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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I could not resist copying another post which I had made on the Otherhealth forum in December 2005 on a similar theme where I was compelled to defend my attitude to Homeopathy. I feel that this post too is of relevance to the present controversy.

This post appears in its entirety on: http://www.otherhealth.com/archive/index.php/t-6381.html

You will observe how the classical homeopaths on that forum reacted to a factual record of a case where I recorded the use of Arnica to help an 88 year old person who discovered that he was cured of his Eczema after suffering from it for 75 years during which time he had used many prescription drugs which only served to palliate his ailment but did not cure it as Arnica did. This patient is now 89 today and continues to take a sip of Arnica 6c nightly as he swears that without it, he does not feel as well.

It seems so unbelievable that anyone should stoop to criticize my record when they should be at least thankful for having been informed of this case which can be classified as a Miracle Cure of this chronic disease. I believe that this only serves to show up the hypocrisy that is part of the classical routine that is inculcated into the minds of those who are qualified in Homeopathy which they are compelled to accept and practice later in their professional life.

Joe De Livera
26th December 2005, 05:39 PM
I was browsing around the Otherhealth forum and discovered your post on November 23 about your chronic Eczema which you have suffered from for many years. I do not usually visit the specialist forums like Skin and I note that you have not received any positive inputs from the consultants on this forum so far. I would have responded to your post if you had used the Discussion section of this forum.

I have had some success in the treatment of chronic Eczema and a recent case was that of a 88 year old electrical engineer, since retired, who informed me that he was suffering from this ailment from the age of 15.

He noticed considerable improvement after taking the remedy that I prescribed to him in 3 days and in a week all his lesions were not scratching any more and in a month they had all dried up and for the first time in his life, is not bothered any more from his eczema. You can read more details about this case on this forum by doing a search for Eczema or by searching for the posts that I have made on the Discussion section of this forum which I visit daily.

The remedy that I prescribed and gave him is Arnica 30c and I shall copy below my standard instructions for the use of this remedy and if you decide to use it, please report your response on this forum.

Method to be followed to make the wet dose.
Get a 500ml bottle of spring water from your supermarket.
Pour out 50ml
Put in 3 globules of Arnica 30c
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. This is succussion and it lifts the potency of the remedy slightly and helps the body to recover from the eczema.
Sip a teaspoonful twice daily after succussing the bottle every time before each dose.

No coffee, cola drinks and sausages, ham, bacon which contain saltpeter as they all antidote the Arnica.

27th December 2005, 03:44 AM
Please beware the Joe's advice is not in any way homeopathic. It's never good to self-prescribe, or to use remedies in the way that Joe has suggested above.

27th December 2005, 09:31 PM
Joe's advice is totally unhomoeopathic and shows his ignorance about homoeopathy. Homoeopathy treats the patient and not the disease. There is no difference with allopathy here.In homoeopathy you cannot presecribe in the name of eczema. Any remedy even Arnica may come if it suited to the patient. So Arnica will cure only cases beloging to the peculiarities of Arnica as every remedy do.

Patients visit this forum after their desperate experiences and suppressin from various treatmnets. And they are unaware of the principles of homoeopathy. The post like this will only mislead them and divert them from higher possiblity of the real homoeopathic treatment.The conditions like eczema needs correct internal treatmnet according to the patient rather than mere guesswork.

Homoepaths all over the world are treating eczema successfully in real manner. In my experience I had treated innumerable cases with success by homoeopathic method. So misleading patients to more complication by unhomoeopathic methods will not be tolerated in this forum as this is a homoeopathic forum.

Joe De Livera
27th December 2005, 10:14 PM
In Defense of my concept of Homeopathic treatment

I am copying a post that I have just made on the Hpathy forum in response to that of Gina Tyler, a senior Homeopath which will I hope will serve to answer many of the posts that homeopaths of the classical school have made upbraiding me which I believe will be of general interest to all who have done so:

G Tyler wrote:
Dear Joe

I agree with all that have posted to your last comment but one thing to
add myself;

I can see you have a giant caring heart of gold,you give freely of your
'limited ' knowledge what ever that might be. Yes i understand well to see
a person suffer so much and this person cannot afford to go to an MD for
full casetaking,you offer your help free of charge ,that is comendable,it
shows you help out of 'love and care,compasion'. But one must further
your study of homeopathic principles,this will help even more,your
passion is obvious joe.

I come from the lonely place of a 'volunteer homeopath',there are only
a handfull on this entire planet that are willing to do homeopathy for free
to help the poor that cannot pay.I do
understand.................................your motives.

Gina Tyler

Dear Gina,

I have just seen your post and felt that I must thank you for your support
of my attitude to Homeopathy.

I believe that you would have noticed that all I seek to do is to use the
time that I have at my disposal from my official duties as the CEO of our
business organization, to help those who post on the 4 Homeopathic
forums that I visit on a daily basis. I also spend some time with patients
who call for assistance at my residence and I find that the number is
gradually increasing as I treat all free of charge.

As you would have seen from the many comments that were posted on
the thread that I posted on 3 forums entitled 'To all classical homeopaths
who have criticized me' I seem to have roused up a hornet's nest which
very few other homeopaths who visit these forums would dare to do. I did
so as I felt that it was time that I showed the homeopathic world what
they have so far missed in not using my own method of diagnosis and
treatment which to my surprise I find, is the method that is used by the
majority of homeopaths in our sub continent. It is only the 'classical'
types that refuse to see the proverbial wood for the trees, and I believe
that I am not far wrong in voicing the suspicion that I have been having
for some time, that their 'Holier than Thou' attitude is prompted by the
fact that these classical types, by virtue of their keeping up this
'mysterious' aspect of homeopathic diagnosis and treatment which those
who have made the grade in Homeopathy and built up their practice do
so, as they fear that persons like me who try to help anyone who posts
on the forums out of a sense of service, free of charge, would divert their
patients thereby causing some loss of revenue to themselves. They then
resort to the scathing criticism that you would have noticed they have
mounted against me in the hope that I will get fed up and leave of my
own accord or on the other hand they perhaps look forward to my being
banned from some of these forums which, I believe can happen, except
for the ABC where I feel very welcome. I also believe that they resent the
successful case records that I have recorded of my experience with
Arnica and a few other remedies which I have specialized in using.

My question to these classical homeopaths who delight in criticizing me
is: 'Why do you not at least consider that there may be some benefit that
you can give your own patients by following my example and prescribe
for the ailment and not only for the symptoms ?' I have done my bit in
openly recording my experience in using Arnica for the control of
Diabetes, Eczema, Cellulitis, Eases Urine flow caused by BPH, Control
Incontinence, Overcomes Jet Lag and many other ailments which I have
listed in my article on the forums. It is indeed a shame that all they have
done so far except for you Gina alone, is to criticize me. I must admit that
I did expect this criticism but when one of those exalted types indicated
that my records were outrageous and called me a DANGEROUS MAN, I
must admit that this did anger me. This pompous fool seemed to equate
me with some form of dangerous chain poisoner who used Homeopathic
remedies to aid him in his nefarious work . I have not encountered this
individual on any forum ever before and I condemn his audacity to call me
a Dangerous Man ! It is precisely this pompous attitude that I am sick
and tired of reading about when it comes from people who are here today
and gone tomorrow.

I am gratified to note that you have followed my many posts on the
forums and commented on the attitude that I have displayed to help
anyone whom I feel I can. It really amazes me to note that only a very few
of those who are quick to attack and criticize me show their own
expertise in their one upmanship against me, and put their money where
their mouth is and spend their time more usefully by prescribing for even
one ailment posted by a sick person. Their attitude of not helping is
symptomatic of their attitude where they feel that their presence on the
forum is only good enough to criticize me but not to help suffering

You have suggested that I further my studies of Homeopathic principles
but I do not have the time today to do so. I do however keep abreast of
homeopathic matters on the web which I believe is more useful today
than only reading and memorizing the classical texts. I would like to
confirm that I can also prescribe in the classical tradition if I so choose to
do so with assistance from my Radar 9.1 software which I can use to
equate the diagnosis and treatment that any one of the classical types can
offer if they choose to do so. However I have discovered that the remedies
that are suggested by this software have not always helped me to
alleviate the ailment of my patients and it was only when I used my
default remedy for the respective ailment, that a positive response was
evoked from the patient.

I have proved beyond doubt that in spite of this criticism that I have been
subjected to, I have achieved some unprecedented success in the
treatment of difficult cases like that of Rahul, the 21 year old boy whose
parents were desperate for a cure to bring him back to life after 2 months
in a coma and I had the courage to suggest Arnica 1M which helped to
wake him up in a week. He is reported now after about 16 weeks after his
accident to be talking and complaining of pain in his head. The other case
that I really enjoyed getting involved in was that of another old man of
82 years who had lost all motor control in his extremities, and I was able
to return him back to normal life again with Arnica 1M in about 2 months.

It is interesting that no other homeopath dared to suggest a remedy for
these cases and I had the greatest satisfaction in helping these patients
who may perhaps not have come back to normal life if I did not suggest
my favourite remedy Arnica, for which I am not any more surprised
whenever it brings forth another miracle cure.

I am confident that my method of diagnosis and treatment of the ailment
and not the symptoms will eventually be found to be the more logical
approach which future homeopaths hopefully will follow after they have
been relieved of the brain washing that they have received during their
studies. It is just this pretense of the Holier than Thou attitude that
irritates me especially when those who pontificate about the danger of my
method, which according to them only results in the suppression of the
ailment and not the cure, know fully well that my method of treating the
ailment is practiced by the large majority of practicing homeopaths
throughout the sub continent.

I am glad that you count me among the handful of 'volunteer
Homeopaths' who are willing to help others with our own concept of
Homeopathy, free of charge. I would like to add that I am impelled to do
so as I have ample proof that although the majority of the classical school
of homeopaths choose to deride me and my efforts to help humanity, the
good God has accepted my role in doing so and has blessed me with a
level of wellness which many who are 25 years junior to me envy. I believe
that it is my duty to give thanks to this Supreme Being by helping
suffering humanity to the best of my ability, braving the taunts and jibes
that the classical school have leveled at me, perhaps motivated by their
insane jealousy at the success of the method that I have adopted of

I invite them all to bury the hatchet and as I stated above put their money
where their mouth is, and spend more time on the forums motivated by a
positive attitude to healing instead of their present negative attitude of
compelling me to waste my time in rebutting their taunts at the expense
of the time that I can devote to healing.

Warm Regards

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka


To Pannakkal

I note that you take exception to my prescribing Arnica for Eczema. I would like to assure you that I have used it to cure, and I mean CURE many cases which had defied the efforts of classical homeopaths who had all given up with their classical formulas.

I presume that you have never thought of using my favourite remedy ARNICA for ECZEMA and would recommend that you too do so, irrespective of your prejudice against me and my method of treating the ailment and not the symptoms of the patient.

I must admit that I do admire the vacant threats that you made in your post:

'So misleading patients to more complication by unhomoeopathic methods will not be tolerated in this forum, I warn you. Such post will not be encouraged and will be deleted as this is a homoeopathic forum.'

I would request you to open your mind to my way of practicing Homeopathy which has brought about so many Miracle cures especially of Eczema with Arnica that you are advised to add this ailment to your own Repertory for future use.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Doc Joe
my daughter is now suffering from sinus or blocked nose and she is coughing in the night and sometime off and on during the day also...so far 'no wheezing', maybe because of natrum sulf therapy which she is under going according to ur instructions........today only her cough is changing to a tough one like a dog ....but still she is not coughing too much....i have given her kali bic 6c under tongue now...plz help
fauzia last decade
any medicine for myopia of eyes...my son is minus 4 both eyes and is diagnosed with myopia of eyes and week retina
fauzia last decade
r u not there on the forum these days?????????
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

Your daughter has perhaps caught the some virus which has resulted in her cold. This cannot be considereed by any means unusual and the cold will have to take its course.

As you have seen, the good news is that she has not suffered from Asthma as she would otherwise have done before the Nat Sulph therapy.

You can use Spongia Tosta 30c in the wet dose to help her barking cough as long as it is dry. Steam inhalation will also help.

There is unfortunately no remedy your son can use for his myopia. His weak retina must however be investigated by an eye surgeon as this is very unusual indeed at his age. I do not believe that his eye pressure can be high but since you have mentioned this weak retina it may be worth checking it.
Joe De Livera last decade
she doesnot have any barking cough anymore..maybe due to taking steam inhalation for the last 7 days two times a day...but her stuffed nose is not getting cured....what homeopathy can i give her?????
fauzia last decade
There are many remedies that I can suggest but I would prefer not to do so as I am fearful that they may antidote the Asthma therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera, I am still doing the asthma treatment that you prescribe. I sometimes feel alittle wheeze but it does not get worse and I hope it never does. I am hoping that I will be able to work again. I have not written because of personal problems. I will try to write aleast once a week. So far So good. thank you and keep your head held high theres not many good men like you. God bless you.
jasminem last decade
Dear Mr. Joe.

Hats off to you...I read all the insults and criticisms showered on you and by your defence statements u hv yet again proved 'The dogs keep barking and The Elephant keeps moving gracefully' So just be there in this Forum with that heart of Gold to help all your patients with the caring and patience, cos no matter what, your patients will always b by your side.....Lets the classical dogs keep barking and biting....they should not make any difference to your graceful remedies.

Warm Regards

solvin last decade
To Jasminem

I am glad that you are slowly getting out of your chronic Asthma. I am confident that you will never have to use your Inhalers again and hope that you have with you Ars Alb 200 which you can use if you get an attack of Asthma which you used to overcome with your Inhaler.

This remedy will clear your airway in about 20 minutes.

You must of course keep up your daily dosage of Nat Sulph 6c in the dosage that I have prescribed.

Thank you for your compliments and I wish you well.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am glad to note that a few of my patients comment on the general attitude of just a few individuals who seem to feel that this forum belongs to them merely because in one case she feels that she has a superiority complex and in the other merely because he feels that the diploma he sports after a few years of study qualifies him to insult me and my non conformist therapy which as you are aware has brought forth results in you and many others which these professionals could not emulate.

I am grateful to you for your kind thoughts and it would be useful if you too subscribe your thoughts on the relevant thread, when these attacks on me are most annoying as you may have seen on the posts yesterday merely because this individual feels some superiority complex and insists on maintaining the status quo which is now the laughing stock of members of this forum.

I hope you have read the exchange of posts on the Jokes thread.

You may like to know that I do not get the usual email alert any more and am beginning to wonder what the reason is for only my email alerts not to be received.
Joe De Livera last decade
My last post was for Olvin whos address I omitted from my post.
Joe De Livera last decade
Just looking at the long mails tires me. However, I will go through them when I have the time (all of us do not have time for hobbies!)and respond.
Apart from saying that I am neither nisha nor carlos (whoever that is), I can do no more to prove my separate status. However, I do have others from my clinic who have written in, though not recently.
Too many double standards and contrary happenings on this forum. Some people seem to think only they have the right to say what they want.
ripas last decade
Dear doctor Joe,
how r u??? my daughter still coughs every night ...she was wheezy 2 days back but this time it was for 2 days only...i dont know why???? anyhow i got her throat swab test as well as mine done and we both suffer from hemophilus influenza....last month on ur recomendation i got her throat test done if u remember and she was diagnosed with hemophilus parainfluenza...she took the 10 days corse of antibiotics but now again she got it...and me too...what to do???
this repeated course of antibiotics will further weeken her immune system...i am worried..please help......
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia,

I am sorry to note that your daughter wheezes at night occasionally.

Please confirm that you are continuing to give her the Nat Sulph 6c in the wet or split dose as it is obvious that her asthma is only controlled but not cured up to now. I presume that your son is not bothered by asthma as you have not made any mention about him.

If your daughter get a wheeze or an attack of asthma you have the remedy with you. I have instructed you to use Ars Alb 200 in the dry pellets under her tongue and this can be likened to the result of using an inhaler which she was doing up to the time you gave her my therapy.

I am not at all happy about your constant use of antibiotics as you are only weakening yourself and your daughter with every capsule that you take. You must make some effort to get out of this obviously vicious circle that you are both in but I cannot instruct you how to do so. You can go to some other location or take a holiday to be out of your present surroundings which obviously contribute to this monthly reinfection with some bug. In any case the two strains of bacteria are not to be considered dangerous and it is likely that even if you let the cold and the cough take their toll, you should be OK in a few days.

I would like you to please STOP taking the monthly dose of antibiotics that you are now using as you will only harm yourselves more and more with every capsule.

You have asked my advice as to what you should do now that you are both infected and you have already read my answer above. DO NOTHING and let your bodies deal with the infection as they will do without any more antibiotics.

You can help with a salt water gargle twice daily with the last one just before you sleep. If your daughter has a fever you must insist on her having complete rest and she should drink plenty of fluids.

Do keep me posted with your joint progress and I would also like to have news of your son.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am copying the record of how Nat Sulph 6c cured a patient of his chronic cough of over 5 years duration in just 2 days on this remedy.

Chronic Cough cured by Nat Sulph 6c

From Joe De Livera on 2006-08-05
2 replies 35 views
I would like to share with members the record of an amazing cure of a cough in a patient whom I meet daily.

He is 40 years old and first complained of a persistent cough about 5 years ago. This cough was not the result of any infection and doctors who treated him at first were unable to discover any reason for his cough which they first treated with antibiotics, and later, cough syrup. As was expected the antibiotic had no effect whatsoever and the cough syrup would only suppress the cough reflex which soon wore off. It was usually a dry cough but he would bring up some white phlegm when coughing. He then consulted fellow homeopaths who prescribed many remedies all of which did not help.

I had treated him with all the standard remedies for a cough but they did not help him and in the recent past he seemed to increase the frequency of his deep resonant cough which was repeated at least every 5 minutes.

I remembered that his late father was an Asthmatic and decided to give him my default remedy for Asthma, Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose. I must record here that he did not have any symptoms of Asthma and I used the remedy only empirically merely because I felt that there could be some hereditary connection of Asthma from his late father.

I was absolutely amazed to discover on the day after the first dose that his coughing had abated and today on the third day on the remedy of which he takes a teaspoonful just once daily, he seems to be cured of his chronic cough as I have not heard him cough at all today. It is my intention to let him continue with the daily dosage for a month after which I shall change him to the Split dose where a teaspoonful is mixed into half cup of water taken daily and still later he can take the split dose every third day till he is completely cured.

For the benefit of members I would like to add the method of making a wet dose with any remedy. All you do is to insert 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is usually available in any supermarket. Water from deep bore wells is preferred as it is least contaminated. Tap water may also be used after boiling to release the chlorine and cooling. After the pellets dissolve, the bottle is shaken hard to ensure bubbling at least 10 times before a teaspoonful is sipped of the remedy which can be taken as directed. In this case a teaspoonful of the Nat Sulph 6c was taken just once daily.

I thought that members may like to remember this somewhat unusual selection of a remedy to cure a chronic cough which had eluded the attention of doctors and fellow homeopaths and even me up to 3 days ago.

Classical homeopaths please note.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Doctor Joe,
thanks a lot....
my son is much better now...he and my daughter r both on the split dose....for about a month now, and it seems that it has helped my son a lot...but thre days back when my daughter was wheezing a little i switched to the wet dose again that is directly from the bottle...now when i think she is better i will switch it to the split dose again....did i do the right thing??????
but how many months should the course continue for my son and my daughter to be completely cured....
i was reading in one of the sites of materia medica that a remedy should not be given for a long time because it looses its efficacy...pleaze suggest...God bless u ever lasting happiness, amen
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

I have noticed that you have recently started to address me as Dr Joe. As you know I have no qualification to be entitled to that title and you may run afoul of those classical homeopaths on this forum who may resent your calling me Dr.

I am happy that you did not dose your boy with any more antibiotics which would not have had the slightest effect. Please remember this in your future care of his ailments. An antibiotic may only be used in a life threatening condition on a SOS basis. Not otherwise. You must remember that you will only be creating more problems for youself and your children with every capsule you give them.

You did right by changing from the split dose to the direct wet dose as and when necessary.

I am afraid that your children may have to take the split dose for some months into the future till you discover that they are cured permanently. In any case the split dose is perfectly safe unlike the steroid inhalers they were both using in the past which would have affected their development in the future life.

Do not bother with the information you have read in the classical text books. You are aware that I do not subscribe to the classical doctrine as I have proved that my non classical method works. I have disproved this theory myself as I still take Arnica every night before I sleep and have done this for the last 11 years.

As for a remedy losing its efficacy I presume that you shake the bottle hard every time before you give a dose to your children. This prevents the potency remaining at the same level as with every shake it is succussed to a higher potency by a tiny amount which makes the body respond to it.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Sir jOE,
tHANKS A LOT ..U R A father figure to me...i respect u a lot ... thanks and lots of love and regards to you.....
fauzia last decade
i gave her calcium phosphorus 2 days back before sleeping and she didnot cough that night
then i gave her the next night also an d she didnot cough and then again i gave her last night and she didnot cough in the night...tonight also i will give her ....can i give her calcium phosp with nat sulph....i thought it maybe due to the defficiency of phosphate in her body and i think this remedy has worked so far...ur comments plz.....
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia,

You mentioned Calcium Phosphorus but in the list of Homeopathic remedies you should have got Calc Phos or Calcium Phosphate. Please let me know what the exact description is on the vial and what the potency is.

Also how may doses you gave her.
Joe De Livera last decade
it is calcium phosphoricum 6x.....only 3 goli in the mouth before sleeping
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

As long as she does not react against her Asthma remedy and if as you state she sleeps better, I do not think that there is any objection to your giving it to her.

If however she shows the slightest sign of her asthma returning you must stop it completely.

You can also use the steam therapy from an open electric kettle that I have often recommended as this will help the phlegm in her lungs to soften and cough it up.
Joe De Livera last decade
i give the steam therapy every day 2 times
fauzia last decade
no she coughed again same way as before......i dont think any medicine is helping her.i am so sad and helpless and i just dont know what else can i do.....her nose is still stuffed and nothing seems to help....i dont know where shall i take my daughter???? when will she be cured.....
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

I believe that she has come down with some flu which she will get over in about 5 days after she first caught it.

There is nothing that one can do right now and please do not give her anymore antibiotics as it is obvious that her resistance is now very low as she seems to be catching any passing virus very easily. This is the price you have to pay for fooling about with antibiotics which I remember you gave your children a few weeks ago.

I would like to give her Tuberculinum 200 once every other month in the dry dose to see if it can help to increase her resistance and immunity to viruses. This may however be only given when she is absolutely OK. Dose 4 pellets sublingually.

It occurs to me that you may all take this remedy as it should help the whole family by increasing the general resistance all round.

Please report if it interferes with the Asthma control with Nat Sulph.

I would like to know if your husband is asthmatic as this is usually a hereditary passed illness.
Joe De Livera last decade

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