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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Why do you create abuse on this asthma forum. If possible give a solution, I will start with your remedy, I will be your guinea pig. BUT IF YOU CAN'T JUST STAY AWAY. Be a mute spectator.

Don't stop others like Joe who are trying their best.

By abusing eachother u just prove your jealosy. Prove your genuiness by giving a cure. Try your experiment on me.

Dear Joe,

I think what Fauzia and Jasminem say is probably and sadly true. I also have been taking your Nat Sulp 6x wet dose therapy for almost 5 months now. Its not a total cure, you can say 50 : 50 though in the beginning it was 90%. I doubt whether asthma slowly gets immune to Natsulp 6x therapy. I am still going on with it though.


solvin last decade
To Olvin

Thank you for cautioning Ripas who I believe is Nisha under another guise. Even if they are not one and the same person, they are as you have very correctly stated jealous of my dedication towards helping anyone in distress in my own way with my own understanding of Homeopathy which dates back to at least 30 years when I first was attracted to the philosophy of this science and later made a study of it. I believe that it is just the fact that I was not indoctrinated into this science in the classical method used by the majority of qualified homeopaths that I use my own interpretation of this science which has been referred to as 'Joepathy'. It is not the nomenclature of the curative method that is used that is relevant but the fact is that I seem to be having many patients whom I have CURED of their Asthma and do not use any remedy or drug whatsoever. Other aliments like Diabetes, GERD, Arthritis, Angina and many others which I would not like to list here have been helped by remedies which are not listed in the Materia Medicas which as you are aware were written many years ago. My point is that if my method which is to treat the ailment in the allopathic manner by using a drug or in this case a remedy which I am confident can help and which I have used for this ailment on prior occasions, I do not see any reason for me not to use it for the next case. This is where I risk running into the jealousy and even the hatred of the classical and in most cases the pseudo classical school of homeopaths who pretend to be 'holier than thou' but in effect, use my own method of direct diagnosis and treatment of the ailment instead of giving a constitutional remedy to the patient which in most cases leaves him in a far worse state that he was before. You will note that unless a homeopath spends over 2 hours for a case and also uses homeopathic software like Radar which I too have to use on some occasions, it is not possible to use the classical method of identifying a remedy which takes into account all the symptoms of the patient with his ailment.

It is unfortunate that the classical homeopaths do not also follow my lead in the treatment of ailments like Asthma which in some cases shows almost immediate signs of a cure but in others it may not be so curative and may like in your case be 50:50 as you state. I do hope however that you do not have to use your inhalers and cortisone tablets and if as I hope this is the case, it is still worth staying with the teaspoonful of Nat Sulph which as you perhaps are aware is Sodium Sulphate also known as Glauber's salt. At the potency of 6c it is the equivalent of 1 Million Millionth of the salt and one teaspoonful in 500 ml water cannot possibly harm anyone who uses it at all. This is far far better than being wedded to inhalers and tablets which will obviously halve the life of the patient.

I can suggest another remedy for your Asthma which can perhaps help and may be worth experimenting with to see if it can help you when alternated with Nat Sulph. This is Blatta Orientalis 6c which is to be used in the same manner. If you use it, I would appreciate some feed back in a few days after you do.
Joe De Livera last decade
she is not showing anysigns of distress ..she woke up smiling and her cough is productive or wet now.after an hour of giving her natrum sulph, i gave her one cup of hot chicken soup, and it is now 11:05 am her and she is not coughing too much, only off and on and watching cartoon calmly, she is not breathless or any thing and much better. now i will give her hot steam from the kettle....i checked her chest just now from the stethoscope and she is wheezing, but it is not as loud as it was in the morning!!!
but still wheezing....
fauzia last decade
Dear Mr.Joe

By 50 : 50 what I mean is...In the beginning I was wheezing heavily with lots of phlegm which made me breathless.

When I started Nat Sulp I felt almost cured, and it really worked great the first week...it was just amazing....but slowly while on the therapy after 2 weeks my phlegm started accumulating slowly but rather I was not getting breathless especially in the night. Later like I informed u after 2-3 months I started getting breathless in the night almost every night. I had even tried Ars Alb 200, which I had informed you, even that did not work.

Now I use salbutamol inhaler whenever I get breathless, practically every night, and immediately after taking one puff, lumps of phlegm come out of my throat on coughing.

Though I would still say Phlegm accumulation is 50% less than it was prior to Nat Sulp therapy. But I feel that too is slighly progressing at a steady pace.

I will try the new alternating suggestion and inform u in a week of the progress.

Thanks n Regards

solvin last decade
To Fauzia and Olvin

I just rembered that I had not asked you both to use 2 teaspoonfuls of Nat Sulpn 6c and watch for results.

This also helps in some srubborn cases.


The phlegm accumulation in your lungs is because there is a pocket somewhere in the lower lobes of the lung which is accumulating phlegm which gets loose with the inhaler. If you use steam as Fauzia is doing you can perhaps avoid the inhaler.

Also in your case I believe I gave you instructions on how to do some physiotherapy by lying flat in bed with head down and having someone tap the back of your chest which will displace the phlegm which you can cough up. This should be done after a steam session.

You are cleared to use the Blatta Orientalis 6c.
Joe De Livera last decade
Correction to first para above

I just rembered that I had not asked you both to use ONE teaspoonfuls of Nat Sulpn 6c TWICE DAILY and watch for results.
Joe De Livera last decade
I would also like to share my son's progress with all of you .During the period of 4 months he has had 2 asthma attacks but by far i do see a lot of improvement in him.But Joe last night he woke up at 1:00 A.M at night coughing and wheezing a little bit i waited for sometime and then gave him ars alb 200c after which he just slept but ars is not a permanent solution as i know tonight again he will experiance the asme problem (going by his previous history).Any suggestion as to what should be done to prevent nocturn al attack from happening.Should i give him another dose of nat sulph before going to bed.

shiny last decade
I am glad that you posted Mihir's progress and I believe that he has benifited the most from the Nat Sulph therapy.

In his case I would hesitate to suggest a teaspoonful twice daily as you have already put him on the split dose as this is the way to wean him off the remedy for good. I have succeeded in this method with 3 patients one of whom is my grand niece who was a chronic asthmatic from birth and was at the time when she came to me for treatment using up 1 Ventolin inhaler in a month. She told me that each inhaler is good for 250 shots !!!

She is now fully cured and does not have any asthma any more and the curative process was only 2 500ml bottles of the remedy of which she still has about half of the second.

It is the simplicity of the remedy that simply amazes me and the important fact is that it is not by any means harmful to the patient in any way.

As you may have seen from my posts above to Fauzia and Olvin, I have suggested another remedy Blatta Orientalis but I would not suggest it for Mihir who is responding nicely to the NS.

Let us see how the other respond to the Blatta O and then think of it for Mihir if necessary.

Give him another teaspoonful of the NS tonight to make it 2 teaspoonfuls today and let me know tomorrow how his coughing responds.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Actually he is not on the split dose .Recently he had an attack and i had put him back on the wet dose.It's just been a week since he is on the wet dose and i want to continue doing so for at least 2-3 weeks as i feel intially i rushed him on the split dose.He should have been on the wet dose for atleast 2 months as i read you had suggested someone whereas Mihir was on the wet dose only for about 3 weeks before i shifted him on the split dose.So i feel i will start fresh and give him the wet dose.But you are the best person to be answering this question.What do you have to say.
I am just praying that with another teaspoonful he sleeps peacefully as he has been so far.

shiny last decade
Do let me know tomorrow
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
He slept peacefully.I gave him another dose of nat sulph before going to bed and he was alright.Actualli i think the pollen season has begun because every year during mar-apr and sep-oct he gets these nocturnal attacks ,i am just guessing may be it could be due to the pollens anyway please suggest what should i do continue giving him the wet dose twice or maybe i can try giving him a teaspoon before going to bed and stop the one which i give him in the morning.

Do let me know.
shiny last decade
Yes that would be preferable.

Just stay with the nightly dose.

I can think of another additional remedy to help him which is to give him a split dose in the morning and the full dose at night.

I would also like you to give him a teaspoonful of Arnica 30c before lunch and report if it helps him.

You may also like to use it as I feel that it can help you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Good you brought up arnica because he also suffers from urticaria .Though it is not as bad as before but it's still there.Arnica 30c has to be made the same way as nat sulph .
So now:
1)Split dose in the morning
2)Wet dose of arnica before lunch
3)Wet dose nat sulph at bedtime.
shiny last decade
To Shiny

Medication confirmed.

Please report response in 2 days.
Joe De Livera last decade
My Friend Saeed faced the Asthama problem 7 yrs ago.he used

Nat sulpha 6x
Kali mur 6x
Ars alb 30

after this use he had no attacks for about five years.But for the two years he has started to experience the asthama again.

The symptoms are:

Humid atmosphere ( only rainy season the months of July August Pakistan)
Starts with Flue ( flowing Nose) with sneezing,
Itching in Eyes.

After about 10 days with flow, the problem of inhaling (asthama ) starts.

Any anty allergy such as Incedal etc every thing becomes normal but after 12-15 hours every thing starts.

After this season i.e in September thetre will be no Asthama. The above noted Homeo therapy now not works well.
please suggest therapy
akh826 last decade
to Joe,
i have not used Blatta O so far ....
my daughter is better now, and she is not coughing as much but still slightly wheezy...i am still giving her chicken soup every 2 hours and steam 3 times .....she is on ur natrum sulph wet dose therapy and nothing else...i am determined that i will not use any inhalers this time and see how it works.....anyhow just for her checkup i took her to the doc yesterday and she examined her chest and she gave her DECADRON and expotarant ....Decadron is an antiinflammatory steroid for 5 days.....
i havenot given her any of these medicines so far and niether intend to....
my daughter is behaving normally so far , play8ing with the dolls , watching cartoon , eating normally etc.....but slightly wheezy..
I thought i should let u know...
U have advised shiny for arnica, why not me?????
fauzia last decade
Dear Mr Joe,

Can you please tell me how does phlegm form and accumulate in the lungs?

Is there any method of dissolving phlegm in the lungs other than steaming?

Any foods that should be avoided that cud trigger phlegm ?

How can u increase the stamina of lungs so that it helps reduce asthma..I mean any kind of special exercises like Yoga.

I hope to receive answers to all these queries
solvin last decade
To Olvin

I am not qualified to answer your questions precisely but from what I have read phlegm is usually formed in the lower lobe of the lungs as the bottom of the lobes do not get the full benefit of air which is breathed in.

You are advised to breathe deeply as often as possible to enable the lower lobes to be well ventilated.

The easiest form of dissolving phlegm is to use steam followed by physiotherapy as advised by tapping the back of the chest. You may be surprised to discover the quantity of phlegm that is brought up by this simple exercise.

I cannot advise on the foods that can trigger asthma. You will be the best judge.

Breathe deeply and blow up balloons to exercise your lungs under pressure. This should help all asthmatics.

I do not know anything about Yoga but you can always use it under supervision as it can help you.

I have one remedy which I would like to ask you to take just ONE dose only. This is Tuberculinum 200. You can use 6 pellets sublingually and this may have some positive effect on your Asthma. Please report response on the day after you use it.

Please note that this remedy is for use by you only.

Not by others who may read this post.
Joe De Livera last decade
JOe, I am still waiting for ur answer...
Solvin, i have noticed ,that dairy products and banana increases the mucus production....
fauzia last decade
ginger tea is very good for clearing ur chest
fauzia last decade
radish juice with honey too
fauzia last decade
I too would prefer to use Nat Sulph 6c only but it is your concern for her that prompted me to advise you to use Blatta O. In any case this is also very safe to be used at this low potency and you may get the remedy to be used later if necessary.

Do not for heaven's sake give her the Decadron which is a powerful Corticosteroid which may give her temporary relief but will leave her in a far worse condition than before.

You are welcome to enjoy the benefits that you can get from Arnica and you should already know the manner that you make and use the wet dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a lot!!!!!
She is much much much better now.....
fauzia last decade
she slept ok without wheeze and cough, but after 30 minutes of sleeping started coughing with sound of ohelghm in her chest and wheeeze
fauzia last decade
fauzia last decade
Mr. or Ms. solvin or Olvin, I am not trying to create abuse. I am free to state my point. You are free to ignore it.
My sole and only concern is that you and others are not working with all facts - and neither is your prescriber. Please do tell me - should you go to a conventional doctor who gives you steroids that seems to work miraculously on your asthma, will you think he is God's messenger to you?
It is my duty to warn you. More than you, who are an adult (I imagine)and responsible for your choices, I worry about the children. this tired argument that anyone who does not prescribe should shut up and let this travesty pass in the name of homeopathy is, forgive the language, total crap. I spend much of my day practicing, our clinic is free to anyone who cannot afford fees, we go to slums to work too. I not only have little time for daily networking, but I am very much of the opinion that seeing the patient is very valuable.
Joe, if it helps you to think that I am Nesha, please go ahead. I suppose it helps to think there's one less of those who criticize you! No one is jealous of you - I'm afraid you presume too much - I would not want to be a 'homeopath' like you. I will repeat - I can see you want to help, but you are too obstinate and too fixed in your beliefs - far more than the classical homeopaths you revile - and,
most damning, unwilling to
learn. If, after 30 years of practice that you claim, you say some of the things you say, and with such confidence too! - it only makes one shake their head.
I do not have the time to waste cautioning those who want to dive headlong into trouble. Please feel free to carry on your use of homeopathic remedies and the homeopathic name to practice covert allopathy.
ripas last decade

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