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Hi Raj,

Please take a dose of Calc Sulph 200C today.

Also, carry on with Berberis Vulgaris Q.
No need to worry at all.

A bundle of prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

I will not go home tonight. I am leaving from work directly. Can I take calc Sulph 200C tomorrow night ?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

rajhomeo75 last decade
Aoa.. Sir Nawaz
i will try ur perciribd medicine. but sir can u tell me wat is order of recovery of fistula... I mean it start from bleeding.. than bleeding+ pus... than pus...after that water... green liquid etc... so that i can come to now at wat stage i m.. plus i want to know that how much time the recovery will take place.. please update me..
with regards
asimkhan123 last decade
Well Raj, then, we have no choice, but, to wait for tomorrow night. No problem, please take Berberis Vulg. as suggested.

Be safe and have a nice trip!

With more prayers.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Asim, WAA,

Well, the recovery of the anal fistula depends how much you respect this serious disease? There is no quick fix. Surgery is a wrong option as it reappears later.

So, depending upon the changing state and symptoms, one must be responsible to take the required remedy on time. Above all, one must pray to The Almighty God for speedy recovery as it is in his hands not the remedy and not any qualified doctor.

Reading your posts, it appears your problem is not serious yet, therefore, this may be cured in a less time.

But, to give you a definite time frame is out of my reach.

A bundle of prayers for your speedy recovery.

nawazkhan last decade
Thanks, Nawaz. I shall update you tomorrow once i get home. Or in between if something changes I shall update you as well.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

I just got back home. Also here is the update :

- Since yesterday morning no pus drained so far.

- No itching as well.

- This morning 2 drops of blood drained.

- But still the fistula area is little elevated ( like very less oozing) and its not just flat skin. Not sure whether something is there inside which need to be drained.

- I just got the Piles Medicine Podaphyllum.

Please let me know what medicine I should take tonight and now.

Thanks for all your time, Nawaz !

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Have you had a chance to look at my post ? Can you please respond when you get sometime so that I can take the medicine before I go to bed tonight.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Sorry for the delay as I just got home from a conference I am attending for 2 days.

Please go ahead and a take a dose of Piles Remedy you just received.

You will have to wait on Calc Sulph 200C.

Many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

Not a problem and thanks for the response. So , i need to pour 4 drops of medicine in 2 sips of water and mix it and drink the whole ? Please confirm.

Also is it better to take on morning or night ? If night then i have to wait until tonight. Is that OK ?

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Here is the update from me:

- A slight itching showed up around 4 PM today for few seconds and followed by that a few drops of watery colorless liquid drained.

Please let me know what medicine should I take now based on this new symptom.

Sorry to bother you too much with questions.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz

Please find another update from me:

- just now 2 drops of pus drained which was thin and kind of slight color.

- today I felt the pain inside the rectum for 2 hours. It was kind of pinching pain.

- moodwise , i was little angry and upset since last night.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Again, this was the last day of conference and I just got home around midnight. Please take a dose of Calc Sulph 200C asap.

nawazkhan last decade
Hey Raj,

'So , i need to pour 4 drops of medicine in 2 sips of water and mix it and drink the whole ? Please confirm.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

I have taken calc Sulphur 200c 4 pellets last night. I thought I had the liquid but then found out that I bought the Pellets ( round).

So I just took 4 pellets and dissolved it under toungue.

Also, can I take the Podophyllum pellate this morning ? I am still waiting to take this.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

How are you doing? I am really worried about you. You must describe to me your anger in detail. What really happened? Did you keep quite or yelled, slapped or throwed things away???

Please this is very important as an anger have big impact on fistula, but, we can treat as this is part of life.

You must go ahead with Podophyllum on daily basis, one dose daily.

Please calm down, stay happy at all times and always be patient.

Please post your other symptoms in detail regarding pain, itching, burning, pus and constipation?

Many prayers for your happiness.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Thanks for the response. Well, regarding my anger I was upset on someone and I yelled at them and then it got over in few hours. Everything is fine now. From now on, I will definitely be cautious and try not to get angry on anything.

Also, here are the other symptoms:

- There was some pain inside the rectum, for sometime and it went away.

- I felt some pain with burning sensation also inside the rectum for an hour and then it was gone.

- Feeling a slight pain and discomfort in the Fistula area.

- Regarding medicine, I can take one dose of Podaphylum every day until you ask me to stop. Any other medicine should I take ? PLease let me know.

Please let me know if I am missing to provide any other information.

Dear Nawaz, Am I getting cured ? Or any other big issue is poping up in my way of getting cured ? Can we fix this issue once for all together ?

Please help me to get out of this ailment.

As mentioned i will be going out on vacation on Wednesday night and coming home on Saturday. Please let me know what all the medicines I should carry ?

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Thanks for the detailed info., may God bless you?

First of all, in my considered opinion and based upon the information you are posting here, you are indeed being cured! But, there are few bumps in the healing process and that is normal as we have to face the noise and negative forces during our day to day life. Not to mention some food we eat, some remedies are not available on time and we must travel to make living impacts your disease.

'Can we fix this issue once for all together ?
Yes, indeed, we are trying our best and you are brave and fighting with this disease with sincere efforts for the last 8 years, but, all we can do is try, can not fix this issue for all together as it is not in our hands. Your creator can only fix this problem, not any medicine or any qualified doctor. Therefore, as I am praying for you and requesting our creator on daily basis to cure you ASAP, I am sure you are also turning to him for help on daily basis.

Our creator will never let us down!

So, please keep your bravery up, be patient and pray more.

You may always take a dose of Hypericum for pain, if needed?

I will give you a list of remedies by God willing tomorrow to take with you.

A bundle of prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz - I am a new patient and as you suggested I am posting responses to your questions. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

First thing you need to do is to complete the following with the best of your abilities. Please copy and paste into your post, then, start completing.

1. ID: Manequin75
2. Age : 35
3. Sex : Male
4. Marital Status : Married
5. weight : 175 lbs (80 kgs)
6. Height Â…. 5 feet 11 inches
7. country USA (New York)
8. climate : Mostly cold
9. List of your complaints : ANal Fistula / ABscess (recurring Rectal pain for couple of years)

10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint?

1-2 months (fistula recent occurence)

11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic

Non Diabetic

12. Desire sweets/sour/salt
Salty food

13. Thirst

Thirsty - i drink lot of water. Dont drink alcohol or tea/coffee or soda.

14. Tongue and Taste
chocolates, ice cream, like fried foods, spicy foods (but abstaining from all of these due to current situation)

15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)

nORMAL - 120/80

16. What exactly is happening?

Quick summary and update on my situation:

- I had rectal pain in October 2010 which got cured with antibiotics - flagyl and Lavequin.
- Recently visited a proctologist, who suspected I had an abcess which drained itself and caused the fistula.
- The fistula is located in proximity to the anal opening, on the left side.
- ** Update**: It is currently presenting as a lesion, similar to a pimple, with redness, swelling, and discharge of pus, clear liquid and light pinkish blood. There is no pain or burning during or after bowel movements, just periodic itching.

17. How do you feel?

Very depressed about the fistula situation. Generally healthy and fine otherwise.

18. How does this affect you?

Very embarrasing. Fear of infection recurrence, new abscess, pain and other complications from this situation.

19. How does it feel like?

dont feel the pain yet only symtoms described above.

20. What comes to your mind?

fear of escalation of this situation into something more serious.

21. One situation that had a
big effect on you?

being diagnosed with fistula.

22. How did that feel like?

very depressing as i was advised surgeries which could lead to incontinenece (seems like end of life to me)

23. What sensation do you experience in that situation?

depression, loss of interest in everything i liked prior

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)?

constant search on the internet for cures and treatement.

25. Current medicines you are taking?


26. Family Background

Mom/Dad and 2 siblings. No children yet.

27. Educational Qualifications of the patient


28. Nature of work, what do you do for living?

Finnace / banking

29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food

likes - ice cream, chocolates, french fries, pizza, spicy thai food etc (avoiding all of these right now).

dislikes - eggplant, bitter gourd, and other non common indian vegetables.

I am a vegetarian and dont ear meat/fish/eggs/chicken etc.

30. Name of foods which increase your problem

Rice/Pizza/white food etc

31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÂ…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.

impatient, tend to get irritated when people dont listen or understand...

32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)

no specific seasonality. just year round.

33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

havent taken

34. Location of the disease

top left corner next to the anal openeing.

35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body)

upper left butt cheeck in very close proximity to anal opening.

36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.

clear urine
soft stools (coz diet control - rich fiber, lots of water, prune juice etc)

fistula leison is discharging yellow pus, clear liquid and very light pinkish blood.

In order to find out that what miasm are you currently in, please answer the following Q's?

1. Please tell us about your pain, if any? How much is the pain and where?

no pain

2. Is there any pus coming from anywhere in your body and it's color, quantity and thickness? The color may be yellow, light yellow, brown, dark brown, greenish, white and watery.

very little yellow pus from fistula exterior lesion

3. What is the color of your discharges, if any?

yello pus / clear liquid / light pinkish blood

4. How about the blood discharges, if any? Please describe the color of blood and its thickness?

thin / light pinkish blood very infrequently

5. Please tell me about your constipation?

none currently. in check due to suitable diet as explained above

6. How about the itching and burning in detail, if any?

no burning but occasional itching on and off in anal area

7. How is your energy level and state of mind other than the one you already described?

low energy / depressed state of mind

8. Any other issues right now and in the past other than the one you have already described?

none. besides soem occasional rectal pain over the last couple fo years which were remedied by taking antibiotics (with no fistula occurences).

9. What are you taking at the moment (homoeopathic and allopathic) on daily basis?


10. Any other additional information that you would like to mention that might be helpful?

rest of health is fine. No history of cancer in the family or rectal diseases.

Looking forward to your treatment advise.

manequin75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Thanks for the response. I agree with you that I see a lot of improvements in my condition. But when something like pus draining, itching shows up again I am kind of being depressed and upset. Thats all.

As you mentioned, yes, I am asking the creator to help me as he is the only one who can stop this happening to me for long time.

It happened only for 6 months back in 2005 that it was stopped completely after I had taken some Homeopathy medicine from some Dr in India (don't know the medicine name as they normally don't disclose). But again the Fistula showed up in 2006. Since then I am trying hard to fix this.

I hope the creator will bless me with good cure soon.

Well, regarding medicine I am taking currently :

- Burb Vulg Q - 3 times a day

- Podophyllum - Once a day

Please let me know if I need to add anything else.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Krish,

Welcome Aboard.

Honestly, I am pleased to inform you that your anal fistula situation is not bad at all. Please do not worry at all.

To start, you will have to get the following 2 remedies from a health store close to you in NY.

1. Nux Vomica 200C, only one dose before you go to sleep, 45 minutes at least after your dinner. Just put 4 pills or 4 drops into a half glass of mineral water, stir it nicely with spoon, let it get dissolved. Then, drink the whole thing. ONLY One dose please.

Next day

2. Natrum Sulph 6X, 4 tablets, 3 times a day, for at least 15 days.

No other remedies must be taken when you are taking Natrum Sulph 6X.

Many many sincere prayers for your excellent health and happiness.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Raj,

I would like to greatly appreciate your comments. I honestly believe you will be OK soon!

You must take with you the following remedies. You may pack in the checked baggage.

1. Berberis Vulg Q
2. Podophyllum 200C
3. Calc Sulph 200C
4. Hypericum 200C
5. Calendula Q 6. Merc Sol 200C
7. Paeonia 30C
8. Nitric Acid 200C
9. Natrum Phos 6X
10. Ars Alb. 30C
11. Sulphur 200C

Wish you a good journey!

Also, please take a dose of Calc Sulph 200C tonight.

A bundle of more prayers for your safety, security, good health and speedy recovery.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz Khan

Thanks for your kind words. God bless you too.

Thanks for your recommendations on what medications i should take above. Would you kindly very briefly tell me what each of these 2 would do. Prior to posting here and surfing the net it appeared to me that silica was associated with abscess/fistula etc more than nat sulph. My experience is zero here and you are the guru. Pls advise why nat sulph over silica 6x in my particular case. Could both be taken simultaneously.

Thanks for your very quick responses and look forward to hearing from you for my peade of mind before ordering.

Thanks a million
manequin75 last decade
Thanks, Nawaz. I shall do that.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Krish,

Please don't get confused with what of the remedies working on your anal fistula problem as it will require a lot of reading, skills and experience. Your state and symptoms ask for Natrum Sulph 6X not Silicea 6X at this minute. You are at the edge of Sycotic miasm. Our efforts are to move you in the Syphlitic Miasm when your pus will be white watery color, then, you will be needing other remedies. That will be a good sign towards cure. These remedies will dry the pus and close your fistula tube.

Please do not get into the internals of homoeopathy as this will confuse you more. On the internet, as you know, there are tons of information with various ideas. If you do not know the subject very well, then, one is asking for a big damage to their health.

Homoeopathy is not like allopathic medicines, this for that, as one remedy works on your several problems.

Therefore, please be careful what you read and what you question?

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Please find another update from me:

- No PUS or nothing drained yesterday. Even I felt nothing is there inside the fistula thought it was slightly elevated than the normal skin.

- But after I took the Calc Sulphur last night, noticed a slight oozing in the Fistula area where I could feel now there is something inside which need to be drained. But nothing drained so far. Would this calc Sulphur acts like Silicea where it will expel the pus if there is any ? Just curious Nawaz.:)

- Felt some pain in the fistula area so took the Hypericum one dose in the morning.

- Other than these, I am taking Burb Vulg Q three times a day on daily basis.

- No itching and burning yet.

Please let me know if you want me to do anything else.

I am taking all the medicines that you have listed with me for the trip.

Thanks for all your time and effort, Nawaz.

rajhomeo75 last decade

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