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took a sudden turn today after posting. i got home from work and got a bill in the mail that i wasn't expecting and i broke down crying. i don't let myself cry very often and i haven't in a while. but i've been so physically uncomfortable lately, so tired, hungry and i've just had enough. contemplating thoughts of quitting my jobs, but fear of not enough money keeps me from doing it. i fell asleep and woke up shortly after in a panic state because it felt like my limbs were going numb ( i fell asleep using my decongestive lymphatic machine ). I turned it off and got up and now i'm just ...blah.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Jenny,

Please take 3 doses of SULPHUR 30c in water empty stomach in the morning, and report back after 1 week.

sameervermani 9 years ago
is this antidote?
i can't be sure but i usually get mentally worse after intercourse. i don't do that too often, but that could've been the cause along with just being overwhelmed with work and not feeling well. i'm taking the day off so i feel less stressed.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Not an anti-dote. Just a remedy I think we should go to.
sameervermani 9 years ago
might be too early to tell, but i took sulpher yesterday (thursday) in the A.M., and today (friday) in the evening i had an allergic reaction to my cat. lots of sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes. I haven't had a reaction to her in quite a while.

Not sure what else this could be from. the snow is melting outside and maybe things are budding but it happened inside when i got near my cat.

thought i'd let you know as I'm not sure if its an aggravation or not.

had a mentally better day even though i was in some pain.

Thanks, Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Jenny, Please keep waiting, and update in another week.
sameervermani 9 years ago

the itchy eyes on runny/sneezy nose lasted for 2 days. after that i was just super irritable and achy all over. even had very bad insomnia one night, i was up until 330 am talking to a couple people.

yesterday (day 23 of my cycle) i spotted briefly. breasts are tender today and yesterday. had some ovarian/menstrual type cramps. the spotting didn't return today, but acne popped up more on chest and face. before then my skin was clearing up while i was irritable.

today i started to have a little more zest and i didn't loathe going to work or being there. overall i was pretty mentally good but i am still having lots of aches and fatigue.

thanks Sameer
jenny57401 9 years ago
Excellent, keep on waiting.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Hi Sameer

Good mentally last few days
Acne worse
Got period on day 31 of cycle.
Seemed to get mentally worse tonight at the end of the day after physical activity (having insomnia and irritability).

My period was pretty steady all day today, cramps lasting all day, feeling like crap.

lab tests reveal extreme low levels of vitamin D and Free T3 hormone.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Please see if the mental worsening continues for
3-4 more days. Report back then.

Please procure 200c (any form, pellets/liquid), LM1 and LM2 (30 ml dropper bottles from Helios).
sameervermani 9 years ago
sorry for late reply, i have been out of town. been feeling really bad physically. mentally i enjoyed my weekend, the long 9 hour drive has taken a toll on me though, very achey, feverish, lots of pain.

will order those u suggested if you still recommend?
jenny57401 9 years ago
hey Sameer,

today I spiked a 101 fever (thus far) and have feverish like aches all over.
Is this from the Sulphur you think?

My period cycle is even on day 8 and I had extra cramping yesterday plus pinkish spotting today which is unusual for me.
jenny57401 9 years ago
These sort of physical aggravations with mental amelioration are a good sign.

Please wait for a few more days, and then we will think of the next dose.
sameervermani 9 years ago
ok, i'm up with a 103 temp. should i still order those remedies you suggested or do u want me to wait.
jenny57401 9 years ago
You should order.
sameervermani 9 years ago
I am trying to be patient, but I am in severe pain. My head is throbbing, i haven't eaten anything but crackers today, diarrhea and nausea, aches are so intense I can't sleep. fever won't go below 100.

is there anything i can do? i need to go to work.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Take pain killers (e.g. Tylenol) if needed. Eat light food (some lentil and rice, with yogurt would be good).

No homeopathic intervention at this point please.

The body might bring discharges in the form of vomiting and diarrhea, and that should not be interfered with.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Thank you.

I took a couple aspirin and this helped the pain a little. fever was around 100 (lower than what it was all day around 102) and it brought it down into the 98.5 range.

Still having diarrhea and headache but I will just wait and report back when I receive the new remedies in the mail.

Thanks again Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Sorry to be a pest, Sameer.

The aspirin tamed things down enough for me to work today, but as soon as i was at work for a couple hours i started getting feverish again after eating.

The food bar I ate passed through me no more than 3 hours later. I could barely sit through 4 hours of work before going home. my throat is dry and 'ticklish' so every time i breath i want to cough. can't breath thru nose very well due to congestion AND leakiness. (one mostly leaks, one is mostly clogged)

my busy lyme doc in montana suggested to go to the walk in clinic (without reading my email to her that this could be a positive reaction to Sulphur).

I thought I would address you first before making a decision. I really don't want to go but i am miserable and i have 7 hours in this week, total! I feel like my job is seriously getting tired of me being sick and i don't know what to do about it it makes me sad. i cried when i got home because i am so tired of not knowing what progress i'm making. I can deal with pain if i know *why* it's happening. this makes me nervous about my trip in less than 3 weeks and if i'm gonna be well enough to even go and if i do go, will i enjoy my trip or be miserable like this? I'm a stick at 110 lbs and 5'8. i try to be positive but it's really hard sometimes.

not going crazy like months prior, but still a little on edge and naturally upset.

Please advise.
Thank you,
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Jenny,

If I intervene right now, I will be dishonest to myself.

I have to wait, as these sort of physical aggravations will happen very often in chronic diseases.

Please bear for a few more days.

Why it is happening: when ailments move from mental planes to physical planes in a curative process, symptoms will come up, and along with that, under the correct remedy, old suppressed acutes will also come to the surface.
sameervermani 9 years ago
I totally understand.
I haven't taken anything or gone to the doc ( i really didn't want to go in anyway )

The diarrhea hasn't occurred since earlier today or this evening. Everything seems to be shifting in the form of a sinus/upper respiratory infection. At least the severe aches and fever has subsided a little (this evening it went down to around 99-100)

As long as you strongly believe this is a reaction to the remedy I'm good with not intervening. I just wondered if i caught a bug from traveling. Will try to hunker down and get some rest and fluids and not worry about work.

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Try to list all your physical concerns (since this acute started).

For every physical symptom I need:

What makes it better/worse?
Other symptoms that accompany this
sameervermani 9 years ago
-FEVER went down on its own overnight. I get warm all over and especially in my face/head.
I only got a few chills while having fever. Mostly I was burning up and laying a cool pack on my head helped. (and aspirin the one time i took it)

-DIARRHEA this is slowly slowly solidifying into very loose bowels. lots of mucous. mostly brown but sometimes green. yesterday i had a couple small clumps expelled that had a light grayish/green coating on it. this is unusual for me. last night's dinner didnt travel through until this morning, there were undigested food particles but the overall color was brown
water brings on diarrhea and massaging my tummy seems to ease discomfort and speed along expelling.

-COUGH went from a tickly dry throat coughing up nothing, but urge to cough with every breath. today, I coughed up green mucous. there is rattling in lungs.

-THROAT was swollen, still feels swollen, not quite as sore, but definitely a bit rough feeling as i cough, voice is deeper and not my normal voice.

-NOSE still congested on one side at all times, alters. expelling lots of mucous at times. mostly clear, sometimes yellow.

-HEAD still is congested. headaches come on sharply and quickly upon arising where i must hold my head and stop moving until it subsides. my eyes don't hurt as much to move them. laying down helps.

-BODY sharp searing pain in right top femur/quad muscle. feels like a saber saw (the powered circular ones)is searing into my leg. it comes on and lasts maybe 2 seconds then leaves. comes back randomly. this occurs other places too but its too random to see a pattern.

-STOMACH not really nausea after i eat, just an exacerbation of symptoms, makes me kind of loathe eating which is a serious problem considering my weight. I just feel drained, resting helps, and foods like yogurt and soups are soothing.

-PAIN my whole body is uncomfortable. during 2 day fever the pain was so severe I couldn't sleep, like every organ and muscle was being crushed. I've had a kink in my right trap/shoulder/back that not even my physical therapist can work out, or my chiropractor (it's been 3 weeks if not 4 since this started). laying on heat pad, laying in hot bath tub, laying down helps. heat heat heat and laying and water. this is mostly worst in my back where I can't reach to relieve it, hence laying down and resting is the only way. deep tissue relieves but it is so shortly lived. as soon as i'm up walking or sitting its right back to uncomfortable. this is always accompanied with an uncomfortable neck. Feel stiff all over, but my Physical Therapist said I am actually hyperflexible. He is amazed at the range of motion I have.
i've been working on correcting posture behaviors with help of physioball exercises but i have been too sick to perform them. the kink and body pain became more pronounced after starting these exercises. i wonder if it's just a reaction from my muscles trying to get used to the new positions i'm trying to hold them in.

FACE acne comes and goes. when i got really sick, it cleared up a bit on my face, but got worse on my chest and back (probably because i was so sick i couldn't get in the shower)

MENSTRUAL CYCLE i can't remember if I told you, my cycle started on day 30 or 31 or so, and lasted for almost 7 days. I also had pinkish discharge around day 8 or 9, usually it ends with a brown discharge. I even had a few cramps, this was on the first days of feeling super ill (Monday/Tuesday)

If I were to guess, I'd say I had what felt like the flu, upper respiratory tract infection and sinus infection. All of which I've had in the past I'm sure. I know i've dealt with bronchitis and URI as a child a lot, and as a teen i had walking pneumonia.

Hope this was detailed enough. I'm at home resting, thankful that I at least don't feel like I'm all the way dying. Just feel busted up but thats my normal lately.

If you suggest i keep waiting I am totally ok with that as it seems this is slowly subsiding.
Thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
'urge to cough with every breath. ' Is it while exhaling or while inhaling ?

What symptoms aggravate after you eat ?

The pains are in general shifting in nature ?

So, everywhere on your body warm applications ameliorate you ? But on your head you need cold applications ?

sameervermani 9 years ago
urge to cough with every breath. ' is it while exhaling or while inhaling ?


what symptoms aggravate after you eat ?

stomach feels unhappy, sometimes nauseated, sometimes it feels just toxic, like i need to drink water to flush stuff out. also, depending on what it is i eat i can get very tired (usually a carb or fat is involved)

the pains are in general shifting in nature ?

the pain always shifts. constant pain/discomfort in back but as soon as i relieve that, there is pain elsewhere.

so, everywhere on your body warm applications ameliorate you ? but on your head you need cold applications ?

yes, this is true during a fever/body aches

--- updated symptoms---
aside from the lingering plugged nose and coughing, i seem to be close to back to how i was. constant body aches that are my usual discomfort. my temp this morning was 97.6. spiking 99.0 and maybe close to 100.0 after a hot bath or shower, or eating something warm. loose bowels and irritable tummy still persists. could be because i haven't ate much at all. i'm sure i'm very dehydrated.
jenny57401 9 years ago
'constant pain/discomfort in back but as soon as i relieve that, there is pain elsewhere'

Please explain more.
sameervermani 9 years ago

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