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to Joe De Livera, thank you for taking interest in my case. I am 54 and my asthma and my problems started about in 1994. I woke up in the middle of the nite and was not breathing very well. Went to the doctor they could not find anything wrong with me. This went on for about a year. They finally said it was an allergy. But by this time I was more than just congested. I started wheezing really bad. went to an allergist, he tested me and I had severe allergies to alot of things, plants, molds, cats and dogs etc. The treatment was albuterol in haler, nebulizer treatments and when nothing else worked I was hospitalized and given cortisone. Now in the present year this is what I take on a daily basis: albuterol inhaler,advair,zyrtec,and nebulizer treatments. I have not used cortisone recently only because I have refused to do so because it is affecting me as in muscle loss,muscle tenderness, cramps, and not to mention weight gain. Apart from affecting my physical body asthma has also affected my life as I knew it. I am unable to work. I fear sometimes when I am out that I will have a severe attack and not make it to my nebulizer which does not undo the wheezing totally only helps me to breath.I am worse when I get up, if cold wind hits me, in extreme heat, and in the early morn.like after 12am. I have weeks that I just use my albuterol pump . But then there are days like now that I dont leave the house much because the attacks come on quickly and severe. I have not told my doctor because he does not believe in anything natural and he will insist on cortisone treatments. My symtoms consist of coughing and then chest gets tight and then I have a coarse wheeze, as I walk to my nebulizer I pant very fast. Also if I put my weight on my arms I feel better. I do this by resting behind a sofa I lean over the sofa with my arms. When I am this sick I will have about 3 attacks a day that are scary. This has affected my faith sometimes it affects my hope of having any kind of life. I would to work again. I forgot to mention that my very first symtoms were nasal related, I was congested. Then I got polyps for years, I finally had them removed last year. It is great to breath thru my nose again. I had not been able to breath thru my nose for about 5 years. My surgeon thought that my asthma would improve with the surgery but it has not. Also I have sensitivities to certain foods too many to mention but some are eggs, milk, cheese, bananas,wheat,flour, sugar,etc. I hope this information will help you to help me. And Let me say that I think you are awesome. I have not had the pleasure I knowing many people who do good things for nothing. But God is watching and He will bless you all the more. thank you.
jasminem last decade
I note that you have been a chronic Asthmatic for the last 12 years and here is hoping that you too will benefit from the therapy that I shall indicate below:

Insert 3 pellets of Nat Sulph 6c into a 500ml bottle of spring water and after it dissolves shake the bottle really hard in your hand to ensure that it bubbles inside. If it does not do so this is because there is no air space at the top of the bottle and all you have to do is to pour out an inch from the top.

Sip a teaspoonful just once daily of the water which is now the remedy. The chances are that you may have to use it for a few days before you notice any improvement in your condition but please persist with the remedy and you will notice relief.

You must be free from all other URT ailments like colds and coughs for the remedy to take hold. Use steam inhalation or if you have a nebulizer use it without any drugs.

If you find that you cannot breathe during an attack, use 4 pellets Ars Alb 200c and you should notice relief in your spasm in about 20 minutes.

Please post your response to this therapy daily at the beginning of the therapy and weekly thereafter.
Joe De Livera last decade
to Joe De Livera, thank you for your quick response. I will do as you have advised. I forgot to tell you about my ears. They are always very clogged. They drain almost constantly and it affects my hearing. I bought an ear amplifier online that helps. I do hear without it but not very clear. I had tubes put in years ago but it did not work.. I would like for them to stop draining it is very annoying. The 'stuff' that comes out of my ears is most of the time liguid and its a pale yellow. Do you think that the treatment you have advised will also help this eventually?
jasminem last decade
I would doubt very much that the Asthma cure may help with your ear discharge. However the priority today is to help your Asthma and I shall think of another remedy for your ear problem which we can use after your Asthma is cured or at least controlled.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera, thank you.
jasminem last decade
To Joe De Livera, When you said to use my nebulizer without any drugs what did you mean? Do I put something else in it, or just breath in the air? thanks
jasminem last decade
You just breathe in the moist air that you get from it as this will helpe to soften the mucus in your lungs and thereby enable you to cough it out.

Another method is to use the steam from an open kettle on the boil which you can lean over and inhale the clouds of steam from it to achieve the same effect.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera, thank you. you are very kind.
jasminem last decade
last night also my daugter started couhging at aroun 4:30 am and it went on till 5:15 am....so instead of giving her nebulaizer as i was doing for last 4 nights, i gave her arsenic 200c 2 globules in her mouth...she continues coughing but the cough changed a little...then again i have her after 15 minutes and the coughing attack was over.....when i woke her up at 6:40 for the school she cough only once and i gave her natrum sulp wet dose.....she is in the school now....i hopw she comes home alright!!!!!
but i think arsenic worked....but if it again happens tonight , should i give her arsenic again...
she is not wheezing anymore....
fauzia last decade
Dear Joe,

Thanks....Your Therapy has done it again.......

My son.... he had dry cough on the first day of the treatment......second day that was last saturday his dry cough was reduced to 5-6 coughs....Yesterday, Sunday...he did not cough at all...and all 3 days he sleeped well...and I hope he continues this way....

In my case, I was on antibiotics due to throat infection. Nevertheless I started your therapy along with my son same day.....The last dose of antibiotics was on Saturday. But Sunday was fine but I coughed up quite some phlegm, which was probably accumulation of the throat infection. But strangely, surprisingly today morning.....there was absolutely no phlegm in my throat. Today morning is the first morning where I have not coughed out phlegm...though I feel some kind of stuck up feeling in the throat...but absolutely no cough.......I hope it continues this way......I am really amazed.

This is simply great........Thanks a lot once again......
solvin last decade
To Fauzia

Thank you for confirming that your daughter was helped by the Arsenic 200c. I note that you gave her just 2 pellets and that it worked as well as the 4 pellets which I have always used as the dose when the patient is in a SOS state and cannot breathe.

You must now start her on the Nat Sulph 6c therapy immediately as she should not depend on the Arsenic other than in a SOS state.

Report response tomorrow or earlier if necessary
Joe De Livera last decade
To Solvin

Thank you for confirming that the Nat Sulph therapy is helping both you and your son.

I feel humbled that I have been able to help so many to overcome their chronic Asthma both here in Sri Lanka where I live and abroad.

I do hope that the classical homeopaths who would never have dared to use remedies as I do will please take note of these responses of patients which will eventually lead to a CURE of their chronic asthmatic conditon in a few months.

I do hope that they will also use these 2 remedies in the same manner that I have done and thereby alleviate the suffering that all chronic asthmatic patients have to undergo so unnecessarily with the remedies that they use to treat their patients.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Classical homeopaths go on their own principles and ideas. They are simply unable to digest that a non-homeopath is giving such a great cure. Its the question of their ego and the ego of their whole fraternity. Secondly, if u start giving free permanent treatments online, people will by and large start losing hope in them.

So beware, they may do anything to stop you. or maybe they will practice your therapy as their own finding.
(If u can't fight him, join him)

Whichever way they do...as long as asthamatics are cured by this therapy, its a great achievement for the patient and a great service from you to mankind.

Hats off to you
solvin last decade
its been a week now that she is on natrum sulp therapy and not her my son is too!!!!
but she coughs every night despite of that ...only last nioght did i try arsenic and it helped a lot....
what do u suggest??????
fauzia last decade
can i give nux vomica with natrum sulp for sudden sneezing and runny nose attack to my son???
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

I do not usually recommend that anyone uses Ars Alb 200 other than on a SOS basis.

In the case of your daughter however I cannot ask you to stop it as you will then have to use the Inhaler which is far more negative on your child. Keep her on the dual therapy, Nat Sulph in the wet dose and 2 Ars Alb pellets under the tongue. Let us hope that the Nat Sulph will take over when we will stop the Ars A.

Do I understand that your son has responded to the Nat Sulph and you have not given him Ars A ?

His sneezing may be due to his catching a cold and you can use Gelsemium 30 in the wet dose 3 times daily. You will find that it will stop his sneezing and also help his cold. Has he had this problem before ?
Joe De Livera last decade
it started in 2003....sudden sneezing attacka nd then runny nose and eyes and then cough etc...the doctordiagnosed him to have allergic rhinitis and allergic to dust.....he has it almost every month....i have been giving him zyrtec for a month and he was ok ...then i stopped and this thing started again....
fauzia last decade
gelsemium30 what c or x
fauzia last decade
My apologies. I failed to put the c in.

Gelsemium 30c in the wet dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
shall i start gelsemium 30c wet dose along with natrum sulp wet dose??? if yes, then for how long ???
fauzia last decade
As you are already aware Nat Sulph 6c is to help with your children's asthma. It should be given to them for as long as it is necessary to overcome their chronic asthma.

I prescribed Gels 30c for your daughter's sneezing for which you were giving her various drugs. This remedy is only good pre tem and as soon as it helps to clear the sneezing it must be stopped.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe de vira:
my daughter came home allright, no cough etc.,,,,but just now before sleeping at 9 pm she coughed and that was it...she is sleeping now and i am keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully she will not have a coughing attack in the night!!!!amen...
To Shiny:
where ru ??? is ur child doing ok??? please let me know if is getting better????
fauzia last decade
You do not need to be so very concerned about a cough even though you are hypersensitive about it since in the past it would have been a sign that she was getting another asthma attack.

The Nat Sulph is obviously helping her and you do not have to worry from now on.

Do not give her any Gelsemium as I do not want to overide the action of the Nat Sulph on the Asthma which is the main problem that we have to overcome right now.

Use the steam technique as this will help the phlegm in her lungs to be coughed out after it is softened by the steam.

Do not also increase the dosage of the Nat Sulph to more teaspoonfuls per day in the hope that 'the more the merrier'. One patient did this and he came down with more violent attacks of Asthma.

The maximum that you can give anyone is just ONE teaspoonful of Nat Sulph 6c per day. I shall be wanting you to reduce the solution by mixing the teaspoonful from the bottle in half cup of water in 2 weeks if all goes well.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, you are a blessed healer.
kuldeep last decade
Thank you for your comments.

It is when I cure chronic cases like my niece 22 years who was suffering from chronic Asthma from age 3 and she came to me about a year ago when she was compelled to use her Ventolin inhaler which was good for 250 doses in a month and another case who was suffering from asthma since 1980 and who also used 2 types of inhalers twice daily merely to survive, that I really get some deep satisfaction in helping to cure this ailment which I understand affects over 12% of the world's population especially in developed countries.

I do hope that other homeopaths will use my therapy as I have discovered that it works in about 90% of the cases that I have treated.

I must admit that even today I cannot understand how Nat Sulph which as you know is Sodium Sulphate commonly known as Glauber's salt can give so much blessed relief to chronic asthmatics in such a short time.

You may have read of Shiny's 7 year old son who was cured of his chronic asthma within 12 hours of the first dose. This case is in another thread.
I hope that Fauzia's children too can be helped by this therapy.

I am simply amazed that classical homeopaths prefer to criticize me when I suggest this therapy for Asthma as they would prefer to use their 'classical' knowledge to prescribe other remedies which invariably do not have the slightest curative effect on the poor patient. They will never prescribe a remedy like you and I do directly for the ailment. They have been brainwashed into believing that it is only the classical method that will work and they continue to prescribe their remedies based on their own understanding of the science of Homeopathy without stopping to even consider a therapy that has shown tremendous promise in helping asthmatics to be cured.

I would appreciate if you will please keep me informed if you too use this therapy and the response of your patients to it.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Fauzia
I am here only and reading your posts regularly.My son is doing great .I hope your dos too.I am sure she will benefit from Nat Sulph.My son will be completing a month on nat sulph and touch wood he is feeling good as well as looking better.
Joe has been a saviour for my son.I am confident that our children will be free of asthma within a period of 6 months.
Let us all know how your daughter slept.

shiny last decade

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