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I don't normally, no. But after I was doing either Merc Sol or one of the other remedies, I did have dreams of snakes, they were distinct enough for me to remember even today. There were at least 3 I remember.

Looking back in the posts I see it was with the Merc sol dosing. The dreams of snakes began with that. I never used to have dreams of snakes, or if i did, I don't remember them.

I definitely don't like snakes. I don't want to touch them, I don't want to be anywhere near them if someone shows them to me. I think i would be ok with touching one if I knew the head of the snake was nowhere near me or able to reach me. And according to my spiritual counselor, it's for a good reason. I've had negative experiences with snake bites in 'other' lives lol. Not that you have to believe that, but in my life experience, it makes complete sense for me. A lot of my feelings or fears I've had do not come from experiences in this lifetime. Even the planes/flying.

Hope that helps.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Having rough time. Been crying just about every day. Some anger. Not that I would ever consider suicide (I know it's not the answer) but yesterday I was so upset about being in my body and the pain I've been having and just life in general that I actually felt like I really don't want to be here, like on earth. I think since my aunt passed a couple weeks ago, I view her passing as a celebration for her because she is free of her pain from a long lived battle with illness. I know she wasn't happy in her body. And I'm having a difficult time being happy with mine. The pain lately has been so intense. When I was crying yesterday, I actually had a vision or thought of cutting my wrist. Again, not that I would ever do that, but that was the first time I've ever felt that way, it felt like it would relieve pain.

I know part of this flare up of emotion is from me facing some huge life patterns that have always gotten in my way. So it's probably something like a healing crisis. But I guess I miss the homeopathics. I feel like they would help me release this junk faster.

Thank you.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,
I have wheat berry remedy in hand 30c from Hanehmann labs.

A couple days ago I actually developed a sore throat, fever and my eyes began to get gunky. I even lost my voice. My eyes are healing now and my voices is back but my sinuses are clogged and I still have the sore throat. The ailments shifted and didn't all occur at once.

Not sure if I should take the remedy anyway? Just keeping you posted. I'm semi afraid at taking remedy in fear it will make me more sick while on vacation. Seems to be a pattern, getting sick on vacation. At least this is a more manageable illness than last time.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Wheat berry, is it the triticum vulgare ?

Let's wait for this acute to get over, and only then take the remedy.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Yes, I asked specifically over the phone for triticum vulgare and they said they use a different name. They only had Whole Wheat Bread for sale online, but the Wheat Berry is what they said was the equivalent of Trit Vulg. and that they sell it but it's not something commonly asked for, so they don't display it on their website.

Sounds good, I will wait until acute subsides.

Thank you,
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,

It has been 10 days since remedy.

I was on day 36 of cycle when I took it. I had not experienced much PMS at all, even my mom noticed. My breasts also didnt swell up this month, but I spotted 3 days and I would say the real day 1 was actually day 40. I've never had a cycle that long in between with so few symptoms.

Physically since then, there's decline it seems but mentally I have made a huge decision for myself.

On the 3rd I quit all sugar, all caffeine, and even my vicoprofen (pain killer).

Since doing that I've been tired. I had a very brief fever, body aches, legs and bottom of foot feels burnt, seems like toxins aren't getting out fast enough. Acne is worse in my opinion but people that don't see me every day say my face looks the best they've seen it, and even my hair, I've been getting comments like that. Having more itching in scalp and in general. Headaches, but I attribute that to quitting caffeine possibly.

I've used these things as crutches for so long, believing I wouldn't be taken care of by god or the universe, I always felt like I have to do it all myself. Now I'm feeling like actually ready to transform that and my addictions and the belief that I'm just not good enough or powerful enough.

I'd say in spite of the cold turkey approach, withdrawal symptoms, I think this is good. My dreams have weird things going on in them. There was only one dream that scared me, but I was able to interpret it and it became not scary. So now, I feel like I'm able to grab messages from my dreams and use them in a helpful way instead of viewing them as just one more thing I can't understand, or one more thing that's scary.

I feel more connected to people. It's still uncomfortable to allow love from others in, but I feel like I'm clearly acknowledging that I'd like to improve that, and it feels like the connections are being made or the conversations are being had to make progress in that area.

I hope this helps. Overall I feel like the remedy was the right choice even if it didnt have the same name. I've never ever ever been fearless enough to give up all of my security blankets all at the same time. And now, I'm 6 days in, crutch free. Not saying I don't have moments of 'huh?'.. But I'm able to resolve then without going into a depression for longer than 1 hour.

Let me know if I should continue to wait. Really physically I'm probably in the most pain. Mentally I feel clear and ready to keep moving forward.
jenny57401 7 years ago
This kind of paradigm shift rarely happens with the wrong remedy. This is going to be a very good remedy for you.

Please order the 200c from Helios, the exact Tritic-v
sameervermani 7 years ago
Ok :-)
I started a blog to track my 21 day detox. Not that you have to read it but here it is. www.addictionlane.wordpress.com

I have been having a good amount of people follow and give feedback which makes me feel like I'm
On track.

Will report when I have 200c from helios
jenny57401 7 years ago
Real quick. Do I get the No. 3 or No. 6 Pellets? Or something else? I don't think I've been given the option before so I don't know what I normally get.

Thank you,
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer Just wondering if you think 30c would have worn off by now? I am experiencing a bit of a mental slump, all symptoms within the trit vulgare group. Its good that i am because im shifting a long lived paradigm within my relationships, just wondered how long the 30c dose usually lasts. im going strong on no caffeine and no pain killers. 200c should be here any day. Let me know how to take the liquid when you get time.

Thank you,
jenny57401 7 years ago
You can take the 200c dose when it arrives. 2 drops in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a sip ONCE.
sameervermani 7 years ago
alrighty, i took 200c Trit Vulg (from Helios) on June 3rd.

I waited so long to post because I know it takes a while for 200c to work and I wanted to make sure I was done with the roller coaster before posting.

The day I took it I already had some acne going on, which for me was unusual being that I was finishing a period.

The day AFTER taking trit vulg. I started weight training again. a HARD thing for me considering my fatigue levels and pain.

The day after starting the routine, I had night sweats at night and felt feverish. ( I did upper body on day 1, waited a day, Legs on the next day, waited a day, then did upper and lower body back to back days. The following week I kept it the same, resting a day or two in between Upper/Lower back to back work outs.)

I was doing really well! Mentally and everything. The work outs were tough at times, but I had built up confidence in my abilities by sticking to the routine.

THEN, on the 18th. I did something pretty out of character. I got on a plane to go see someone in TX.

Now, I've gotten on planes before, but I was usually WITH someone. This time, it was just me, and I had to get on 3 different planes to get there and back.

The first take off was a little nerve racking, but I did ok. AND, whats funny is that we were set to land in Denver, and there was a tornado on the runway as we were supposed to land. So, we had to circle. I wasn't afraid of crashing or anything like that. I was more so annoyed that there was delays. I was delayed again in Dallas for almost 3 hours. So I didn't get to Houston on time by any means.

As for as my time spent with the person, overall I had a really good time. Although, there was some emotional disturbance on my part, and it caused me to not be able to communicate with this person very well. Long story short, this person was someone I really liked, and they said they would help me pay for the ticket and traveling and stuff. I arranged everything, and they never once offered once I got there to help me with the ticket. They DID ask me if I needed help with anything as I packed to get ready to head to the airport on the 20th, but I was so upset that he was basically making me ASK for something he said he would do already, I gave him the cold shoulder all the way up until I left. So, because I didn't say anything in person, and texted my complaints AFTER i already left, he was pretty mad at me and basically didn't want to deal with me after that.

I know that he was full of crap now, because one of his last things said was send him the bill and how to get me money and we could forget we ever saw each other. So I did, i gave him my address, and I haven't gotten anything. Theres no way for me to get a hold of him either because he was set to go to Spain for school for a month the very next day.

So needless to say, I was pretty upset on the plane and in the airport. And on top of that, the plane was delayed, again. This time, I didn't even care. With a stroke of luck or divine intervention, I was able to give up me seat in exchange for a free flight.

Something was different with these flights and it wasn't just because I was upset about what happened. Something clicked in me and I realized how done I am of chasing after people that don't know how to show they care about me. I'm done being afraid of silly things like dying, or being successful. I'm done being afraid to communicate. And I'm done apologizing for the way I am.

In the airport and on the planes (I got a direct flight from Dallas to Minneapolis) I didn't give one flying you-know-what about what the plane was doing. I didn't get scared during take off, or landing, or any bumps in between. I sat and wrote on paper. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote, my feelings, my goals, my ideas. I started to feel the creator in me wake up. And I felt like i was finally done being afraid of being judged.

There was a bit of anger upon arriving back home after everything took place. I felt a little stupid. And i knew I had to let that stuff go so that I could move forward.

The next week i worked full time and I've decided to work full time all of July to save up for a new car. I've resolved not to buy anything (unless essential) until I get a car.

I pushed thru the week, I even worked out twice. But I was premenstrual, breasts swollen, skin broken out, and insanely tired. I got my period on Day 24 (Jul 29th). So this weekend I was too pooped to do anything.

I went to acupuncture for the first time in years yesterday. My acupuncturist is really interested in classical homeopathy. He took interest in the fact I've been getting better from infection of lyme and other illnesses, but that the inflammation is growing more and more. His theory is that the body is attacking the dead spirochetes or dead whatever it is that I've been killing.

He uncovered ONE MIASM that appeared to be an issue in my system. the Sycotic Miasm. He also goes through the different 'bodies' such as the etheric body and releases anything that may be stored in the cellular memory. He said a lot of what I am dealing with has to do with stored emotions from the past, in particular-with relationships.

Anyway, I am feeling more calm today after that session, but it could be because I'm on day 3 of my period and the hormonal emotional imbalance isn't as severe.

My main symptoms now are gas and bloating no matter what I eat. It's gotten better a little only because I've been taking HCL supplement due to low stomach acid production.

In the last week, I've been having weird dizzy spells. Like vertigo. My head feels out of place for a moment and I have to put it down to gain my composure.

The fatigue I believe comes from not being able to digest/assimilate my food.

Also, my pain and inflammation is off the charts. I'm inflamed all over my body. Headaches, body aches, the inflammation is really severe. I'm doing my best not to take Vicoprofen but it's getting to be hard. Especially when I'm trying to work full time this month.

Again, the only thing that helps is tons of drinking water, heat from sauna and bath and shower, exercise (although this can aggravate it as well) and rest.

Sorry this is so long, I just didn't want to post until I felt like things have evened out. Mentally I'm doing better now but still a little discouraged here and there over the amount of pain I'm having. But I'm feeling strong enough to keep moving forward.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Good progress with the flights and in general on the mental plane.

But, we need to address this inflammation part for you to feel more free.

Let's try describing it in detail as to where the pains are, what the sensations are, what makes them better or worse, what times of the day or what circumstances bring them on. Try to be as precise as you can while describing these physical symptoms.

Also describe the digestive problems in more detail.
sameervermani 7 years ago
When I wake up in the morning mostly I feel burning in my joints, especially in my knees and elbows and spine. Literally feels like they are on fire. I also feel stiff, with the need to crack bones in back and spine for for relief.

I try to take a sauna in the morning, along with drinking a LOT of water. This eases the burning and stiffness.

If I have time for a good breakfast I'm usually feeling functional and energetic for most of the day until about noon or afternoon. I get stiff again and my joints burn. I need a lot of water in order to minimize the burn. Eating anything but veggies usually creates more inflammation.

My joints ache and feel like they have a rigid object jacking up the joint, like sometimes if they are in a certain position too long, it is difficult to even move without severe discomfort. An example, when I sit on the floor on my knees or cross-legged getting up from that position, there is a crushing feeling in the joint where it's bent. Even sitting on a hard surface on my butt for too long, when I get up, there is pain. I don't know how else to describe it other than the aches an older person might get, like arthritis. I have to move the joints like an old person (very slowly) because its almost like they are stuck. I have to shake myself out often. Which is why exercise is important, but at the sometime it can put me out of commission because I'm not able to recover properly with nutrition.

A bulk of the discomfort is in my mid back. It burns a lot there and sometimes even if I take a painkiller I can still feel the discomfort.

I'm able to find relief if I lay down on my back flat and just breathe in and out deeply. I try to breathe a cool white or cool blue light into the area that hurts. I try to breathe out any negative things I might be holding there. If its very severe and I'm getting weary sometimes I pray and cry. I find some relief with that.

When I turn my head to the right, there is a sound I can hear inside of my neck or head. I don't know where it's coming from but it's only when I turn my head to the right. It's faint, like I can't hear it unless its quiet around me. And no one can hear it, just me.. Its Like a creaky door. It would be like if you had opened a creaky door and that sound persisted as the door stayed open at a certain spot. The sound seems to palpitate to the beat of my heart. When my heart beats, the pitch of the 'creak' spikes higher. I noticed that when I was around age 16, before I started having arthritic feelings.

The only other way I can describe the discomfort overall is it just feels like the energy in those areas of my back are dead. Like cement has been poured over them and no energy can get in. I also get numb and cold limbs. I have so much heat in my midsection and its like its trapped. Not able to be used in the rest of the body. And it feels like the internal heat has dried up all bodily fluids. My scalp is dry, inner ears and nose is dry, bottom of feet dry, dry mouth, and even if I do sexually climax I don't secrete much.

As for digestion, I've been told I can't digest fats and proteins. When I eat, it's not like my stomach hurts, I just get bloaty and gassy a majority of the time. It's so hit and miss I can't pinpoint any foods that are worse than others. I honestly couldn't determine any kind of pattern other than i get tired after I eat even a decent size portion, nuts are worse than other foods, I never feel quite satisfied or nourished from what I eat. Sometimes I have sharp stabbing gut pains, usually in my middle abdomen, sometimes it's just uncomfortable pockets of air. It's been better with the HCL supplements, but still I feel like my organs are not functioning properly.

The acupuncturist said my spleen, kidneys and liver were fairly blocked. I have another session tomorrow.

Overall I have an appetite, but I need to eat super basic foods. Like a hamburger, no bun, and some peas. I can't combine too many foods together because it just becomes too difficult to digest. I'm also starting to rely on more whole food smoothies and juices to get nutrients in easier.

I hope this helps. Let me know of there's anything I can ask the acupuncturist to check for. He just does muscle testing. He's an old man who has developed a pretty unique 5 element Chinese diagnostic criteria and he is in love with the idea of homeopathy in conjunction with acupuncture to stabilize miasms. I don't plan on going to him long because he is expensive but I felt like so much old junk was stuck in my body or energy fields and I need it to get out.

Thank u Sameer, ill wait for your direction.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Sorry, I forgot to say what brings on the pains. They are really quite constant. Like all the time. I have just learned to deal with them. They are getting worse tho, ironically as I think I'm getting better.

I would say emotions trigger upset, anytime I eat triggers inflammation because if the food isn't digesting, the natural acidic nature of the food adds to the inflamed feeling. I honestly don't know what the triggers are, aside from practically everything. Fatigue. Dehydration. Not enough vegetables. It really is a constant pain, constant inflammation, it's only helped when I drink enough water (a gallon a day), take enough saunas and baths and relax with laying down or sleeping.

I just can't think of anything else...
jenny57401 7 years ago
Have we ever tried Rhus-Tox for you ?
sameervermani 7 years ago
Nope never tried that :-)
jenny57401 7 years ago
Let's do 3 doses of Rhus-t 30c (should be there at most health food stores) at 30 minutes gap in 250 ml spring water (2 pellets dissolved), 1 spoon as 1 dose.

Report after 1 week.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Will do. Happy 4th :-) thank you.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,
I ran into a bit of an issue. I resolved to take Rhus Tox on the 6th (after my birthday), but developed a urinary tract infection. I took only one left over pill that discolors the urine, otherwise I fought it off without antibiotics and only using the right foods and tons of fluids.

I then was feeling very off, like not like myself. And then, 6 days later I got my period, again (the last day of my period was the 4th of July).

Because of the weird hormone stuff going on, I chose to wait until things mellowed out. I believe it was the acupuncture that I started, possibly the high stress of working so much, who knows.

But I really wanted to make sure I took Rhus Tox when I felt things 'normalize' so that I wouldn't be confused about any possible results.

I feel I have leveled out finally. I'm still having the body pains and inflammation/arthritis, so I can't imagine you would switch remedies. I just wanted to fill you in.

I will be taking the dose you suggested this Monday and will report as you advised.

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Posting for follow up on Rhus Tox. I took it on 7/29.

3 days later I went on family reunion vacation not far from where I live. I was in a lot of pain. It felt so bad that I found a local massage spa and got a massage. I was very tight, I really needed heat to feel ok. The first night there I was literally in tears while laying down on my heating pad.

Shortly after getting back, maybe a day after, I was very sad. It was the next day that I got my period. It was earlier than I expected, especially since I had a period in between my last one.

1st period: June 29-July4
2nd period: July 13-18
3rd (most recent): Aug 7-12

I've had normal flow, more so than my usual scanty periods. But this sadness on the 6th I felt was due to the period.

It was challenging to get motivated at this time. I felt sad, tired, irritated. It seemed pretty severe, like I was backsliding into the days where I was emotionally irrational.

I also had some more acne develop, though not a lot. I mostly just ached from head to toe and I found very little relieved any of it. I also continued to be very very dry. My skin, scalp, hair, it's like I'm not absorbing any of the water or fluids I drink.

I will say though, that I do feel like some kind of breakthrough occurred on a mental front. During my most recent period I resolved to start working out again, except i'm taking it very very slow this time. I'm listening more to my body and what it needs, and I'm being less rigid with my diet. Instead of sticking to certain rules I'm used to, I just listen to my body and feel out what it needs in each moment. I feel better doing that.

I also made a huge step and bought a different car. I've had the same car for 11 years, and spending that amount of money for me at this time was kind of scary, but I did it anyway. I've been budgeting my dollars more and becoming more comfortable with where I am at TODAY. Not so much concerning myself over where I'd like to be. Instead...I'm appreciating now, and taking steps towards what I'd like and enjoying/observing things along the way.

The only other thing I could notice (this is a very subtle remedy, not sure why but I couldn't make sense over whether the remedy was causing any of this or not) ...my dreams were changing a bit.

There were a lot of dreams of death, missing things. Example..I had a dream that I had to kill someone. More so out of self defense. It wasn't scary, it was just what it was. And last night, I had a dream that my brothers were missing and we feared they were dead. If I look back at some of my dreams I believe I'd find at least one more death dream. I don't usually have those kinds. I feel like its a subconscious way of communicating to my conscious mind that I am changing, killing old patterns, and that with death comes some form of rebirth.

That's the best i could describe what has been happening.

I had a free ticket to use from a previous flight I gave my seat up on, so I booked a plane ticket yesterday to LA, I'll be traveling down to San Diego to visit with friends, relax and have my tooth fixed that the dentist screwed up the last time I was there. Will be there on Sunday Sept 15 and Monday the 16th.

My goal is to again get off these anti-inflammatory medications. It's the only medication I'm taking, but the pain was so severe and I was really needing to get through work, I didn't feel I had any other option ( I worked full time all of July ) ....but I'm back to part time now and with working out, I'm hopeful that I can quit them again. I plan to stop over this weekend. I just get really really tired when i do quit them so I want to do it over the weekend when i feel like I can rest. Working out, even the little I am doing, really wipes me out. I had to take a 3 hour nap after work once. But I'm committed to getting OFF pain killers completely, and moving to a medical marijuana friendly state by February! (ha)

Let me know what you think.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Did a little reading on Lac Hum. (there was a spiritual article: http://urbanhealing.hubpages.com/hub/Milk-in-homeopathy-a-sp....

I think a large amount of my issues do come from before I was even born. It's been the only thing to explain my fear of flying at such a young age (among other things). I think the health of my mother plays a big role as well (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical).

This remedy is spot on. I can't wait to see the results. Thanks again, buying the 30c now and will report promptly.
jenny57401 7 years ago
AHHH, I don't know what happened to my post. I posted on my phone when in San Diego and I thought I hadn't heard back from you (i get notified by email) because you were out of state but after checking I see my post never went through......reposting from my computer....

I'll try to give you a quick update as I know you are probably busy.

I think that LAC HUM did me a LOT of good.


- i developed some sort of cold when in San Diego. I can't be sure if that was climate change or what, but I am still expelling a lot of mucus from my nose. Sometimes its yellow/green, but most times its just clear.

- I've developed a little bit more acne than what I had. Nothing major. Just a little noticeable.

- Still lots of physical pain (mostly just feeling like my bones and muscles are out of place) and discomfort but I was traveling and apparently my chiropractor said i was very much out of alignment.


- I did very well on the planes. I wasn't even filled with much anxiety while taking off which was usually my biggest issue. Every once in a while I would have flashes here and there of plane crashes or you know, what I used to be afraid of, but even then, i was able to objectively look at the situation and logically reassure myself that whatever is going to happen will happen. I was OK with not being in control of the situation.

- i feel im becoming more aware of other peoples needs over my own, and when i feel like doing something for someone, i dont feel like it takes away from me or my energy. not as much as before anyway. I guess i feel more confident that everything will work out if I just continue to do all i can and go with the flow and appreciate whats in front of me right now.

- I came across a relationship issue while out of town. The person I was visiting there, we had a fun time together, however we had a misunderstanding after he had left to go back home to Houston. The end result of the misunderstanding was that he didn't feel it was important for us to even speak anymore. I will admit that it was a little confusing to me, why the person would be so quick to dismiss me without any obvious reason for doing so. But, after I caught up on my sleep (i had traveled 23 hours straight) I was surprisingly accepting of it and I've let it go since then. I can't be sure of his exact reasonings for not sharing with me why he felt his decision to end talking was the best, but I'm actually ok with that. I realize that even though there were things I could have done differently to possibly avoid that result, it wasn't just me that caused the demise of what I thought we had going with each other. So, it is what it is and I've been able to move forward with little trauma. I haven't dismissed the lesson I learned from it, but I'm definitely looking forward, not backwards.

The whole point of this trip, for me, was to open myself up to receiving, and having fun. I felt like I was able to do that with everyone I spent time with, free of guilt and free of any expectations/judgments. When someone wanted to give me a hug or a kiss or a gift, I accepted it, again, free of any guilt. It felt like I had let down a little piece of a wall and it was ok if something less than ideal happened because of it.

I also feel like something else shifted in my brain. I feel like the things I do for my health (eating right, exercising, etc) are not so much a chore anymore. Im starting to see I want to do things like juice, eat right, get rest and exercise. I am happy to do all I can to be healthy, I'm finding myself happy and excited to let go of old baggage I've carried around for so long.

Overall, I would say that I have become more accepting of what life is offering me. I'm recognizing my gifts and starting to use them, and I'm not using other people as a gauge to decide if it's true or not. Im going with the flow a little better, and being more compassionate towards myself and others. As I have become more accepting, I have been having more and more opportunities present themselves to me, which reinforces that I am on the right path.

Let me know if you think I should order higher potencies of Lac Hum. I will do it right away!

i hope you are enjoying your trip!
Thank you so much Sameer.
jenny57401 6 years ago
This is a very deep change. Please order a 200c.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Oral liquid 30 ml? Or should I get the round pills? There's a pharmacy in the states that can get it to me sooner than Helios but just wanna make sure I get the right one. I got no.3 pills for the 30c
jenny57401 6 years ago
Either is fine.
sameervermani 6 years ago

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