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Please take 3 doses of SILICEA 30c, and report after 10 days.
sameervermani 9 years ago
This matches a lot of my physical & mental symptoms throughout my life. If I have this remedy in town I will wait to take Diflucan. Thank you.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,
Still waiting on Silicea to arrive.
I'm day 5 of 10 on the diflucan.

the first 2 days of it I still had not gotten my period and i was severely depressed and emotionally upset, don't even really know why. By morning when my period came I was feeling a lot better and have been ok since then.

I am waking up at 3 am again. Having weird dreams.

My fatigue has improved a bit, in fact i feel like i have extra energy to burn off because of some interrupted sleep and over-excitement during the day. My two big toenails had some tender pain on one side of the toenail (the side closest to 2nd toe) that has gone away at least for now. I suspect it was tender due to fungus infection under the nail. Only on the big toes. Not sure if I ever mentioned this but it was a minor annoyance that came and went.

I am also not as itchy, but still a little itchy at times. A few small dry patches on the skin over my tummy from the last Puls dose remains.

Last note:
Over the course of using different remedies I noticed some of the remedies will give me small papular like sores, reddish, randomly placed on different body parts.
The center of it clears, and as it heals after a month or two, eventually it eaves a white spot. There is a small expansion of the lesion, it grows, to about a dime-size. It almost seems like it could be compared to a ringworm type of lesion, which I supposedly did have once around 2005. Only reason i note this is because I just read about lesions similar to that being lyme related too. the Lyme doc was also intrigued by it when I showed her in August.

Sorry if some of this was repeat.
5 more days of diflucan and I'm sure Silicea will arrive by then.

Thank you and hope all is well.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

I have silicea with me, did you want me to wait until I finish diflucan before dosing? I just take it for 2 more days. Once finished with diflucan, lyme doc advises 2 weeks bentonite and chlorella. No scripts.

Doing mentally well, working more hours, sleeping good again. Theres been more physical pain from massage i think, and less/finer hair growth i think that is still lingering from Puls.

Please advise at your convenience.
Thank you.

jenny57401 9 years ago
Let us keep waiting, as you are still getting benefits from the last Puls doses on the mental plane.

Update in another week.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

still doing pretty good mentally. im still sleeping in the dark w/ no tv and if i wake up i go back to sleep easily.

i really can't think of anything negative going on other than the pain, but i'm not even in a complaining mood about it. im sleeping about 8 hours usually. i've been drinking a LOT of water, like a gallon a day almost. since on bentonite clay and chlorella i've notice if i don't drink that much water i could get easily clogged up and achy. the result, about 2-3 bowel movements a day. 1 being pretty large, the others not really.

im doing pretty good on the low sugar and gluten free diet. there is still physical pain, and more discomfort than usual. i use a far infrared sauna for 30 mins a day now. just started.

overall, still pretty motivated i supposed. im learning to pace myself when i notice im on an upswing. there were a few small round red marks popping up again on my chest and stomach. i think they are starting to fade.

there were times where i was nervous about sleeping in the dark, but i was able to recognize it and kind of understand where the feelings were coming from and got thru it pretty easily.

thank you Sameer, hope all is well with you and let me know if you think i should take anything yet.

jenny57401 9 years ago
Let us keep waiting, it will be good to keep next LM potency of Puls at hand as well.
sameervermani 9 years ago
It could be because i'm just tired, but it seems like i'm going a little downhill. just happened since yesterday. I do have Puls LM4 on hand and the Silicea 30C. I'm not doing bad bad, not irrational or anything but a little more mopey compared to the last couple weeks. Again, might just be because I only slept 6 hours last night. I had a lot of firework twitching today in my left shoulder top and inner thigh.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Let us watch for 2 days and see if this persists.
sameervermani 9 years ago
so it kind of went away after i slept. I've noticed that anytime i am tired i go a little downhill, but then i lay down and nap or rest and i'm ok for a while.

I started exercising again, I've been eating really well, staying on mostly veggies and organic chicken and beef and turkey. LOTS of water, almost a gallon a day. My bowels occur at least 2 even up to 3 times a day, and i'm giving myself lymph treatments and sauna almost daily.

anyway, I've been a little irritable but resting and sleeping helps relieve some of it.

continue to wait?

Thanks Sameer
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Jenny,

Take 1 dose of Puls LM4.

Take out 1 drop of PULS LM4 in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.

Report in 1 week.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

To sum up the last week, I'd say a decent semi-consistent yo-yo effect was going on. Ive been doing alright mentally, only at times taking a dip at night and experiencing insomnia. Overall I believe there was more positive than not-so-positive. I even went out of town and while I had a few irritable outbursts I recovered quickly and enjoyed the weekend with friends and family.

Physically i've been pretty uncomfortable. I went to a swim class which i liked alot, but i must've over done it, was really pooped the next day. only able to handle 5-6 hours a day for work, which i think is just fine considering all of the self work i'm doing. I do nap a little more and the insomnia isn't out of control. getting around 7 hours on avg of sleep. Plus... it's a week before my period and I'm not blowing up at anyone, bonus. Running fevers off and on. (99.5)

Started new regimen for the Lyme today. Azithromycin 250 mg in the AM, Minocycline 100 mg in the PM on Mon, Wed, and Fridays. Flagyl 250 mg on Saturday and Sundays for 4 weeks.
Just started that today.

Let me know if you advise anything further...thank you Sameer...
jenny57401 9 years ago
Please take another dose then, 10 hits to the LM4 bottle, wait for 2 mins and then, take out 1 drop of LM4 in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Well I got my period on day 30 this month which is good (last month was around day 36. Around day 26 of cycle my breast got swollen and tender. that was the day I took 2nd dose.

I also had some emotional mood swings coming up before period, but they seemed to be controlled thanks to Puls. I was able to manage how i felt.

I've been doing ok on abx, started them the day before 2nd puls lm4 dose.

Physical symptoms:

-acne not as bad but still there even tho on abx. still getting some breaking out on face only (chest is cleared mostly)

-low grade fevers off and on. very low, around 99.0.

-bowels were moving around 2-3x/day. yesterday had 3-4 large ones followed by diarrhea. haven't had a movement since but i think its because i haven't drank much water today.

-I'm on day 4 of period, the flow seems to be a little more than usual. had cramps on 2nd day only after swimming class.

Mental symptoms:

-still sleeping in the dark w/ no tv. sometimes wake in the night but i go back to sleep. sleeping around 8 hours on average

-enter into zombie like states on occasion, usually after a water work out. its in the evening only and i just dont feel like moving but wont go to sleep. really need to make a strong mental attempt to shut my brain off in order to fall asleep.

-a bit lonely at times but i'd like to think im making healthy choices about who i should be talking to and why. I don't want to be talking to a guy or getting into a relationship just because i'm lonely. I've been trying to hang out with friends more and be a little more social. Went out with a girl friend and her boyfriend and played pool over the weekend and had lots of fun, but i stayed up till 2 am even though i got home at 11pm. just couldnt shut my head off.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Main complaint is stiffness and troubles letting the day be done.

Lyme doc recommends IV nutrients so I'm hoping to start that next week. She said I'm not assimilating much of my food.

Let me know what you think and if I should do anymore doses yet...

Thank you Sameer! seems like puls is still having a positive effect even though I'm taking antibiotics.

jenny57401 9 years ago
not sure what caused this but i was really emotionally upset last night after posting, didn't sleep until 2am. i was upset over my situation with my ex. we both love each other very much but it seems like we don't want the same things for the future. im struggling with if i need to stop speaking with him and open myself up to other possibilities but somehow it seems wrong to do that. seems like every time i exercise my mentality gets screwed up. i also had black coffee in the morning yesterday. I rarely drink it and thought it would be ok as a treat on occasion. i really don't like the idea of not being around my ex. hes like my only form of support and it seems i can't digest the idea of not having anyone. not even for my sake, i don't want him to be alone either. it wouldn't take me long to find someone new, but i don't want anyone new, i want what is comfortable and someone who understands me even when i don't. managed to drag myself to work today and appear semi-normal but have been on and off tearful almost all day. i just dont know what to do anymore.

thought i should post. my period is gone now too on day 5.
jenny57401 9 years ago
I think its been a week.

After last dose, I noticed mental improvement. I've been feeling so crappy physically though. I'm sure it has to do with the antibiotics. mostly having headaches, lots of fatigue, and extreme overall body discomfort. muscles are twitching often and feels like my bones are wrapped in concrete, no relief, constant stiffness.

on Monday i was upset over my local doctor refusing to approve my lyme doctors orders for IV nutrient therapy. I cried, was angry, and then i guess motivated to continue to find a way to get the help i think i need. No local MD's 'feel comfortable' approving the orders of my lyme doc, and the hospital only accepts MD or DO approval.

since then I've been persistent and I'd like to think level-headed. Not overly emotional, sleeping in the dark, etc. I am very tired of how things are, but i'm pressing on.

I also had an allergic flair to the cat when i started 2 new supplements on Thursday. The supplements are 'Transfer Factor Multi-Immune' and 'Transfer Factor LymPlus' by Researched Nutritionals. 2 days after, allergy flair has gone away. Left with stuffy nose.

Can't think of anything else. Thank you Sameer,
jenny57401 9 years ago
You should try to get off the anti-biotics if you can.

Please take another dose, 10 hits to the LM4 bottle, wait for 2 mins and then, take out 1 drop of LM4 in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.
sameervermani 9 years ago
I know I'm still not crazy about the idea of being on abx but the last 3 years I've gotten progressively worse. I feel like I need to at least give this avenue a solid attempt before I can say for sure it doesn't work for me.

I forgot to mention, even though I'm on abx that can often treat acne symptoms, I am still getting some outbreaks. I hope that is an indication that illness isn't being suppressed.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Since last post:

-on average about 2 bowel movements per day, one day i had none.

-head pressure, scalp felt numb

-diarrhea on a couple days. diarrhea is usually followed the next day by no bowel movements

-got a sinus infection, yellow mucous discharge, completely plugged nose. sore throat. I am not sure if this was from remedy or other. parents were sick with something, i came down with this 2 days later and I think i gave it to my friend who comes over. lots of people got sick over thanksgiving.

-heat from bath felt good, also massage was good, but then achy as usual afterwards.

-pressure near appendix/start of ascending colon, almost felt like menstrual cramps. had intercourse 1x 2 days prior to this symptom. did not get emotional this time after intercourse.

-had a chest pain around 5am on the 2nd.

-stiff all over but mentally good!

-new vitamins taken made me feel nauseous, stopped taking them.


-sleeping pretty well and usually always thru the night. No dreams are disturbing.

-woke up once at 3 am but wasn't scared, i seem to have sleep disturbances the nights that follow physical exercise (did water exercise class)

-Saturday was the only day i was semi irritable. but i was up until 1230 am the night prior by choice to speak with someone. It was people talking and noises that were making me irritable but I could tell I was physically pretty tired.

-dealing well with other people

I think puls has been consistently good at helping mentality. I read of many lyme patients that are terribly mentally affected and I've noticed much improvement in the mental plane.

the 3-4 week life cycle of lyme bacteria is evident around the time of menstration. I'm pretty sure I have a co-infection of Babesia as well, those flares occur weekly usually. With the help of Puls though i think things are going decent.

Of course you know more than me in the homeopathic world, so whatever you suggest...

Thanks Sameer :)
jenny57401 9 years ago
Excellent :)

Please take another dose, 10 hits to the LM4 bottle, wait for 2 mins and then, take out 1 drop of LM4 in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.
sameervermani 9 years ago
pulsatilla didn't save me for the full week. it's a week before my period now. been cryin for 2 days pretty much. hatin everyone.

it started out with the fact i paid like 30 bucks for 16 pills (i'm not on abx right now btw). and so i was upset, and being that i think i been doing a good job at bein cool actin like anormal person when im not normal, i feel like i dont know, maybe ONCE in a while someone could maybe ask me how I'm doing instead of thinkin i'm made of concrete with a forcefield surrounding me. my dad saw i was visibly upset in the morning. and then later in the day after i was subdued and worked a FULL 8 hour day... i got home and tried to keep busy ...until he opened his mouth.

he made a smart comment about how i shouldn't still be in a bad mood and i said he doesn't need to be an a-hole, he doesn't know how it feels, and he said he was just being like me...which is apparently an a-hole. he knew i was crying all night, he never once took the time to come to me and apologize, he's too busy making plans with his buddies to care whether his daughter is terribly upset or not.

is it really that terrible to want a friggen hug once in a while with some reinforcements like hey, jenny...ur doing a good job, i'm proud of u. WITHOUT asking for it? I know that's not his cup of tea, by any means, but geez. I'm really tired of people wondering whats wrong with me as if i haven't told them already.

sorry for the rant.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Do you have LM5 with you ?
sameervermani 9 years ago
no i don't think I do.

i was just able to speak with the only friend i have that can give me perspective and support... i'm feeling less crazy now. sometimes all i need is to feel not so alone.

would puls lm4 suffice until i can get lm5? or something else?

these mood swings are so icky i hate them. but at least i'm sleeping in the dark still.
jenny57401 9 years ago
You can dose with Puls LM4 today (note the increased drops):

10 hits to the LM4 bottle, wait for 2 mins and then, take out 2 drops of LM4 in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.

Please order LM5 and LM6 in 30 mlm teat dropper bottles.
sameervermani 9 years ago
I dosed as suggested, I was good for most of the day until the evening. I guess LM4 has done all it can do. I'm usually OK unless left alone for too long and in the evenings. I mostly think i have too high of expectations for those that love me, along with really high expectations for myself that i'm completely failing to meet. I wish it was easier for me to stay in the present moment and not worry about future or money.

LM5 and LM6 on its way....
thanks Sameer

jenny57401 9 years ago
Let's wait for the LM5 to arrive then.
sameervermani 9 years ago

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