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yes the pellets dissolved within few minutes....i have already given her one tsp from the bottle directly as per ur instructions earlier!!!!!
but she had her dinner 1 hour before and had eaten 1 buscuit 30 minutes before......
fauzia last decade
That should be OK but you may not notice any difference tonight but you may observe her and if she does not show any distress, you don't have to give her the inhaler.

Post response tomorrow.
Joe De Livera last decade
today is the 3rd day of natrum sulph...but she is still coughing off and on...i also gaive it to my son who is also suffering from repeated attacks of coughing , breathless ness, coryza,sneezing and bronchitis....but he also coughed in the morning today ...can i give the pellets directly in the mouth?????please answer back...
fauzia last decade
The treatment of Asthma is an extremely finely balanced method of therapy which you must follow precisely as instructed by me, if you wish to equal the same results that Shiny has achieved with her son.

Please read his progress on

I am concerned that in the case of your daughter this therapy has not had a positive response and I wonder if this is due to some problem with the medicine that you have purchased. I would like you to get another stock of another brand like Boiron or WHP which may be prehaps more effective.

I note that you wish to give it to your son in the dry pellets. Please note that
this can aggravete his condition and cause unnecessary distress which is best avoided.

I would like to have the case histories of both children with details of how long they have suffered from their ailment which you state is accompanied with coughing breathlessness, sneezing etc. Also indicate the treatment that they have had so far and how you came to the conclusion that they are asthmatic patients.

Have your doctors told you so?
Joe De Livera last decade
Also do either of you parents suffer from Asthma ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Fauzia
As long as your daughter is not coughing much and the cough is just off and on nothing which is not bothering her then i think you should continue with nat sulph because my son use to cough off and on but remember there should be no wheezing just cough and maybe if you could give her smething hot to drink.

What do you say Joe.I mean it's my personal experiance with my son.

shiny last decade
dear shiny thanks for taking so m uch interest in my case....today she woke up and was coughing ...the cough was little productive...and after a n hour of taking nat rum sulph she was wheezing..which settled down own its own after an hour or so...its now four five hours after the medicine and she is ok ...no cough and no wheeze..i didnot give her any inhaler!!!!!

dear doc joe..the medicine is from boiron and in an a blue vial......
fauzia last decade
To Shiny

You already have the advantage of having given your son the Nat Sulph 6c and he has responded in a manner that I did not expect as he was able to sleep through the night on the first day you gave him the Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose without waking up and coughing due to his not being able to breathe.

In the case of Fauzia's daughter and now her younger son the daughter has not responded in the same manner.

I agree with you that we must not get disheartened and this is the reason why I suggested to her that she get a new stock of the remedy as the one she is using may be stale. If the girl does not respond to Nat Sulpy 6c I shall then indicate another remedy which can perhaps help her.

The inhalation of steam is also beneficial and Fauzia is requested to get an electric jug and with the lid open, she can let the girl inhale the steam under her direct supervision with the jug kept safely away from her to ensure that she cannot burn herself. This steam inhalation can be done for about 5 minutes each time and the phlegm coughed up. This will help with the cough and with the asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Fauzia
So that's positive.Give her steam as this will soften the phelgm and maybe Joe can give a remedy for productive cough whih can be taken along with nat sulph.I think one needs to have patience .I have been there and seen it all as soon as the little ones start to cough we start panicking as to there you go, get ready for another attack but this time around i was very patient and kept myself calm even when he use to start coughing and later i relised that maybe with time even this on and off cough will pass .I am with you as my journey is not over yet.

shiny last decade
To Fauzia

Boiron products are the best and you do not have to look for another brand.

I would like you to get Ars Alb 200 preferably made by Boiron and keep it handy in the event of your girl getting an asthmatic attack. You will give her just 4 pellets of this remedy under the tongue and she should feel the spasm abating shortly after usually within 15 minutes. This may be used only once daily on a SOS basis.

You can use the steam technique that I detailed in my post to Shiny but please ensure that your girl does not use it except under your direct supervision. I usually recocmmend that the jug is placed on the floor and the patient sits on a chair directly above the jug which is left on the floor between the legs to ensure that the steam from the boiling water rises to the level of the nose which is then about a meter above it. This steam is very helpful to soften the mucous and phlegm which can be the cause of your daughter's distress.
Joe De Livera last decade
doctor joe please read my response to shiny , the second last post.......i bought the medicine only 3 days back .....none of my parents r asthmatic but the allergy runs in my husbands family......i shall write in detail about my both kids to u soon.....as far as as thier diagnosis, yes both of them have been diagnosed by doctors here....my son is allergic to dust and my daughter to both dust and cats...
fauzia last decade
To Shiny

Thank you for your encouragement to Fauzia as this is far better than my telling her myself as in your case it is one mother to another.

You suggested that I give a remedy for the cough but I prefer not to do so as any remedy other than Ars Alb 200 which is only to be used SOS can have other side effects which can antidote the Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose.

I hope that Fauzia is giving her daughter the teaspoonful of the remedy direct from the bottle and not the Split Dose from the cup.


Please confirm.
Joe De Livera last decade
no i am not giving her a split dose...i am giving her directly from the bottle.....and to my son too!!!
fauzia last decade
We will have to be patient in the case of both your children.

I am confident that they should be OK within a week as this has been my experience with the many patients whom I have treated for Asthma.

You may like to know that my grand niece is a classic example. She was and asthmatic since age 3 and was using a Ventolin inhaler for the last 15 years of her life. She is now 21 and when she came me she was using one inhaler which has 250 puffs in just one month !!!

She responded in a week and can be consider completely cured as she does not use any medication at all today.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was re-reading my post above which gives the impression that my niece was cured in a week.

What I meant to convey is the she responded like Shiny's son almost immediately when she did not want her inhaler any more and it was after about 4 months on the Nat Sulph therapy in the split dose taken on alternate days that she discovered that she does not want it any more as she was OK.

I have however cautioned her that she must keep the remedy handy in the event of any eventuality but does not feel the need for it today.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr.Joe,
I just went through all the information exchanged between yourself Shiny & Fauzia in this forum.

I and my 2.3 year old son have also developed this same problem.

Can you also please advise dose for me too...I mean Adult dose.

Thank you in advance for your great help. I hope this medicine works on me and my son.......


solvin last decade
To Olvin

As long as you are sure that you both suffer from Asthma, you can follow the same therapy that I have recommended to both Shiny and Fauzia which I hope I do not have to repeat for you as you can easily read about it on both the threads. Shiny's case is on another thread entitled '7 year old with Asthma'.

Briefly the remedy is Nat Sulph 6c to be taken in the wet dose, 1 teaspoonful per day. Both the adult and the child's dosage is identical.

If you are on inhalers you can stop their use when you start on the therapy.

Please note that I am not qualified to be entitled Doctor. I do have some experience in Homeopathy and have pleasure in helping anyone who seeks my assistance which I gladly give free of charge, and in Sri Lanka where I live, this also includes the remedies that are needed.

Feel free to ask any questions about this therapy which has helped many Asthmatics.
Joe De Livera last decade
after 10 minutes of waking up in the morning my daughter woke up coughing(by coughing i mean short coughing spells for few seconds off an on)..i immediately gave her steam therapy and then she had her breakfast which included pancake with maple syrup....her cough is croupy today....which is worrying me because in april she had croup which has been recurring for the last 3 yrs....please advice!!! i want to give her nebulariser of flexotide and ventoline...should i????
fauzia last decade
forgot to mention that i gave her natrum sulph wet dose too.....
ABOUT MY SON: my son woke up sneezing a lot and has developed cold...and instead of blowing out he continously takes the stuff in side...and breathing mfrom the mouth....i have given him natrum sulph too ..any medicine to his cold here rather then wait till it gets into chest....
fauzia last decade
i just examined my daughters chest with the sthescope and she has whistling sound in her chest which eans she is wheezy again.....please please help???????
fauzia last decade
where r u doc joe?????????
fauzia last decade
When a cold strikes an asthmatic child, I believe that it is a very difficult problem as the cold will also cause further constriction of his already sensitive trachea causing more problems.

If you feel that she cannot breathe use the Ars Alb 200 first and if this does not act within about half hour you must use the nebulizer which I presume you have at home.

Glad to note that you have a stethescope and you can use it to check her condition later when she will hopefully got over her present crisis and be on the mend.

You must also look out for yellow phlegm which will indicate an infection of her URT which may have to be controlled with an antibiotic.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Mr.Joe for your kind advice and appreciate your noble work. We (asthamatics)are really thankful to you.

Besides all the other symptoms of Asthma, I and my son both have these similar symptoms

(1) Constant Irritation/clogged feeling of phlegm in the throat which gives relief only if coughed out.

(2) The more it is coughed out, the more it becomes difficult to breathe.

(3) Stomach feels overful and bloated.

Are these also symptoms of Asthma or is this some kind of yeast/candida infection or oral thrush.(We both were taking Ignatia Amara 30c, which gave 50% relief in throat congestion)

I further would like to mention here that these episodes initially started with me since a year due to Allergic Rhinitis (and to son due to bad cold just 5 months back) But now strange enough, we never have had any cold or infection, but this constant excessive phlegm accumulation in the throat, which is extremely difficult for my son to cough out.

our Doc has given the same treatment of allopathy (nebuliser, salbutamol inhalers (2 puffs daily & sos) Mentolukast Sodium tablets/granules (Me/Son) for 3-4 months. I am really terrified giving all these medications to my 2.3 year old son. Currently, my son is on Mentolukast.

The therapy of Nat. Sulp (6x)(one teaspoon daily)
according to you needs to stop all medication.

Please advice
solvin last decade
To Solvin

Asthma is usually hereditary and I have observed that the mother's characteristics are passed on to the son while the father's are passed on to the daughter.

You already know my prescription for Asthma -- Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose taken 1 teaspoonful per day.

You should also have Ars Alb 200 to be used whenever the patient feels the need for an Inhaler. This need does not usually arise when you start on the therapy.

Please visit:


I have given full instructions on the treatment of Asthma on this page.

If you and your son are confirmed Asthmatics you can be assured that you will be cured with this simple remedy which has helped many throughout the world including Sri Lanka where I live.

You are correct in presuming that you must stop all medication espeically the tablets.

Please post your response daily after you start on this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
My son also faced the same problem like Fauzia's son 4 months back i.e. mucus not draining out from the nose but filling inside the chest. Its really horrible to wait for the Asthma attack.

But I gave him Allerid Syrup which stopped his mucus to some extent.
solvin last decade
It is best not to prevent the mucus from draining out with cough syrup. They only stop the cough reflex which is the body's natural reaction to the build up of mucus which must be coughed up or else as you state in your son's case it is followed by an attack of Asthma.

You can use Hepar Sulph 30c in the wet dose 4 times daily to enable him to cough the phlegm out.

The Nat Sulph 6c Asthma therapy will then be used to cure his Asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade

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