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Please procure LM1 and LM2 of Lac-c then in 30 ml teat dropper bottles from Helios.
sameervermani 8 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Got LM1 & 2 with me of LC.

I wouldn't say i've been teary eyed, i was over the weekend a couple times but mostly in a happy sense. Sometimes in a contemplative, unfocused sense.

I noticed it was a tad difficult to shift my focus to work. I am starting to work a full 40 hours this week! so far i'm balancing it pretty well.

I've been balancing my moods better. Last night I had a dream of being in a plane again. No crashes but it was nerve racking. The pilots were young and jerking around and it was just an awful unpredictable flight. We were trying to take off but kept running into trees and going over hills. for some reason I was in the cock pit this time. at one point i think i was actually flying with the pilot outside of the plane.

You'll have to decide what you think i should dose with next. I guess my goal would be to not be too overly concerned about relationships. At least from an emotional level. Sometimes I get too involved into the emotional aspect of things and i can lose focus. I'm not quite there at this point but i was when i was dosing with Puls. Again, it would make me happy and energetic for a few days but then kind of crash and burn shortly after.

My skin has been getting a bit more clear overall. Lots of people have been commenting on my skin saying my complexion is clearing up and i have had a pretty nice skin tone considering i haven't been tanning in a while. I used to be a lot 'whiter'. I still feel like my skin is a bit 'gunky' as if I'm dumping some toxins through it still. And I'm not break-out free so I know I am.

Physically I've been a bit achey but i've been much better at watching my sugar intake and increasing water intake. I've been sleeping more too.

Honestly, I'm doing pretty darn OK. Considering the fact that I'm labeled a 'chronic lyme patient' with a long history of chronic pain and fatigue, I'm working full time again, sticking with a semi regular light workout routine, eating better than most, and maintaining some sense of normal social life. I'm learning to be less hard on myself and just go with the flow. I mean, I'm doing more work than most 'regular' people do! So, this is good. I would just like to be able to improve on my abilities to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and obviously decrease pain levels.

The plane stuff must still be lingering if I'm having dreams. I've been reciting mantras within the last couple weeks to help diminish negative aspects of myself. Little by little, when unpleasant feelings arise, I'm able to recognize WHY it's unpleasant, and it's easier to face it. An example would be this freelance job I took on. I had a fear of the feeling of rejection, or that what I produced wouldn't be good enough. before, I would just not even want to read emails if I thought they sounded like they didn't like something i did. So now I can recognize that I have feelings of unworthiness, and I work with it from there, asking questions until i feel like i've come to an answer that makes sense. And then I just work on reversing the feeling by affirming that these beliefs are false. It's resulting (in this example) in a feeling of less fear. I'm not overly concerned if they don't like it because i know I did the best I could and that's all that matters. I can't take things personal anymore, and it's been much easier to do this even in the last week.

Hopefully this will give an idea of what you think I should be taking next. In the last post i felt it should be Lac Can, but you're the expert so you just let me know what you think.

THanks Sameer!
jenny57401 8 years ago
Hi Jenny,

These are very healthy changes.

How about we stay with Puls, and do not dose any further right now. When you start going downhill, we will consider dosing with LM8. It is better to make sure that Puls is not going to be of further benefit, before moving to Lac-c.

Update in 2 weeks from now.
sameervermani 8 years ago
cool. good idea. thanks :-)
jenny57401 8 years ago
Hey Sameer!

Hope you're well.

Short update. I had a follow up with my doctor a couple days ago. She wants to start treating Bartonella (one of the lyme co-infections). I have not treated this bug yet, its symptoms that I seem to carry are sore soles in the morning, tender nodules on shins and very stiff neck and spine pain. I feel so stiff, like arthritis, but my Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist both say that my muscles are the loosest they've ever felt them. They feel i'm making great progress in that regard (and I'm not even really finding the time to exercise as much as I'm told to!)

So yesterday I started on 300 mg of Rifampin (for Bartonella) and 100 mg of Minocycline. I know abx aren't the greatest! but I think they can be really helpful in some cases and I'm happy to be using them only in conjunction with homeopathy.

Today I had a LOT of mucous discharge out of my nose (left nostril). I mean I usually have a little but this was noticeably more so than the average. It was thick, ropy and white-ish. I feel like i can breathe a bit better through my nose today.

and then after my shower, i noticed i had bumps all over my arms. They aren't itchy at all. They are just raised white bumps with a tint of red.

Mentally I'm doing well still. I've had lots of weird dreams. One, my mother died in a car accident. I went to my dad crying because I missed her so much and he hugged me and was sad too, but he said 'when she comes back, she will miss you too, she just won't know why.' I woke up crying, but its really made me think about how I deal with loss, how I would deal with the loss of a parent if it were to happen, and it's made me able to really observe my feelings better than usual.

So, probably still going to wait as I'm not in a mentally bad place right now, just wanted to keep you in the loop as to what was going on physically, as well as keep you up to date with my 'conventional' treatment with my lyme doctor.

I think these are good things!

Happy Friday :)
jenny57401 8 years ago
Thank God it's Friday ! And yes, we wait longer.
sameervermani 8 years ago
Hi Sameer,

I had a great week last week. I worked 46 hours plus at least 4-5 on a freelance project. I exercised and had social time. Everything was really great. Today wasn't bad but I was SUPER irritable. Maybe I'm just tired from all the work. My period is about 4-6 days away so that could be why too.

The bumps on my arms and legs went away within a week or so. They just slowly reduced in size and faded out.

Not sure if I should dose with something?

I'm still happy but I'm just exhausted, losing a bit of focus and irritable at work. Once I'm home I'm ok. Unless people scrape their forks on their plates. Holy crap I dislike that. I'm *this* close to making everyone eat with plastic forks in the house! ha.

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 8 years ago
Please take 1 dose of Puls LM8, 1 drop in 250 ml water, stir with a spoon and take a spoon. Throw the rest of the 250 ml solution.

Report after 1 week.
sameervermani 8 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Since Puls LM8:

~ skin got a little more acne on chest and face a couple days before my period came.
~ period was late, coming at 35 days. Cramps were pretty non existent on first and 2nd day (today is day 2).
~ breasts swelled up a week before period.
~ very achy


I'm still really irritable especially with loud noises and most everyone who talks when i'm trying to focus on something. I'm ok at times, but overall I'm super annoyed by everybody. Like I want to yell at people for being so annoying.

I'm still working 40 hours a week and exercising and doing freelance jobs while at home. This is the busiest I've been since when I lived in California in 2004-2006.

I started out the week better than I'm ending it.

So I'd say Puls helped for a little bit, its been about 9 days. the last 2 days have been the most annoying and I am not responding in the best ways to certain people.

Let me know what I should do next.

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 8 years ago
Oh my gosh I'm spacey, I totally forgot the most important thing:

I got an EDS scan the other day to see where I'm at (this is a scan that picked up my lyme bacteria in my system). It measures organ energy levels and all kinds of things.

I tested MUCH better in a lot of areas, especially my hypothalamus and my ability to drain lymph.

My mercury levels were also much LOWER since getting my amalgam fillings replaced with composites.

I have a LOT more inflammation all throughout my body though.

One thing I had tested was my food allergies.

We found that it is probably due to vaccines i had as a kid.

There was a blend of homeopathic remedies that tested well for me, its a blend called Desert Biologicals VAX reactions.

Remedies in it include:
mezerium 6x 30x
thusa occidentalis 6 30
silicea 8 30
calc carb 30 60 100
morbillinum 30 60 100
parotidnum 30 60 100
pertussinum 30 60 100
polio virus 30 60 100
rubella 30 60 100
simion 40 virus 30 60 100
tetanus 30 60 100
carcinosin 15c, 30c, 50c
antimonium crudum 30c
ledum palustre 30c
thimersol 30c

So there is SOMETHING in that remedy that would get rid of my egg allergy (and probably other things).

There was an Egg Mix (remedy blend) that also brought me into balance

Asparagine 6x 10x 30x 200x
phenylalnine 6 10 30 200
quercetin 6 10 30 200
animal antigens 9 12 15 30
ascorbicum acidum 6c 30c
calc carb 6 30
ferrum iodatum 6 30
tetracycline 6 30
morgan pure 30 200

So anyway, overall I'm doing better, just still super sensitive and I want to yell at certain people for no particular reason.
jenny57401 8 years ago
Repeat another dose with 8 hits to the LM8 bottle before dose.
sameervermani 8 years ago
HI Sameer,

I'm not doing so hot mentally or physically.

I'm finding myself without the motivation I once had. Its a fight to muster up the energy to get through the days and I'm finding I'm resorting to painkillers more times than usual. I don't want to use them.

I'm also highly dependent on sugar, but they make me feel very achey and then I just feel bad about not being able to manage my work load and stay on task.

I'm just completely overwhelmed, I'm tearing up over dumb stuff like movies and I just don't like my mind frame right now. I feel like I'm getting whiney again like I was a long time ago. Not sure how to get out of this funk.

Physically I've just been achy as usual and I can't say acne has gotten worse at all.

Let me know what you think I should do.
jenny57401 8 years ago
Okay, time for LM1 of Lac-c, 3 drops in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a spoon.

Report in 2 days please.
sameervermani 8 years ago
Hi Sameer,

doing better with the irritability. Skin is a bit more gunky. A few more breakouts on my chest and face.

VERY achy. Highly uncomfortable and pretty tired.

noticeable mental improvement.

Let me know what's next or if we should wait.

Thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 8 years ago
Let's dose once every 2 days, for 3 more doses.

This time, 8 hits before making each dose.
sameervermani 8 years ago
I think I did 3 doses. I honestly can't remember!

The last dose I did was 3-4 days ago and I developed acne on my chest and a bit more on my face and I was doing well mentally so I thought I should wait a bit.

I worked 41-42 hours this week and did ALL of my self scheduled workouts, walking, treatments (baths/sauna/massage).

I am becoming less irritable with my mom. Having dreams of her dying. I looked it up, it seems that the interp given means that our waking relationship is entering new realms :-) good things because she has always bugged me a little!

I do still take the painkiller (only 1 pill) on the days of my work outs. They give me less pain and motivate me. So I limit myself to 3 per week. So far this is working well.

I am gaining a much healthier relationship with food, one involving moderation of sweets!

I also am limiting coffee to 2 per week. One during week and one on the weekend.

The only new thing I started was Low Dose Naltrexone. It is a compounded drug used to help the immune system boost and begin working on its own again.

The only side effect I've had from that is lucid dreaming. In the early hours of morning when waking up, I can control my dreams for the most part.

I was on low dose antibiotics for bartonella. Still am. Having breakouts after beginning Lac Can again, this is definitely resulting from LC.

If I could continue at this pace I know I will be making significant progress given enough time.

Very good improvement this week with the LC doses.

Let me know how I should continue.

OH! my breasts are swollen (started swelling 10 days before scheduled period) - I think this means my cycle will be shorter than the usual 32-33 days. Good things.

Thank you :-)
jenny57401 8 years ago
Hi Jenny,

God progress. Let's wait for a week without any doses. We will then go to LM2.

Please keep LM3 and LM4 at hand as well.

sameervermani 8 years ago
Hi Sameer I've been crying all day not really sure about what I guess I feel confused about what I'm doing. It bothers me how I can be doing so well one week and then for no apparent reason I'm just sad and I don't even know what I'm here for. I feel empty and I don't really know why an I can't find anything wrong with my life aside from the health thing. Somedays I feel like I'm in complete control and then something small could happen like an argument and I'm left feeling like this. Like a failure.

Thank you let me know when u can if U think i should dose now.
jenny57401 8 years ago
Hi Jenny,

I have been meaning to say this for quite a while now. One of the obstacles to cure in your case is that multiple medicinal substances are being administered at the same time.

e.g. This relapse might be linked to this Naltrexone that you have started taking.

I would recommend you to give a chance to Lac-c work alone as much as possible.

You can take 3 doses of Lac-c LM2 in the exact same manner as you took the LM1 doses. i.e., One dose every 2 days, 8 hits starting second dose.
sameervermani 8 years ago
Ok. I'll try that. It's hard to know what to do sometimes. Western medicine says they work and there are studies to back it up in most cases. And I know some remedies mentally help me even while on some rx meds. I don't know of any late stage Lyme patient who has gotten better on just homeopathic remedies so it's a little scary to drop everything.

It's possible I push myself too hard without enough rest. My cycle is at its worst time also. But I will give ur suggestion a try at least while I'm dosing.

Thank you Sameer
jenny57401 8 years ago
Hi Sameer. I hope all is well with u.

After the last dosing I found I did well. I had skin breakouts while gaining mental improvement. As the break outs improved I got more tired and in lots of pain

I am staying home alone for a week and I notice that I'm afraid of noises I hear. Paranoid there will be intruder. I was like this when I lived alone in California. I haven't lived alone since then. Sometimes I'm ok other times I struggle with feeling safe.

I also have been very non disciplined in my routine. Not eating sleeping or exercising properly. I've been so busy planning an event and trying to keep up with work. I'm frustrated with the situation and I have plans to confront my Lyme doctor about treatment. I don't feel it's worth her draining my funds when im not sure what she has given me is helping or if it's the homeopathy or just my determination (when I have it).

I'm not on anything right now.
Ive been so busy I completely forgot to order lac can lm3 and 4

I really want to confront my diet habits. I feel like I have a huge yeast imbalance. I was so tired and overwhelmed this week I had to take a day off. Just not able to turn mind off. What I've learned is sticking just losing motivation due to pain

Let me know what u think,
when possible. Thank u
jenny57401 8 years ago
Let's dose with LM3, one dose every 72 hours, for 4 doses.

8 hits before making each dose.

Report after that. I would recommend doing the Lac-c alone for this period and see how you do. It is indeed very plausible that those conventional Lyme meds are not doing much.
sameervermani 8 years ago
Ok. I'm not on anything now except for T3 and vitamins. By the time I get lm3 in I will have run out. My T3 levels are higher since taking it. Will order it and report back.

Thanks Sameer
jenny57401 8 years ago
Hi Sameer,

I got the Lac Can in a few days ago, but I was in a good mood and my skin was broken out a lot on my face and chest so I thought I would wait to see what happened.

It was a week before my period and I wasn't anywhere near as emotional or moody like usual. I was busy planning an event, so perhaps I was mentally distracted.

Period came on day 33 or 34 and am having very little menstrual cramping. Almost none.

I am, however very achy all over, and my skin looks like crap (in my opinion)

I have quit coffee again and I feel like this time I can make it stick. I switched to an herbal substitute, decaf tea and water. I want to get to feeling better more than I want coffee, I'm also not indulging in sugar like I used to.

I'm not on any Lyme meds.

Today I got a tad irritable as I was looking for my keys, it's been a long and draining week for me physically, but my event went well and i feel like i have more direction and purpose in my life than before.

i spoke in front of a big crowd for my event that i planned in 3 weeks by myself! I got on the local news, radio and newspaper. So I am proud of myself for that.

Just wondering what you think about dosing now. I noticed the irritability set in today while at work.

Let me know.

Thank you, Sameer.
jenny57401 8 years ago
When was the last dose taken ?
sameervermani 8 years ago
Looks like April 20th was my 3rd dose of LM2.
jenny57401 8 years ago

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