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'I can purchase Berberis Vulgaris Q, it says it is a tincture (correct?)'

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

Sorry for the late response and I couldnt login yesterday.

Please find the update below:

- yesterday noticed some itching and slight pain in the fistula mount.

- Followed by that, in the evening 1-2 drops of light white color pus drained in the evening.

- Followed by that 1-2 drops of blood drained as well.

- This morning also 1 drop of blood drained as well.

i tool Sulphur 200c on Friday night and didnt take anything else after that.

Let me know if I need to do anything else.

Will be travelling tomorrow and please let me know what should I take with me .

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz, yesterday evening after many days I had large streak of blood come out from fistula mount after BM. Same thing happened today morning. I have had some discomfort in fistula region for past 24 hours as well which was controlled by Alumen 3X dose. One additional thing - for past few weeks, some days I get mild headache after waking up in the morning and this pain lingers on for few hours. Please advise. Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear Raj,

Please take Aloe Soc 200c, one daily dose, for 5 days.

Also, you must take Alumen 3X and BV q with you.

More prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear AbFisRidden,

How cold do you feel now? How is your thirst?

Please stop all remedies.

Let me study your data to move forward.

What is your current state of mind? Please describe all of your other issues in detail.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz, good to hear back from you. I generally feel more colder than usual but am not feeling unusually cold currently. Thirst is ok, although I realize I should drink more water, I drink water only few times a day.

I wrote about headache in last post. Today although bit heaviness is there in head but no pain. Headache is not continuous on daily basis.

State of mind is overall peaceful these days.

Please let me know if you need any specific questions answered and I shall post back with more answers.

Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Thanks for the update.

Is there any bleeding today?
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,
I guess you are asking me?

No bleeding, but I hae not had a BM sence Friday.

There is a little drainage, if I blot tissue on the area I see a yellowish discharge (very little)

Kind of looks like mucus that would come out of your nose. (a booger) :-)
trebor11159 last decade
Hi Nawaz, no bleeding today but discomfort in fistula accompanied by burning sensation and bit of itching is still there.

I had a bit spicy food 2 days back maybe that contributed to the blood outflow from fistula.

I forgot to mention, I am having BMs regularly but feeling of stomach clearing 100% is not there.

I shall wait for your reply.

Many Thanks Nawaz !
AbFisRidden last decade
Actually, I was asking AbFisRidden, but, nice of you to give update. Constipation is not good at all. What do you usually take for constipation?

Have you been taking Calc Sulph 6X?
nawazkhan last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200C asap.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

Sure i will take Aloe Soc 200c starting today for another 5 days.

Also here is the update:

- This evening noticed some oozing and slight pain in the fistula.

- Followed by that 2-3 drops of watery, pus drained. It was in half white color.

- Followed by that 1-2 drops of watery liquid drained.

- Still there is some oozing and pain remains in the fistula.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Please continue with the remedy Aloe Soc. 200C.

More prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
trebor11159 last decade
Hi trebor11159,

Before we start on anything, please tell me about the pus, pain, bleeding, burning and itching right now?

How is your constipation?

What have you been taking for the last 3 days?
nawazkhan last decade
1. ID Spiritual Presence
2. Age 44
3. Sex M
4. Marital Status M
5. weight 150
6. Height Â…. 5'9'
7. country USA
8. climate Hot/Cold
9. List of your complaints 2 Anal Fistula. Also suffer from many colon ulcers today. Fatigue.

10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint? 2 months for fistulas and fevers on/off. colon ulcers just found out from colonoscopy. Looking for alternative treatment to steroids.

11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic NON
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt Non really
13. Thirst AVERAGE
14. Tongue and Taste A bit average, a bit clammy and taste is a bit 'hollow'.
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine) (BP?)

16. What exactly is happening? healthy man overall.I have had fevers and fatigue for 2 months, blood in stool drove me to hospital, cat scan and scope shoed ulcers in colon. Many ulcers.

17. How do you feel? Mostly fatigued.
18. How does this affect you? Affects everything. Work, home, communication etc.

19. How does it feel like? It feels a bit depressing, but I have great supportive wife and home environment.
20. What comes to your mind? Hope. frustration, guilt, renewed spirit for God.
21. One situation that had a
big effect on you? Hard to say, my life is full. Perhaps a family issue? Hard to say.

22. How did that feel like? Frustrating.
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation? resentment?

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)? (dont understand question)
25. Current medicines you are taking? prilosec for GERD. recently prescribed.

26. Family Background (Big question). Poor, violent, degrading, fearful. Also loving in the later yearsd with wife.
27. Educational Qualifications of the patient. College.

28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? Holistic health care, also business owner with wife creative work.

29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food . been VEGAN until recently when I got craving for white bread and cheese. Like all veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds etc.

30. Name of foods which increase your problem. Possibly certain nuts? still experimenting

31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÂ…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections. . I am thoughtful, intense, detail oriented. I see WHOLE picture, I am considered very intelligent. I am counselor and seem to operate from problem solving mode in most encounters. I do not know how to 'small talk'.

32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases) . Lack of integrity aggravates me, lack of understanding sometimes. Honesty decreases aggravation.

33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

34. Location of the disease ANAL
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body)

36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc. WHITE/ CLEAR. Always on undergarments allday.

In order to find out that what miasm are you currently in, please answer the following Q's?

1. Please tell us about your pain, if any? How much is the pain and where? Anal fistula is painful daily. Painful for Bowel Movements. Also fatigue from manu ulcers in colon.

2. Is there any pus coming from anywhere in your body and it's color, quantity and thickness? The color may be yellow, light yellow, brown, dark brown, greenish, white and watery. (Pus from fistula, clear whitish. Also pus from stool sometimes. Looks white clear.

3. What is the color of your discharges, if any?

4. How about the blood discharges, if any? Please describe the color of blood and its thickness? Semi-thick, raspberry color. bright burgundy.

5. Please tell me about your constipation? No costipation really.

6. How about the itching and burning in detail, if any? Yes, anal itching of fistula area.

7. How is your energy level and state of mind other than the one you already described? Low energy, state of mind is varies from very hopeful (when I am with God) top very frystrated and sad when I am not

8. Any other issues right now and in the past other than the one you have already described? None.

9. What are you taking at the moment (homoeopathic and allopathic) on daily basis? Nothing. I was to begin Traditional Chinese Medicine in a day or two.

10. Any other additional information that you would like to mention that might be helpful? I believe I can heal.
spiritualpresence last decade
Dear spiritualpresence,

Please take Arsenicum Album 200C, 4 drops in 2 sips of mineral water, 2 times a day, for 3 days.

Down the road, you will be needing Calc Sulph 200C, Merc Sol 200C, Berberis Vulgaris Q, Hypericum 200C and Calendula Q.
Many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

The pus is the same as last report, very little but still therem kind of like snot from your nose.
Pain is very litle but noticable when I sit the wrong way.
Therewas a little bleeding when I had a BM today.
No burning but alittle bit of itching.

No constipation.

I have been taking Calc Sulph 6X, 4 pills nicely dissolved in 1/4 cup of mineral water. 3 times a day.

But only sence yesterday.
trebor11159 last decade
Dear Nawaz

Sure, I will continue with Aloe Soc 200 and update you accordingly.

Still same condition that in the evening 2-3 drops of watery pus drained which was in dirt color.

- Still some pain and oozing remains in the fistula.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hi trebor11159,

Please start on Berberis Vulgaris Q, 4 drops mixed in 1/4 cup of mineral water, 3 times a day, for 4 days.

Stop all other remedies.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Hey Raj,

What time of the day you take Aloe Soc 200C dose?

How is the pilescondition now?
nawazkhan last decade
Blessing Nawaz, and thank you for the reply.

You said:
Dear spiritualpresence,

Please take Arsenicum Album 200C, 4 drops in 2 sips of mineral water, 2 times a day, for 3 days.

Down the road, you will be needing Calc Sulph 200C, Merc Sol 200C, Berberis Vulgaris Q, Hypericum 200C and Calendula Q. ------------------- Why the Arsenicum Album for fistulas and ulcers? Isn't that for anxiety? Also can I use the pellets? Thank you.

How far 'down the road' for the additonal treatment?
spiritualpresence last decade
Thanks for your prayer spiritualpresence!

Please understand, there is no this for that in homoeopathy. Your whole picture was taken into account to select this remedy. Your current mental and physical symptoms called for this remedy as it is not just for anxiety, the remedy is excellent in fistula cases.

I would prefer that you get in the liquid form.

The time it will take to completely heal will depend upon you. How good you are to stay on the top of things, follow directions and avoid any doubts?

Please stay blessed!
nawazkhan last decade
Thank you Nawaz and many blessings to you!

My dedication to heal and to stay focused is unmovable.

My doubts are also questions for my learning, not doubts in the healing process.

Thank you again and also... when do I look into the other treatment? Weeks? Months? Also if I can only find pellets here, what is the dose?
spiritualpresence last decade
Dear Nawaz

I take normally Aloe Soc before bed at night.

The pilesis OK now and no issues.

ALso here is the update:

- This evening noticed the oozing got bigger in the fistula.

- Followed by that 3-4 drops of thick pus drained which was in dirt color and some dirt particles in it ( like BM).

- Followed by that 2-3 drops of watery blood drained as well.

- Later 1-2 drops of watery liquid drained as well.

- Still there is some oozing remains in the fistula and so pain as well.

Please let me know if I need to take anything else. Today is the third day I am taking Aloe Soc 200c.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Please take Nux Vomica 200C, one daily dose in the morning, for 2 days.

Continue with Aloe Soc. 200C for 2 more nights.

More prayers for you Raj.
nawazkhan last decade

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