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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Mr. or Ms. solvin or Olvin, I am not trying to create abuse. I am free to state my point. You are free to ignore it.
My sole and only concern is that you and others are not working with all facts - and neither is your prescriber. Please do tell me - should you go to a conventional doctor who gives you steroids that seems to work miraculously on your asthma, will you think he is God's messenger to you?
It is my duty to warn you. More than you, who are an adult (I imagine)and responsible for your choices, I worry about the children. this tired argument that anyone who does not prescribe should shut up and let this travesty pass in the name of homeopathy is, forgive the language, total crap. I spend much of my day practicing, our clinic is free to anyone who cannot afford fees, we go to slums to work too. I not only have little time for daily networking, but I am very much of the opinion that seeing the patient is very valuable.
Joe, if it helps you to think that I am Nesha, please go ahead. I suppose it helps to think there's one less of those who criticize you! No one is jealous of you - I'm afraid you presume too much - I would not want to be a 'homeopath' like you. I will repeat - I can see you want to help, but you are too obstinate and too fixed in your beliefs - far more than the classical homeopaths you revile - and,
most damning, unwilling to
learn. If, after 30 years of practice that you claim, you say some of the things you say, and with such confidence too! - it only makes one shake their head.
I do not have the time to waste cautioning those who want to dive headlong into trouble. Please feel free to carry on your use of homeopathic remedies and the homeopathic name to practice covert allopathy.
ripas last decade
Dear Mr.Joe,

What I wanted to know was how it accumulates. Tell me if I am wrong. The lower lobes of the lungs secrete mucus for cleansing reasons. This mucus becomes stale due to poor ventilation in asthamatics and is pushed upwards by the cilia and ultimately out of the system. But while being pushed upwards they choke up in the bronchial tree which creates wheezing.

Anyways..thanks for your advice. I will act accordingly and inform you of the progress as soon as I take it.

Thanks Fauzia for the advice of Ginger Tea. I give my 2 year old son Vitamin E and Cod liver Oil to strenghten his immune system and lungs cleanse alongwith Nat Sulp and since is quite active and mischievious, he is doing quite well. I have also started with the same. I think u should also try to strenghten your baby's immune system to fight all kinds of lung infection. Activity/playing of the child also helps enhance breathing, which I noticed in my son, as they don't u/stand to cough out phlegm or blow balloons.
solvin last decade
Mr/Ms/Ripas/Nisha/Nesha or whatever (Yr Gender is still suspicious...hahahhahaha) Cos u seem to b an expert to point out mistakes but nevertheless think about correcting your own. FYI I am a male and u can address me as Mr.

Regarding Forum Abuse...Actually u r contradicting your own statements...You say you have very little time and at the same time u don't mind spending lots of time to write long mails full of critisizms rather than a small response of your tried and tested and qualified homeopathy which you overtly proclaim to practice in slums, etc. I have not read a single remedy prescribed by you to anybody, other than critisizms to Joe, which only show your massive heart filled with jealosy. Yes you got every right to say your mind. But when you point out to somebody that his remedy is wrong, is it not your duty to inform also what is right, which u just don't seem to be bothered. I even volunteered to be your guinea pig.

Your main interest and passion is to ridicule Mr.Joe, cos you just can't take it that his advices are being honoured. I bet what you boast that u don't have time but u will definately squeeze out time to respond my email cos its the jealosy which will prompt you to do so. If you are sincere in your job, you would give a damn to anybody's remedy and prescribe yours. But No... Your ultimate goal is to say that 'Mr.Joe is wrong...Nobody listen to him.'

Why we listen to Joe...bcos... We have tried all kinds of expert advices from professional allopathics, ayurvedics and homeopathics nobody has given us a complete cure and now Mr.Joe, if he fails, anybody else... We try Joe's remedy bcos the 10000th part of water that he prescribes seems practically very harmless to administer and it actually works for some time by our experience and so has the trust developed in him.

Practise what you preach. Stop getting jealous and wasting everybody's time to reply back to you.
solvin last decade
To Olvin

Thank you once again for having put this homeopath who considers himself the doyen of the classical school into his place.

As you very rightly stated all he can do is to criticize me and he even went to the extent of quoting from Luc de Schepper, and even 'quoted' Luc who he stated warned him to be wary of me as 'THE KIND OF HOMEPATH YOU SHOULD AVOID, by Dr. Luc'.

You may like to know that Luc was here in Sri Lanka in May for a few weeks last year and I was able to help him to look after the survivors of the Tsunami down south where it had affected many thousands who were very grateful for his help. He stayed in my home for 3 nights and I am indeed grateful to him for having converted me to the Wet Dose that I now use exclusively in treating my patients. You may like to know that he was one of 12 Homeopaths all members of Homeopaths Without Borders who volunteered to help the survivors of the Tsunami and I was able to help them all to locate themselves in areas that were most affected over a period of about 5 months.

The fact remains that in spite of the adverse comments that are made by types like Ripas, he has never as far as I know, come to the aid of a patient by prescribing for his ailment. I am aware that you offered to be his 'guinea pig' but he did not take you up on your offer. I agree with you that his attitude is a prime example of the jealousy that the classical school holds against me and in this case I believe that he also displays his hatred of my attitude towards patients who invariably come to my rescue in the manner that you have done today and in the past.

You may like to know that I encountered the same reception on the NCH forum


I was responsible for fighting the band of 5 resident skeptics that for some strange reason were accepted by the owners of the forum and who were desecrating it for some years. When I discovered that I was only wasting my time and when their taunts became personal I withdrew from it for about 6 months and returned by popular request a few days ago I was then faced with just one of the old breed who was banned originally but had staged a return under an alias. He was finally evicted by the Moderator who informed me of this news a short while ago this morning.

It is unfortunate that the moderator of the ABC, Simon Broadley is more broad minded and still permits people like Ripas and Nisha, that is presuming that they are two separate persons, to bug me but I have been equal to their taunts and do not believe that they can frighten me off this forum. There is ample proof of the effectiveness of the therapy that I have recommended which in some cases comprises the use of both Homeopathic and Allopathic therapy like in the case of the treatment of Fistula and the main point is that this combination has worked admirably well.

I am convinced that the classical school will be compelled to grudgingly accept my direct approach to a cure as being equal to their classical method and that they will also emulate my methods in the near future as I am convinced that mine is more effective and positive than their classical method in its curative effect. As you are aware my therapy has been used by many members of this and other forums successfully as it usually helps them to overcome their ailments very quickly, which other advisors on this forum, classical or otherwise, have failed to do.

I do hope that Ripas will cease to bug me in the future as he will have to contend with the ire of patients like you who would like him just to leave us in peace. It is also my hope that he will at least consider the use of some of my 'discoveries' like in the case of using Arnica 30 for Diabetes to name just one and many others that I have pioneered in using which are not listed in the Repertories and Materia Medicas which have shown outstanding results in the case of patients who have used my therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Olvin

I agree with your synthesis of your problem and believe that the Nat Sulph 6c helps to liquify the phlegm which is sticky and tends to block the passages as it is expelled. I had a case where a surgeon had to use a bronchoscope to aspirate some hard phlegm which was being coughed up about once weekly and which persisted in filling up again and which was again aspirated after about 4 months. It was the Nat Sulph 6c therapy that finally solved the continuous accumulation of this hard glob of phlegm as the patient who is also a qualified homeopath ex the Royal School of Homeopathy London who consults me on the phone from London often, reported that her cough was no more within a few days of commencing this therapy from which she had suffered for over 2 years and which was a cause of some concern. You may also like to read the case of a continuous cough which I cured after about 5 years during which time the patient had seen about 12 physicians who would only prescribe antibiotics at first and follow it up with cough syrups. You can read this case on:


I note that you have given your son Vitamin E. I would prefer that you do not continue with this vitamin as it can have other side effects especially in the case of a 2 year old who does not need any additional Vit E. You may like to know that Vit E was the last of the additional supplements that I used to take some years ago which I stopped completely after my surgery in 2002 when I was on a long course of Cipro for 3 weeks. This was the only time I broke my record of not using any drug for almost 25 years as my own homeopathic remedies were far more effective to help me to overcome the standard range of ailments like colds and coughs to which my immune response is very high.

It is a fallacy to think that any vitamins will strengthen the immune system as normal food and regular exercise will be far more effective in the long run especially in the case of an adult.

I do not remember advising you to also include Arnica 30c in the wet dose to your daily routine therapy and you may find that this remedy too will help you with your Asthma. Dosage is 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Last night Mihir again had a nocturnal attack.I gave him ars alb 200c which helped him immidiately.I gave him nat sulph 6c split dose in the morning and wet dose at night i will be giving him arnica 30c wet dose from today as it took me time to procure the med. .Should i try giving him a dose of Nux vomica 30c in pellets form just a thought or maybe first we should see the response by adding in arnica .I think this is the pollen season in Delhi maybe he is allergic to pollens.Please help asap.
shiny last decade
You did right by giving Mihir the Ars Alb when he was having an attack.

Start him on 1 teaspoonful Arnica 30 twice daily and report response. I do not think that it can antidote the Nat Sulph therapy but watch him and report.

I would not recommend the Nux V as this is not indicated at all.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr.Joe,

Thanks for your elaborated advice. I am just trying to keep such unwanted critics at bay and now its best to ignore all their messages in future, rather than waste our time and energy replying to them.

Vitamin E is it harmful ? I will be stopping it from today for my kids. I dunno the side effects, but my kids are doing quite well.

YOu had prescribed me with Arnica 30c wet dose to be taken in the night before sleep for GERD problem last month. I have checked on the net and I found this

'Doctors most often look at GERD as the cause of asthma when:

Asthma begins in adulthood
Asthma symptoms get worse after a meal, after exercise, at night or after lying down
Asthma doesnÂ’t respond to the standard asthma treatments. '

My symptoms are 100% the same.

Please advise
solvin last decade
Dear Joe
You had earlier said that arinica 30c has to be taken once before lunch .Mihir was suppose to take split dose of nat sulph in the morning ,arnica before lunch and wet dose nat sulph at night .Kindly clarify the confusion cause your recent mail says arnica twice daily.

shiny last decade
To Shiny

My apologies for prescribing 1 tsp twice daily. Keep it down to just one which can be given before sleep an hour after the NS.

Arnica promotes deep sleep and I believe that this may have some bearing on his Asthma which the NS will help to control and the Arnica will help his body to recover better.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Olvin,

Many people do not know that Asthma is often triggered by GERD. This is the reason why I give stubborn cases of Asthma Nat Sulph and also Nat Phos both 6x. I add Arnica too as I have observed that this remedy too helps.

I believe that it is the acid in the stomach that triggers an asthmatic attack and for which doctors prescribe Zantac and Prevacid and other drugs which make the asthma still worse.

I do wish that I can spread this information about how effective Nat Phos is for GERD and Nat Sulph is for Asthma in medical circles and have contacted various media who may carry this information but the fact that I am not qualified and also that I am trying to promote a Homeopathic remedy precludes them from proceeding with the matter further.

Doctors prefer to use the standard drugs even for themselves although they are aware that these drugs will eventually extract their price by even ending with Barrett's Esophagus. It is just this aura of suspicion that a Homeopathic remedy is something to be viewed with suspicion that we must all jointly help to overcome for the good of Humanity.

As I see it the constant friction within homeopathic circles is the primary reason why homeopathy will never progress as it is not the fact that a certain remedy used in a certain predetermined manner that matters but it is the conformity to the rule that is more important to those who criticize me although they have to grudgingly admit that there is method in my madness as the proof is right there before their eyes especially on forums like the ABC which is open to the world and where any remedy prescribed that may be incorrect for an ailment can be criticized as being dangerous in use.

It is a matter for regret that instead of sharing the vast knowledge that we homeopaths accumulate throughout our years of service which in my case is all offered free of charge, I still have to waste my time justifying my non classical approach to this science which I do in my own way because I have discovered that my method does work which cannot be said of the standard classical approach to Homeopathy where the patient is first subjected to an hour long case taking procedure after which a constitutional remedy is identified by the homeopath based on his own studies which in my opinion cannot be the correct remedy always unless homelpathic software is used to help in its identification.

You are cleared to use Nat Phos 6x which should help your Asthma if you have noticed that you tend to be wheezy after a meal and at night.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

You are absolutely right in your last response. When doctors themselves prefer the standard drugs how and why would they prescribe it to their patients.

There are certain old mother village theories which even medical science does accept or acknowledge. Example : cool foods, heaty foods, Pus forming foods like you have fresh wound and if you eat potatoes or certain fish, the wound does not heal fast and gets septic. If u ask this to the doc. He wl just say eat anything...there is nothing like Pus forming food.

So I think like your unrecognised remedies, certain healing facts are just passed down to the generations and are unknown to Medical Science due to the non-acceptance and non-recognition. That is how probably Homeopathy & other pathies were born.

Anyways...I wish to know NP 6x is normally prescribed to reduce weight/fat or to get slim...you think this will work for my asthma and at the same time reduce my weight too. I am healthy to my height....hope I don't reduce.

Should I take the normal bio-combination FP 6x - 2 tablets after every meal - Lunch and Dinner. Please confirm. What about Blatta Orientallis 6c & Arnica 30c ? Shud I stop these ?
solvin last decade
Please do not follow the example of the mother of an asthmatic 13 year old who gave her son all the remedies that I prescribed for use for certain ailments I clearly indicated together. You can read this frustrating story (for me) on;

In your case you will only take Nat Sulph 6c twice daily and report your response. You can also take the Nat Phos 6x if you have any discomfort after a meal as this will also help your asthma.

You can take the Arnica 30c twice daily all on the wet dose as instructed.

The Blatta O is not to be taken right now as I would like to use it if the Nat Sulph does not have the desired effect.
Joe De Livera last decade
my daughter is not wheezing today..only has congestion in her chest...do u recomend any medicine for congestion
otherwise she is ok
fauzia last decade
Steam is the best remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I did read that frustrating story you had referred. One shud b really careful of antidotes.

I wl do strictly as you have prescribed.
Nat Sulp wet dose - twice daily
Nat Phos 6x - 2 tabs after meals (Yes, I do need them especially in the night after dinner - I tend to eat less anticipating this discomfort)
Arnica 30c Wet dose twice daily

All wet doses in a gap of 3 hours approx.
solvin last decade
Dear Joe
Would like to update you on Mihir's condition.Saturday night slept well as has been for a month now ,as advised gave him nat sulph wet dose and after 1 hr gave him arnica but Sunday night again he had the same problem woke up coughing ,loud and deep cough waited for 10 min for it to subside on it's own but it did not so i had to give him ars 200c after taking that he again got back to sleep peacefully.Joe please advise something more permanent as i feel scared giving him ars every alternate day.

shiny last decade
I too am concerned that Mihir is not responding as he did when you first started him on the Nat Sulph which I remember you did with a lot of suspicion perhaps because I did not pretend to be a Doctor when other 'doctors' were treating him with no success whatever.

I would like to change the remedy to Blatta Orientalis 6c which has Asthma plus the bronchial cough. We can evaluate if he responds better with the Blatta O.

Use the same wet dose method to give it to him from tomorrow.

You may like to know that I have other child cases which were stubborn like Mihir's which were doing well for a few months on Nat S but after some time the response was like Mihir and when I changed over to Blatta O, the response was better. After some time one case was returned back to Nat Sulph but all Inhalers and Nebulizers were not used.

I regret that Mihir will have to use Homeopathic remedies for his Asthma for some time in the future as both he and Fauzia's children are parallel cases where juvenile Asthma is very difficult to cure with Homeopathy or with Allopathy. As far as I can see, their Asthma can only be controlled with the remedy taken every day as necessary.

In any case it is obvious that it is far safer to use a Homeopathic remedy instead of the Inhalers which are usually laced with Corticosteroids which will eventually stymie the growth of the child in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
My daughter is still wheezy off and on and especially in the morning...she has lot of congestion in chest on the left side...plz adv.......
fauzia last decade
her croup started on 21st of august and she satarted wheezing on 22 aug....its been 8 days now , why is her wheeze not going and her congestion too????
should i give her kali bicchromic for congestion or not????????????
fauzia last decade
Dear Joe
I wii start from tonight .So it would be Blatta o 6c in 400ml of water,he needs to be given the wet dose once or twice kindly clarify .Arnica also should be given along with it.I have to stop using Nat sulp.

1)Blatta in the morning.
2)Blatta at night and Arnica one hr after Blatta.

Blatta needs to be made in 400 ml of spring water.

shiny last decade
To Fauzia

Please read my post to Shiny where I instructed her to change over to Blatta Orientalis 6c.

This should apply to your daughter but not to your son who seems to be OK with the Nat Sulph.

Please note that I did not prescribe Kali Bich.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Shiny

This is just to clarify that you should give Arnica 30c to Mihir twice daily with the last dose at night as this will enable him to sleep deeply.

You can keep about an hour between the 2 remedies but keep the Arnica for the last thing before sleep.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Sorry for bothering you again but plaese clarify if Blatta needs to be given twice or just once and also if it nedds to be given in the wet dose or split.

shiny last decade
You can start with the wet dose every night as Mihir was not a difficult case like Fauzia's children. If he does not show a positive response we can then give it to him twice daily but I do not think that it will be necessary.

Please report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Last night Mihir slept peacefully .Don't want to draw any conclusions yet but guess Blatta did work on him ,will post you the result tomm. and arnica is also working well in the sense that he sleeps deep and peacefully.Thanks Joe you are a saviour .Let others say whatever they have to but you please continue your noble work as good deeds are always rewarded.

shiny last decade

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