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To Solvin

I did not see your post which I believe you posted at the same time as me.

I am glad to note that both you and your son have noticed improvement in 5 days. You may have read that Shiny's son responded within 12 hours of his first dose after about 5 years of treatment by many doctors and later homeopaths for his asthma. I am confident that you and your son too will benefit from this therapy and will eventually be cured by it as many others have.

I have treated coughs with steam from an open kettle you keep on the ground which will bathe you in the steam for a few minutes and thereby soften the mucus which is the reason for the cough. Deep breathing is recommended.

You will please not deviate from the current therapy and we will see how your respond in a few weeks. In the meanwhile please keep reporting your progress as often as you wish to do as I get the email alert and am happy to follow the progress of my patients especially Asthmatics who respond to this simple and safe therapy in comparison to the drugs and steroidal inhalers that they have been using throughout their lives.

Where do you live and is your environment also airconditioned ?
Joe De Livera last decade
To Fauzia

Like Joe explained ....3 pellets to put in 400ml of mineral water bottle and shake it vigourously till the water is aerated (full in bubbles)and then give one teaspoon. You have to aerate it everytime before u give the teaspoon.

To Joe

I am awaiting your response
solvin last decade

As you have seen your children's asthma has been giving you big problems till you started on the Nat Sulph therapy. Even after you started on it we were experiencing a lot of problems with cough which you were treating with Ars Alb which is not recommended.

The central airconditioning in your apartment is something that you will have to live with. I hope they wash their air filters regularly as this too can be the cause of the Asthma.

I can only suggest various methods to overcome your childrens cough and this is the reason why I suggested the humidifier. You will be the best judge of how it can help your children and I would like to have their response after you use it.

This may be the answer to their Asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I live in Mumbai and our room is not airconditioned.

Secondly, is this accumulation of phlegm due to the kind of food intake.

Could you please elaborate more on this aspect. Phlegm is basically sticky/greasy/oily type which means the cooking oil we consume thru our foods. We have completely stopped milk & chocolate.

Please advise
solvin last decade

I am not qualified to answer your question as to how mucus or phlegm originates in the body. I believe that there are various causative factors which promote it to exude in the lungs and as long as it is coughed out there is no problem. It is only when it is dry and gets stuck in the bronchioles and other pockets in the lung tissue that the patient is in problems.

I do not think that there is any oilyness in the phlegm and cooking oil has no bearing on its formation. It is possible however that certain foods can promote it but I cannot identify them as I have not done sufficient research. I do know however that one sure way of getting phlegm in your throat is to drink a icy cold glass of water in one go. This will surely make your throat to respond by producing phlegm as an immediate reaction to the icy water.

You may like to know that I do not drink icy cold water as I always prefer to have it only slightly chilled by mixing it to the correct temperature.

Your Asthma is also an important causative factor and it is possible that if you succeed in eliminating your ailment that the mucus secretions will also cease.

Remember that it is still 5 days after you first started on the Nat Sulph therapy and it may take some time for you to overcome your chronic problem.

I would like to have details of when both you and your son first noticed your asthma and what treatment you have taken for it.
Joe De Livera last decade
NO, i am not treating them with arsenic album...u asked me to give it my son and i did.....i have given him steam inhalion few minutes back...i checked his chest and he is not wheezy at the moment....but he continues to breath from his mouth ...i just halped him to blow his nose under warm water and yellow thick discharge came out.....
fauzia last decade
I was a patient of Allergic Rhinitis for almost 20 years. Runny nose was a common symptom all 365 days of the year.I am 39 years old now.
I started having asthamatic symptoms since April'05. It started with normal cold and instead of mucus draining out of the nostrils, it started accumulating in the bronchial tree and whole week I use to cough it out. The moment I felt better, I again caught cold and repetition of the same weekly episode. After about 6 months, I stopped having cold and there was continous accumulation of phlegm in the throat which gave loud wheezing and breathless in the night. Allopathic doctors prescribed various antibiotics and prednisone alongwith Mentolukast sodium tablets, costosteroids, inhalers, cough bronchodilators & expectorants and theophyline tablets daily. Later I even tried ayurvedic medicines, but nothing helped. Infact I got infected twice in the throat with high fever and chills.

Later I thought it could be oral thrush and read threads of Oral thrush in that forum on Candida/oral thrush, cos phlegm accumulation was my only problem though symptoms micmiced asthma and started taking Ignatia Amara 30c. I got 50% relief in the first week but later after almost a month, I found that there was no 100% cure from Ignatia Amara, then I thought to check with Asthma treatments threads and found your advices.

My son started having this problem since 5 months, and his paediatric also prescribed the same medications given to me by my doctor. This confirmed that we both had the same problem. Somehow I felt that probably I passed it to my son, though I know Asthma is not contagious but it is hereditary, so I also doubt on that.
solvin last decade
yellow thick discharge is sign of infection, as long as he does not have fever, you can treat with the regular medicines or homeopathy
solvin last decade
To Fauzia

I agree with Solvin that yellow discharge from the nose or throat is a sign of infection. The usual treatment is an antibiotic but we must try to avoid it unless on a SOS basis. You may like to know that I have not taken any antibiotic or other allopathic medicationfor the last 30 years except in 2002 for just 3 weeks after surgery.

In the case of your son I am confident that the steam therapy will help him to slowly flush the mucus out of his system.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Solvin

Thank you for your case history. I can see now how doctors deal with a problem that Homeopathcy can solve perhaps within 24 hours.

You state that 'Allopathic doctors prescribed various antibiotics and prednisone alongwith Mentolukast sodium tablets, costosteroids, inhalers, cough bronchodilators & expectorants and theophyline tablets'

If you had contacted me for your Rhinitis before you came down with Asthma last year to treat your frequent colds I would have prescribed Bacillinum to be taken in 2 doses 2 weeks apart. I have also used Carcinosin 200 to help with this problem successfully. Same dosage.

I do not know if this remedy can help you right now since we are already treating your Asthma and I would not like you to experiment with this remedy for fear that it may have some impact on the present curative therapy which is working.

WIth regard to your son, it is very unlikely that you infected him. It is interesting to note that I have observed that the parents ailments are usually passed on to opposite genders. The father's to the daughter and the mother's to the son.

This is only my observation and I may be wrong. Whatever this be, I am confident that your Asthma and your son's asthma can be cured in a few months.

You would be doing a great service if you can pass the word to any of your friends who may be suffering from Asthma that Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose is the cure. As you perhaps are already aware Shiny who posted on another thread and whose son was suffering from Asthma for years can be considered at least 50% cured.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr.Joe

I have to inform you, that I have not caught cold for the last 5-6 months, its like permanently cure of Allergic Rhinitis in lieu of Asthma...maybe thats the progressive style of Asthma as per medical science.

I joined this forum just 2 months back, so question of taking your advice a year back just does not arise. So let me continue this Nat Sul therapy for another 2 months and see how far it cures.

Nevertheless, I am lucky to have met you, the first reason being my asthma ailment and the second reason - nobody to discuss and figure out a precise treatment, cos allopathic doctors have just their standard treatment for all kinds of asthma - like hitting a dead end and thinking of my oldage & future - death caused by pneumonia like our former president K.R. Narayanan. Now there is a bit of hope...

Regarding passing of ailment from Mother to Son and Father to daughter, my wife's father and brothers suffer from asthma but my wife does not have any symptom of asthma. On the other hand, my daughter is also asthma free...she has not got it from me....I think there are various possibilities in evolution.
solvin last decade
u have talked about baccilinium and Carcinosin with solvin to treat his allergic rhinitis, had u known befor....
why dont u suggest the same to me????? for my son
fauzia last decade
To Fauzia

You will NOT use these remedies for your children as they do not qualify for them.

Please confirm that you will not use them at all.
Joe De Livera last decade
no i will not use without ur permission...but last year one of the homeopath prescribed bacillinium200 to my daughter but i did not give her...
fauzia last decade
he also gave aconite Q incase of an attack and ipec and thuja, but i d not give any of those
fauzia last decade
my daughter coughed again at 5:40 for 5 minutes and then it subsided on its own....but this time it was phelgmy.....she is sneezing also since yesterday...
my son is still having cold and is taking long deep breaths, he threw yellow phelgm about half tsp this morning while going to school...i gave them steam inhalation 4 times yesterday....
he is not wheezing....can u suggest any medicine for cold to be given on the first symptom so that it can be stopped there and then instead of it being aggravated to wheezing and cough.......
please help!!!!
fauzia last decade
Dear Fauzia

For my children 8 & 2 years old, the moment I see them sneezing frequently and their nostrils start running with mucus - I give them Allerid syrup (Cetrizine Hydrochloride) dose depending on their weight. This basically happens with sudden change in atmosphere...example after taking bath or by dusting or suddenly entering a room with a different atmosphere... This effect on nostrils is called Allergy...They get immediate relief in half an hour. But I wait for 5-10 minutes to let the mucus drain stop on its own...if not i.e. non stop sneezing..then only I give Allerid.... Hope this message helps u in some way.
solvin last decade
have u heard of Genoderma powder made out of mashroom?????
one of my friends in abudhabi was suffering from asthma an d he started using this and its now almost a year now that he is free of symptoms and also doesnot catch cold....
fauzia last decade
If you want my advice on how to stop a cold I would recommend the use of Ferr Phos 6x biochemic tablets. I have found them to be the most effective for a cold and are best taken as soon as the patient notices the raw feeling in the nose which usually precedes a cold when the virus is still attacking the URT. Dose is 2 tablets taken every 3 hours till the coldy feelings stop.

For a throat virus which usually starts with phlegm in the throat I use Bell 30 dose 3 pellets taken every 3 hours till the throat stabilizes.

I would not advice the use of drugs and powder made of mushrooms as these may have other side effects.

I believe that Fauzia's daughter can be considered out of the woods as far as her Asthma goes and the same seems to apply to her son. She did correctly without the Ars Alb and I presume that she is giving her children the Nat Sulph.
Joe De Livera last decade
i have belladona 30 drops....from dr schwabe...and a tablets for coryza ' Bio Plasgen 5 which is a compound of Ferrum Phos 3x, kali mur 3x, Natr mur 6x, kali sulph 3x
made in germany Dr william schwabe... i used to give it on the onset of cold and it really made a difference...i have also tried natrum mur 3x and it stops the cold instantly...but now that i am using natrum sulph therapy for both of them i am not giving any medicine without ur permission.....
last year somebody suggested giving my son Kaluba drops for his bronchitis and it helped ....i have another medicine of dolisos company which another homeopath doctor gave my kids 3 yrs back by the name of D-16 comprising of uagoga ipecacuanha 3ch, kalii antimoniotartras 3ch, drosera rotundifolia 3ch, anemone pulsatila 3ch, phellandrium aquaticum 3ch, ferii phosphas 3ch, stibii sulfidum auratum 3ch, bryonia 3ch ..it is a 30ml bottle and made in france DOLISOS cOmpAny......the medicine says' effective in the case of asthma, bronchitis, wheezing, difficult breathing,allergy, emphysema and cough....
directions for use: 10 drops at the onset of symptoms . repeat every hour until the symptoms ease.gradually reduce to once a day for about anather week in order to prevent relapse.
fauzia last decade
The problem that I am faced with is your children's Asthma which seems to be under control now.

The Bio Plasgen 5 which you have seems to be OK but it will only help when anyone is first infected by the cold or cough virus.

It is unlikely that both your children will benefit from these remedies today after they have caught the cold and the cough virus which usually gives over to bacteria in 3 days and are the cause of the present problems you have to deal with. I do not think that either of your children have a temperature and I would prefer that we do not interfere with the delicate balance that the Nat Sulph has made in their constitutions which can be altered by these other remedies and can then result in the Asthma returning.
Joe De Livera last decade
fauzia last decade
Both remedies will only help when you or your childrem are catching a cold or cough. In any case Nux V does not help as much as the Ferr phos and the 30c is of no use at all as only the biochemic 6x is effective to abort the virus when you first feel it coming on.

As long as your children are not having a fever it is best to let the cold take its usualy time which will be about 5 days and keep the child away from school and see how he responds without any other remedies than the Nat Sulph for the Asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade
i have a friend whose son is under some homeopathic doctorr over here...her son is also asthmatic and has attopic dermetitis onthe eyes and behind the left and right ear...the doc has given her Rumex , euphrasia and pulsatila for all these ailments..she is so worried as he is breathing fast and very wheezy at the moment....can i suggest ur arsenic album 200c for him...and can u suggest any medicine for atopic dermititis
fauzia last decade
my daughter coughed last night at 9 :20 while she was sleeping and the cough persist for few seconds with an interval of 3 mi9nutes...this went till 9:40 pm and thenit stopped on its own then again she coughed at 1:30 am in the night and this was 2 or 3 times ....after that nothing happened...before going to school she coughed only once.....she is also sneezing and when she blew her nnose transparent discharge came out....i gave her and my son both ferrum phos 6x every 3 hours yesterday.....gave my som steam before sleep also..
fauzia last decade
Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis

You can safely advise your friend's son to use the same remedy Nat Sulph 6c in the split dose for his Asthma.

The complication with Atopic Dermatitis may tend to hinder the Asthma cure but I suppose that we will have to take this risk. It just depends on which of the 2 ailments is the more severe and has to be dealt with first.

The Atopic Dermatitis can be helped with Arnica 6c in the wet dose which you know how to make except that the teaspoonful must be taken direct from the bottle 3 times daily.

I would prefer that you do not mention about the Ars Alb 200 as this may complicate the Atopic Dermatitis. Let us start the treatment with the Arnica for his A Dermatitis and the Nat Sulph for his Asthma.

Request regular reports from them to you which you will convey to me.
Joe De Livera last decade

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