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I took the remedy and last dose taken yesterday at night. I was having red blood discharge since Sunday. And very little pain in low abdomen started yesterday. Early morning today the pain increased and periods started. I took two doses of MP till now. Pain is moderate. Clots r dare. My due date was 4th Feb. But since two months my cycle has reduced to 26 to 27 days.
Feeling congestion in pelvis and pain is in public area till now. Not in ovaries. But I will tell u more abt pain n bleeding changes in a day to be sure.

Please advise.
endopatient 7 years ago
Dr m having to much feeling of congestion or tightness/stiffness in pelvic area which is causing pain. Bleeding is also less. Please tell some remedy.
endopatient 7 years ago
Cactus Grandiflorus 30C

Dissolve 1 drops/3 pills in 3 tablespoons water, stir a few times and drink. Do this once every 1 hr for 3 times. Update me after 5-6 hrs
Zady101 7 years ago
Oh I don't have this. Will chj wid pharmacy. Meanwhile any other remedy I can take?
Sorry to bother u though.
endopatient 7 years ago
Pulsatilla 200C
Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water in a disposable cup. Stir a few times using a spoon. Take 1st tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 2nd tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 3rd and last tablespoon
Zady101 7 years ago
Hi. Dr I took pulsatile and after an hr bleeding increased but pelvic tightness did not decreased rather pain increased severely. MP did not help and late at night I had to take pons ton. Today m feeling light pain in left side. Tightness is lesser. Feeling numbness in both ovaries but more at left side.
Also I have not started ferrum phos n calc phos yet. Plz let me know if I can take it?
Many thanks for ur help.
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endopatient 7 years ago
I m sorry i was travelling, so could not reply back. Can u pls update me on your current condition
Zady101 7 years ago
It's OK. It's my third day. Very mild and dull pain comes and goes in both ovary but more in left one.however I m having left kidney pain again since late night yesterday. FYI, many times in previous few years I get this left kidney pain. But it was never diagnose as any kidney problem. I have full abdomen scan after every 6 months.But only last month it was seen I have hydronephrosis.this pain always comes with periods either at start or at the end of periods.
No burning in urine.
Regarding period, bleeding is normal and having clots also but lesser as it's 3rd day.

Please guide further. Sorry for a lengthy feedback.
endopatient 7 years ago
Please take Thuja 200C

3 doses at 15 mins gap
5 pills in 3 tbls water.

update me tomo
Zady101 7 years ago
Ok jazz Allah.
endopatient 7 years ago
Took the remedy yesterday almost 22 hrs passes since the last dose.
It's my 4th day. Bleeding is normal. Right ovary is too calm since I took the remedy.no pain. Before remedy was having mild non continuous pain in right ovary.
Left ovarian pain is reduced. Not continuous.
Left kidney pain is highly reduced but sometime feel little numbness at kidney site. Pain today is mainly right above the hip bone at left side. It is moderate yet pointed pain. Precisely u can imagine it just at the opposite/back of left ovary.
Have some discomfort in urination. After urination it feels the bladder is not fully empty and upon applying pressure some more urine expel and in last urine droplets come. It was not happening yesterday.
No pain or burning though.

Overall, I feel good after taking thuja.

Please guide further.
Thank u.
endopatient 7 years ago
Hi. Dr. It's my 6th day. Alhamdolilallah things r better.
No pain in ovaries nor in kidney site. Having brown colored discharge since morning. Too much watery.
One thing to tell dat this time pain intensity was less but duration was 4 days. Upon stretching body i feel tightness in pelvic area n both ovaries feels tensed/stiff.
Stared regular walk for 30 min from yesterday.
Please guide further and oblige.
I hope cysts will soon disappear amen.
endopatient 7 years ago
Too early to intervene. Pls wait 1 wk
Zady101 7 years ago
Dr. hi.
To update u that I took Thuja 200 on 1st Feb that was my 3rd day of cycle. Today is my 10th day. updates are:
- Right side very calm AlhamdolilAllah.
-Left side.: pain in ovary is on and off. I also get pain in kidney side. THe pain is dull and more noticeable in early morning. It becomes less uptill it finish as i wake up and day progresses. I am really not sure if the pain in kidney is there as i sometime feel pain is in left ovary which when increase felt upward.
Bleeding finished on 5th day. On 6th and 7th day there was brown dishcarge. on 8th day very little watery brownish red discharge.Now getting white discharge since yesterday. Yesterday at one time i also got watery pink dishcarge.

Its my 10th day. Please guide further. I am praying hard to get rid of cysts and see my dream come true soon. Ameen.

Jazak Allah Khair.
endopatient 7 years ago
Have analyzed your case. Need to clearly know from your side the reason for Hydronephrosis. What is the result of the investigation?
What is causing the blockage and preventing the flow of urine from the kidney, if there is no kidney stone?

This is just a separate problem and has nothing to do with endometriosis but we need to control and cure it.

Also, please provide me more information about Fibroids? Please mention the location once again, and since how long, as per your information, they are there.

Please also provide me information if you have any warts, genital or at any other place, now or any time in your life before. If not warts, then any other wart-like growths?

Also, check your mail.
Zady101 7 years ago
Dr. please note that, I never mentioned about any fibroid as I never had it. AlhamdolilAllah.

Also I never had any wart anywhere AlhamdolilAllah. No extra growth nothing like that I have or had before. I have cysts only which we are treating.

As for Hydronephrosis, I was told that most likely it is due to inflammation of left ovary. Urine report said it had some blood in it. and no infection.

Thanks for your kind help.
endopatient 7 years ago
Yes you never mentioned Fibroids as i checked in your history now. I just seem to remember it from somewhere.

After 2 days, please start Apis 6C 3 times a day

Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water, stir a few times and drink. Do this 3 times a day for 2 days n update
Zady101 7 years ago
Ok I will inshaALlah do it.

endopatient 7 years ago
Dr. I started Apis from yesterday and will update you tommorrow about how it went.

For now I just want to know if I can take raw garlic or garlic pills just to boost my immune system along taking Homeo remedies?

I heard many benefits of it but at the same time at this forum I have seen a number of posts saying raw garlic should be avoided if taking homeopathic remedy.

I would be too much thankful for your help.

Jazak Allah
endopatient 7 years ago
Raw garlic and onions do interfere, so pls try to avoid. Also, pls take Apis 6C twice a day, instead of thrice. Please update after 3 days
Zady101 7 years ago
OK thanks for the reply.

So I have to take 2 drops in 3 tbsp for 2 days. Right?
Just a coincidence.yesterday i recall in afternoon that i had to start remedy and since it was late so i took only 2 doses yesterday. So today also i have to take 2 doses and the have to update on Sunday.InshaAllah
endopatient 7 years ago
Yes, thats right
Zady101 7 years ago
Dr. I took the remedy as prescribed. Last dose taken on Thursday night.
Updates are that I was having little kidney and left ovarian pain last week. AlhamdolilAllah Apis did the work and after 2 doses all the pains went away.
Current symptoms are that AlhamdolilAllah I am not having any pain. Little white discharge.
Mentally feeling quite good.
Overall, I am fine.

I am sorry that I had to update yesterday but I was a bit bz whole day and did not get the chance to log on.

It is my my 18th cycle day today.

Please prescribe further and oblige.

endopatient 7 years ago
Ok thats good. Please dose for 1 wk and update me. In case of aggravation or uneasiness during the wk, discontinue the dose and update me.
Zady101 7 years ago
Thanks for the reply.
So you mean I have to take Apis 6c twice a day for 7 days starting from today? Please confirm.
endopatient 7 years ago
Yes. You were taking twice a day only. So please continue taking for 1 wk.
Zady101 7 years ago

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