remedies interfere with its effect.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Anand

I read over your post above again but did not see you mention about the STEAM treatment.

I believe that this is indicated in your cse as you seem to have a lot of phlegm in your lungs which you will have to cough up ASAP.

I believe that you can read about this therapy with steam in one of the posts above.
Joe De Livera last decade
my daughter has been coughing off an on all day long ...i gave her steam inhalion at 8pm and after a almost half an hour she had a coughing attack , so i instead of giving her arsenic (because i had given her last night and you mentioned for not giving the medicine unless she is breathless), i gave her herbal medicine 'prospan' the ivy leaf medicine.... and she slept after that ...she is sleeping now ....its 10pm here....i dont know why she is coughing from 3 days now despite on being natrum sulph therapy????
when will natrum sulph start working on her??????
fauzia last decade
I believe that your daughter has caught the current throat virus which is prevalent worldwide. It is prevalent here in Sri Lanka as every other person is coughing violently and helping to spread the virus throughout the land for the last 2 weeks.

There is nothing that any medicine can do to help her right now and she will have to let the virus take its course and unfortunately the cough can continue for weeks. This has happened in the case of many patients and I have used a selection of remedies some of which have helped. It is a matter of experimenting with them to see which is best suited.

In her case however if Ars Alb helps to stop the cough you can continue to give it to her just once every night as it will also help her breathing.

How many days have you given her the Nat Sulph and do I understand that you have not noticed any improvement in her asthmatic condition after you started her on the therapy ?
Joe De Livera last decade
maybe, she has caught that virus, which i will rule out by getting her swab test done today....but its been 16 days now that she is on the natrum sulph , and her cough instead of occurring every night is now switched to alternate nights , and wheezing is under control, with the exception of last night when she was wheezing too......all night she has been coughing and i had to give her nebulaiser...after which she slept ok...she woke up all ok today in the morning , and as usual i gave both my kids the natrum sulph.....as i told u earlier my daughter had been getting tonsils infection ...in normal days also they stay swollen but not red!!!!!!!
any suggestions!!!!!
fauzia last decade

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