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Alright Thank you, one quick question.

At the dentist they recommended 2 fillings for cavities. Should i wait to schedule that until after i have reported back to you? That 1 tooth is quite bothersome but I don't at all mind waiting if you advise that to be best. They suggested i use sensodyne in the mean time. I plan on taking 200C tomorrow (day 15).
jenny57401 last decade
Yeah, it will be better to wait.
sameervermani last decade
K thanks! will do.
Have a great weekend, will report in 10 days....
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer, i know it hasnt been near 10 days yet. I have become extremely emotional and irrational about 6 hours after taking remedy after being at my bf's house. something he said made me feel like he would eventually not be a part of my life anymore and i felt very rejected and hurt. ive had feelings of crying and have cried since taking remedy. since then i have also been angry, irritable, confrontational almost egging on verbal fights with people, specifically men who have at one time held an interest in me personally. I try to figure out why i am acting in such an immature way and i know it is me misbehaving, not them, but i do not know where this is coming from. it is not a new feeling. this is usually the way i feel and act a week before my period but i am only half way thru my cycle. my skin is breaking out worse, i pick my face and touch it because i just want the acne to get out of my skin, even tho i know this can make acne worse. i am so self conscious about my behavior and appearance i feel it best i keep away from people all together. i feel like my attitude hurts others and i dont want to do that. i above all right now want some type of consolation or to be held by my bf but i feel like i have no good reason to ask for something like that. it seems to me a little childish. i want to be mad at him for not knowing i need that right now, but i see its not his problem. I don't know if all of this means the remedy is working or an aggravation. i just wanted to type this out hoping it would help me feel better since i dont know who else to talk to about this. will report when i am supposed to if i dont hear from you. thanks. jenny
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,
if you would like to do something to tackle this in a complementary way while continuiny with your homeopathy, I think both NLP and EFT would be very effective.
You can either go to a practitioner (try and find a Master Practitioner of either of them).
Or you can learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for free at emofree.com
remember, thousands upon thousands - probably millions - of people have freed themselves from phobias.
You are no different and can ABSOLUTELY do it.
saritalove last decade
Hi Sameer,hope all is well with you. reporting on day 10.

Since I wrote the above post on the 8th, a day or so after that i started to feel better emotionally.

nose bleeds have gone away, nose still kind of dry overall.

skin is still itchy but doesnt seem quite as intense as before.

cough still occuring in the morning sometimes.

sore/scratchy throat after drinking water.

pain/cramping during ovulation on june 10

june 12 had plans to drive 6 hours away to visit family in Minneapolis MN.
minor nervousness/anxiety as i drive there.
allergies severe upon arrival. they have a dog. dry bloody nose, constant sneezing, itchy watery eyes.
overall tired from driving but in good mood.

june 13
they live near airport, would watch planes fly overhead like i do often. heard news of plane crash in an ocean ...immediately took interest but didn't want to think about it. had thoughts of the bridge that collapsed last year in Minneapolis. minor anxiety when going up and down in elevator. escalators are fine with me. went shopping, indecisive majority of time. found myself comparing me to others around in the mall. this is something i do often too when around people. overall good mood though.

today -before reporting-
nose bleeds better, sneezing not as intense. eczema is still on parts of chest. acne is improving mildly but not drastically. skin is still kind of itchy. my aunt is fighting 2nd bout of lung cancer, her family we stay with has very unhealthy habits overall--eating fast food often, overweight, dirty messy house, lets the animals inside, dog hair on tables where they eat. they make fun of me because i eat organic food. i know they mean no harm and i don't take offense, but i've felt disgusted with how they live. have felt this way before but now i feel less bad about feeling it. i see we are drastically different now and its ok to not want to be around influences like that. but at times i feel bad, because they are family.

seems i might be forgetting something but my notes are at home and out of reach.

let me know what to do next please.

thanks sameer
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

So, overall what the IMPROVEMENTS since the dose ?

When was the 200c dose taken?

sameervermani last decade
Disregard the second question, as I notice you took it 10 days ago.
sameervermani last decade
the physical improvements have been acne improvement. it seems to be drying up and lessening. still more acne than i care for but happy it is improving.

allergy symptoms seem to be lessening (not including the dog allergy) Anytime i come into contact with a new animal it takes time for me to get used to the dander of it. but overall, allergy symptoms are better.

aside from the 3 day stint of extreme emotional upset, i call it the 'dark cloud'...overall i feel happy again (no dark cloud hanging over me). the cloud came only the 3 days following the 200c dose.

the 2 patches of eczema on my hand has gone away.

again, my notes are at home there may have been other physical improvements i can't remember right now.

jenny57401 last decade
So, you do feel happier and less anxious as compared to before the time you took Phosphorus ?
sameervermani last decade
yes, a little less anxious and yeah, a bit happier. not a 100% but i noticed improvement aside from those 3 days i mentioned. i am more aware now of when i am affected by cloudy and negative thinking and i try to cut that out before it takes a hold of me so strongly. have shown improvement there as well. i can still say with certainty the fear of flying, heights, falling from high places and being alone is not gone, though.
jenny57401 last decade
Wanted to add also, i looked over the Phosphorus symptoms and i agree a majority of it really fits. even the burning back pain that i never mentioned since i think it was a product of high stress levels. was hoping the back annoyance would dissipate if i could get my fears under control.

thanks sameer. will wait for direction from you.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Please procure Phosphorus 1M, and update me in 10 days from now.

Do not take the dose yet though.
sameervermani last decade
k thanks sameer i will do so.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer,
I am having some constant dull pains on my right abdomen near my ovary. This is new. Ive had sharp pains in them before but they came and went and figured they were common ovarian cysts. ovulation was little over a week ago, am awaiting my period soon. Theres also a new twitching near my right eye and my right side toes that is persistent when occurring but comes and goes randomly. I am concerned about the ovary pain. I wondered if you thought these things might be from the phos 200c. even if you dont think so, if you had any advice to give i would sure appreciate it.

jenny57401 last decade
If the pain has happened in the past, it can be from the Phosphorus, as a remedy can bring back old symptoms.

Otherwise, I would think this is not related.

How do you feel mentally now ?
sameervermani last decade
Mentally i feel good and i am happy. i have not had mood swings like i used to get them before i began phos. i still have visions or thoughts about disasters when i hear of something plane or height related in the news. in fact, compared to before phos 200c id say they have occurred more frequent. i think about it, observe how i feel, and since i am not faced with any immediate threats i just tell myself to forget about it. and i do forget until the next time i hear about something.
jenny57401 last decade
Okay, please continue to wait.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer, Just reporting because today is day 10 from the last official report date (besides my concern in between time)

The ovary pain went away soon after you posted last. Did not go to the doctor.

Will await a post from you.
jenny57401 last decade
Ok and where are we mentally , compared to before you started treatment ?
sameervermani last decade
Forgot to add i did get the Phos 1M as you advised.
jenny57401 last decade
Mentally i am ok. i got a little emotional yesterday (right before my period) but it soon faded. got period today. the moodiness a week prior to menst. is much improved.

Still scared of planes and such tho if i had to ride in one.
jenny57401 last decade
You know, i thought of something i had completely forgotten about until the other day that i wanted to mention.

Around November of '08 I was being advised by a classical homeopath nearby who has since gone away...she was helping me around the time of my grandmothers death. Ive been having physical pains since around age 16/17. She gave me Stront? 200C. i took 15 pellets under the tongue at bedtime, again in the morning and again at that night time (45 pellets total). I knew nothing about this stuff and about a month later i got a pretty high fever, after that she said it was a good sign and said i can take another dose like that if i want. I think i only took 15 pellets after, i cant remember. that re-dose occurred around jan 09.

In feb i began seeing returned eczema and this is when my emotions and my menstrual cycle got severely disturbed. i thought it was because of the acupuncturist i was seeing. i began breaking out more on my face, chest and back.... i had no idea and never thought it could be from stront? still dont know if it is but i just put the timing together after finding my notes on it. My memory is so horrible sometimes. My grandma died in November and then in Feb when all these symptoms were going on my uncle died so there was alot of traveling (by car only) and fam stuff going on.

dont know if this is important info, so sorry i forgot about this until now. but overall i do feel phos is doing some good.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Please wait for 1 more week, and update me at that time.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Updating as advised.

Mentally i feel pretty good overall no change from last week. I have been planning a work/leisure event in Chicago and will be driving with a group of girls. It is better than flying, but i will not be driving the car and it is a 12 hour drive. I enjoy the expense paid trip but am noticing like usual i really prefer to feel like i have control over where i go and when, maybe thats normal i dont know. I guess it would be a better attitude to be grateful for the paid expenses in the name of work and enjoy the ride. But im finding myself trying to find ways to alter a few details so that i have a little more freedom and control over things. It seems to take up a lot of my time and thoughts.

Also had a little anxiety creep up after speaking with my brother about a sleep paralysis attack i had some years back (16 or 17 yrs old?) I basically woke up out of a deep sleep i think and found that i couldnt move from the neck down. i tried to scream 'help' but no words came out. I felt the sense of evil just behind me and i tried to turn my head to see but i dont remember anything after that. don't even remember the next morning, only that i know it was not a dream. I didnt have another sleep paralysis attack 2 days ago but i was very much afraid to fall asleep after thinking about this and definitely did not want silence or darkness so i turned my tv and light on. I really wanted to have my bf sleep with me but my car was in the shop and couldnt get to his house. I actually woke up at 3am and didnt go back to bed because i was alone and tried calling some people to help me get my mind off it. Is causing a little anxiety now, its 2 am as i write.

My period was pretty much cramp free. Im noticing they are heavier for longer. before remedy i would menstruate for 4 days now its a good 5. 32 day cycle and people around me are noticing my moods have been better.

Still have 1M phos. Let me know what i should do next when you get the time :)

Thank you Sameer
jenny57401 last decade
Tell me how fastidious are you ?

How much do you worry about cleanliness and order ?

Any perfectionist traits ?

How are you with spending money ?
sameervermani last decade

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