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Tell me how fastidious are you ?

How much do you worry about cleanliness and order ?

Any perfectionist traits ?

How are you with spending money ?
sameervermani last decade
I like to be clean. I like to have my self and my house clean. More so i like it to be in order and for everything to have a function or serve a purpose. i spend much attention toward the order in which i do things. Sometimes i spend so much time planning how to do something by the time its time to do it it never gets done. Im spending more time planning than actually doing because i feel if there is no functioning order what i do can't possibly be effective. an example, i havent exercised regularly for a while because i think so much about how my muscles will react, which program should i start first etc. as a result, obviously i havent worked out.

When spending money i either just plain dont, or i splurge when i feel i am able to. If i think my money is running low i will watch it, not obsessively as much anymore, but have a tendency to become stressed when money is running low.

Perfectionist traits....im a perfectionist with just about everything i do. and if i cant do it perfect, i kind of just dont want to even try. i dislike that quality about myself.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Please take 3 doses of Arsenicum Album 6c in the same manner as you took your Phos 30c doses.

Report in 5 days.
sameervermani last decade
Just letting you know I have to order this as its not in the store here. Takes a little while but as soon as i get it i will update 5 days after taking dose. Thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer

Took doses as recommended.

Day One:
had an allergy attack later at night after holding my cat. am usually only allergic when introduced to new pets or when being away from them for a while and coming back. not sure if there was something else in the air that might have triggered it because i have suffered from hayfever since 2003 also. I developed (or just started noticing) the hayfever and cat/dog allergies after moving away in 2003.
Other than this i was in good mood, only a little tired.

Day Two:
Nothing noticeable. Just itchy eyes. Tight and achy muscles. Good mood.

Day Three:
Itchy eyes. I had a lot of gas and a pretty bad headache. Was a little depressed by the end of the night. I think some of that can be attributed to the change in food I've been eating. i switched to eating raw foods on the same day i took ars.alb. doses. Didn't plan it that way just felt like i needed to stick with fruits/veggies and nuts.

Day Four:
Had a disturbing dream. Cant remember many details though. Dark presences. Itchy eyes continue. No attacks like that initial day one.

Day Five:
Pretty tight and tense muscles especially in my upper back and neck. Burning sensation. Feels like i need much pressure applied to it for relief.

In about 16 hours i will be leaving for the week for work. I am going to Chicago. If you had any ideas of remedies i could pick up while im there that would be awesome. that way i can stock up on them in case they are needed instead of having them shipped to me in this little town, would definitely help with saving some money.

Not flying to Chicago, some people from work are driving. A little anxious about having to be in a car for 12 hours there and back with someone else driving. The dreading feeling has lessened since the ars dose. but i still am anxious especially since it looks like there will be bad weather on the drive there. not 100% comfortable with someone else driving that i never have driven with or that i don't trust as a driver. Being we are in the plains it shouldnt be that bad. But sometimes i tend to visualize accidents that 'could' happen and how i could get out of it when nothing has even happened. Anxiety is not as bad as it would be if we were flying.

Also, if you could give me a heads up on when a good time would be to get those fillings taken care of, would like to make an appointment soon with the dentist but don't want it to interfere with progress.

Thanks so much Sameer. Looking forward.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

If Ars 6 helped with anxiety, which I gather it did, please procure Arsenicum Album 30c, Arsenicum Album 200c, and Arsenicum Album 1M as well.

sameervermani last decade
OK, Thank you :)

I will report when I am back from my trip and have all of those. About 4-5 days.

jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer, am back from the trip.

I was only able to get Ars. Album 30C in the city.

Even though i was only driving i had a bit of anxiety while riding along. Most anxiety occurred when the driver was driving on roads that winded and turned, also if it was higher altitude than typical flat land in the midwest. I have anxiety even when i drive on roads like these but i at least feel more in control of the situation. There was also some anxiety when having to get on the L train by myself to meet someone. Public transportation is not something im familiar with. Found myself comparing my appearance to other women. We also stayed near the O'hare and i often would watch the planes and feel anxiety even though i knew i did not have to be on one.

Let me know what you advise.. :) Thank you.
jenny57401 last decade
Take 3 doses of Ars 30c then, where each dose is 1 teaspoon.

Report in 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
the wet doses, like you described the phos 30c doses, correct?
jenny57401 last decade
sameervermani last decade
I ve seen some very nice doctors here!....
Can anyone plz help me to improve my height plzzz!........
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I ll be really really grateful!.........
amaan last decade
I ve seen some very nice doctors here!....
Can anyone plz help me to improve my height plzzz!........
Im 17 and Im 5.4!
I ll be really really grateful!.........
amaan last decade
I ve seen some very nice doctors here!....
Can anyone plz help me to improve my height plzzz!........
Im 17 and Im 5.4!
I ll be really really grateful!.........
amaan last decade
Hey Sameer,

I was wondering if you thought it might be ok if i schedule that dentist appointment? It is to get 2 fillings, 1 that is quite bothersome, although the amount of sensitivity to that one has decreased since taking these remedies. I'm not sure if that is related at all. Would still like to get them taken care of as soon as possible but don't want to interfere with your treatment.

I am into day 3 after taking the Arsenicum 30C. The only change i have noticed is my mood was quite irrational yesterday. Mostly like a sadness and wanting to be consoled physically somehow. I got quite achy from the 12 hour drive home from Chicago, tho after thinking about it I was overly achy before the trip also. I am approaching my period soon, that may be related. Last month my emotions before my period had been much improved.

Let me know what you think.
Thank you!

jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Please give the Arsenicum dose atleast 2 weeks before the dentist appointment.

Once it has been 2 weeks, it is ok to visit dentist.
sameervermani last decade
ok, i made appointment for august 6.
i will report as you advised in a week or so...thanks!
jenny57401 last decade
Gosh, all the complexity that is involved in homeopathy... I am glad you know what you are doing.

I am reporting for my 10 day mark after Ars 30c.

I didn't notice any change until Day 2.

Day 2: I became emotional and hopeless in a way. overly dependent on others for my feelings, especially boyfriend. this is a usual occurrence before my period....but the last few cycles i was improving. this cycle seemed a little worse than last month.

One thing was noticeably (& positively) different.... Tenderness of breasts this cycle: Nonexistent. Usually they get so swollen and tender they hurt so bad. The breast lumps have also decreased. The breast tissue seems more evenly distributed.

A new thing since i took phos....
Seems i spot about a week before my actual period comes now, also minor cramping before period. When period arrives, cramps are practically nonexistent too. and, the bleeding is a bit heavier, lasting 5 steady days.
My period has not arrived yet, today is day 32 of cycle.

Day 2-6: I continued to be very sad and emotional, fights with boyfriend mostly over communication issues and me being unhappy.

Day 6: hung out with a life long motherly figure and a 9 year old foster kid. We rode go karts. i was nervous at first, it didnt show, and after i got used to the track and kart i loosened up and had fun. feeling better today, more independent feeling. a little more motivated, and a little less scared overall. My energy level is still very low and this is not ideal for my character as i tend to like to be active and busy, i feel physically better when i am.

Some vivid dreams to mention.

July 24
1. a murderer on the loose, my dad's family is around in a house with a coffin in it. i run away from the murderer. he is sneaky and he is not after me, he's after someone else, but i run anyway.

2. Shopping alone. tried on a lot of clothes, nothing fit, or i didnt find anything i would think others would like on me. This is a recurring dream, but varies.

July 25
1. witnessing from a safe distance a plane crash, bursted into flames before hitting the ground.
Recurring dream (planes troubles)

July 26
1. At hotel with boyfriend. then at Hotel with ExBoyfriend. Then with my Mom's family at different Hotel. I am going thru my clothes again in suitcase and i find im running out of clothes to wear.
I am then in a church with a friend (male) who is a platonic friend, but expresses interest from time to time. We then hang out in a different hotel room, platonically.
Somewhere in the dream i am driving in El Cajon on the 8 (i think). its high up on a hill over looking the city. my car spins out of control on the freeway and i think in my dream 'this cant be happening.' I brace, I calm myself, and i regain control of the car.

Planes, Driving, Men, Family, Planes, Hotels and even Coffins are all recurring dreams i have. Lately, they wake me around 5am and i can still remember them when i actually wake up for the day around 8-9am. This is new this week.

i mention my dreams because it seems like a place where i can safely express my emotions, and i always notice a change in them after remedies are taken. In waking life, I will not cry in front of others, even in front of the people im most comfortable with, and even if i badly want to.

Also, my skin breakouts improved on chest and back. I think its worse on face, but i think thats mostly because i pick at it. It is a habit i really dislike of mine, but find it really hard to control. i just want the icky stuff inside to get out of my body.

This got a bit lengthy, thanks for bearing with me.

I wondered, would you share with me my constitution, if you know it? i don't know much about this in homeopathic terms. Do you know my core underlying issue? Because i am sure confused these days. Sometimes i think i know, but then i wonder if i do.

Much appreciation,
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Overall, would you say, you felt better with Ars or you felt better with Phos. ?

Hey, you live in San Diego ? :)

sameervermani last decade
Man, I wish! I left San Diego in 2007 and i haven't been back there since. I loved it and miss it. On a totally unrelated but funny note....they still send me renewal for car registration and i still have my cali plates LOL. Anything Cali can do for some dollars, right? haha.

So, honestly.... to pick which i feel better with, I can not tell. If i were to pick right now I'd say Phos. But both seem to describe me very well and I've felt positive things with both. I know they are complimentary (i read your case with anabanana)

I do have a question and comment on doses...

When i took the Stront carb 200c long ago, she (the homeopath) told me to take 15 pellets 3 times. So 45 pellets straight under the tongue over a day and a half period.

Is this *more* potent, or *less* potent than the way you prescribed the Phos 200C. Same effects? The changes were noticeable within 5 weeks.

I was surprised you switched to arsenicum when you did given i had the Phos 1M handy. But i also think you know things i dont lol. and I just want to get better.

I think the fears are so deeply rooted i have no doubt it will take some time to peel away the layers. I don't even know where they come from, they have always been a part of my way of being.

Overall....ive been on a downhill spiral after Stront Carb 200c. she said i did good then told me to re-dose and thats when it went south. My mono came back (from age 16) and that reeeally knocked me on my butt. I havent had the motivation for anything since March. I've been dependent, emotional. Non-active. Just not myself. She also gave me arg.nit 200C, but all that really did was completely erase my airplane dreams altogether. (??)

Looking forward :)
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Desire to be dependent on others is there in 3 remedies relevant to this case, Phosphorus, Arsenic and Pulsatilla.

Phosphorus tends to be more bubbly and vivacious than Pulsatilla and less compulsive in the thought process especially when compared to Arsenicum.

Energy level wise, which remedy worked better for you among Phos and Ars ?
sameervermani last decade
to be honest, i dont know. my perception of things seem very confusing to me lately.

I asked a friend...they said:

I am at times bubbly/vivacious, and by nature i would be often, but i dont allow myself to be and i hold it back. Another friend said not bubbly, not vivacious. I agree more with 1st friend but can see how i come across as not vivacious to certain people.

both said thought process is more compulsive than not.

i can not tell a major difference in energy level with either phos or ars. it fluctuates too often to notice.
jenny57401 last decade
And would you describe yourself as mild/yielding, where you are happy as long as you feel loved ?
sameervermani last decade

Yes I suppose I am overall at times. However, there are always certain situations or people i come across in which i am completely not mild or yielding. The best i can describe it, I am yielding, until i feel its taken advantage of or not recognized and appreciated.

and YES, I am only happy as long as i feel loved.

I can remember even being a young child and my dad hit me on the head with a newspaper (a light playful tap, probably even a form of affection) but at that age i felt like he didnt like me and i went in my room and pouted and cried, until he came to talk to me and explained it was just a tap. Of course these days i dont pout and cry, but i will retreat and become a bit more introverted with whoever i feel doesn't love me as much, and also, if i don't feel lovable.
jenny57401 last decade
Can you please go through Pulsatilla and Phosphorus from the link below

puls.html " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://homepage.ntlworld.com/homeopathy_advice/Remedies/POLY...

phos.html " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://homepage.ntlworld.com/homeopathy_advice/Remedies/POLY...

Let me know your thoughts
sameervermani last decade
Sameer this is so tough!
Sorry for the long winded reply in advance....

I feel like i should be helping you choose just one but i identify with both remedies.

I will list below things i felt explained me the best and add a bit to it.


Fears: Heights. Claustrophobia. Insanity. Dark. Robbers. Mirrors. (as a kid i got freaked out when school mates played 'bloody mary' in the dark at school bathroom. since then i still dont like to be around mirrors in the dark, although i dont freak out if i am but its almost 2nd nature to avoid)

Wandering arthritis
She needs support and reassurance.
deeply emotional, sentimental and sympathetic.

She also weeps during any confrontation.----I do not weep in front of people anymore, if i do, it is just tears from eyes, even when alone i dont let myself cry like i feel i could or should. but, in past i have been a bit more emotional in person, now i have gotten better at controlling them. (or suppressing them)

Generally chilly or even freezing but may be very warm-blooded. (But while the general temperature is variable, the reaction to temperature in certain organ systems is quite fixed: head and stomach symptoms are better by cold and worse heat or hot applications; chest symptoms are worse from cold and better from heat.) Example--my limbs get very cold and achy and are sensitive to touch and cold, they crave warmth. But ive noticed my circulation and lymph is less congested or clogged when i alternate hot water therapy with cold water.

I do consider myself feminine but i have a strong male streak in me also.
I crave the dominance in a relationship but then i also am stubborn and dont want to be controlled, much like a man.

If i come across a man that is too feminine and too involved in my emotional state, a male energy within me will act out....but if i come across a masculine energy, i am instantly drawn to it, and i become naturally feminine, submissive, involved in serving the man. its an inner struggle for me because its hard to let myself be submissive unless i feel its appreciated and returned in different ways. if any of that makes sense?? i hope so!

I am dark brown hair, brown eyes-greenish when crying or in sunshine, fair skin that tans easily but rarely burns.

Amenorrhea prone and short duration of period---i am currently under a suppression of some kind as my period has not arrived and it is day 35 of cycle.

Sexual energy is generally high, even excessive in some cases. In women there is more often an emphasis on emotional connection rather than sex. There may be an aversion to sex based on strongly held moral or religious beliefs--I do need a certain emotional attentiveness but never as the expense of masculinity.

Sleeps on back with arms overhead.

The patient himself may state that, 'no two stools' or 'no two periods' are the same. However, as Nancy Herrick of the Hahnemann Clinic has taught, often the prescriber finds this characteristic after a frustrating interview during which the patient finds difficulty describing her symptoms because, 'I just can't seem to find a pattern!'
--patterns are hard for me to detect at times.


Fears: death, alone in dark, ghosts, robbers,

Easily reassured--i am not easily reassured in fear like states. No one can reassure me when i have to fly, people try and i still seek it but i know its not going to help since its something i can only help myself with.

Appearance: thin and often tall, fine featured and long fingered.--thats me. 5'8 120, long piano playin fingers.

Back pains, better motion, better heat, better massage.

The patient seems to 'sparkle' with intelligence, creativity, and enthusiasm. However the patient seems to have no strong boundaries between himself and others; he is not grounded or centered. --- I think overall this is me, and if people dont see it its because i choose not to show this side for fear of rejection of some kind.

may appear 'flighty'. He loves company. He can be gullible and suggestible.

the anxiety takes the form of concern about health. darkness, deep water, death, etc. These fears may develop into a debilitating phobic state. Especially, these fears come when the patient is alone, and are better in company.

The child is both curious and sympathetic for others. trusting nature, gullible.

Mentally distractible and 'spacey'.
Slow, apathetic, dull-minded state (late stage).--i wonder if this is my remedy if i am in late stage? i used to have much interest, curiosity, excitable, open, but it seems the older i get, especially in the last 2 years i have been more ill feeling...i just feel the exact opposite. when i went to chicago i felt alive and excited again, only to return home and become depressed and unmotivated.

I have similarities in both, of course im sure you knew that before i did.

These are my thoughts, glad i dont have to pick one because they are both fitting.

With the period being late, is this an ars. aggravation? it was getting back on track with phos it seemed. but i also ate raw foods only for about a week and then took a trip, could be stress?
jenny57401 last decade

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