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Hi Mr. Joe,
I was reading your posts relating asthma. I saw that to many patients with asthma from the childhood you were using Nat. Sulph. or Blatta Orientalis in wet dose.

I am interested in homeopathy, and learning it myself. According to Hahnemann, Chronic diseases which run for many years need a different approach. He develeoped a differnet potency, ie LM potency System and Uses Anti-Psoric or Anti-Sycotic (hereditory) remedies for asthma.

I am curious about Sulphur, which is an Anti-Psoric Remedy, and it has almost all the Indications for chronic allergies, asthma and wheezing.

respiration; accelerated;
respiratory allergies (including hayfever);
respiratory allergies (including hayfever); summer; ;
respiratory allergies (including hayfever); with asthmatic breathing;
respiratory allergies (including hayfever); with reddened eyes;
respiratory allergies (including hayfever); warmth;
respiratory allergies (including hayfever); running nose; burning, stinging;
asthma attack;
asthma attack; evening; ;
asthma attack; night; ;
asthma attack; alternating with other conditions; out-breaks on skin;
asthma attack; alternating with other conditions; gout;
asthma attack; in children; ;
asthma attack; after suppressed out-breaks on skin; ;
asthma attack; from flatulence; ;
asthma attack; hysterical;
asthma attack; before period; ;
asthma attack; in aged people; ;
asthma attack; periodic;
asthma attack; periodic; every 8 days; ;
asthma attack; coming on during sleep; ;
asthma attack; spasmodic;

Aren't the anti-psoric remedies be more effective and long lasting in the cases of chronic asthma. Nat Sulph and Blatta O may act palliatively but asthma may remain latent

Just a Thought
deepak80 last decade
With all due respect to Hahnemann to whom we owe the philosophy of Homeopathy, I have not been able to help patients with Sulphur successfully. There is usually a slight improvement in their attacks but the problem with Sulphur is that you cannot use it on a daily basis which is necessary for the treatment of Asthma.

I have many patients here in Sri Lanka who have been cured one of whom was a chronic case since childhood but they all have to use the remedy in the precise manner that I have stipulated and also help by not exposing themselves or their children at midnight to changes of temperature and getting wet in the rain when the inevitable occurs and they have to go back to the inhaler, as you may have read in one case.

I am not comfortable with Sulphur which as I stated above I too have used some years ago but the results were not as promising as with the 2 remedies that I now use.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

If you read my post of 26th August, you will note that I had informed you and cut pasted you this

'Doctors most often look at GERD as the cause of asthma when:

Asthma begins in adulthood
Asthma symptoms get worse after a meal, after exercise, at night or after lying down
Asthma doesnÂ’t respond to the standard asthma treatments. '

My symptoms are 100% the same.

and you had replied very elaborately on GERD & Asthma
and advised me this
'You are cleared to use Nat Phos 6x which should help your Asthma if you have noticed that you tend to be wheezy after a meal and at night.'

Anyways I had started on NP 6x after meal in the night and there was some relief about 50%, but the problem remained of Phlegm Accumulation.

I had even asked you that NP6x is basically used for reducing weight and whether my normal weight wud b reduced to which I did not get a reply.

Anyways now I wl b taking NP6x 2 tablets after all meals and will let you know the progress

No I wl try taking
solvin last decade
What a co-incidence...The cut pasted message was from the same link u had sent me

solvin last decade
Hello Mr. Joe,

How r U ? You don't seem to b responding. Hope you are fine and good shape.
solvin last decade

I did not repond to your last post as no response was called for.

Would you like to report on how your asthma is today ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thanks for your response.

Yes regarding my Asthma, I wish to tell you what I currently experience.

The moment I eat something, in less than 10 minutes I feel phlegm accumulated in my throat, which I cough out or else I get the choking/suffocating sensation of Asthma.

I repeat the moment I eat, 10-15 minutes later, I can feel the accumulated phlegm waiting to be coughed out. The more I eat the more is the phlegm accumulation which has to be coughed out.

This happens in the night after I go to sleep...and in 3-4 hours...I get breathless as I cannout cought out phlegm
Please advise

This is probably the reason
solvin last decade
One more thing.....after I take NP6x before sleeping and after dinner....I get sleep of 6 hours other than 3-4 hours without taking them.(i.e. breathless after 6 hours and breathless after 3-4 hours if not taken NP6x)
solvin last decade
Are you taking the Nat Phos 6x that you are already aware can be the real cause of your Asthma ?

It is possible that the gastric juices are leaking up through the lower esophagal valve up to your throat thereby causing the distress you mentioned.

You will have to analyze the true cause of your choking suffocating sensation by the phlegm which may be your body's response to keep the gastric juice which you must know is highly corrosive from eroding your throat musculature and vocal chords.

If as I presume this is the case, you will have to take 4 tablets Nat Phos 6x after every meal you feel this discomfort. This remedy will ensure that the Pyloric valve is opened in the base of your stomach which in turn will push the food into the Duodenum and later the gut, thereby relieving you of your current distress.

Yours is a case which is best treated by a direct consultation with a Homeopathy who like me is preferably non classical.
Joe De Livera last decade
Your last post was advised to me after I posted mine.

I believe that the root cause of your Asthma is your GERD from which I do not know how long you have suffered.

You are advised to use Arnica 30c in the wet dose twice daily to help your esophagus to rebuild the delicate tissues which will take some time.

You are also advised to have a very light meal for dinner and not to sleep for 2-3 hours after to ensure that you do not regurgitate your food which you obviously have been doing for long.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have been having acidity problems for the last 20 years.

The symptoms of bloating, fullness of stomach, burping has always been there. But I used to take antacids which use to solve the problem.

Later 5 years back I developed the burning sensation in the esophagus,Belching (sudden movement/vomiting of bitter gastric juice) which again was taken care by continuos use of Gelusil/antacids.

Now I just have the bloating, fullness of stomach and burping...NO BELCHING....but the new Asthma (Phlegm accumulation & choking)
solvin last decade
This is the disadvantage that I am confronted with in treating many on the web with the benefit of a personal consltation.

In your case I do not think that the Nat Sulph and other remedies can possibly help till we clear you of your GERD. I am surprised that you did not mention this major problem which you state you have suffered from for the last 20 years for which you have used antacids and perhaps the H2 blockers like Zantac Premacid etc all of which afford temporary help by reducing the acid flow in the stomach but extract their toll in other ways.

The Nat Phos 6x therapy with the Arnica 30c are your joint remedies and you are advised to use them and forget the Nat Sulph till your GERD is cleared which will occur in about a month.

Your dosage is 4 tablets of Nat Sulph 6x taken 2 times daily and remember my instructions for your dinner.
Joe De Livera last decade
Ohh Dear Joe....

The myth remains that Asthma is an independent ailment. I had it in childhood but was cured by Ayurvedic medicines at the age of 12...Later it was Acidity...Now back to Asthma...So I was under the impression that 'its come back'

Anyways, when u consult a doctor for breathlessness or wheezing or Asthma due to viral cold.....One just can't think of any other possible reason when u have caught viral cold....This problem could b due to some other reason like GERD was recently known to me. Frankly speaking, logically there does not seem to be any connection between the two to discuss it with the doctor as a patient - Nor did the doctor ever tried to check up for other reasons of Asthma....But the normal conventional Asthma Treatment...common for all. Simple reason being...Every Viral Cold Attack simply agravates the Asthma attack.

Now your advise....4 tablets twice daily after meals plus Arnica 30c ???? Wet dose same like Nat Sulp OR 4 pellets...Please advise

Thank u once again for bearing my problems with me
solvin last decade
Wet dose always.

It works much better as long as you succuss the bottle hard before each dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Why no updates?
Breeny last decade
Not much change though....

My complication is Asthma caused by GERD normally and when I catch cold/throat infection...it just becomes worse....nothing helps....I have to resort to inhalers and allopathic medicines...

Currently its my 4th day after cold and am busy cleaning nose and throat simultaneously. Stopped allopathy and started with homeopathy 2 days back....but not much change
solvin last decade
To Olvin

I noticed that I had stated 'Wet Dose always' and I hope that you understood this to mean only for the Arnica.

The Nat Phos 6x must always be taken in tablet form. 4 tablets after 3 meals till you find that your GERD is stabilized when you can reduce your dosage.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes Dear Joe...

I got that perfectly well...and I am just doing that since your last post.
solvin last decade
Dear Joe,

I wish to inform you that thru various experiments on myself to treat my Asthma....I have just stumbled to a new finding...

I was thinking of Walking/Jogging for quite some time...cos I always knew that to make my lungs better...I need to work on them besides medicines for Asthma.

I had started with the GERD therapy you had mentioned and I did not find much relief. Just 3 days back I started with jogging for 20 minutes....with breathing only thru nose while jogging....today is the fourth day....and to my surprise....I am 90% ok....I have stopped all kinds of medicines.

I further wish to inform you that always whenever I use to have cold....the first 2 days of running nose....I never used to get breathless and absolutely No Phlegm...but only runny & irritating mucus of cold infection....All cough and phlegm just stopped these 2 days....but later developed as the mucus thickened...and then worse.

Earlier I use to always have a choked nostril always....but now after jogging...I find both my nostrils completely open and easy breathing. Secondly I am eating very well...good appetite...no acidity...and I AM NOT TAKING ANY MEDICATION.

I have finally come to a conclusion that my Asthma is due to POST NASAL DRIP.

I need to know your comments and views on this.

Please advise.
solvin last decade
It is precisely this exchange of information that I am trying to foster between patient and prescriber as all we can do from our end is to suggest remedies for an ailment which as you are aware I do in my own manner which has invariably worked but unfortunately has attracted the criticism of the classical school because I do not believe in following the classical rules of homeopathy.

I am very glad to note that you have taken up jogging and discovered that your Asthma is much better even without the Nat Sulph and the Nat Phos that I had prescribed. This is the disadvantage of a consultation on the web when the patient posts his ailment and the prescriber posts the remedy. It is the peripheral symptoms that concern the patient that we lack in this dialogue and I am glad that you discovered the benefits of exercise which I must remember to also include in my future prescriptions to others.

You mentioned frequent colds and Tuberculinum 200 in one dose taken every other month can help you to build up your resistance to both colds and coughs. If however in spite of this prophylactic you still get a cold you can prevent the virus from taking over and stop it with Ferr Phos 6x dose 2 tablets every 3 hours. A sore throat which usually starts with phlegm blocking your throat that the sore feeling, you can stop with Bell 30c in the wet dose taken every 3 hours. Both remedies are most effective if used as soon as you feel a cold or a cough starting.

You may like to know that I walk almost daily for at least half hour round and round my garden with my iPod playing my favourite classics. I believe I owe my good health at age 77 to this regimen and of course total abstinence from all forms of drugs, vitamins and other tablets that are usually taken by the majority of people..
Joe De Livera last decade
U r very right in your assumptions and benefits of exercises.

The problem now remains for POST NASAL DRIP. I do my jogging and get relief upto 90%.I also blow my nose to remove all the accumulated stuff in there....but now I fear my 2 yr old son also faces the same problem and he can't blow his nose or do the jogging stuff though he is an active child.

Can you prescribe any remedy for this Post Nasal Drip. I was surfing thru the net for a possible cure of the same and found this link.


They have a remedy in there which has the following ingredients


Please if possible go thru this website OR if u think u have a better remedy please inform.

If there is any forum on POST NASAL DRIP with your advise, please send me the link
solvin last decade
Nux Vomica 30c is your remedy.

You can make it up in the wet dose as usual but you must please note that you cannot take in indefinitely like the Nat Sulph 6c.
Dose a teaspoonful when you feel the nose pouring.

Report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Is the treatment same for my 2.5 year old son ?
solvin last decade
In homeopathy I have not observed any difference in the therapy depending on age. It is more the frequency that matters.

Do let me know how you have responded to it and how your boy will also respond.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I started with Nux Vomica 30c wet dose on me and my son simultaneously.

I have not noticed much difference in him. He seems to catch cold quite frequently due to the changing climate. I do give him FP 6x but it really does not help much. Like Fauzia informed in another forum, should I give FP 30x higher potency to my son to stop him catching cold or is Shiny's Ginger Tea more effective.

Regarding myself...my jogging has helped a lot...and now I wish to inform you one more thing. I may have informed u in the beginning of my post, that my nose is slightly deviated.
Nasal Septum Deviation. Though I am better with jogging, I feel this septum deviation is the main reason for all my problems, cos one nostril is always blocked...partially open at times..and while sleeping both get blocked and therefore I snore quite loudly. Should I go for Septoplasty. or should I continue with jogging my whole life...cos I feel as I age....I may develop more problems of breathing and probably jogging won't help much...

Please advise
solvin last decade
I lost my original reply due to some problem on the ABC server which seems to be occurring quite frequently.

I shall try to repeat my lost post again.

If your son is not responding to Nux V please stop it.

We will have to treat his lack of resistance to catching them and the remedy that I would like him to use is Bacillinum 200. Please note that this is a nosode and must not be used lightly. He can be given one dose of 4 pellets when he is completely free of other ailments and a repeat dose can follow 6 weeks later. Please report his response after this medication.

As for your deviated septum, I cannot advise you from here in Colombo and you will have to depend on your own surgeons who I am sure will be only too happy to oblige. However I would like you to reconsider whether this is essential and you can seek alternate opinions.

How is your Asthma and your GERD ?
Joe De Livera last decade

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