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Antimonium Crudum2
Arnica Montana3
Arsenicum Album2
Avena Sativa4
Calcarea Carbonica8
Calcarea Fluorata2
Calcarea Phosphorica2
Coffea Cruda4
Coffea Tosta3
Cuprum Metallicum2
Ferrum Phosphoricum4
Hyoscyamus Niger2
Ignatia Amara2
Lycopodium Clavatum4
Natrum Muriaticum3
Natrum Phosphoricum3
Nux Vomica11
Passiflora Incarnata3
Pulsatilla Nigricans5
Sanicula Aqua3
Tarentula Hispanica2
Thuja Occidentalis2

Issues sleeping 6

Dear all, These are my symptoms: Male, 53 years old. Three years with the problem. Superficial sleeping, my head going in circles dreaming with the same concept or idea repeatedly ...
Started by ppalma00. Last post: 2021-06-03

Toddler 3,5 years old has very hard time sleeping 14

Hello, I am looking to get help for my grandson 3.5 years old, who has a very hard time sleeping. I am looking for constitutional remedy according to totality of symptoms, as I ca...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Chamomilla, Calcarea Carbonica, Borax
Started by Magenta123. Last post: 2021-12-29

Four year old with snoring and sleeping with open mouth 3

My four year old son is having snoring issues and sleeping h with open mouth. He had the same issue during last year but settled in its own once we change the house. He had many co...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Fluorata, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Erethee. Last post: 2021-12-23

9 year old boy, trouble sleeping 5

My 9-year-old son has always struggled to some degree with sleep (We were told when he was born to wake him every 2 hours to feed him, which was a terrible idea and utterly destroy...
Remedies: Calcarea Phosphorica, Nux Vomica, Cina
Started by MMcrumley. Last post: 2021-10-23

Trouble sleeping after 3-4am 1

I am a 25 year old male living in USA. Since last year I have been facing troubles sleeping. Until last year, I slept really well (11pm to 7.30am) and did not wake up in between. B...
Remedies: Avena Sativa, Ferrum Phosphoricum
Started by akki94. Last post: 2021-10-17

Sleeping problems - rishimba pls help? 2

My husband is going to answer the questions he has no patience to type so I write for him. He doesn't sleep well. Sometimes he falls asleep early in the night and wakes up a...
Started by bluesky77. Last post: 2021-07-07

In a loop while sleeping 2

Dear doctor, My father (52 years old) has a recurrent problem while sleeping (3 years with the problem). The problem is triggered directly by some foods or drinks but other times h...
Remedies: Ferrum Phosphoricum
Started by ppalma00. Last post: 2020-12-02

Sleeping with open mouth, frequent wheezing 34

my 2.5 year old son s sleeping through mouth during night and getting disturbed.also he s experiencing frequent wheezing attack. he is under antihistamines now. his pead said it is...
Remedies: Lemna Minor, Ipecacuanha, Opium, Morphinum
Started by Erethee. Last post: 2020-06-19

Kid sleeping problems 2

Hello, 13 months kid is waking up during the night around 4 am Often doesn't sleep during the day....
Started by Jolanta Marta G. Last post: 2020-04-04

Sleeping Disorder- Sleep talking, Masturbation 4

Hello, I'm 24 years old boy, weighted 65 kg do regular yoga. I'm suffering from sleeping disorder since 10 years. I used to talk a lot while I'm sleeping at night, ...
Started by Athens1. Last post: 2019-10-07

For Dr. Anuj/ Dr. Tui / Dr. Reva- Sleeping Disorder- Sleep talking, Masturbation 1

Hello, I'm 24 years old boy, weighted 65 kg do regular yoga. I'm suffering from sleeping disorder since 10 years. I used to talk a lot while I'm sleeping at night, ...
Remedies: Hyoscyamus Niger, Belladonna
Started by Athens1. Last post: 2019-10-07

Muscle pain in upper arms, joint pain, nerve pain, pain increases sleeping 1

55yo Male, 219 lbs, 5 ft 11inches. My shoulder joints hurt when trying to sleep, sometimes during the day, sharp pain. I have increased pain while sleeping. I awake in great pai...
Started by benindavis. Last post: 2019-07-04

Sleeping Problem at night 10

I could not sleep at night. I have so much tension for my family. I have to take Trika 0.5mg (Alprazolam (0.5mg))at night before dinner everyday. So please me some advise how coul...
Started by dmitra59. Last post: 2018-06-15

Toddler not sleeping much please help 3

My 18 month old doesn’t bit sleep well at night. He naps good (1.5 hours), but night time only 8 hours. Wakes up at 4:30am and cannot fall asleep again I’ve tried put...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Caladium Seguinum, Phosphorus
Started by Mariarico. Last post: 2018-05-01

Masturbate While sleeping 1

Over 3 years I'm masturbating while I'm asleep at night. I have no control on my self and couldn't remember what was happened to me. But the only thing I know I mas...
Started by Athens1. Last post: 2018-04-30

Cough while sleeping 1

My wife is have this problem of coughing while sleeping every night since few months now. I tried rumex 30c few times but only during night. It's not improving. Can someone su...
Remedies: Tabacum
Started by Ajay malaotar. Last post: 2018-03-03

Acute numbness in Arms, hands and fingers while sleeping 18

I am 58 years old male. Since last few months there is acute numbness in my arms, hands and fingers. I am worried since a doctor told me that this would lead to paralysis. Pleas...
Remedies: Ammonium Muriaticum, Kali Phosphoricum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Niiev161. Last post: 2018-02-09

3Month old baby has reflux and trouble sleeping 9

Hello dear friends, my 3m old suffers from acid reflux from when I was breastfeeding her and after some issues with my supply she had to start formula milk from when she was 2month...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Lolaroz. Last post: 2017-12-26

Aggressive jerking of legs whilst sleeping 3

Hi, I have had periodic leg movements(medical term) for about ten years and it seems to be getting worse. When I am sleeping my legs and sometimes my arms jerk uncontrollably and ...
Started by vee1. Last post: 2017-12-20

PLEASE HELP sleeping problem 52 years old male with schizophrenia 2

hi Please help if you can, thank you my brother who has schizophrenia does not sleep at all at night, he drinks tea and smokes all night!!! and doesn't let my parents sleep ne...
Started by maryam. Last post: 2017-11-11

4 Year old sleeping disorder 1

I have been suffering from this unique sleeping disorder for 4 years . I dream whole night continuously and wakeup exhausted every morning.It started when i left an allopathic medi...
Started by saurabhskashyap. Last post: 2017-09-22

Deviated Nasal Septum sleeping disorder 0

I am suffering with deviated nasal septum and taking medicine lemna minor tp cure the same but in vain the problem is aggravating and lost sleep at night loose breathe and fear to...
Started by Imranniazi. Last post: 2017-08-17

Baby sleeping problems - please help! 168

Can anyone help me in finding the correct remedy to use for my son? He is 23 months old, and exhibits the following: -Sleeping problems - he has NEVER slept more than 3-4 hours i...
Remedies: Sulphur, Chamomilla, Solanum Tuberosum, Antimonium Crudum, Arnica Montana, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Cinnamomum, Kissingen
Started by Sarah3NN. Last post: 2017-01-29

Have to urinate often during night sleeping hours 5

Hi, i have to get up often during night to urinate. this disturbs my sleep. pls help....
Started by yadvin. Last post: 2016-11-20

Sleeping disorder 25

Hi. I'm 59yeard old man. I have severe sleeping disorder for 3 months. It's difficult to fall asleep and get awake too. quickly(2-4hours, not deep sleep at all). I tried ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Ferrum Phosphoricum
Started by hrlee3196. Last post: 2016-09-27

Suffering from severe sleeping & sexual problem 4

Dear Doctors, I am Zakir Hossain from Bangladesh. Age-30 Height-5'9" Weight-80 kg Physical condition - Healthy Marital Status- I have just married 12 June 2016. I have bee...
Started by james_ssi. Last post: 2016-08-18

My daughter is not sleeping at night. 3

My daughter is not sleeping at night because of the worms inside her abdomen. She is 15months old only. What should I do?...
Started by danishkhalil. Last post: 2016-06-25

Ejaculation from penis at night while sleeping 1

Suffering ejaculation from penis at night while sleeping. Hello, I am 20 yr old male. This problem is suffering almost every night. The discharge which comes out is very thin as ...
Started by Shafi1. Last post: 2016-06-03

Sleeping Problem. 1

Started by maneek01. Last post: 2016-05-23

Sleeping issues. 11

1. Age : 41 2. Male 3. Married 4. Weight 84 KG 5. Height 5'7'' 6. country : India 7. climate : all the climate 8. List of your complaints: I almost sleep late at ...
Remedies: Sulphur, Phosphorus, Nux Vomica
Started by filza. Last post: 2016-03-26

Heavy sweating while sleeping 0

Hi, My 3.5 years old son is sweating heavily while sleeping in winter season, plz. help with a remedy. Please note that I already had posted this case but suddenly stopped gettin...
Started by Khobaib. Last post: 2016-03-21

Heavy sweating while sleeping in winter season 6

Hi, My 3.5 years old son is sweating heavily while sleeping in winter season, plz. help with a remedy....
Started by Khobaib. Last post: 2016-02-27

Sleeping problem at night 1

Sir, I am 51 years old lady and working as housewife. All the day normally I ma busy with my family such as preparing for cooking, serving etc. But at the night when I am going t...
Remedies: Cola
Started by nandamitra65. Last post: 2016-01-16

Rishimba, please help with sleeping issues 5

Dear Rishimba, please help with the issues described below. Perhaps it makes sense to look for a constitutional remedy at this point? Thank you very much for your time. Patient ID...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Withania, Calcarea Carbonica, Histaminum muriaticum
Started by Dora14. Last post: 2016-01-15

Sleeping problem at night 1

Sir, I am 51 years old lady and working as housewife. All the day normally I ma busy with my family such as preparing for cooking, serving etc. But at the night when I am going t...
Started by nandamitra65. Last post: 2016-01-15

10 month old not sleeping through the night 548

Hello, So I'm filling out as much info as I can from the questionnaire, of course being as my son is only 10 months some questions won't apply so I am omitting them. Hop...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Nux Vomica, Cina, Coffea Tosta, Coffea Cruda, Podophyllum Peltatum, Arsenicum Album, Anthemis Nobilis, Natrum Phosphoricum, Magnesia Phosphorica, Borax, Sepia, Avena Sativa, Hypericum Perforatum, Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Calcarea Fluorata, Grindelia Robusta, X-ray, Stramonium, Carcinosinum, Myrrha, Calendula Officinalis, Morphinum, Aconitum Napellus, Magnesia Carbonica, Manganum Metallicum, Mercurius Vivus, Spigelia Anthelmia, Jalapa, Coca, Kali Carbonicum, Psorinum, Rheum, Staphysagria, Cypripedium Pubescens, Kreosotum, Antimonium Tartaricum, Lac Defloratum, Sticta Pulmonaria, Carbo Animalis, Pyrogenium, Rhus Tox, Sanicula Aqua, Apis Mellifica, Belladonna, Berberis Vulgaris, Cantharis, Hydrangea Arborescens, Lycopodium Clavatum, Ocimum Canum, Polygonum Hydropiperoides, Sarsaparilla, Veratrum Album, Helonias Dioica, Kali Iodatum, Phosphorus, Plumbum Metallicum, Vespa Crabro, Argentum Metallicum, Laurocerasus, Lilium Tigrinum, Natrum Muriaticum, Sulphur, Cactus Grandiflorus, Chloralum, Cocculus Indicus, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Ozone (Oxygenium), Hyoscyamus Niger, Senna, Passiflora Incarnata, Lachesis, Cannabis Indica, Mezereum, Natrum Carbonicum, Zincum Metallicum, Spongia Tosta, Cyclamen Europaeum, Drosera Rotundifolia, Ipecacuanha, Phosphoricum Acidum, Ranunculus Bulbosus, Ruta Graveolens, Sambucus Nigra, Taraxacum, Viola Tricolor, Baryta Carbonica, Cuprum Metallicum, Dulcamara, Lachnanthes Tinctoria, Tarentula Hispanica, Tuberculinum, Agaricus Muscarius, Ambra Grisea, Iodium, Medorrhinum, Bryonia, Antimonium Crudum, Bromium, Kissingen, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Antimonium Arsenicicum, Chlorinum ( Chlorum ), Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Theridion, Piperazinum, Lac Equinum , Kali Bromatum, Thuja Occidentalis, Zingiber, Silicea
Started by alaskamom. Last post: 2015-01-07

Toddler sleeping issues 3

Dear Dr. Gosh, still so grateful how u helped my daughter, and i am seeling help for my twin son this time. he is a very light sleeper, wakes up couple times in the night. and on...
Started by Malvika123. Last post: 2014-10-26

Difficulty while sleeping 2

Dear sir My friend 29 years old, male having difficulty while he tries to sleep in night. He doesnt do much physical work but mostly uses computer due to his job nature. Currently...
Started by shahidkzm. Last post: 2014-09-18

Sleeping Problem and Pain in Calf Muscles 3

Dear Dr. My father is 79 Years of age and he is having sleep problem - He goes to bed at around 930pm but wakes up at 0300am in the morning. Further he is also having severe pai...
Remedies: Cuprum Metallicum
Started by Jitendra1960. Last post: 2014-08-16

4 months old baby suddenly not sleeping properly and crying before naps and sleep with spit up 1

Hi, My 4 month old is getting fussy during her nap and bedtime. She is crying to sleep but not able to sleep due to spit ups specially at nights. Pls help....
Started by spattnayak. Last post: 2014-08-04

Help please 11 week old baby sleeping troubles 37

Hi Please can I have some advice? My son is 11 weeks old, I had a bad pregnancy and suffered spd from 16 weeks, had to take some cocodamol during pregnancy, labour was intense on...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Nux Vomica
Started by Logansmummy. Last post: 2014-05-28

2 years old girl not sleeping through the night and hyper 71

Hello My daughter is 2 years 4 months old. She has no medical conditions. Height and weight is average (skinny). She has never slept through the night. I understand it's our ...
Remedies: Avena Sativa, Chamomilla, Passiflora Incarnata, Coffea Cruda, Coffea Tosta
Started by rizdagr8. Last post: 2014-02-22

Daughter head sweats while sleeping 21

I have a 3 years old daughter, whose head sweats a lot when she is sleeping. She is toll but skinny. Sometimes when she is seating her chicks are becoming red. She like to cry. So...
Remedies: Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Justyna. Last post: 2014-02-07

Not sleeping well 1

My husband hasn't been sleeping well since a car accident he had 8 years ago. His sleep is light and sometimes he wakes up at night and can't fall back asleep. Any homeop...
Started by bluesky77. Last post: 2014-02-06

Nasal Block While Sleeping 23

Hi, I am 37 yrs old man suffering from Nose Block during night time causing disrupted sleep. This is happening for last 4-5 years which lead to High BP,Fatigue, memory loss, lo...
Remedies: Upas tieute
Started by muthukrishy. Last post: 2014-01-21

Kids with Nose Block while Sleeping 1

hi, I have a girl age 4 years old, she's easily get coughing and flu. Got one time she's is healthy, in the middle of the night i realize that she's having breathin...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album
Started by casperhappy. Last post: 2013-11-15

Sleeping problem 1

Sir,my wife age21,she sleeps lot always...
Started by surendtanath. Last post: 2013-08-31

11 month child not sleeping properly 2

Hi , My son will be 1 year by this June 21st. During night he is not sleeping properly. Every 45 minutes he wakes up & start chewing the cloth. on May 15th he got fever. After fev...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by csshastry. Last post: 2013-06-06

Baby sleeping problems 2

hello, I wonder if anyone could help. My baby will be 1 year old soon and has never slept stretches longer than 4hr, he usually wakes every 1-2hs and needs to be nursed back to sle...
Started by nat38. Last post: 2013-01-06

Sleeping too much 3

Hi Doctors, I am male 29 from India. My problem is very excess sleeping. It is difficult for me to get into sleeping, so usually induced by mastrabuting, but once I start slee...
Remedies: Avena Sativa
Started by daniel.1980. Last post: 2012-11-15

Advice needed for 7-year old boy with sleeping and hearing difficulties 1

I have a 7-year old boy that has had problems falling asleep for several years now. Goes to bed at around 8-8.30 and lies awake for 1-3 hours before falling asleep. Complains of be...
Started by Markus K. Last post: 2012-11-02

5 month old having problems sleeping alone 1

My 5 month old daughter is having problems sleeping alone. We co-slept until about a week ago. Up until 3 months old she would sleep a in 5 hour stretches. Lately she has been waki...
Started by kekkhowe. Last post: 2012-10-31

Help with 2year old sleeping 2

Hello.I have a 2 yr old daughter who for about 6months has been crying excessively before naps and bedtime.she will scream very loudly.she does not appear to be afraid of the dark....
Started by alynneh08. Last post: 2012-08-06

Difficulty in sleeping in night GERD, Reflux 3

I have been suffering from digestion problem for last 1 year. I have difficulty in sleeping because of acid reflux. I am on naxium now but still in morning I feel uncomfortable. I ...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Natrum Phosphoricum
Started by gerd-acid. Last post: 2012-06-01

Plz help me ... facing sleeping problem 1

hello my name is ashish bansal. first of all i want to tell something about myself. 1) i'm working...and my age is 27 years 2) i'm bit possessive, and thinks a lot even ...
Started by ashish8419. Last post: 2012-02-08

Ear Infections and Trouble Sleeping 6

Hi, I have a 14 month old son who has had 3 ear infections in he last 3 months. His first one started in November and took 3 different antiobiotics before it got better. He was ...
Started by caseymiller_09. Last post: 2012-01-19

Talk alot while sleeping 6

HI, I am posting this for my sis. she is 26 year old. she speak a lot while sleeping. just wondering if it is a sickness. if it is please suggest her a medicine. Thanks[message ed...
Started by reetaulakh253. Last post: 2011-12-30

My 14 months daughter is not sleeping well 14

Hello Doctor, My 14 months daughter is not sleeping through the night.She gets awake every 3 hrs and its very difficult to get back to her sleep.Please let me know how can i tre...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by setty. Last post: 2011-10-19

Fussy baby having trouble sleeping after traveling 0

My close to 6-month-old baby used to be happy, calm, independent, smiley, and very regular in his habits. An easy, delightful boy who would charm everyone with his smile and dispos...
Started by aazhaz. Last post: 2011-10-09

Hyper somnia - over sleeping 4

I am 33 years old male suffering from over sleeping even in day time. I am having obsessional disorder and naso brancial allergy. please suggest remedy for over sleeping...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Tarentula Hispanica
Started by manicmpf. Last post: 2011-08-15

2 yrs and not sleeping 5

i have a 2 yrs old who is blonde and blue eyed, he was a non crawler but has caught up with all his mile stones.he is having trouble sleeping at night, he will go down well and is...
Started by happyaby. Last post: 2011-05-21

Errection while sleeping at night - but flaccid during the day? 0

Please any doctor tell me what happend it, i have errection at night daily ut i feel that i have no errection during the day. what is this? even i see or think about sex but there ...
Started by DO DO. Last post: 2011-03-28

Sleeping 13month old 5

Hi My son is 13 months now and has been a bad sleeper since birth. He mostly sleeps through the night now from 7- till 5.30-6am. He still has 2 naps during the day but they are ra...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by Iemke. Last post: 2011-03-26

Sleeping Habbit 1

I feel like sleeping whenever I really need to wake and be attentive, please help i am 30 years old male. doing night shift in a BPO. cannot visist doctor regularly....
Started by kk_tanti. Last post: 2011-03-24

10 months daughter not sleeping enough 3

Hi All My 10 months old daughter sleeps too less. She sleeps around 6-7 hours while I think children of her age sleep 10-12 hours. Also she is awakened by just a small bell sound ...
Remedies: Bellis Perennis
Started by earthangel. Last post: 2011-03-05

Atopic eczema on face, itching while sleeping please help!! 8

Hi. I am 26 yrs old and have suffered from asthma and eczema since childhood. I am writing on here mainly for eczema as when im sleeping i itch my face and wake up feeling very unc...
Remedies: Sulphur, Camphora
Started by sheeba99. Last post: 2011-01-22

5 month old not sleeping 0

Help! My 5 month old is a very restless sleeper and is constantly waking. Her head is always going from side to side, bum up in air. She is gassy. Spits up quite a bit. Is on b...
Started by Tuffy. Last post: 2010-11-13

Toddler not sleeping or eating well 10

My son just turned 18 months couple days ago. He is still not sleeping well at night, he'd constantly wake up to nurse and refuse to be pat down. He had always been like thi...
Remedies: Natrum Phosphoricum, Phosphorus
Started by cheekymama. Last post: 2010-10-10

Not sleeping and feeling irritable 4

hi there- can anyone help with a remedy i can take - im feeling really irritable and i have no idea why. also have no patience at the moment. toadd to this im not falling asleep...
Started by conciousparent. Last post: 2010-05-24

Infant Sleeping 3

Any assistance you can offer in helping my 9.5 month old sleep better is greatly appreciated. A few things to note: *We co-sleep with a side car crib *He is nursed to sleep and 90...
Started by reikimom. Last post: 2010-05-04

Please help with 8 mo. sleeping 15

I have an 8 month old son who does not sleep well. he naps two to three times a day for 45minutes-2+hrs however I'm more concerned about his night time sleeping. He 'sle...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Coffea Cruda, Coffea Tosta, Sanicula Aqua
Started by reikimom. Last post: 2010-04-08

3.5 yrs old girl not sleeping 1

Hi Doctors, my 3,5 yrs old daughter is still not sleeping throughout the night. she is restless and insecure. keeps waking up during the night and cries. I she is very tired and s...
Started by vpmanisha. Last post: 2010-03-02

18 month old, sleeping problems 2

Hi, I have a 18 month old son, he has having sleeping issues since his birth. He never slept whole night till now. He always used to wake up in the night some times for milk and s...
Remedies: Chamomilla
Started by thinika. Last post: 2010-01-19

Vertigo when lying down for sleeping 1

I am looking for suitable remedy for my wife. She gets giddyness for one or two minutes wile lying down for sleep. She is diabetic type 2 and had a history of scanty and suppressed...
Started by dspuri. Last post: 2010-01-04

5 yr old son with trouble sleeping 1

My middle child is 5 yrs old and seems to have trouble sleeping (his bedtime is 8:30 and has been the same since age 2). He has been afraid of the dark from birth. (was 4 wks prema...
Started by wildcat. Last post: 2009-08-18

Toddler not sleeping at night 1

Can somebody please help me. My daughter is 16 months old and her sleeping pattern is going from bad to worse day by day. She will sleep at night for about 3 hours then stay awak...
Started by fatimaalam. Last post: 2008-11-14

Baby sleeping problems 5

My little 3 and half month old baby has been experiencing some trouble with sleeping especially during the day. Earlier he would sleep for one or two hours continuously and wake up...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by worriedme. Last post: 2008-10-30

Sleeping more than 12 hours ... 1

sir, can anyone suggest me the rememdy for this... i'm sleeping min 10 - 12 hours on all days.. i'm too lazy, lethargic, poor conc, lack of interest in anything.. alway...
Started by ganeshdwaraka1. Last post: 2008-06-03

New born not sleeping 0

Hi all, My 1 month son does not sleep adequately. At times he cries continuosly for 1 hour. Doesn't seem like colic, because when he is held straight to the shoulder he keeps...
Started by soumen_dev. Last post: 2008-03-14

Sleeping problems and irritability 19

I'm looking for a homeopathic therapy for a series of problems that I have, specially insomnia and irritability. I'm a 36 years old female, mother of a 9 months old baby,...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Coffea Cruda, X-ray
Started by mimil. Last post: 2008-01-22

11 month old baby, not sleeping well and more. 5

My baby boy will be 11 mo old next week. He's alwasy been a 'high need' baby. Most times, he needs constant attention. If I am close to him ,he is happy, if he sees me...
Remedies: Chamomilla
Started by fifure30. Last post: 2008-01-07

Dr Rishimba - Sleeping problems 6

I have a 2,5 year old son who's very energic and active. Since the 2-3 latest months he got some sleeping problems. He wakes up a several times a night screaming about differe...
Remedies: Chamomilla
Started by mouminah. Last post: 2007-12-08

21 months without sleeping 3

We, the parents of a 21 months old baby, have been during that time without sleeping. My 21 months daughter, awakes during the night, all the nights since she was born. Every night...
Started by mbalsa. Last post: 2007-04-19

Sleeping disorder 5

I am 62 , female with active habits . last 6-7 weeks I am having problem in sleeping . Either an hour of sleep or , keep awake throughout the night . The first answer to this - I k...
Remedies: Ignatia Amara
Started by akbee. Last post: 2007-03-01

BiPolar (II) and Sleeping 4

Hello, I am a 21 year old male and I have BiPolar(II), ADD and tourettes. I currently take 2x600mg/day Lithium Carbonate, 36mg/day Concerta in the morning, and 25mg/day Seroquel a...
Remedies: Belladonna, Lithium metallicum
Started by LucienWoots. Last post: 2007-02-26

18 month old not sleeping after tummy bug 2

Hi forum members, I've been a longtime lurker here and find the responses to be inspired and they have taught me a lot and now I seek some help. My 18 month old daughter wa...
Remedies: Opium
Started by jpurvis. Last post: 2007-02-18

Sleeping and sepia... 2

Hi sergio isnt online and i really need somone to help me out. A week ago when i took sepia once i started to feel better i did have some of the past symptoms but they came and wen...
Started by phiryulovehua. Last post: 2007-01-10

Excessive phlegm when sleeping 3

My wife has been suffering periodically from an excess of phlegm in her throat, a problem that seems to be exacerbated when sleeping. Christmas morning she woke up gasping for air...
Started by boweasel. Last post: 2007-01-01

10 week old with sleeping probs/reflux 22

Hi, My 10 week old son is a very restless sleeper and has a type of silent reflux that keeps him up. I went to a homeopath dr (im very new to homeopathy in general) and she presri...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Nux Vomica, Sanicula Aqua
Started by Skhan. Last post: 2006-11-13

Is there any cure in Homeo ? Any cases ? discharge while sleeping or in the morning before and during Urine 9

Is there any cure of Stopping these Seminal discharges in Homeopathy ? Most of the Allopathics that i have seen gave me the results that i am healthy with no problems.few said this...
Remedies: Sulphur, Nux Vomica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Phosphorus, Aristolochia Milhomens
Started by formknight3b. Last post: 2006-10-28

Sleeping Pills 5

Hello I was wondering if sleeping pills effect height growth in any way. -Thansk...
Started by Bobby213. Last post: 2006-10-13

Sleeping Aid That Works For Me 2

I've seen posts about sleeping problems. For about the last 1 yr or so I've been using Calms Forte' a product by Hylands that combines about 6 remedies for sleep ai...
Started by joyce martino. Last post: 2006-08-18

Sleeping 0

My wife has problem with staying asleep,once she has fallen asleep.Any remedy sugestions?...
Started by Chuck D.. Last post: 2006-03-23

For help sleeping while breastfeeding... 5

Can anyone tell me if the homeopathic combo would be safe for a breastfeeding mother of an almost 1 year old? Kali brom 30c HUPUS, Coffea cruda 30c HPUS, Passiflora 30c HPUS, Aven...
Remedies: Passiflora Incarnata
Started by thehuffhouse. Last post: 2006-01-13

8 month old with sleeping problems 4

I have an eight month old infant who until recently was sleeping quite well. For the past 2 weeks she has started waking up in the night every hour or so crying. Sometimes she can ...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Gummi Ammoniacum
Started by melissa40. Last post: 2005-11-21

Pain under the feet while sleeping 2

Iam a diabetic. while Iam sleeping I am awaken with severe pain at the soles of both of my feet, my toes feel numb and I get these sharp pains like (when you hit your elbow)is ther...
Started by cortelyou. Last post: 2005-08-05

Child head sweats while sleeping 4

My son is 2 years old, and upon going to sleep at night, his head sweats. His hair will be soaked.He has had bouts with pharyngitus, pneumonia and other upper respiratory problems...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Phosphorus
Started by lajaw. Last post: 2005-05-14

Sleeping problem and deafness 2

I have a friend who has trouble sleeping since a broken relationship should I give her Ignatia?She also has deafness in right ear, is rather indifferent to her children, likes to f...
Remedies: Bacillinum, Kali Sulphuricum, Thuja Occidentalis, Ignatia Amara
Started by saltOftheEarth. Last post: 2005-03-19

Ejaculation while sleeping 1

I am a single and I ejaculate while sleeping some time even some dream! I am very down as this happens with me very often.Please help me to come out from this....
Started by shan123. Last post: 2004-03-26

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