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Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis

You can safely advise your friend's son to use the same remedy Nat Sulph 6c in the split dose for his Asthma.

The complication with Atopic Dermatitis may tend to hinder the Asthma cure but I suppose that we will have to take this risk. It just depends on which of the 2 ailments is the more severe and has to be dealt with first.

The Atopic Dermatitis can be helped with Arnica 6c in the wet dose which you know how to make except that the teaspoonful must be taken direct from the bottle 3 times daily.

I would prefer that you do not mention about the Ars Alb 200 as this may complicate the Atopic Dermatitis. Let us start the treatment with the Arnica for his A Dermatitis and the Nat Sulph for his Asthma.

Request regular reports from them to you which you will convey to me.
Joe De Livera last decade
I can see that you are a very caring mother to your children. You may like to know that my wife and I too were the same 40 years ago especially since we were childless for 10 years after marriage and then had 3 boys in 7 years. The first now 38 was so precious that I would stay awake to check if he was breathing when we brought him home from the hospital.
I believe that it is the time and love that one devotes on bringing up one's children that makes the difference in their later life which is a fact that most parents do not consider.

Your children's coughing should not be any cause for serious concern as long as their asthma does not affect them. It is most likely that they have both caught a cold which will soon resolve itself when the cough and the coryza will also stop.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks a lot!!!!
fauzia last decade
Dear Mr. Joe

Me & my son are doing well with your Nat Sul therapy, and we will continue this till we are fully cured.

Should I start a separate thread....I dunno whether to call it arthritis or

I wanted an advice from you for my Mom who is 62 years old, a 1st grade diabetic, High BP patient. All is under control with respective medicines for diabetes and BP. The problem she has been facing is acute pain in her arms while lifting them up. The pain starts from the centre of the shoulder to the joint of the elbow, the pain also goes to the wrist, which makes her very difficult to lift things.

Please advise, whether to start a new thread or can continue in this same 'Asthma' forum
solvin last decade
Thank you for confirming that the Nat Sulph therapy is helping both you and your son. You may have to use it daily for some time and it is best that you report progress from time to time to enable me to advise you on dosage.

It is somewhat rare to have a patient who has been helped by therapy indicated by the prescribers on this and other forums confirm that they have been helped and this is the reason that keeps me on this forum as it gives me some satisfaction that I have been able to help cure a patient which others may not have been successful in doing.

It is unfortunate that I have been at the receiving end of much criticism as I do not subscribe to the classical method of treatment of an ailment which involves a long process of case taking which I maintain cannot be done successfully in a forum like this. In your case you posted your problems with Asthma and I gave you the remedy which you have seen worked. Other classical homeopaths have been so programmed to use the classical method that they lose themselves in the mire of their own making and often prescribe a remedy which does not have the slightest effect on the patients ailment.

The irony of this situation is that they then criticize me for having achieved what they themselves should have achieved in curing the ailment in what is now know as 'Joepathy' instead of emulating my therapy for their next patient who may be an Asthmatic.

It is best to start a new thread for your mom's Diabetes and arthritis which is most likely Cervical Spondylosis. This is a complicated case and I have not treated a patient with both ailments as the Diabetes alone can be treated successfully but it is the combination of the remedy for CS that I am not sure will help her.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr. Joe

You are a great person, first because I presume your are above 65 years of age, which only tells us that you got a first hand experience of your treatments on your near and dear ones and its this confidence that brought you to this forum and made you post 2989 post as on date. Professional Doctors or Engineers or any high IQ level individuals never boast of their knowledge in their respective fields. They are basically recognised for their experience and expertise in which they handle their jobs. They don't go for people's appreciation...they give a damn to the critisisms of their fellow colleagues and like people and just carry on with their good work like you have been doing.

I would like to say a Quote which is in Hindi, which should be your attitude towards all critisms.. The Quote 'The Elephant keeps moving gracefully and the dogs keep barking' It makes no difference to the Elephant or its graceful walk or his huge body, it just keeps walking and the dogs keep barking, its the nature of the dog, you just got to ignore it and keep moving your good work.

So with all your patients by your side....you got nothing to lose... though you are not a qualified doctor you got experience and knowlege more than a qualified doctor...The qualified doctors keep doing mistakes till they actually learn from their mistakes, which make them the 'real' doctors. Till they acheive that, they r bound to criticise anybody who tries to work like them without 'their qualification' for which they have spent a fortune.

So Mr. Joe, don't worry about the critisms...just carry on with your good work....we are with you.

solvin last decade
regarding my mom's ailment...I got that posted on a separate thread of Cervical Spondilosis..
Link... http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/39/

Please reply on this thread
solvin last decade
Thank you for your tribute. Just to get the record straight I am 76 years of age and still drive myself to work as I have done for the last 55 years. Homeopathy is only my passion to which I am dedicated and not my profession. I have the satisfaction of discovering many new uses for many remedies which are not listed in the classical texts. Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity are ailments to cure which I use remedies that are not listed for them with considerable success.

Please visit:

You will read about the reduction of BP with Arnica.

I have posted the following on the Cervical Spondylosis thread:

Re: cervical spondylosis From Joe De Livera on 2006-06-12
I would prefer to treat her Diabetes and Hypertension first.

Arnica 30c is her remedy in the wet dose which you now know how to make and she should take a teaspoonful twice daily. She should notice that her Blood sugar level should reduce dramatically on the second day and she should then reduce the units of Insulin that she is taking to keep the BS at around 110-120. You should also give her 1/4 teaspoonful Cinnamon powder in a brew twice daily and it is not impossible that her BS may be able to be controlled with Metformin alone without Insulin. Keep a record of her Blood Pressure and this too will come down although in about 2 weeks on the daily dose of Arnica.

I would not like you to use any medication for her Cervical Spondylosis as I am concerned that the Arnica may not help with her BS and BP.

Please post response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hats Off to you and your age and your homeopathy knowledge...You are more like a father to me.... I am 39 years old....My dad passed away last year due to Liver Cirrhosis...He was just 66..
Its a privilege to have met you and benefit from your free priceless advices.
solvin last decade
Dear Joe
Just came back from a relaxing holiday .You will be glad to know that my son had a great time.He is doing just fine.He ate and drank everything .I am thinking of giving him the split dose every alternate day.Need a go ahead from you.

shiny last decade
You were constantly in my thoughts the past few days and I am glad that you did not have any problem with your son's asthma.

It is quite safe today to put him on the split dose on alternate days. I would like to caution you however that he should refrain from drinking icy cold drinks as they tend to chill the throat far more than ice cream which does not chill the throat in the same manner.

If however you notice any difference in his breathing you can put him back to the daily dose. I do not think however that this situation will arise as the Nat Sulph seems to have cured him in the same manner that it has cured many of my patients.
Joe De Livera last decade
It might be a little gross but I heard from a friend who has a daughter with asthma problem. She is consuming bat's meat for some period of time.You might want to try.
shinta last decade
To Joe De Livera, I am sorry that I have not written but I have been very sick. I was wheezing very badly could hardly breath,I did the nebulizer with medication because my attacks were severe. I did not go to the hospital because they would have given me cortisone intravenously so..... I took 40mg in one dose then have been taking 4mg daily since. I have felt so bad having to give in to cortisone. I have been taking the nat sulph every day 1tea. I had not taken cortisone for at least 2 months before this attack. Any words of incouragement? I need to hear something that will lift me up. thank you and God Bless.
jasminem last decade
To Jasminem

I have often been wondering about how you were faring on the Nat Sulph therapya and am very sorry to note that you have been silent because you were having what I presume were constant attacks of Asthma.

It is a pity that you did not post your problem on the ABC as if you had done so I would have prescribed Ars Alb 200 to be used when you were having an attack which usually helps to clear your symptoms in under half hour. It does so very safely too without any after effects like you would have suffered from the medication that is used in a nebulizer and also the cortisone shots.

You also need to use steam from an open kettle or since you already have the nebulizer apparatus you can use it without any medication in it after washing the old medication out twice.

Please do not hesitate to post on the forum or contact me by email and I shall be only too glad to help.

I presume that you have read the reports on this thread of both Shiny and Fauzia who have been successful in using my therapy for their children who have also been suffering from chronic Asthma who are now well on the road to a cure of their ailment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear joe
my daughter is sleeping for the last 2 days quite ok then before, i wont say all ok as she coughed few times in the night....but i think she is suffering from sore throat now and a thick discharge is coming out of her nose and constantly she is trying to clean her nose.....me myself is suffering from throat infectin for the last 4 days ...i feel like having thorns in my throat and its quite painful ...i went to the ent today and he has prescribed me antibiotics and anti allergies etc...i think i have passed my infection to my daughter thoughi tried to keep away from her as much as possible.....can u please help??????
My son is doing ok.....
fauzia last decade
This virus is now spread out throughout the world and there is little that you can do to stop it after it affects you.

You can take Causticum 30 and alternate it with Bell 30 in the wet dose and take both remedies 3 times daily.

Antibiotics will not help at all and unless you come down with a fever you are best advised to avoid them like the plague.

Glad to note that your son is OK.
Joe De Livera last decade
do i have to make wet dose for both and can i give it to my daughter as well???
i hope these remdies will not antidote natrum sulph
fauzia last decade
before reading ur post i took 2 drops of bell 3o directly in my mouth
fauzia last decade
The 2 remedies can help your children if they feel that they too are catching the throat infection.

Do not take the Bell direct from the dropper bottle. Put 2 drops into a 500ml bottle of water and sip a teaspoonful after succussing.
Joe De Livera last decade
my daughter is now blowing out yellow discharge and her cough is rough and croupy...can i give her heparsulh , if yes ,then is it the same wet dose from 6c
fauzia last decade
I would like you to go to any Laboratory in your city where they can do a swab and culture test on your daughter's throat and that of your son and also yours.

I have had a few instances of recurrent throat problems being caused by the bacteria 'Beta Haemolyticus Streptococcus' which can cause many serious diseases as per my post which I copy below:


'I would suggest that you do a throat swab and culture to eliminate the bacteria 'Beta Haemolyticus Streptococcus'. This is a dangerous organism to have in one's throat as it can cause serious problems long term like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Nephritis and can also damage the heart valves.

This culture is best done when you get your next bout with a throat problem as it will show negative right now since you are on the antibiotic.

If the bug Beta HS is identified you will have to do other blood tests to verify the damage that may have been caused and take a long course of Pennicillin for about 6 months daily to eliminate it. This will be prescribed by your doctors, preferably specialists ENT's who will advise you.'

My request to you is made on the basis of eliminating any infection from this terrible bacteria. It can only be isolated if the patient is not taking an antibiotic and I would like to know the result of the swab test which they will do a culture test known as ABST (antibiotic sensitivity test) if this bacteria is isolated.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe DE Livera, thank you for your response. I have been using the nat sulph as you instructed. Is this ok seeing that I still have cortisone in my body? Or do I have to wait awhile for the cortisone effects to leave which could take a while. It is so awful how something so good could be so bad,because I am now feeling so good, so asthma free, even my ears are open. It is not fair. And believe me when I say that I know for a fact the ill effects of cortisone. I will be glad when your advise takes effect in my life. I will not lose faith in God and People like you who freely help others. God bless.
jasminem last decade
dear Joe:
my daughter had an attack in the evening at 5:10 pm and i had to give her ars album 200ch as per ur advice earlier....only 2 pellets or globules did the work...after 15 minutes she was ok as if nothing ever happened!!!!!!!its now 8 30pm here and she is ok...and watching TV....but her cough was very productive this time....
ABOUT MYSELF: i asked the ENT which i showed to yesterday about the culture test , but he refused saying that there is no need and he knows that it is beta hem. streptococus ...so i asked him how could he sure without doing the swap test ???? he said , in any case u have to take the augmentine which i gave u and it will clear all... so i immmediately tool the pill....what could i do??????
another important thing is that i have just now gave the info about this website and ur name to my friend here ...she will be soon on this forum for his sons asthma and exzema......
please continue the noble work!!!!
fauzia last decade
the first time i gave her arsenic was on 5-6-06 and then on 6-6-06 and now today as i wrote in the above post........after 14 days.....
fauzia last decade
she ate pizza at 9:00 pm and after finishing it she started coughing again and its 9:09pm now and she is still coughing ....i am going to give her steam now...if situation worsens, should i giver the allopethic medicine i.e., ventoline and flexotide inhalers...plz advice>>>>
fauzia last decade

Do not get back on the ventoline ever.

You can give her Ars Alb 200 under the tongue but not for a cough which is not really connected with a spasm when she cant get a breath.

Steam is the answer and will help her to get over the coughing spasm.
Joe De Livera last decade

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