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Ok, in that case, please take 30C now but it will not hold for long. Till that time, you can get 200.
Zady101 8 years ago

AlhamdolilAllah i have taken one dose of Sepia 200c last night.
Luckily I got 200c here in pharmacy. and so i did not took 30c as u said it will not do the job.
its only 12 hrs past the dosage so i cant say anything abt the symptoms, still having left side pain etc.
Will report in 5 days inshaAllah.
Today is my 7th cycle day.

Jazak Allah Khair
endopatient 8 years ago
No need to wait 5 days. If pain doesn't go away within 12-18 hrs, the nedicine is wrong. In that case, you update me again.
Zady101 8 years ago
Dr. I am sorry to report that my left region (front and back) which i feel is my ovarian area is still in pain. No change in the intensity/duration. Although I am not taking any pain killer for it which means its bearable but its continuous and bothering me. Also painful urination and brown discharge is there.
Its 24 hrs past now since I took Sepia 200 c
I shall wait for your further prescription while praying to my Allah.

Jazak Allah khair.
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endopatient 8 years ago
Lilium Tig. 30

Dissolve 5 pills in 3 tablespoons water, stir a few times and drink. Do this every 2 hours for a total of 5 times in a day (5 doses). For 1 day only.

Update next day.
Zady101 8 years ago
Its really a big issue for me that many remedies are not available here. I just checked with pharmacy and they said its ban in uae..hmmmm...

Let me know if I can do anything else as if order today it will take a week to arrive.

endopatient 8 years ago
Dr. i have ordered the remedy from Pakistan and it will arrive in a week.
Please let me know if you think I should take any other remedy in the meantime or shall I wait for this remedy to come.

Many thanks for your sincere efforts. May Allah bless you!
endopatient 8 years ago
Thuja 200C

Dissolve 2 drops/5 pills in 3 tablespoons water in a disposable cup. Stir a few times using a spoon. Take 1st tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 2nd tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 3rd and last tablespoon.

Update me after 24 hours.
Zady101 8 years ago
Salam Dr.

I saw your reply yesterday morning and search in pharmacy. Thuja is available here but due to some personal work my hubby could not went there to buy the remedy.
Just to inform you that on night of 21st Jan I wake at 2:30 am with severe pain in left ovary and back side. It was too much so i took half ponston and kept hot bottle. AlhamdolilAllah even after 36 hrs past now and I am not having any pain etc.
Currently I am having lot of watery brownish/dark camel colored discharge since morning today.
No pain etc now. And as usual painful urination is also went off as it lasts for 5 to 6 days every month.
It is my 10th cycle day today.

Please confirm me if in this current symptom I need to buy Thuja or any other remedy. I am sorry to bother you but since the symptom has changed so I thought to update you again before taking any remedy.

Jazak Allah Khair!
Also fyi, I will be going for an ultrasound scan on 25th Jan InshaAllah.
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endopatient 8 years ago
Yes please go ahead. Take it today.
Zady101 8 years ago

I have taken the remedy early morning today.
Sir, I am very very depressed and tensed due to my health issue. Since yesterday afternoon I am having lot of reddish watery discharge as if I am on periods. But its not similar to period blood rather it is like a lot of water is added in blood and so the color has turned bright red. It is continuous without any pain/itching/sensation etc.
Other than this I am feeling 100% in my health condition. I am so worried. What to do? why its happening as its my 11th day today and never this happen before. i mean it is always in brown shades and not bloody.
Please help me please.
endopatient 8 years ago
Has it happened before ever, even couple of years back?
Zady101 8 years ago
I dont really remember exactly. Because brown discharge issue is there since a couple of years now before that I did not had any discharge issue other than white leuchoria during ovulation time.
I dont remember to have this reddish discharge before. Can not say yes or no with surety.
endopatient 8 years ago
In homeopathy, if an old symptom returns it is considered good. If that is not the case here, this could be due to vaginal infection, pregnancy, bladder infection, endometriosis, or simply any other cause.

If you have insurance, you can get a diagnosis from a competent gynecologist without taking the medicines she prescribes. Share the diagnosis with me and i will give u the remedy.

If you do not have insurance, seeing a doctor and tests may be very expensive and wholly unnecessary. In that case, just confirm to me and i will give you the remedy.

On the face of it, this looks like an improvement over brown discharge. In any case, let me know.
Zady101 8 years ago
Many thanks for your early reply. As I said I am not confirmed if it happened before or not. However, I will be going to gynae this saturday and will try to get full diagnosis. But most probably the hormonal tests if she will prescribe will not be included in my insurance which is of course limited being an expat here.Lets see..

Meanwhile, I am trying to divert my mind from this issue as its creating severe tension to me. I jus wana escape from all this....Please pray for me.

I will update you soon.

Jazak Allah.
endopatient 8 years ago
Please update current status!
Zady101 8 years ago

Many thanks for being so caring towards your patients. May Allah bless you!

Even I have just logged to update you. I went to Gynae today and she did a quick short scan to look at overall uterus status. She said uterus is normal with cystic ovaries. Did not accurately measure the sizes but said roughly right cyst is 4.4 cm. She refered me to radiologist and I will be going for a detailed scan on Wednesday after insurance approval.
Moreover, she took a pap smear to check for any infection which she doubt is not the case with me as she said cervix seemed fine and no other issue except some brown fluid was seen.I will get report in a couple of days.
She said without any test report she cant say anything with surety but most probably brown discharge and that reddish discharge is due to endomertiotic cyst.

She did not gave any medicine and ask me to wait for reports and then will prescribe. like other allopaths she said without wasting time I should go for laproscopy and then for IVF if we wish to have kids.

I will share the reports with you.

Jazak Allah.
endopatient 8 years ago
Please get the following meds from Pakistan while you have some time:
Lycopodium 200/1M/10M
Secale 30/200,
Lil Tig 30/200
Cactus Grand 30
Apis 30/200
Kali Bich 30/200
Sabina 30
Lachesis 200

However, if it is difficult to get the above ones, then get the below given meds, which are absolutely essential.

Lyco 200/1M
secale 30
Sabina 30
Lil Tig 30
Lachesis 200

Please update me when you get the reports.
Zady101 8 years ago
Ok dr i will order it today inshaAllah.
FYI, I already have following two remedies with me now:
Lycopodium 200C
Apis Mellifica 200C

Other list will order.
Also I need your suggestion for Laproscopy. I am worried as time is going fast. I am taking homeo treatment since 2.5 yrs now and though things have turned better but with slow pace. Gynae told me to try to conceive sooner (which is not in my hands :(( and I know only Allah can do this miracle for us)

What do you suggest? How long it might take to settle things down and conceive? Please dont mind my questions as i feel u can understand my position now.

Many thanks and Jazak Allah.
endopatient 8 years ago

You must know that there is no treatment for Endometriosis in Western Medicine, while in homeopathy it is completely treatable.

Now, regarding laparoscopy, how will it help? What is that doctors don't know now which they will come to know after laparascopy. After laparascopy, they may ask for biopsy, and then give you some strong meds to dissolve cysts and set other things right. They will fail and again ask for laparascopy, finally give up and advise IVF. What will you do then? I am not scaring you. This is what happens.

You are relatively doing well because you stopped allopathic treatment and started homeopathy. And I must tell you that this is perfectly treatable in homeopathy. It takes time and one should known the exact cause of endo. In your case, the cause is unknown so I am treating you on the basis of 2 scenarios, and I expect very good results in few months.
Zady101 8 years ago
Yes you are right dr that in allopathy my gynae said the cure is to remove full uterus and ovaries but i dont want to go that way. And also that i know lapro is also not a sure thing that cyst will not form again as i had lapro but cyst formed again while I was on hormonal therapy. But i was confused after coming back from gynae's office yesterday.

Ok I will try to follow your instructions and will continue homeopathy till inshaAllah I will get good result. May Allah help us.

I will be getting remedies in a few days so for now do you want me to take any remedy or I have to wait?
Please instruct and oblige.

Jazak Allah.
endopatient 8 years ago
Ok, please get Sepia 1M also along with other remedies. I will only prescribe when it is 10 days from Thuja dose. How are you feeling now?
Zady101 8 years ago
Dr I have ordered following list
secale 30
Sabina 30
Lil Tig 30
Lachesis 200
Sepia 1M

I have Lyco 200 will it serve the purpose or i need 1 m also?
Its only 5 days back i took Thuja...
Right now i m having mild brown discharge with a lot of soreness in breasts, very paining..
AlhamdolilAllah no pains in back etc.
Going for a scan today evening inshaAllah. Praying hard for a better report this time.

endopatient 8 years ago

I had a scan yesterday and it says:
Uterus: Centrally placed,Anteverted and normal in size. Endometrial lining 7mm
Right Ovary: Bulky with inhomogenous cystic area and irregular outline. Cyst size is 5.2 x 4.7 cm
Left ovary: Normal in size with two small cyst making total size f 3.7 x 2.3 cm
-One follicle was seen with echoes in it. Size not mentioned.

Please prescribe further and oblige

Jazak Allah
endopatient 8 years ago
Pulsatilla 200

Dissolve 5 drops in 3 tablespoons water, stir a few times and drink. Do this once everyday for 3 days.

You may update me once before taking 3rd dose.
Zady101 8 years ago
Thanks for the reply.
I have 200c in drops form. Please let me know how many drops to take per dose?
endopatient 8 years ago

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