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Hi Nawaz

I shall follow your instructions.

I have not yet started Cinnamon Q yet. Should I start with it ?

I don't have sugar reading instrument with me, so I will need to purchase one and see what my sugar readings are on daily basis.

Sometime back I had my fasting sugar check, which came out fine. The H1AC test had reading in the normal range but bit on the higher side.

Many Thanks !
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AbFisRidden last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

Please go ahead and start on Cinnamon Q as suggested from tomorrow.

No matter what we must obtain your current sugar readings asap.

With prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Sure Nawaz, I shall start with Cinnamon Q alongwith Berb Vulg Q doses from tomorrow.

Couple of days back you had asked me to take Hypericum 200 dose as well for five days. Should I take Hypericum 200 dose as well ?

Please confirm.

Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
i have been following this thread since i sought help on this forum last year.


i have one question:

hey nawaz, when are you going to cure a patient????

raj asked for forum posters to post success stories from their experiences with nawaz.

it has been over a month and there has not been one success story posted.

what a joke this is!!!!!!

i challenge nawaz to post one thread from a patient that he has cured from this illness. he must have one thread from a successful treatment.
jorbri1513 last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

Please take a daily dose of Hypericum 200C as suggested.

Again, I would like to remind you that the cure of your fistula is not in my hands or in any remedy. All we can do is try to do with the best of our abilities to deal with the problem. It is indeed in the hands of our creator. I have no worldly gain here.

The evil as always keeps on chasing The Good, to find faults in others where they make humanly mistake and the evil jumps in. What a punishement Evil is suffering and always fail without puting a small dent in Good?

The negative forces, the evil spirits are about 93 million miles away ( The distance between earth and the sun ) from the truth, moral values and the understanding of Homoeopathic Treatment), therefore, a good soul will always ignore them. One must never waste a second of time on Evil.

Many many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Please find the update below:

- Yesterday after BM, 1-2 drops of slight yellow color BM mixed pus drained which was little thick.

- After that every now and then few drops of colorless watery liquid drained as well.

- Later in the day, 1-2 drops of little thick white color pus drained.

- Today after BM, few BM drained through fistula.

- I feel slight pain in the Fissure area ( where the fissure used to be).

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Nawaz, also can you please let me know if I need any other medicines in the near future as someone is coming from India and I can ask them to get it for me.

Thanks again for all your time and effort !

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear jorbri1513,

Have you been cured from your fistula ? if so, please let everyone know how did it happen so that someone will benefit out of it.

We, everyone in this forum are trying hard with some volunteer's help to get cured from this disease. Please help us if you can !

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Today morning I noticed more than usual blood on under garment. I started with Berb Vulg Q dose yesterday night.

From today onwards I will be taking following medicines daily for next 5 days -

(1) Berb Vulg Q (7 drops in night)
(2) Cinnamon Q (4 drops during day)
(3) Hypericum 200 dose during mornings.

Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear Raj,

What remedies are you taking on daily basis right now? How is your constipation?

So, is there any bleeding?

Do you have Nitric Acid 200c with you?

I will compile a list for you soon! When is the guy coming from India?

Many many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

Thanks for the update. Please post your blood drops position by the end of today.

Continue with the current suggested remedies.

You may make a cup of Qawa using a small piece of Adrak ( Ginger ) and drink it for bleeding.

A bundle of more prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz,

How do we make 'Qawa' ? I tried googling it but could not find it. Is it as simple as boiling ginger in water ?

Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade

Yes I am cured from this problem. If you read my case which I previously posted a link to you will see that I became disillusioned with the BS from Nawaz and sought out an herbalist in my area.

He solved my problem in 3 days, this was 3 months ago and I have not had a recurrence.

Do not buy that garbage that it takes a long time to cure, this is just a narcissist feeding his ego to keep you following his will. If you even question his ego he will dismiss you (see bhavin or my case there are several more)

I would not presume to tell you or anyone else to take the same herbs that I did as they may have a negative effect on your body and could possibly make you sick or worse.

Herbs are not diluted and must be taken under the guidance of a QUALIFIED herbalist.

Raj, based on your previous answer to bhavin I'm sure you agree with what I'm saying about self prescription -

'Thanks for the post. I can understand your feelings but I am not sure how it would help if we try to treat ourselves using Homeopathy. I am not an expert in that and I hope you are not as well. '

The herbalist gave me the names of 25 people that he had cured from the same fistula problem or similar condition. I spoke to 3 of them and that was all I needed to be convinced. The proof was REAL not imagined.

I would recommend that you not waste any more time with this clown and seek out a qualified professional Homeopathic or otherwise to help you.

Nawaz - When you decided to include my wife in your attacks on me in my post you made an enemy for life. Plan on hearing from me wherever you post because you are a JOKE!

As always you want to dictate what remedy these posters should take then claim that the cure is not in your hands.

What kind of double talk is that. It is a shame that these posters do not see you for what you really are.

You can call me all the names you want 'evil', 'Lt General in satan's army' or what ever you want.

I have one name for you and that is 'PHONY'.

As I said before, post 'ONE' link to a cured fistula patient and you have proven yourself to be an accomplished healer.

So far you are just a 'Bladder Full of Hot Air'

I guess you will threaten to quit the forum again or some such tantrum, the forum will be better off if you quit.

Again the challenge is real and you can not rise to it,
You could not cure me or any of these posters.

jorbri1513 last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

'Is it as simple as boiling ginger in water ? '

Yes, please make a cup by puting 2 small pieces of ginger and a little sugar.

Please be careful with the lies and tries of harming you, Raj and others. It will also be a good idea to contact the herbalist for treatment, if one exists?

Many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

- No constipation as such.

- yes, I do have nitric acid 200C.

- As of now I take
Alumen 30C - 3 times a day
and Hypericum 200C - Once at night

for the past 3 days.

- No bleeding.

- Today in the evening 3-4 drops of watery liquid drained from fistula.

- Also 1 -2 drops of watery liquid drained from Fissure as well.

- One thing I noticed for a long time in this case is, whenever the fistula opening is trying to close from outside / inside , there will be a small oozing shows up in the Fissure area and with some pain. After a while, something will drain from there and then it gets sealed by itself.

- Is this because, the pus need some outlet to drain ?

Please let me know if I need to take anything else.

That person is coming from India on Monday.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Well Raj, in this situation, please take a single dose of Merc Sol 1M tonight. Stop all other remedies.

If you miss this post tonight, then, please take a dose in the morning before going to work?

Good luck.

nawazkhan last decade
herb·al·ist [hur-buh-list,ur-] Show IPA
a person who collects or deals in herbs, especially medicinal herbs.
herb doctor.


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jorbri1513 last decade
Dear Nawaz

I just took a dose of Merc Sol 1M in the afternoon.

Later in the day, 2-3 drops of thick white color pus drained.

- Not much of pain / itching.

- After that 1-2 drops of colorless watery liquid drained.

- I am not taking any other medicine.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

rajhomeo75 last decade
to, mr.jorbri

wow what an attack.....

mr. this forum is for helping ppl & not for attacking,fighting, or blaming on somebody who is selflessly helping human kind.

if you are so keen to help mr.Raj or anybody for that mattar. than you should stat new thread (it can be so called herbalist).

pls do not distract the forum by attacking somebody who is trying to help.

& sir ... those who are following the instructions for fistula are allready a sufferer from allopathy n hv gone through hell.



taniya last decade
Dear Raj,

Thanks for the good report. Please let the remedy work and stay cool!

By God willing, you will be OK as your case is in the last stages (Syphilitic miasm to psoric miasm) of cure. What we are trying to do is dry your pus and close the tube?

The hard part is the yellow color pus that is a disease (Sycotic miasm to Syphilitic miasm). This is just to let you know what is homoeopathically happening. Please don't get confused with the internals of Homoeopathy as it is an art and very complex science.

The following I mentioned in the start of this thread, I am pasting here to refresh your memory.
'As you already know that Anal fistula, we call it a BadGuy that is an opening in the skin near the anus.
Fistula leads into a blind pouch or may connect through a tunnel with the rectal canal.

Words Of Caution.
As this is a serious disease, one must never assume and self-prescribe. Never think of SURGERY as this will be a local and temporary solution. More than one fistula will reappear again in most of the cases. A comprehensive communication and case management is required for a complete cure.

Please remember, there is no quick fix. One must be patient and determined to get well soon.'

You are encouraged to ask any Q's. But, please remember each individual is different with a different response to homoeopathic remedies, life style and circumstances.

Someone mentioned that he was cured his Pilonidal Cyst that is a cyst on the tailbone, near the cleft of the buttocks. But, this is certainly not Anal Fistula. You may explore and get the name and contact info. of that herbalist for herbal treatment. It would be nice to find out if the cure for Anal Fistula/Fissure/ext. & int. pilesexist in the herbal world? We will all benefit for that cure!

Please post your symptoms by the end of today. BTW, how is your state of mind and energy level at the moment?

Many many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

Did you ever get that Qawa made from Ginger? How is the bleeding now? Please post your full symptoms when you get a chance today?

A bundle of more prayers for your good health and happiness.

nawazkhan last decade
dear dr. nawaz.

pls note, only two drops of bleeding daily. i m taking ginger tea daily.

i m countinuing with Ber ber val Q.


yasmeen khan
taniya last decade
Hello Yasmeen K.,

That is really good! How are you making the Ginger tea, please share this with us?

How many drops of pus coming from fistula and its color?

Any pain?

Any burning or itching?

How is your constipation?

How is your enery level now?

What is your state of mind?

Any other issues?

Please post your complete symptoms?

Many many prayers for your healthy life.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

Thanks for the response and I am doing OK. I shall watch the symptoms closely and update you accordingly.

- Also, Nawaz, I will be travelling again for next few months for work every week . Can you let me know what medicine I might need next week so that I can carry it with me.

- I will make sure I am not disturbing my eating / sleep schedule when I am away from home.

- Also, have you had a chance to prepare the list of medicines that I might need in the near future so that I can get it from India.

- Mindset, is little upset on something for the past 2 days. Energy level is fine. I am trying to be cool and calm. I will try my best to be calm and cool.

- Reg, Herbalist let me ask and get the details to
at least find out.

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rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Do you have enough Arsenicum Album 200C, Thuja 200C, Sulphur 200C, Calc Sulph 200C, Berberis Vulgaris Q, Alumina 30C, Arnica 200C, Calendula Q and Merc. Sol 1M?

It would be nice to have the following remedies for future use.

Ars Alb. 1M
Thuja CM
Avena Sativa 1M
Silicea 1M
Nitric Acid 1M
Calc Phos 200C
Antimonium Crudum 200C
Staphysagria 200C
Lycopodium 200C
Selenium 200C

But, from today, please take Ars Album 200C, one daily dose for 3 days.

Also, please get the name, address and phone number of the herbalist for the benefit of all!

I shall be waiting on the status of your complete symptoms by the end of today?

Many prayers for you.

[message edited by nawazkhan on Fri, 10 Jun 2011 23:29:35 BST]
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

Hope you are doing well. I have been having uneasiness in fistula area since from last update. Not much of blood drainage (though it is still there) but uneasiness/discomfort/pain in fistula region. I am still seeing blood on TP after BM.

I sat in sitz bath today which seems to have calmed things around fistula.

I am taking Hypericum 200, Cinnamon Q and Berb Vulg Q doses daily.

I have not had a chance to take Ginger Qawa. I shall take it soon though.

Energy level wise I feel tired and feel need to lie down for few minutes every few hours.

Many Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear AbFisRidden,

I am doing fine, thanks to our creator!

Are you sure the blood is coming from fistula? This blood might be from rectum as it is after BM? Please make sure about the location of current bleeding?

How is your sleep right now?

Let's do this, take Hypericum 200C daily dose in the morning around 7:00AM.

Then, take Berberis Vulgaris Q, 7 drops in 1/4 glass of mineral water, in the evening around 6:00PM daily, until the bleeding stops.

Please stop Cinnamon Q for the time being.

Also, please take a cup of Ginger Qawa tea that will also help stopping the bleeding.

If any time, the pain is unbearable, you must keep in mind to take a dose of Mag. Phos 200C as needed basis?

It appears your fistula is going thru a healing process again after getting disturbed in your last camping trip. Therefore, please be patient and brave as usual. By God willing, the things will work out fine.

Also, please get the name, address and phone number of the herbalist for the cure of fistula and for the benefit of all on ABC forum! I have requested Raj too. Seriously, if the cure exists in herbs, then, we all must benefit from it?

Please be on the top of things as we have worked very hard on your case.

Please ask any Q's.

A bundle of more prayers for your comfortable life.

nawazkhan last decade

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