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Either is fine.
sameervermani 6 years ago
I have 200c. I was going to take it today. I waited because I wanted to have 4 days off in a row while I stop again taking pain killers/anti inflammatory pills and caffeine.

30 c did SO much for me I feel, even though I used pain killers and caffeine simultaneously. But I really want to give 200c more of a chance to do deeper work at its full capacity.

How should I dose 200c? I got #3 pellets
jenny57401 6 years ago
Hi Sameer.

It's been 2 weeks since Lac Hum 200c dose.

The day after dosing for about 3 days I had loosened stools. Not sure if this was from stopping the pain killer/anti inflammatory or from remedy.

3 days after dose I had huge fight with my mother. I won't go into detail over specifics but she overreacted to something I was joking about initially, and she immediately assumed I was 'going down the wrong road.' She talked to me like I was 15 years old, was practically incapable of even sitting still to have a rational conversation about the topic. She would clean and try to leave the room to clean, anything to avoid confronting my vantage point. This was basically over the benefits of using medicinal marijuana vs. Pharmaceutical medications. I've had good experiences with MM. It allows me to relax in the evening and contemplate deeply. I've been doing a lot more writing, etc.

It was difficult for my mom to look at any other possibility aside from me making 'wrong' choices. I yelled back at her irrationality, pretty loudly also. After she calmed down we spoke on the subject. She seemed to be open to understanding my perspective. The biggest things about that confrontation that shocked me was how much she was sobbing. She had so much remorse over me being ill and not being able to fix things for me. I realized I need to grow up and mature and really learn how to nurture myself, even if my mom isn't capable of doing those things in the way I felt I needed growing up, or now. But what I am striving to do now is to value her for what she IS able to do and who she actually is. I feel like the fight really made things real to me, I am on the edge of flying the nest soon, abandoning all that I've viewed as safe for so long, and I'm ready to fail if that's what needs to happen in order to succeed at something. I have been digging into my issues surrounding money, freedom and power. I realize that I've held myself back by not viewing myself as powerful enough to take care of myself and others. I've started caring for others needs not instead of my own but on top of my own. I was helping my parents with more household things than before, just doing all I can to take responsibility for my life.

The day after the fight my left shin felt burnt on my skin. That feeling usually happens when I'm detoxing but maybe not detoxing fast enough. It's like lactic acid gets under the skin or something. It was tender to the touch, and very sensitive.

A few days later I had even more mucous in my stool. The 2nd week I did yo-yo back to caffeine and vicoprofen, not every day like I was, but I felt like I wasn't using them as a crutch like before. Now it was a choice I was making to move forward in an empowered way vs me taking those things to compensate for a lack I felt

I feel like this remedy helped me tremendously. Not sure how long it takes for it to work and how long it may last. I feel like I'm losing just a little bit of momentum in ways. I've been shifting a lot and I think it takes time to integrate everything but I feel like I'm making choices to move forward in a lot of different life areas.

I don't plan to use vicoprofen regularly anymore. I will keep it around for emergencies as I continue to integrate these large changes in my diet, exercise, work, living location, etc.

Hope I gave enough detail. I'm not sure how to describe best how these two weeks unfolded, but I feel empowered to live my life and I'm DOING a lot more, with plans to keep moving forward in action, slowly with baby steps.

Let me know if you think I should get any LM's of Lac hum.

Thanks Sameer!
jenny57401 6 years ago
Hi Jenny,

I think you are still responding to this remedy. Lets's wait for 2 more weeks.

Please update at that time.

We will decide about the LMs then.

Good luck
sameervermani 6 years ago
Thank you I will :-)
jenny57401 6 years ago
At the 2 week mark from when I was going to post, I got sick.

In the last 2-3 weeks the following has happened:


PMS made me pretty emotional a week before period again. 33 day cycle. Yet, breast swelling only occurred for a couple days instead of extended period. Cramps were minimal, then again my period was very light/scanty, starting to lessen after a couple days of regular flow.

A couple weeks after my last post (last Sunday to be exact) I felt myself coming down with a tickle in my throat and some fatigue. It developed into a very swollen throat, very easily aggravated, sinus infection and yesterday I even coughed up phlegm again in the morning. Greenish gray. My sinuses are so clogged I can barely breathe out of my nose. In fact last night I was up until 4:30 am because of it, I just couldn't lull myself to sleep. Thick yellow mucous is expelled through nose.

Overall I've been feeling extremely weakened and tired.

I've been trying to get back into doing minimal home exercises just using my body weight but I see even a 20 minute work out is too much. I am sore in muscles. Perhaps I need to wait until this head cold passes.

My coughs are triggered by tickles in my throat. But they are deep lung rattling coughs. As a child my main issue was always my upper respiratory tract and my throat/sinuses. My immune system has always been incredibly weak.

It seemed this was brought on by my level if activity and lack if rest leading up to getting sick. I also sat in a public hot tub and wonder if I picked something up there. I suspect its a combo of lac hum and the above. I'm not sure.

I have finally recently stopped vicoprofen. I stopped when I first doses with 200c , but after I while I picked it back up. I never realized how heavily addicted I had been.

It has been 5 days since I had any.


I have been on a roller coaster.

One major event that occurred was my ability to let some male friends exit my life. I've always had an issue with boundaries; how much do I give and to who? I was always giving giving to the people that couldn't love all parts of me.

I even explained to a couple of these men WHY I couldn't be around them anymore. I explained that I want to find a life mate and settle down and I don't think they could ever provide me with that. They agreed, but didn't necessarily believe that I was serious and I have gotten a few 'tests' to see if I was. I feel i easily passed them, not feeling guilty at all that I could no longer give my energy away to them.

I feel I am edging closer and closer to independence, figuring out what it truly is *i* want in life, and I have plans to leave South Dakota even without a solid plan in place. I feel its important for me to prove to myself that I have more faith than fear.

Until then, I am taking actions of self nurturing and self care which has been difficult, but I'm starting to see that I do have the power and ability to help myself heal fully. There have been many crying episodes, this growth is a place I've never attempted to grow before, and it sometimes feels extremely liberating like I am breaking from from the confines of my own body. But then at other times I worry that I don't have what it takes to be done with illness.

I can see I need lots of rest, nurturing and the unwavering decision to follow my dreams, not just one of the safest routes.


Lots changing in my dreams. I have gotten into fights with some of the main stars that usually frequent my dreams. Considering that one of them in particular I view as a negative drama queen, I believe it indicates that I am attempting at breaking up with that aspect of myself.

Also, I was hang gliding in my dream yesterday. Casually as if i was taking a walk.

Overall, right now I'm not sure how I am doing aside from feeling physically very crappy and drained and struggling to be ok with it mentally. I would say this remedy nudged a mountain in me, and the mountain has realized it needs to remove at least a part of itself in order for me to make a new path.

It is terrifying and exciting depending on the hour you're talking to me. Mostly my excitement has fizzled since getting sick and I'm in hibernation mode. And my intent is to focus in on one or two things I want to be working on and I need to find a way to let the rest go.

Let me know what you think is next.

Thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 6 years ago
i read your history if u r better its good but if not then used this medicine for only 6 days,

Argentum, Nitricum. 200

30 drops evening time sip of water, and then 8th day report me.
Doctor Baig
Doctor_Baig 6 years ago
The very first homeopathic remedy I took was arg nit, this was before I came to abc homeopathy.

I believe it was 200c as well.

I will wait for Sameer to reply.
jenny57401 6 years ago

Holy crap, I love this remedy.
Took it on 12/18/13


12/20 - more acne on face and chest. persisted a few days.

12/27 - very tired, sore throat, head pressure, achy body, sneezy, felt feverish. Was constipated for 2 days before (holiday food + lack of water?), some ovulation cramps.

12/28-12/29 - still very physically achey with shooting pains in joints and all over body ache. Stuffy nose, yet runny. Swollen glands. Yellow mucous expelled through nose.

I had a massage on Thursday or Friday and the next day I felt like it had moved some junk out.


12/22 and 12/23 - I made a poor 'man' choice a couple days prior, one that was similar to the poor 'man' choice I had made the month prior where I got super depressed afterwards. My reaction to the situation was much calmer emotionally than before.

I also had the option to make another similar poor man choice not even a few days after. With little emotion over the decision I made the much healthier decision to not involve myself with company (with men) that I don't feel I can be myself with.

And, instead of worrying that I was making the wrong choice, I focused my energy and efforts on my independent projects for myself! Usually I feel obligated to give my attention to these types of people.

Also, I noticed I was much more clear mentally. Even when people were prompting silly arguments and amid miscommunications, I was by far less attached to even responding to nonsense. It was really empowering for me to experience, and I feel like this hold that some men have had over me has been lifted and I feel free to focus on myself.

I was a little irritable here and there but overall, i felt much more focused. I realize large change is coming but I'm feeling good about my choices moving forward.

Still getting over the sinus congestion and upper respiratory 'thing'... but I'm loosening up over the way i'm looking at my health. I'm confirming that I'm already strong and that I'm confident in my direction, not just with health but in life.

Feels good, although at times I admit it's a bit scary because the new way of being that I'm experiencing requires new thought processes that I haven't had much experience with.

Very interesting....
Let me know if you think I should wait more?

jenny57401 6 years ago
That should be ok. Let's wait.
sameervermani 6 years ago

so...I took a plane ride to Vegas this weekend. I'm much more relaxed about planes. It's significant. I used to be so nervous I couldn't eat.

I still have some adjusting to do in how I travel (eating less crappy food so I don't feel so crappy) (making sure I have headphones to block out obtrusive energy)

I wonder, too, if I was less nervous because I actually didn't book this flight. My friend booked it for me and I had no choice over where I sat, so I just didn't even worry about it. Before when I'd book flights I'd feel the need to control where I sat. I typically like sitting near the wings for some reason. I feel the most 'safe' there. I used to really not like sitting by the window, but this time I sat window seat both times and I enjoyed looking out the window.

I was a bit emotional a week before my period again, but it was filled with more clarity than normal. I had to make some tough decisions to make, and while I hesitated and questioned whether my decisions were the right ones, ultimately I felt confident that I was standing up for my core values, requiring respect and consideration. I didn't let people just walk on me.

I have quit taking my supplements for the Panchakarma prep. I only take digestive aids once in a while.

I think this will be very helpful in remedies working as well. I won't be taking any supplements all the way into spring... when I spend 3-4 weeks doing panchakarma in North Carolina.

The indian doctor said that once my body is cleaned out, remedies and other things will start working much more effectively.

I would have to say mentally I've been doing ok, considering all the junk I went through the last couple weeks. I was a bit sad about a couple things, but overall, I feel i'm closing a lot of doors to my past and walking forward without so much 'buyer's remorse'

Physically I've been in a bit more pain and discomfort, but I've been on the go, and highly dependent on energy drinks. I have been way off track with my food intake. Starting tomorrow I start eating and drinking better foods for panchakarma prep.

The next 3 weeks will be fairly calm I believe, I will be finishing work and planning for what to do beyond work... when i finally start working for myself. Something I've always wanted to do, but always been afraid to do.
jenny57401 6 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Just giving update on main symptoms. I ended up having influenza A. It was something I picked up or it reactivated in my system because my dad and friend caught it from me. I had a more challenging time kicking it, after 2 days my fever wouldn't go down so I went to get Tamiflu.

My menstrual cycle is running long this month, very emotionally upset after being on the road for almost a week now. I believe physically my body is causing the mental dis-ease. I'm probably just plain tired in all aspects. Things haven't been going as anticipated but I thought I was at least attempting to go with the flow.

Overall, mentally, Id say I'm unsettled. Feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Some days I feel like I have a very large purpose in life. Other moments I wonder what it is and whether it even matters.

I know most people don't set out to do what I'm doing, to break free from self imposed obstacles, and I try to accept that it may just be very uncomfortable for a while as I attempt to heal naturally and find my place in the world.

Leaving home has been emotional as well, departing from my family, it weighs on my heart even though I know it's my path to move beyond that home.

These feelings are strong and they pain me to the point of tears. Not just the departing, but feelings in general. I have been trying to process them with logic for a very long time, avoiding the feelings entirely. On one hand, I want to fall in love...on the other, I'm seemingly incapable of allowing such feelings.

I'm sure this is not unique to me. I feel that in order for me to truly be loved I must learn and trust my value in the world. Everyone sees so much potential in me, and I'm unsure of how to feel that it is all true. I only understand it from a logical stand point.

I feel one day things will click and I will naturally shift all the way into a person that feels she is whole, not just know she is...but feel. But until then, I resist and question how I could be whole alone with only myself.

Physically, it's the usual. Pain. Discomfort. Feeling locked up. I've had menstrual cramps for a few days, only minor breast swelling, running late on my 34th day of cycle. I imagine since I've been so emotionally disturbed that it will start any day.

I feel like when I do Panchakarma I will be able to finally start taking care of myself the right way, all the time. I have never let myself be fully taken care of. I notice when I travel and stay with people that even though I feel safe, there is an underlying feeling of me not being able to accept the love where all the generosity comes from. I'm sure all is aligning for a greater good, I'm not clear as to what it is yet. And I'm trying to be comfortable with the unknown as it is.

No rush on replying, thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 6 years ago
Have you ever read about this remedy named Lac Maternum ?


Seems even closer than the Lac-h. What do you think ?
sameervermani 6 years ago
Yes I read on it when you suggested lac H. They are similar, I can't remember the exact main difference.

unlike Carcinosinum this is not because a lack of self- confidence makes it impossible to resist others, but because he lacks awareness of his own space, his own identity, he unconsciously shares his 'home' with others and is unable to be fully himself; desire to have his own place at home, desire to be alone, to have time for himself; also fear to go outside, because of the feeling of being unprotected; needing the house as an extra protection
Is this describing Lac Mat? Or Carc? Because I feel my biggest issue is lack of identity. I lose myself because I take everyone 'in'...it gets confusing.
jenny57401 6 years ago
This is describing the Lac Mat. Let's go to a 200c of this remedy (the Lac Mat); just a single dose in 250 ml spring water.

Please report back in 3 weeks.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Ok. I will order and have it sent to Austin where I will hopefully be when it arrives, thanks :-) enjoy the new little bundle!
jenny57401 6 years ago
Alrighty, long time no talk! I think we have a significant occurrence going on that will be very easy for you to figure out best remedy.

Panchakarma has cleared me out and stirred up a bunch of stuff. I'll go through and list my current mental/emotional and physical symptoms since the panchakarma.


~ my skin has gone from being white/pale to being very pink and sensitive and easily irritated.

~ oil aggravates, especially on chest, back and face. Almost anything touching my skin aggravates it, leading to lots of acne breakouts.

~ acne has been the worst it's been in a long time.

~ excess fluid in the legs resulting in tenderness to the touch and cold lower half of body.

~ vascular system is very weak, there seems to be an active infection of some kind that got stirred up when trying to clean out the body.

~ I'm off ALL medications. I've been pain killer free for about 2 months. I'm off caffeine energy drinks. My diet consists of mostly vegetarian food like rice, dahl and veggies with fresh spices. The only caffeine I have is from tea in the morning.

~ I eat 3 square meals per day with 1 snack of fruit. Most of my meals right now are cooked foods, but i'm anticipating switching to raw foods soon.

~ My skin and nails are getting much more pink, I have lots of color to my skin now.

~ Bowel movements are regular and usually large, about 2-3 times a day on average. Most all of them are in the morning to after noon.

~ Large appetite. Able to drink things like milk and eat some wheat/bread without any adverse reactions. I eat a lot of food in one sitting. More than some men I know.

~ Meat is now causing a lot of heat in the body, aggravates, makes me irritable and my skin breaks out. Still craving sweet, but even that is pretty under control. Instead of sweets I eat raw fruit for a snack.

~ I'm sleeping 7-8 hours per night. Not waking up at all, feeling rested, not even needing naps during the day.

~ biggest complaint physically is the ACNE. I feel like there is some old infection that got swirled around and is trying to make it's way out.


~ Overall I've improved in my ability to be objective.

~ But, my irritability has increased. When I am out of balance either physically from foods i'm eating or not eating, i get very irritable, like I used to when I was a lot younger. I am less apologetic about my emotions or demeanor. Aside from the acne, I'm much much more accepting of myself.

~ The biggest thing emotionally would be how irritable I've become.

~ this last cycle was ok, it came on day 30 and only lasted a couple to 3 days. I had fatigue and a little emotional swing but not as bad as in the past.

That's about all I can think of. I'm falling asleep and it's only 10 pm. I have been keeping on a schedule and it seems to be really good for me.

I am really excited to try a remedy in this cleaned out state. I feel like they will, in general, be much more effective in my body now that I've cleared out all the junk.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
I am in North Carolina right now, 3 hours ahead. I start driving home on Saturday, will be passing through Whole Foods and stores on my way home so if I can pick anything up let me know!

Thank you Sameer! Can't wait to work with you again.

jenny57401 6 years ago
Hi Jenny,

Nice to hear from you.

'~ excess fluid in the legs resulting in tenderness to the touch and cold lower half of body. ' --> How do you know that there is excess fluid ? Is there a swelling ? Do you mean there is soreness when touched only in the lower half of the body ? And, sensitivity to TOUCHING cold things in that area ?

Apart from irritability, nothing is bothering you mentally ?
sameervermani 6 years ago
When I applied dry powder heat to my body I actually got less dry feet. My feet are usually always dry, and I've always relied on lotion for moisture. When I stopped using lotion they got dry, and the barley packs which are used specifically for drying excess fluid inside the body ended up melting the blocked sweat channels. In just 3 days this dry pack therapy visibly made my dry skin much better.

All leg tissue muscles and fat have excess fluid blockage due to mostly inactivity and proper flow of the fluid. This is only happening from the waist down.

There is no visible swelling, just tender to pinpointed pressure. My legs aren't so sensitive to cold as they are just cold, again probably due to lack activity.

Mentally I'm only bothered by the insane amounts of acne and breakouts on the skin. I thought it was something I had overcome but it seems the Virechana Panchakarma stirred up the pot. My lower half of body is dry, since the fluids in the body are being retained and not able to push through the skin.

I believe the acne is a tool my body is using to see if I can accept my body and appearance no matter what. So I do feel it's deeper than just a few toxins that got stirred up.
jenny57401 6 years ago
How is your thirst pattern these days ? How thirsty do you feel and how much are you drinking ?
sameervermani 6 years ago
I would say I don't drink as much water as I used to and it feels like enough. I have water when awakening, maybe 2-3 cups. Then breakfast is usually barley or oats with banana and a milk tea. Then I'll have a little water before lunch. A little more water in between lunch and dinner, and then some water before bed. I drink when I'm thirsty. But I don't let it go until I'm really really thirsty. Before this cleanse I drank more water because I felt I was toxic, without necessarily feeling thirsty. Now I drink just what I need.
jenny57401 6 years ago
Ok, I'm two weeks late reporting. I don't know what I was thinking, but I took Silicea on day 2 of my period and 5 days before a scheduled blood donation.

The blood donation did not go well. I was fine the day of, but the next morning when I went to go do minor yoga I was very light headed and short of breath. Over the next few days the shortness of breath lingered, I was fatigued, I developed headaches, diarrhea, appetite went way down, and my feet, legs and hands, arms often felt numb like they were falling asleep or not getting enough blood. I could move them, but they just felt like they were lacking.

This lasted a week. I stayed on a very strict diet of vegetarian rice/mung dal and veggies, and then I had chicken soup when I started to snap out of it.

Physically I lost a little weight, but I am gaining it back now.

Overall, since I recovered, the main things I'm noticing is that my skin is very itchy. I had some breakouts under my chin like on my jawline/neck. I'm mostly itchy on my upper back. There are few bumps there but they are not inflamed. I don't think they are bug bites either.

I am due for a period in 3 or so days, and I am just now getting minor breast tenderness. Usually I have gotten that for a week in advance.

Mentally/emotionally there have been some interesting things happen. By the way, I read a profile on Silicea where it's compared to the Princess and the Pea story...extremely accurate. Especially when discussing how the Silicea type fears loss of status. If she were to lose face or if she were to fall off from her high pedestal and lose her status, there would be no one to take care of her, and surely she has never learned how to take care of herself.

I've found that there have been many of my friendships transforming. Example, I needed my car fixed. Usually my friend fixes my car for free. I even helped him recently with something for free and he exclaimed I'd have free car care for life. Well, upon my return home, he was oddly unavailable. I found myself wanting to use words or actions to manipulate him into fixing it sooner rather than later. After all I had stuff to do. But then I realized that I was actually saying to myself that I am not able to support myself and get it fixed myself. So, I ended up taking it to a shop and paying over $500.

There were other bills that came up as well, where I normally in my past years would have fought, justified and all, because I shouldn't pay. Those bills weren't my fault, I wasn't responsible. I caught myself again. Here I wanted to be responsible and independent yet I can't even be fully responsible for my bills. Even though I've never gone in debt and I'm usually very good about bill paying, I have always deep down felt entitled to not have to pay any bills.

I've also had friends I've known for many years, a male friend and a girlfriend, somehow get upset with me enough to feel the need to bring to light some of my negative behaviors, some of them being a sense of entitlement and handling issues with others in a destructive manor when I find I can't control things.

All of this rolled into the few weeks after Silicea, I feel like it must have worked, even with the blood donation issue. These made me feel a bit unsettled initially, but I feel I've been accepting of them, and I realize that there is simply a big change ahead for me and my relationships with others. I feel I'm 'being asked' to prove I'm understanding the lesson on a daily basis, as there seems to be something daily that requires me to find myself capable enough to be independent, especially financially.

I'm not sure if this one is still working on me or not. I would say if i have any complaint of myself right now it would be my procrastination. I'm still finding that it's easier to focus on what others need from me versus what I need to be doing for myself. However, I'm getting BETTER at it. I do what I need to do daily to take care of myself. People are really falling away from me too, making it 'easier' to focus on myself, although...that is not something I'm familiar with doing, so I'm getting more comfortable with it.

Overall, mentally I'm doing alright. Physically I'm still stiff and with pain but I'm finding what works for exercise and I'm stretching daily. Even when I don't feel I have anyone around to take care of myself FOR.
jenny57401 6 years ago
Just bumping up.

My period came on day 34. It seems like I am still having mental emotional swings leading up to my period. Cramps are more pronounced this cycle on day 1 like they used to be. Very very tired. Had to pause exercise.

Mentally I'm focusing more on doing things to move me towards financial independence. I remind myself often not to worry. I feel less dependent on others already and I'm able to realize now when I'm alone it's ok to reach out, and it doesn't necessarily mean I'm avoiding being alone. I just genuinely enjoy being around and speaking with certain people.
jenny57401 6 years ago
just bumping up again.

physically my body is so sensitive I'm almost forced into solitude to be calm and at peace with everything as is.

There is still some resistance mentally. Do you think I should get a higher dose of Silicea? I think overall it was a good remedy.

my procrastination has improved. Im more comfortable and accepting of being alone.

my digestion is the main thing I'm struggling with. I feel like I've become even more hypersensitive. If my emotions are even a little bit sad or depressed my digestion doesn't digest food properly and I lose weight.
jenny57401 6 years ago

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