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To Fauzia

I believe that she has come down with some flu which she will get over in about 5 days after she first caught it.

There is nothing that one can do right now and please do not give her anymore antibiotics as it is obvious that her resistance is now very low as she seems to be catching any passing virus very easily. This is the price you have to pay for fooling about with antibiotics which I remember you gave your children a few weeks ago.

I would like to give her Tuberculinum 200 once every other month in the dry dose to see if it can help to increase her resistance and immunity to viruses. This may however be only given when she is absolutely OK. Dose 4 pellets sublingually.

It occurs to me that you may all take this remedy as it should help the whole family by increasing the general resistance all round.

Please report if it interferes with the Asthma control with Nat Sulph.

I would like to know if your husband is asthmatic as this is usually a hereditary passed illness.
Joe De Livera last decade
no my husband is not asthmatic and nor any one in his brothers .but his cousins are asthmatic from the father side......
my daughter while sleeping or even the day swollows her throatdischarge or drip , what ever name u may call it .....i think its a post nasal drip.....
isnt this tuberculinum for tuberclosis patients as the name suggests????????
i got my sons and husbands throat test results today...and unfortunately my son has also the hemofilus para influenza but strange enough my husbands doesnot ......what about bacillinium for immunity???
will kali muraticum good for throat
fauzia last decade
I have used the Tuberculinum 200 and the Bacillinum 200 and have found that the former is more effective in helping patients who have frequent colds and coughs. Bacillinum is better however for Catarrh but it is not as good as a prophylactic for URT infections.

This remedy is also being used by a close friend in Australia who is a qualified homeopath after I suggested that we jointly use them and compare notes and they too have agreed that Tuberculinum 200 has been found to be a good prophylactic. They have used in once every month and have discovered that it works well as a prophylactic.

I seem to detect some suspicion on your part about the use of Tuberculinum 200 and at this potency which is 100 to the power 200 the 'dilution' of the actual organism is infinitesimal and can never be connected to it except by the name.

If you do decide to use it, I would suggest that all members of the family take one dose which will prevent one member of the family infecting the other with the latest throat or cold virus.

Kali Mur will not help a throat infection.
Joe De Livera last decade
will the following help my daughters catarah and post nasal drip???? plz read!!!

by William BOERICKE, M.D.
Presented by Médi-T

Arseniate of Sodium

A remedy for nasal catarrh, with headache, pain at root of nose, dry and painful eyes. Psoriasis (Ars; Chrysoph ac; Thyroid). Bronchitis of children over seven years. Facilitates the termination of the cold and conserves strength and appetite (Cartier).

Head.--Floating sensation on turning head quickly; aching in frontal region and root of nose, over orbits. Headache; worse pressure and tobacco smoke.

Nose.--Watery discharge; drops into throat. Feels stopped; pain at root. Dry crusts, on removal, leave mucous membrane raw. Post-nasal dropping of thick, bland, yellowish mucus. Crusts in nose.

Ears.--Catarrhal conjunctivitis and blepharitis marginalis. Eyes feel weak, stiffness of balls and tendency of lids to close. Feel heavy and droop. Lachrymation in wind. Agglutination in morning. Dry, painful, burning; soon tire. Œdema of orbital region. Supraorbital pain.

Throat.--Dark, purplish, swollen, œdematous; red and glassy.

Respiratory.--Racking cough, with profuse greenish expectoration. Oppression of chest and about heart, and also larynx. Miner's asthma. Lungs feel as though smoke had been inhaled.

Extremities.--Aching in arms; worse in shoulder. Pain in anterior crural nerves. Joints stiff. Feels tired all over. Knee-joints crack.

Relationship.--Compare: Ars; Kali carb; Apis.

Dose.--Third to thirtieth potency.
fauzia last decade
I would not like you to experiment with remedies merely because you fished them out of Boricke.

There are many remedies that can help to stop your daughter's catarrh but you must remember that I was able to help her Asthma from which she was suffering for some years and you must be grateful to God that she is on the road to recovery. He catarrh is not a serious ailment like Asthma and you must learn to be patient and not use remedies that anyone suggests as they can antidote the Nat Sulph which will then again affect your daughter.

My advice to you is to just let her grow as any normal girl her age should without the burden of Asthma which God has given you the grace of overcoming.
Joe De Livera last decade
HI I am hopeful this will help anyone with asthma or any lung condition, old or young. I was surfing the web in early March of this year(2006) for some new treatment for asthma. I could hardly get my housework done without having numerous attacks. My search ended with a article from England. IT SAID TO EAT AN APPLE EVERY DAY! I laughed and said to myself the old saying ' an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. But as I read on I decided to try it, it was cheap and easy to do. Within two weeks I noticed I was not as breathless as usual doing a lot of my chores. At the end of the month I had not had an asthma attack in several weeks. My stamina had increase dramatically. It is now August and I still have had no asthma attacks. I have gone thru spring allergy season and a very hot summer and still no asthma attacks. I take my medcation as usual that I have been on since it hit the market, the only thing different is eating the apples. I have numerous allergies to both indoor and outdoor substances. On a hot day I would never venture out. This summer I have done anything I want and I am still amazed that there is no asthma attacks. I have to go back to my doctor soon for my anual checkup, I plan on asking him why this is not on his check list for avoiding asthma attacks after all these years. please do not take this as a hoax, I am still convinced this will help you or your child. I started eating 2 small raw apples for the first two weeks then I went to 1 a day. I went to the grocery store and bought one of every kind of apple, personally I liked the Fuji and the Gala for the best taste. I then found them by the bag and smaller. There were less expensive this way. Please try this before another Er visit happens.
karo1951 last decade
Thanks Karo for the info....i am giving my kids one apple every day without fail since they were 2 yrs old to this day...but still they suffer from this problem.......
fauzia last decade
how r u???
my daughter cold is not going away and she still coughs in the night....now from last night she has developed croupy cough...she woke up in the morning with the croupy cough and i gave her hepar sulf 30c and gave her steam...plz advice that how many times should i give her the medicine ? and should i continue with the natrum sulf or not?????
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

Please let me know how her Asthma is behaving. I note that you have inquired whether or not you should continue with the Nat Sulph and the answer is clear.

If you would like her to go back to her inhalers and her Asthma you can stop it.
Joe De Livera last decade
what do u mean by that
is it a life time thing or what????? first u said this course is for 4 months now u r saying that if i want to go back to the inhalers and her asthma......
any how i am giving her natrum sulph without any gap ...but right now her condition is croupy and that is why i asked u about the hepar sulph30c????
plz help me and not scare me !!!
fauzia last decade
now it is 11:43 am here
she is coughing and her croupyness has changed into normal cough, meaning that the bark has gone......i am 100% sure it is beciuse of the hepar sulph....i have so far given her 2 doses of hapar sulph 30 c , one in the morning at 8 and now at 10:30 and i am giving her steam off and on..i just gave her chicken soup also...plz advise!!!!
fauzia last decade
To Joe De Livera, I have been wheezing again and I wanted to know if I should stop the nat sulp until I stop wheezing. I also will like to know how many times I can use ars al in a 24 hour period for severe attacks. Thank you and God Bless you.
jasminem last decade
To Fauzia

Please clarify your statement:

'what do u mean by that
is it a life time thing or what????? first u said this course is for 4 months'

I would request you to copy my post where I have indicated that in just 4 months the 'course' will be completed.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Jasminen

The Nat Sulph therapy that I prescribed for you has, I believe, helped you to stay away from your inhalers and other drugs you have been using for your Asthma.

As you can imagine if you stop taking a teaspoonful daily, which incidentally you can even increase to 2 daily, the only alternative would be to go back to your inhalers.

You may use Ars Alb 200 in the dry pellets , 4 taken under the tongue not over 3 times daily. This is usually not required by the patient as the Nat Sulph stabilizes the Asthma and the Ars Alb in many patients that I have helped, is never used other than at the beginning of the therapy just once or twice.

Please report your response after you have taken 1 teaspoonful NS twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
what about heparsulph??? u didnot say anything on that...
plz plz tell me is natrum sulph a life long thing?????????????????
fauzia last decade
To Joe:
here is ur response posted on the first page of this site as follows:

To Fauzia

I am grateful to Murugan who alerted you to my post on the treatment of Asthma and you are invited to visit the link that he gave you for the details of how Nat Sulph 6c that I prescribed helped a 7 year old boy to overcome his Asthma.

I shall copy my post below:

Re: 7 yr old with nocturnal asthma From Joe De Livera on 2006-03-26
I have treated many cases of chronic Asthma with Nat Sulph 6c in the liquid dose which is made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Nat Sulph 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by shaking the bottle in your hand to aerate the water.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy into half a cup of water from another bottle of the same water and stir it gently.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup just once daily.

You will have to stop all other medication if you wish to start on this therapy.

This remedy should be taken daily for some time in the future and you may like to know that I have many instances of adults who were chronic sufferers from Asthma for many years who do not use the remedy any more after about 4 months on this therapy. Others who were not so chronic react favourably in a few days and only use the remedy if and when necessary.

The remedy that I have used when the patient is having an acute attack ans is straining for breath is Ars Alb 200c. This remedy is taken dry and just 4 globules will suffice for a dose which may only be taken just once daily when the patient is gasping for breath. This usually clears the lungs and opens up the airways in under 20 minutes.

Report response in a week as this remedy has to be monitored in use regularly.
fauzia last decade
Thank you for having quoted my post which I believe was my first to you.

It is possible that Nat Sulph 6c cannot help your daughter in 4 months and I would like her to change the potency to:

Nat Sulph 30c also to be taken in the wet dose.

Please report response in a few days.

I would like you to note that in dealing with any ailment it is not possible to guarantee that every patient will be cured in 4 months as all I can state is that the average patient is soon able to overcome his asthma in this time frame but this does not necessarily mean that it MUST also follow for your own children who as you have seen were helped by this therapy but when they came down with colds and coughs, their asthma became more of a problem.

Please feel free to stop the therapy that I have indicated for your children and you can get advice from other physicians both homeopathic and medical if you feel that you are only wasting time using my therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera, again thank you for your response. I will do as you say. Is the ars alb 200 a x or c or ? thanks and God bless you.
jasminem last decade
Joe, I forget to tell you that I have had to use my inhaler not much but.... I believe alot of my problem is related to food allergies and I find the elimination diet to be almost impossible for me to do. I try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as I can but I do crave crackers,rice etc. Will the nat sulp also help asthma that is food related? Food allergies is not the only reason why I have asthma. Im also allergic to cats and dogs,some plants and trees,dust,pollen etc. Thanks again.
jasminem last decade
To Jasminem

The Ars Alb is 200c and you can get the little pellets. If they are about 3mm diameter you can use 4. More if they are still smaller.

I note that you have been using my therapy since last April and would like to know what potency of Ars Alb you have been using. Unless it is 200c it cannot help to allay an attack.

It would be interesting to see how the Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose can help your case. I have some doubts that Asthma is caused by food allergies but it can certainly be caused by allergy to dust, pollen etc.

You should soon be able to observe if NS is your remedy when you notice that you do not seem to have that tightening in your breath which is the precursor of an attack.
Joe De Livera last decade
myu daughter is wheezing now despite of my giving her natrum sulf
her croup is gone but she is coughing and wheezing now....
what to do??/
shall i give her ars 200???
fauzia last decade
Yes you MUST give her Ars Alb 200 if she is wheezing in spite of the Nat Sulph.

Her case is rare as the standard response from an Asthmatic is to improve considerably over about 6 months or earlier and then stop all medication.

Colds and coughs do tend to bring back the symptoms but not to the extent that your girl is showing.

I wonder if another remedy is indicated for her and would like you to get:

Blatta Orientalis 6c

Do not use it till you get clearance from me.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please consult a homeopath. With due regard for Joe de Livera's desire to help and belief that he has discovered easy solutions, THIS IS NOT HOMEOPATHY, anymore than taking inhalers. It seems so pointless to point out the fallacies over and over when the majority is convinced that those of us who do are just jeolous or out to intefere for no reason.
I quote:
(this is advice on THE KIND OF HOMEPATH YOU SHOULD AVOID, by Dr. Luc, the man from whom Joe has copied the use of Nat Sulph for asthma, without due thought to WHY he used it.)
'He claims he has found his own method, necessary because these are trying times and therefore even Hahnemann would have approved of his inventions. Yet, this 'important looking satement only hides his incompetence and laziness to truly study this difficult topic continuously. He [has attended a few seminars and--alas, Joe has not even done that, I think] now thinks is possessed of a knowledge that no longer needs fine tuning. He prescribes for every patient a 'protocol', similar to his well learned allopathic physicians, forgetting that to cure a patient the individuality must be taken into account. According to his conviction, for Disease A, there is 'protocol A', which should be applied for several months. It is a secret wish of someone who wanted to be an allopathic physician or at least attain his stature, as he seeks to imitate those who practice contrary to anything that stand for homeopathy. But of course he tells you about the enormous 'successes' he had. In reality, he does not know what a 'true cure' stands for: the freedom of any mental, emotional or physical suffering and the prevention of recurernce of your disease. He is sure that his 'genius' will be recognized...'
ripas last decade
it is 7 am her
she slept alright in the night despite of wheezing.

she just woke up with productive cough and wheezing sound i could hear from my room and i immediately rush to her room and gave her natrum sulf...she is back to sleep and her lungg r full of phelgm now....plz help
fauzia last decade
I have often told you that if she is showing signs of distress, you must give her Ars Alb 200 which will open up her airway and relieve her distress in about 15 minutes. Nat Sulph can only help in the long run but not for the SOS condition that your daughter seems to be now in.
Joe De Livera last decade

Why do you create abuse on this asthma forum. If possible give a solution, I will start with your remedy, I will be your guinea pig. BUT IF YOU CAN'T JUST STAY AWAY. Be a mute spectator.

Don't stop others like Joe who are trying their best.

By abusing eachother u just prove your jealosy. Prove your genuiness by giving a cure. Try your experiment on me.

Dear Joe,

I think what Fauzia and Jasminem say is probably and sadly true. I also have been taking your Nat Sulp 6x wet dose therapy for almost 5 months now. Its not a total cure, you can say 50 : 50 though in the beginning it was 90%. I doubt whether asthma slowly gets immune to Natsulp 6x therapy. I am still going on with it though.


solvin last decade

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