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Will do. I forgot to mention the acne. has been much worse on back shoulders chest and face. Had a great weekend, went out in Minneapolis and had lots of fun. Will update as advised. Thanks!!

jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer. Mentally I've been holding myself together well until today. Physically has been rough but I was well in my head. I feel pretty awful, body aches, headaches, nausea sometimes especially with meat. Feeling feverish now. My acne has been terrible ive never had it this bad especially on my shoulders. I had 5 days off work and enjoyed my time off but today was first day back and it leaves me feeling drained.

I just feel really weak and sad about it. I had physical therapy yesterday an he did super deep tissue massage. Maybe I didn't detox enough afterwards.

I fell asleep before sending this, had weird dreams but I'm feeling a little better at least I'm not nauseous.

Temp is staying around 98.8, sore throat as usual. My biggest issue right now is I want to gain weight but I don't know what kind of foods are best for me to eat anymore. Animal protein seems to gross me out but I feel like I need it to gain weight.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Let's see if this is a temporary relapse (mentally). So, please update in another week.

About weight gain, don't worry about it, just eat healthy. It's most important to feel healthy and positive. With time, that will translate to looking healthy as well.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Thanks I do feel mentally better today. I think my digestion/body is just going through some changes, possibly from the remedy. I am a big baby when it comes to being nauseous. I also noticed I was ovulating so that might be part of the reason. And a full moon, haha.

I will update in another week.
I have a flight coming up December 9th and December 15th. I'll be going to Austin TX with someone I met at a Women's/Spirituality conference. I'm looking forward to that. I can't say I'm excited about getting on a plane, but I would say I have a little less fear because ultimately i believe more now that everything will be just fine.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Just updating as it has been a while.

I'm still noticing a lot of acne and skin issues. It's been a week before my period for about a week now and I must say, mentally, I'm handling it pretty well.

I am starting to have cravings again for foods that aren't good for me.

Overally, mentally I've handled the last week very maturely, given the circumstances. I won't go into details but lets just say I've made some mistakes I've made in the past. Either I'm getting good at not caring that I make mistakes or I'm just not as hard on myself. I am learning from them though.

Physically I've been in a lot of pain, tired and my skin, like I said, has been ridiculously annoying. Acne on face, chest, shoulders, upper back.

I'm finding I fluctuate in between being anxious and excited for my trip.

I am a little nervous, mostly because we just got snow and we are supposed to have bad weather the next 2-3 days. I am supposed to drive 3 hours south to get on a plane for Austin TX on Sunday. And then the nice weather texas has had the last week is non-existent in the forecast, turning to 50's and 60's all week. AND, I'm probably going to have my period the entire trip. I guess I'm just a little upset because it seems like no matter how positive I am about a trip, it seems like I can never just have a smooth one where things go my way. I'm telling myself to just go with the flow and not have any expectations, but i am quite irritable in general, thanks to hormones, so I'm just a little on edge and disappointed.

Thanks Sameer I'll await your direction. I will be in a bigger city in case i need to procure any remedies at a Whole Foods at all.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Please wait longer. Update in another 10 days.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,
I hope you had happy holidays if you celebrate. I realize it's been much longer than 10 days since last post but I feel like I was able to reap the benefits of Merc Sol up to now.

Physically I had way more aches and pains and way more acne than ever. I mean my shoulders and random weird spots had bumps so I know something major was shifting and trying to exit through the skin.

Mentally I was well. I tell you what, I even feel like I made progress with planes! I know I've been courageous enough to fly in spite of my fears before, but after my incredible trip I had to Texas I got home feeling friendlier feelings towards the whole plane/flying process. I did have some alcohol, that might've played a role but still, I've drank up on other flights before and still been terrified. I don't feel like it's completely resolved but I am finding ways to be more at ease with the whole process. We even flew out on a bad weather day. it was windy an snowy. And on another day, we missed our connecting flight by 30 seconds! all while watching that same plane we were late for sit on the tarmac for 50 minutes! ha.

Like I said overall the pain has been worse, and I'd say my insomnia snuck back up after returning home too. Over christmas break I slept a LOT. Very tired.

Other major changes I've made... I told my job to find a full time replacement for my position at work. I will still work there, but I was finding I felt hindered by having to be there so many hours. I will drop down to a maximum of 20 hours soon. I look forward to developing my health coaching practice and learning more skills after that shift occurs.

Also, I signed up for a gym. I had my personal training session this week. I'm at 11% body fat! My goal is to up that a couple numbers, but I'm not obsessed about it and I also am not as fearful that I won't reach my goal. I simply want to go to do SOMETHING to be active and gain strength.

I'm also getting very close to giving up my health insurance altogether. It's $300 per month out of pocket for me and I don't even use it. Of course my goal will be to earn enough money to effortlessly afford it, but right now I feel like I can rely on my ability to balance my physical needs with care and patience along with natural things (homeopathy, herbs and proper diet/lifestyle).

It is a scary thought for me and I've felt a little conflicted on this over the last few days. Which is why I'm writing, I have been a bit more teary eyed lately so I feel like the effects of Merc Sol have finally run their course. I also am seeing a decrease in acne.

Let me know what you think the next step is whenever you find the time.

Thank you Sameer! And Happy New Year!!!

Jenny :-)
jenny57401 7 years ago
Happy New Year, Jenny and good progress !

Let's procure LM1 and LM2 of Merc Sol from Helios UK in 30 ml bottles.

Let me know when you have it.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Hi Sameer, I have the bottles but they sent me LM2 as a 10 mlm for some reason? I need to check if that was a mistake on my part or theres

I had my follow up at my herbal chiropractors place. My skin is still breaking out, I found it is actually strep tht is releasing thru my skin. Via muscle testing we found that my muscle toxicity has gone down to 20% where it was 80% 2 months ago. My fatigue levels are better, breathing better, inflammation down but still there. The guy was very very impressed by my physical progress and called me a 'new person' and that I've turned a major corner. I feel I am turning corners on many levels.

I was traveling all last week, in Minneapolis I caught a cold ( or perhaps it was the strep that was working its way out )

It started with sore throat and stuffy nose. Now I have lots of mucous draining from sinuses (yellow) and developing cough. Feels like there might be fluid in my lungs.

I have been learning a type of energy work that can address long lives infections and other things like bone fractures etc. I haven't been doing this work for long and the lady teaching me has only been working on me in tiny increments because she doesn't want to overwhelm the system.

Emotionally I've been quite up and down but it's because I'm addressing my deep life long patterns in hopes of transforming them into more positive patterns. I will list the issues below:

1. Depression

I mostly go into depression when things don't go quite right in relationships with men.

2. Fear (of success, of relationships, of belonging and of not belonging)

3. Love - I'm trying to understand what the truth of love is. What does it mean and how do I love myself and others.

4. Affection - I have struggled with how to show others affection and how to receive affection from others. Learning how to do that!

5. God - questioning how it works and how do I make it work in my life.

6. Helper Card - I go in between giving so much to others that I lose myself, my identity, and giving so little-so that I feel selfish and self absorbed. I'm learning how to help people while not losing myself and how to know who are the right people to help and in what ways I can do that without hurting myself.

7. Destruction - this is the only challenging one for me to release only because I'm having trouble understanding it. The best I can describe is that in relationships I tend to destroy them in order to rebuild. In general, it's easier for me to start all the way from scratch so I understand the origins when building. If that makes sense?

So I am working on releasing these by using forgiveness and then I will move to the next phase, which is filling my cup with positive and healthy habits.

I do believe that the emotional work is able to be done because I'm now ready to address these things. merc sol (I'm sure) had its hand in that :-)

Not running a fever, just this cold thing or whatever it is.

Thanks Sameer
jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Jenny,

Let's start with LM1.

Please take 1 dose a day from the 30 ml bottle, 3 drops in 250 ml, stir and 1 spoon from there.

8 hits to the LM1 bottle before taking out drops starting second dose.

Report after 3 doses please.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Will do, thank you.
The cold I don't think is a cold at all. I think it's old illness moving out of the body. I don't seem to be contagious. Coughing up gray/green mucous in the morning and I'm expelling a lot of dark yellow mucous through my nose.
jenny57401 7 years ago
How is your bowel movement ? Anything out of the ordinary going on there ? Also, what is your response to humidity levels in the environment ?
sameervermani 7 years ago
So, overall have there been any improvement in your mental state or fears since taking the Phos doses.
bennnn 7 years ago
It's hard to know regarding humidity since it's the dead of winter and everything is so dry. With bowel movements, nothing too out of the ordinary. I feel like I'm cleaning out/emptying quite a bit even with less intake of water. More mucous in stool. There was a time a week ago that I had loose bowels briefly for a few days. But at this moment, things are moving and I haven't had much desire for water. If I do I'm preferring warm water.

Bennnn there have been many improvements, most occurring after Merc Sol doses.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Okay, let's go ahead with LM1 doses.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Well that was interesting!

I took first dose on Sat morning. 2nd dose Sunday morning. Developed fever and strong body aches in the afternoon after a nap. They lasted into the night and subsided by Monday morning. I dosed my 3rd round in the evening on Monday before bed.

No fever today. Just a sore throat in the am and coughing up lots of phlegm. Also lots of mucous draining from nose and sinuses. Have urge to cough when I breathe in deeper than when taking a shallow breath. Also lots more skin breakout on chest back shoulders and upper arms.

The first 2 days I had dreams of snakes in them. Last night I had a dream with a message. My mentor suggested I start taking baby leaps off the teeter totter instead of thinking I need to jump off cliffs. I dreamed I was in a playground, practicing jumping off playground equipment. I said I liked to jump, but I was still observing others actually jump, considering doing it myself. Saw the name Byron Katie all over the playground.

That's about all I can think of. I made it to the gym today and was highly productive.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Continue the same way for 4 more doses. 8 hits to the LM1 bottle before every dose.

Stop if you feel you are aggravating.
sameervermani 7 years ago
Hi Sameer,

My last dose was on the 25th. And I only could do 3 additional doses. I was a bit irritable so I backed off the last dose.

Skin got worse on the days I was irritable. My right ear did something very weird. Almost felt like i lost hearing in it except i could hear things knock around, kind of like when you can hear little movements magnified by the sound of being to close to a microphone (not sure how to explain it)..but it seemed like I could hear my ear drum move in there. That happened after doing deep breathing.

Also, on the 26th, I developed a headache and became very fatigued and achy. I would say it was me, but my 2 family members in the house also seemed to come down with someone, and a person that came over for me to work on them also left with a headache that day. It was kind of strange.

I was achy since then although it lessened in intensity. Twitchy muscles, and then on the 29th I developed some flashes of negativity that I used to get quite a bit. It became hard to let myself go to bed at a decent hour. Once asleep, I slept, but I wouldn't finally turn in until 12 midnight, and I wasn't all that settled when I did go to bed.

The acne seemed to subside for a couple days, and then recently, the last couple days, it seemed to be even more so. I am getting breakouts in not normal places, particularly along the spine, lower left back (like over the kidney area) and on my outer shoulders.

My chest seems to be clearing up a little, but overall, my skin is still dumping stuff.

There was one dream of a python. It wasn't just a vision of one either, this time it was chasing me and biting me and i wasn't terrified, but it was enough to make me remember the dream.

I no longer have health insurance. I made the decision to give it up and focus on my business planning and self development. So I'm taking baby action steps in the right direction, but even with less working hours at my job, my schedule is very full and I'm noticing I'm a bit tired now.

Thought it would be time to update.
Thank you Sameer. I look forward to your reply and I hope all is well with you.

jenny57401 7 years ago
Hi Sameer, just bumping up.
Not doing so well. I'm doing a lot of self work with the help of a life counselor. She's coaching me on some fears, depression tendencies, love/affection issues and others. This week we were mostly working on how thinking ill never achieve what I want in life holds me back from achieving that. Also working on meeting people as an equal. It seems I either view others as ahead of or behind me, which makes me either inferior or superior to them, even tho consciously I know that's not the case. But it keeps me separated.

I'm a week away from my period so I'm sure some of this is hormones, but my teacher has given me a lot of inner work and said its not uncommon for these issues to get worse before overcoming them. She condones the use of homeopathy to help get rid of issues out of the body.

Just wondering if you think it would be a good time to continue dosing again.

Thank you,
jenny57401 7 years ago
Please make a list of all the physical and mental symptoms, and also mention what makes them better or worse. For physical symptoms, also mention exact location and sensation.
sameervermani 7 years ago
- crying
- no motivation
- listless
- can act normal around others and use humor to cover feelings
- feels lost
- desire to be outside even during blizzard
- unable to let mind rest/ fall asleep
- not sure how to articulate what's occurring to those whom I'm close to that I've reached out to
- indecisive when trying to make decisions, afraid to make wrong choice
- compulsive eating/over eating
-no desire for water
- searching for outside approval/love/affection but I feel like it won't work unless I approve/love myself. And I don't know how to do that
- hopeless

- Achey all over
- small fever (99.2)
- headache
- cramp pains
- skin is broken out, feels gunky
- entire body tense, feels defensive

- no desire to physically move or shower or care for self in any way.
- heat and water would help me, but I can't explain why I don't want to take care of self. I know this will probably pass tomorrow because I usually never allow myself to fall into depressive states like this longer than 2 days.
- disappointed in self for not achieving the goals i set to complete this weekend, makes me feel like I will never be able to do what I want in life.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Just bumping up. I'm better after my cycle passed but still very tired. I did a workshop on my own. some anxiety but not as bad as i mightve been in the past. Acne is subsiding some.

Let me know if there is anything I can take to move forward.

jenny57401 7 years ago
Please read this and let me know what you think about this remedy named Lac Humanum.

sameervermani 7 years ago
Yes. I would agree with this. I looked at additional information to make sure I understood fully.

The main life issues I came in to work on are Depression,

Fear of success, of not belonging (non acceptance) and fear of belonging or settling,

Understanding what love is, wht affection is, and how do I accept and give those things to others,

understanding God,

the 'Helper' card (knowing when to help others and when I need to help myself),

and Destruction (wanting to destroy relationships to ground level so that I know of there is building, we start with a foundation)

This is part of the spiritual work I've been addressing and working on.

What I agree most with on Lac H is the lack of nurturing as a child. I was breast fed but I believe my mom was emotionally disturbed as well, losing her own mother to a car accident just 3 years prior. She doesn't deal with emotions well and she used to also get Pms to the extent I do or have.

The merc sol really shed a layer of something. I've been releasing illness. But the skin issues I'm having now from all this releasing is noticeable and I feel is the next layer.

The eczema is something my mom has had a long time, I have had it too but not as bad as her or my older brother.

The good/bad angle is also something I've been spiritually working on, especially in regards to relationships, men and sex.

Also, the abusive stuff, I was never so technically abused by anyone in this life, but I abused myself. I believe I came in with a victim/abuser mentality, and it's been reinforced over the years as I have chosen people that support me in remaining a victim. So i have chosen abusive men in the past, but that is shifting. It's a challenge to let the victim mentality go because if that and my abuser self goes away, whats left? I haven't identified who I am or why I'm here yet. I'm starting to, but it's a process.

I'm understanding the reasons I've had those feelings and working it from a spiritual angle. But the homeopathics really give everything a serious nudge in releasing the layers of junk more readily. Couldn't be more thankful for them.
jenny57401 7 years ago
Do you have dreams of snakes frequently ?
sameervermani 7 years ago
I don't normally, no. But after I was doing either Merc Sol or one of the other remedies, I did have dreams of snakes, they were distinct enough for me to remember even today. There were at least 3 I remember.

Looking back in the posts I see it was with the Merc sol dosing. The dreams of snakes began with that. I never used to have dreams of snakes, or if i did, I don't remember them.

I definitely don't like snakes. I don't want to touch them, I don't want to be anywhere near them if someone shows them to me. I think i would be ok with touching one if I knew the head of the snake was nowhere near me or able to reach me. And according to my spiritual counselor, it's for a good reason. I've had negative experiences with snake bites in 'other' lives lol. Not that you have to believe that, but in my life experience, it makes complete sense for me. A lot of my feelings or fears I've had do not come from experiences in this lifetime. Even the planes/flying.

Hope that helps.
jenny57401 7 years ago

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