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ps. i am not one to pick fights like this, verbal fights is as far as i go...i never get into fights with people stupid enough to physically fight over dumb reasons. and i knew she was the type of girl that would make physical threats for talking to her crazy but i didnt care about that either at the time. is the lm3 gonna make me even crazier because i can't tell if this is a good thing or not.
jenny57401 last decade

Tell me about your feelings in greater detail. Why did you fight with that girl ? Talk about your mental state freely.
sameervermani last decade
I think I fought with the girl because 1) she said things that weren't true about me, which in turn caused my bf to ask me questions about if i had been faithful to him or not 2) I think I'm mad at my boyfriend. I am living at home with my family and I have enough money to move now. My intuition is telling me its time to leave this state again and move where its warmer. So in short...i feel its time for me to leave (in spite of how much i know i will miss my family). My bf, even though we love each other very much, doesnt feel the need to leave yet...even tho he doesnt want to stay here either. He has 2 kids of his own, i have none..and he wants to stay here and gain more experience with the job and save some money to buy a new car so that he can move and find a job somewhere else. I'm almost 26, and i want a family. we agreed that since i felt i had to leave, he wouldn't stand in my way and we would hope to keep in contact. Since he cannot promise me we will ever settle down and have a family some day...i can't promise him i wont be open to the idea of being with someone else in the future that wants those things.

the situation was clear to me until he asked me or hinted at the fact that he wished that i would promise to not be open to the idea of another guy. i feel guilty in a way, because this whole time i felt like we wouldnt end up together in a marriage- but i stayed when i couldve not wasted both of our time. he is older than me, less money than me, less opportunity (in his eyes) than me, and in short...he is sometimes jealous of me a little. this makes it hard for me to say things like i want to move on because i do not want to hurt his feelings. i care about him so much it hurts to think of doing that. but it seems so obvious that even if we want the same things in life...because i am so moody and unpredictable (especially during this last round of ars alb) he is afraid to commit.

i get so lost in my thoughts and my perspectives get very skewed away from reality sometimes, especially the week before my period. i go from independent to clingy to mad to happy and then just plain confused. this last month has been so confusing and frustrating and some days i am completely calm and not worried about the future, until someone ASKS me about the future and it SOUNDS like i might be hurting someone in the future. i feel in a way my bf is forcing me to choose between him and moving, and i get mad at him if he says something that makes me feel guilty for choosing MY life instead of him. I already feel guilty and i haven't even left yet.

i almost feel like i WANT to be alone because of how moody i have been. its not a good thing for a significant other to have to be put thru. i dont feel suitable to be in a relationship, i feel its unfair to him because of how i am. and i also feel that i dont even have the capacity to really understand and be there for him because i am very much in need of care myself. if i am alone i can just focus on taking care of myself so that i can give someone the things i want in return instead of demanding them and not being able to give. maybe i feel he isn't able to nurture me either. i want to be alone in a way because i dont want to hurt him, but i am very afraid to hurt him and my family by leaving them behind.

i think i am most mad because i can't ever make a decision on my own without feeling guilty. i feel selfish and i think thats why i never strive towards goals that everyone says i could attain if i just tried. i have talents of drawing that i dont even do because i feel 'who wants that?' i feel guilty for feeling selfish. and mad for not letting myself just be selfish in a *healthy* way.

i took ars alb LM3 this morning and i am starting to spot. its day 29 from when i spotted last month and day 26 from when i had a regular flow day. i feel like i've had 3 periods in one month including cramps and the prior PMS a week before. it has been terribly confusing mentally and ive been very bipolar.

the sinus infection is gone, breast swelling is gone, cramps are starting.

srry so long but you said freely and this is about the most rational i can make what goes on in my head. i just want to know when i can get off of this see saw and if i will be better some how.

jenny57401 last decade
as i read back...to clarify the 4th paragraph...
i do give in this relationship...but i get mad about it if i feel im not given as much in return. i give because i genuinely do want to give, but it takes away from me giving to myself. and if i dont give myself what i need, and he doesnt or cant...then i feel very resentful even if i dont show it. it will cause me to get an attitude and i wont really know why or ill lie and say something else is bothering me or im just 'tired'. because i dont want to sound selfish or demanding.
jenny57401 last decade
Reporting for LM3 Dose:


-Period came on day 29 of cycle. I spotted 3 days beforehand, except one day i didnt spot.
-Yesterday (day 1 of period) cramps were very intense and i laid in bed from 5ish on, woke up for a little bit only to go back to bed around 10ish.
-cramps are still bad today when i get up and walk around.
-flow is heavy and red to dark red.
-breasts were tender leading up to period 3 days before.
-acne got worse


I really have no idea how i am mentally right now. i want understanding from my boyfriend, just to be held, something. and he says he understands but i still feel alone. he says he is depressed too, and i have nothin to give him because i feel pretty empty and a little resentful towards him. im sure he feels the same towards me. this making up/fighting has been lingering for over a week and im sick of it. i dont even feel like trying anymore. dont feel like sharing my feelings. and i think i resent him because he acts like i shouldnt care about my feelings. i think he is just mad that he doesnt get to care about his feelings because he has kids. im tired of the whole situation and i dont see it getting any better or going back to the way things were. im still mad. and i really dont see what this ars alb is supposed to be doing other than making me a complete nutcase. i feel like i went thru 3 week long pms's this month alone.
jenny57401 last decade

cramps lasted 2 days, usually i only have intense cramps 1 day. the flow is heavy to moderate today (day 3)
sleeping a lot. very tired and headache.

mentally doing better.

will await your direction.

jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Let us not take any more doses, and wait and watch for 1 week.

Let things come back to equilibrium.
sameervermani last decade
Alright, Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer,
Since the last post:
-period lasted about 5-6 days. pretty moderate, flow was heavier than usual and the cramps lasted 2 days instead of just the first day.
-have slept a lot aside from last night.
-since sleeping longer hours i wake up around 3ish occasionally. I turned on the TV once or twice because it was too quiet.

overall, better mentally. i'm not fighting with boyfriend. i think we both know if theres another fight we would probably part ways. for me, i think my feelings are so up and down its best if i try not to explain them to him or look for consolation. its not that i stopped caring about my feelings, but in a way, i have stopped caring about them. im just going to try and remember to focus on taking care of myself and keeping active in a healthy way instead of dwelling on things i don't have or insecurities.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Since things are improving, let us wait for 4 more days.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Overall still doing ok mentally.
had some physical issues.
my back and neck have really been bothering me. feels very constricted and tight and massages dont offer much relief.
i forgot to mention the weird pain in my foot a day before last report. it felt like the bottom of my right foot was sprained and it hurt for almost a full day, but i have no idea why. it just started hurtin at the end of the day and i soaked it, iced it, slept, and it hurt kind of the next day and it faded away.
my front knees and back of the knees feel weak when doing yoga. feels like i could sprain or tear something either behind the knee or right in front of the knee if im not careful when exercising.

skin has been doing weird stuff. my face seemed like its been clearing but my chest broke out a little and weird other places like my arms and back and really random spots all over.

intercourse is still pretty painful. feels like something on right side could rupture or get seriously injured if not careful.

mostly physical annoyances and discomfort this week. headaches, body aches, all the heat and things dont seem to help. mental issues seem to not be as important when physical pain takes over.

let me know what the next step is when you have time, i hope all is well with you.

jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

I think the response is still ongoing .

Please update in another 4-5 days.
sameervermani last decade
Hi, i think its been 4 days.
im having cramps again like having a period except no bleeding. gettin heartburn more often from sugars from fruit if i dont have it diluted enough with water. been having headaches and dreams are having some violence in them. also have been woke up a couple nights around 3 either from storms or just waking up. wasn't frantically afraid or anything but it created some fear.

body aches in my back in neck have been causing me much discomfort. trying to avoid going to chiropractor hoping if i start cardio 20 mins a day that it will help.

there are some marks on my skin in odd places too.

jenny57401 last decade
then take a dose of Ars LM3 as follows:

No hits, take out 1 drop of LM3 in 250 ml spring water, stir with spoon, and take a teaspoon ONCE.

Report in 4-5 days from the dose.
sameervermani last decade
Sorry I mean, 8 hits, and not 'no' hits. Repeating again.

8 hits to LM3 bottle, take out 1 drop of LM3 in 250 ml spring water, stir with spoon, and take a teaspoon ONCE.

Report in 4-5 days from the dose.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Took LM3 dose as directed on the 26th.

i worked out the 2 days prior and became tired on Wednesday. Even though i was tired on the day of dose, i ended up going out with friends that evening. overall i had fun but i have not been sleeping very well at all. i will lay in bed around 930 and read until 11ish and then i will kind of fight sleep and become restless not wanting to sleep. i have been sleeping with tv and bright lights on again. i guess i was scared. one of the nights i woke up right at 3:00 and couldnt get back to sleep until 5am. there has been quite a bit of fear and insecurities arise again, had another fight with bf that got resolved quickly but i get very insecure and uncertain when there are fights, if there is not enough effort made by him to show affection i am very defiant to even continue trying to work out a solution. i was prepared to break off the relationship to an extent if he hadn't tried to talk to me, and this is almost a 3 year relationship..the longest ive been in.

physically i think id have a little more energy if i actually got some rest. but i have been eating fairly decent. the skin was bad then now its alright. starting to clear up a little bit even though i didn't exercise everyday. i was extremely motivated until the dose and then i took a nose dive, damage control occurred this morning and i'm feeling a little less on edge, a bit motivated again.

these mood swings are getting to be a little much for me to bear, im not sure whats going on in my swings cuz they occur so quickly and i just am not sure what emotion is causing these feelings. i don't think me and the bf can withstand another fight, they are really just fights about nothing, me feeling insecure and wanting more affection and so on. its a waste to explain its really a bunch of nonsense.

couldn't tell when i ovulated this month or if i did at all.

1 good sign...i still haven't had any hayfever so far. keeping fingers crossed.

thank you Sameer I hope all is well,
will await your direction.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer,
Just bumping up.
Since last post, still having discomfort in back and neck. Mentally seems like i am becoming a little more observant of emotions and being able to change my views. an example, my bf was telling me about someone he talked to in the park who was a female. i noticed i was starting to feel jealous and then i connected it with a low self esteem. just identifying i have a low self esteem seemed to save me from having negative feelings. i was ok after identifying the cause of the negative feeling.

not a fan of the acne. maybe im dumping a bunch of stuff thru my skin, but not a fan. getting a little itchy in the eyes and nose around cat but nothing out of control.

will await direction, thanks Sameer.

jenny57401 last decade
Dear Jenny,

Please take 3 doses of IGNATIA AMARA 30c at 30 minutes gap, and report after 1 week.

Dissolve 2 pellets in 250 ml water, stir and 1 spoon from here is 1 dose.

sameervermani last decade
Thank you, taking the doses now.
Is it ok to have decaf coffee (like 1 small cup a day?) I don't normally have it daily but like it a few times a week (4-5 cups a week tops), and i have noticed that i am worse after having caffeine so thats why i do decaf. Just want to make sure. thanks

jenny57401 last decade
PS. Just noting the following for the case study in regards to Ignatia Amara:

- i am by nature romantic and idealistic, overly sensitive, easily disappointed, outwardly can come across as bitter or hardened to others.

-crying is usually avoided and especially it is near impossible to let myself cry in front of others. i only cry when i know im alone. when around others i may tear up but i hide it.

-i think i want consolation except it is mostly difficult to accept.

-unreasonable jealousy in relationship.

-desire for travel


- extremely difficult to let emotions go

-biting of tongue and inner cheeks, teeth marks are usually formed on sides of tongue and sides of cheek.

-extremely tired after crying

-dreams almost always include bodies of water

-aversion to fruit (heartburn and even headache from too much sweets at one time)

-headache after crying

-over all, usually better when traveling or away from home.

-when having anxiety or doing things in a hurried rush manner i have to really stop myself and take long breaths. being out of breath is easy to happen. my lung capacity is extremely low. i am fatigued only after 15-20 mins of cardio. at night i am afraid to sleep on my back for fear of 'sleep paralysis' because of one episode long ago where i felt the presence of something evil on me. this is why i usually sleep with tv and lights on, the amount of panic i would have in complete darkness is not something i like to try. darkness is only ok if someone is with me.

the overall impression i got from reading the polychrest is that it speaks to my deep sadness and emotional pain of which i think i have no good reason to even have. i keep it to myself because i dont understand the causes of it, and i think i don't have a right to be sad because i have a good family, unused talents, and people think i'm very pretty. i am very hard on myself and just don't see these good things they see all the time. just on good days.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer,

Posting first update from Ignatia 30c


-eyes have gotten itchier
-not much desire to drink water even tho dehydrated.
-heart was skipping beats at night when laying down/ thumps extra hard. perhaps its palpitation.
-bowels were overall looser and more mucous filled
-period came this morning (day 32 or so) this is a more normal time for me to have period as my regular cycles without birth control were always around 32 days or so. There was some pms symptoms yesterday with spotting, also including clinginess and easily hurt feelings, wanting tenderness or embrace, but i seemed to have handled them better and chose to keep to myself. i cancelled plans with the boyfriend to avoid any confrontation. i usually appreciate being approached in a more gentle way around this time and i knew he wasn't gonna be any type of gentle so i told him why i didnt want to hang out and that was the end of the discussion. today, period came in the morning and cramps are pretty non-existent to light. flow is light. much different compared to when on arsenicum. breasts were noticeably a bit tender 3 days before period came.


-going to bed later than usual
-still some concerns at night w/o lights or tv on, but i did graduate down to a dimmer light at least and turning the tv off half way thru the night.
-many vivid dreams, so many i can't remember the ones from earlier in the night. they seem unimportant mostly.
-earlier in the week i was a bit defensive. i didnt pick a fight really but i engaged in debate with a friend which is a typical thing i do even when i dont have a good point. i thought i had a good point this time but i think overall i might have just taken something personal and wanted to express what i thought, possibly just wanted understanding.
-much concern over an abandoned baby bird in the yard. wanted to save it but let nature take its course and it was dead in the morning. It wasn't a worried sick concern, just a sad concern.
-monday was in a great mood, had a good weekend, but it changed to impatience and anger very quickly when i couldnt get new computer software to work right.

overall feeling better mentally while the annoyance of itchy eyes itchy face and outbreaks continue on.

I look forward to your reply.
Thank you Sameer and I hope you are well.

jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Mental amelioration is a good sign, and especially when it is coming with eruptions on skin.

Please wait for another week. Update at that time.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer,
I just got a second diagnosis of Lyme disease this morning. a few months ago i tested positive for the bacteria that causes lyme disease and a different lady confirmed that i have it. Is there something that can fix this?
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

It will get fixed as we go further.
sameervermani last decade
Ok, i will report next week then. yesterday was a tough day after finding out the news for a 2nd time. i plan to try to get a blood test to confirm, but i'm pretty sure its an accurate diagnosis so far considering my symptoms. i did the electral dermal test yesterday where it tests to see if a certain remedy would help for lyme, and it recognized Borrelia 10M, which according to the tester the fact 10M was recognized means its been in the spine for a long time.
It also showed up in my heart. I don't get treated with herbs or supplements by him anymore but every once in a while i will get tested to see where my organ and hormone health is at.

On the mental front, i am on the fence as to tell my bf that i need to focus more on myself. i've been avoiding breaking up for so long out of fears of being alone or making the wrong decision or hurting him, but i feel like its time to not worry about that and just take care of myself. he is a good person and i love him very much but i dont think i'm capable of giving the relationship the attention it needs, and i shouldn't expect him to give more attention than me. i do feel like i'm to the point where i'm able to face fears and work thru the mental concerns on my own, its the physical pains and despair of ever getting better that get to me now. i dont feel i have much emotional support from friends and family, but i think i've come to accept that i'm supposed to be my own emotional support. i've already let a few of my friendships fall away that i felt werent healthy for me, and i don't feel bad about it at all. I do feel a little sad, but i want to take control of my life instead of keeping on the path i think others want me to follow. i feel ready to do that, and i hope i follow through this time.

thanks Sameer,
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer, hope all is well with u.

Since last post, i broke up with boyfriend. We are going to work on being friends while i focus on my health and work on being more independent. Over the weekend I was a wreck. I stayed in bed and cried almost an entire day and night. Since then, i have been working on adjusting mentally. i have been pursuing information on getting a blood test done for Lyme disease. I found out today it is $475 for the initial testing. the money hoarding part of me was a little weakened by that news. I'm trying to reason, even if it shows up i have Lyme, i don't think I would want to invest in the traditional treatment route of 6 months of antibiotics.

I haven't mentioned in the last few posts about these weird muscle twitches i get. They are a new symptoms kind of but i didnt know how to describe it until i researched Lyme disease.

It feels like a bunch of multiple twitches in different spots (but within the same localized area). like fireworks are going off inside a muscle. This symptoms was listed as a sign of healing from killing the lyme bacteria.

This was mostly occurring during arsenicum dosing if i remember correctly.

other physical symptoms. lots of alternating between constipation and diarrhea. extremely tired. and of course as you can tell, the mental maladies have been up and down.

considering i broke up with the boyfriend finally is a big deal to me. i haven't really been 'on my own' w/o a love interest the entire time i've been having problems (8 years at least).

Seems like i do better when i have someone to love because its a whole lot easier than loving myself. Its also hard for me to take care of myself when i feel like no one cares are understands me.

oh, my period started on the day 32 of cycle...about exactly a month from the month before, spotting started on day 31 of cycle. i would say the emotions were extremely disturbed the week before cycle arriving. and i haven't cried this much in a long time. its like im looking for someone to care, even though i know ppl close to me do, but i think they dont. and at the same time im having to let my feelings go because i know deep down they are imaginary, but letting them go is difficult!

In your professional opinion, do you think Lyme is a legit suspicion? Do u suggest getting the blood test done? I can afford it even though i have no health insurance, but i just have this thing with giving money to doctors because i've been so let down in the past with no diagnosis and so much money down the drain.

Thank you Sameer,
jenny57401 last decade

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