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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please clarify the following:

Sore throat after drinking water, what is the temperature of water when it usually triggers it ?

Episodes of breathlessness, when do these happen ? Better or worse from anything ?

Shin bone pain, when does it happen ? what makes it better or worse ?

Describe the ringing in the ears: what is the sound ? when does it happen ? what makes it worse ?

What are the time windows during which the fever happens ?

Headaches, what makes them better or worse ? what is the sensation ?

Worse when left alone: what happens when you are left alone ? how does it feel like ?

Gastrointestinal symptoms, abdominal pain and acid reflux : when does this happen ?

In general what are your aggravation times during a typical day ?
sameervermani 9 years ago
sore throat after drinking water, what is the temperature of water when it usually triggers it ?

room temp and/or cold. (can't remember this happening with hot water, possible)

episodes of breathlessness, when do these happen ? better or worse from anything ?

more common after being in sauna or bath or even getting up after laying or sitting down. also from simple things like going up stairs. sitting down or resting while laying helps.

shin bone pain, when does it happen ? what makes it better or worse ?

shins are tender to the touch. random shooting pains occur (but these occur randomly just about everywhere). the most common shin issue of mine is the tenderness. if you touch it with finger it hurts, during massage if an entire palm is used with even pressure it doesnt hurt as much as a pinpointed pressure.

describe the ringing in the ears: what is the sound ? when does it happen ? what makes it worse ?

the sound: it's like one ear goes 'mute' and a single monotone tone is there. it eventually fades. it occurs randomly. i can't think of anything that makes it worse. perhaps having ear plugs in? (ipod)

what are the time windows during which the fever happens ?

again, timing is random. in the mornings my temp is usually lower than after a shower or after a sauna obviously. so i guess during the day is when the fever might rise. seems to lower back down in the evening. (i do track my temp on a regular basis and write it down)

headaches, what makes them better or worse ? what is the sensation ?

lack of sleep makes headaches worse. they are usually behind my eyes (mostly the right side). otherwise they are frontal. laying down in the dark helps them go away.

worse when left alone: what happens when you are left alone ? how does it feel like ?

i can keep myself motivated pretty well at times when im not sick feeling, and i even appreciate solitude. but when im sick and im by myself its easy for me to get into a slump. i guess it happens on the weekend if i dont have anything going on (usually i dont other than research) and i just get lonely.

gastrointestinal symptoms, abdominal pain and acid reflux : when does this happen ?

since i started a new probiotic i've been having gas symptoms at night and a little in the morning. its not a lot but every once in a while it can be painful. i get shooting pains randomly in my stomach area. to give even an approx time is impossible. i guess during the day?

in general what are your aggravation times during a typical day?

again...almost impossible to pin down a consistent aggravation time. but when i wake up i am usually better, and it gets probably worse throughout the day.

any time i am tired there is aggravation. i'm wired but tired. it's really difficult to shut my brain off sometimes when i know i need rest.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Okay, there is nothing very peculiar in the above, so let us go as planned.

3 doses of Lycopodium 30c at 30 mins gap, taken in 250 ml water.

1 teaspoon is the dose.

Report in 5 days.
sameervermani 9 years ago
2 pellets in the 250 mL water?
jenny57401 9 years ago
yes, that is fine.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

I will be out of town this weekend for my birthday, a whole 27..I'm getting old!

I took Lycopodium (Clavitum?) 30C as you advised.

I noticed a mental improvement after a couple days. I cried for a little bit in the morning on Wednesday, but i feel like it helped. It wasn't even a sad cry really, just more or less asking for help in finding answers and healing. From then on, motivation returned and I have been more clear headed and rational. Even during a phone conversation with someone who can often times say things that irritate me (he thinks he knows it all) I found myself being patient and listening to him and finding understanding even if I didnt agree with all he said. Starting to feel like I really am a 'good catch' instead of a burden.

Physically, acne on chest back and face has gotten slightly more pronounced. Breasts were sore from period approaching. I spotted today (light brown) and it's day 30 of my cycle. Overall I have been feeling pretty crappy pain wise, feeling toxic. I have done castor oil packs twice a week to help my liver get rid of some stuff. I drink a mini flush (lemon juice, grapefruit juice, olive oil and water) to help move things along. My movements have been often and mucous filled. Had diarrhea one day even that followed deep intestinal cramping.

I believe these are all good signs and I like lycopodium so far!

I will be in the cities, if there are any 6c or 30c's you think I should get let me know.

jenny57401 9 years ago
Very good signs, keep other therapies (e.g. castor oil) to the minimum.

Let LYC act unhindered.
sameervermani 9 years ago
i wonder if lyco is wearing? overall i have been in a good mood but last night i got a little upset and confused about something. its nothing new.

my acne has been worse than usual on my face. Still having acne on chest and back tho not as severe as last week.

perhaps i am just crashing from working 8-9 hours each day for the last 2 days. I put in about 24 hours literally in 3 days which is quite a bit for me. i had to drink a couple shots of espresso each day to get through them. i dont like that i feel like i have to. would like to be off caffeine but i have like zero vices left to turn to. no alcohol, low sugar, low carbs, etc. that small amount of coffee once a day usually helps pick me up.

anyway, my motivation has seemed to take a dip which usually happens on the weekends.

the real issue i'm struggling with within myself is really what i want to do with my life. i feel like its time for me to do something else even if i am still sick otherwise i will be stuck here at my parents house forever. i'm happy with my life here and appreciative of my family and my ex who has become a close friend, but i suspect this location itself is not healthy for me because i seem to feel better when i leave. plus, the winters are really depressing.

part of me figuring out what i want to do, i feel, will lead to me having to part ways with my ex and family. even tho my ex and i arent together we have become very close and i do care about him very much.

i made the mistake of talking about this to someone that would rather me dump my ex altogether and he made some unnecessary comments i didn't like. seems like i care way too much about what people think and my voice gets lost easily in my head.

i still like the overall effect of lyco. it stood out like pulsatilla.

that's all, will let you decide what next step is. i just seemed a little more confused than during the week.

thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hmm.. let us wait for 1 more week to be sure.
sameervermani 9 years ago
I know it hasn't been a week yet but I am having a major allergy flare out of nowhere.
Itchy eyes, sneezy, runny and stuffy nose at the same time.

heart pain. its a deep slow stabbing sensation in the heart area that waxes and wanes.

right eyebrow has been twitching all day. other areas of body twitch also.

This symptom came back: round red marks that eventually grow in diameter and then fade away after a while.

Also have been having diarrhea, foul odor, very mucousy stools. Haven't had stools like these I think ever. Having about 3-4 per day and all are soft if formed at all. they are large amounts each time as well and usually follow intestinal cramping and gas pains.

I know you might not be a fan, but I re-started Parastroy last Thursday to treat parasites. I felt they were still an issue for me.

So..I am not sure if all this is Parastroy creating die-off symptoms or if its the Lyco, or both?

mentally i'm still doing alright. I think I'm coping with events pretty rationally.
I'm a tad irritable, but I don't feel out of control.

My dreams the last 2 nights have changed. Having plane and chasing dreams again. But I'm still sleeping in the dark with no TV. In fact I get annoyed by the tv or lights when I fall asleep now. I even kept the shades closed a few nights ago and slept in complete darkness, no street lights coming in thru the window. Didn't even realize I did that until I looked at the window and it was covered.

I'm no expert, but i was having allergy issues before (couple weeks ago?), then you had me take Lyco and the allergies seemed to subside. So maybe this allergy flare is at least related to Lyco. The diarrhea i believe to be a parasite die off symptom. The twitching is the same thing I believe. I think it's possible Lyco is assisting.

I will continue to wait if you advise, just thought i would update in case you think something else should be taken.

And sorry about the taking herbs thing! I know it can interfere but this is the first time i'm having these good results (die-off). The last time I tried this product I didn't have any reactions at all, which makes me wonder if Lyco is also part of the cause of all these symptoms. I really feel like this is a good sign :)

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
'I re-started Parastroy last Thursday to treat parasites. I felt they were still an issue for me.

So..I am not sure if all this is Parastroy creating die-off symptoms or if its the Lyco, or both? '

That is always going to be an issue if you try 2 therapies at one time. Now we do not know what can be attributed to Lyc. Please try to refrain from taking other therapies. I believe Lycopodium is a good remedy for you.

Please order LM1 and LM2 in 30 ml teat dropper bottles.
sameervermani 9 years ago
The Lyco I took 6/27
Parastroy I started on 7/7 and these recent symptoms started on 7/10.

Sorry, I thought that was enough time in between to notice which was causing what. I think Lyco is a good remedy too so I will be more careful with timing other therapies apart from future doses and let you know before I start a different therapy.

Allergy flare is subsided this morning.

Thank you Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,
Got Lyco LM1 & LM2

My eyes have still been having irritations to them, red, itchy.

Emotionally, something clicked with me over the weekend. I just kind of decided that I'm done being sick. I know that I will still need to continue therapies for a while more, but mentally, it finally clicked that I am just way to hard on myself. I am sure there will days that I revert back to negative thinking, which I have even since the weekend, but my ability to recognized that is multiplied times 10. I think Lyco has helped me get to this point.

I am a little fatigued but I'm still working 6 hours a day which is what I set as my max while i'm healing.

Shall I dose?
jenny57401 9 years ago
Excellent, we need to wait longer. You are responding very well to this remedy.

Update in another week.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Sounds good.
I am traveling this weekend to see my doc in Montana. She will be very excited to hear how well lyco is working also.

Thanks so much!
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

Mentally overall I'm doing alright.

Physically I was in kind of bad shape on my drive out to MT. Achey all over mostly.

Yesterday I had a really bad headache which i don't normally get.

Upon returning back home my allergies are acting up again, they were better when i was away. Itchy eyes, stuffy nose.

My glands are swollen and i am running low grade temps. like 98.8-99.2 after getting out of a shower. my blood work showed i am fighting some kind of infection too.

when I got home, i kind of got a tiny bit depressed but the next day I was able to turn that around and be happy and productive.

I have little acne, that seems to be clearing a bit.

my right arm is in pain but that was from someone messing up on a blood draw. i have an inflamed vein.

i think i might be deficient in magnesium, i have a lot of muscle twitching and not quite restful sleep.

today is day 28 of my cycle. haven't had any indication that i will be getting my period soon. either it will be late or i am having a better pre period.

Although.... last saturday at work my ovaries were HURTING. it was very weird. i couldn't stand up at work in the morning because of the strong dull ache. they felt full? like they could rupture. it was on both sides.

overall not much else has changed. still feeling positive mental effects but it does seem to be weakening.

my lyme doc says she does not want to put me on antibiotics yet either. i am doing a lot and she thinks i can get my co-infections cleared with homeopathics (from you) and herbs. She said she wouldn't have pegged me for a lycopodium ;) shows what she knows.

I still like her though, she is very understanding and is willing to go along with anything you or i suggest. very open.

anyway, that is all i can think of. thank you Sameer
jenny57401 9 years ago
We will still wait longer. Update in another week.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Hi, sorry for another post, felt it might be significant though.

i will still wait to report next week if you think it's best.

I reported this morning after waking up late. Went into work late because i overall was tired and achy, then right after i posted i had my food spill out onto my car seat. didn't get too worked up at all, until mid afternoon when i was talking to a friend. for some reason whatever we were talking about started to really annoy me and i got short so i ended the convo abruptly.

i also forgot to tell you about my dream last night. i had a very close friend of mine pass away in 2004 at a young age. i have only had 2, maybe 3 dreams of him in my entire time of knowing him (we met in 2001).

the 2-3 dreams i did have were extremely sad, if not downright disturbing. In one, i couldn't get to him even tho i could see him through a window typing a letter to me. The other, we were in bed together and he was extremely ill looking and not really himself.

this dream was different. me and him met eyes, and he picked me up and we hugged for such a long time. it was like we spoke to each other so clearly, without speaking any words at all. I was so happy to SEE him, the way i remembered, and he was smiling and healthy. The unspoken words that I could hear between so loudly was 'i miss you'. it was a profoundly deep longing/wishing for him to be here again. i miss him terribly still even though i thought i had come to accept what happened.

i started getting sick/achy around the stressful time when he was sick/dying. he got sick in 2002. we knew he was dying and there was no hope for a future for us, but i couldn't leave him. i started getting really sad, depressed, my back started hurting, and it just got worse from there. i had no idea how to cope with that situation at all at the time, or for years after. sometimes i wonder if i still am not sure how to.

Even though I was a little sad this morning after waking up from the dream, realizing that that's all that it was and that he would never come back, i tried to still have a good day. I was even doing an ok job of it after the food spill. But by the time i got home at the end of the day i was in tears. I don't cry over him often. But i guess the dream struck a cord deeper than i thought. After crying for a while i just had to remind myself that what happened with him and us is just what was supposed to happen.

Now I am mostly just a little sad but trying to be empowered to do something good and productive with my time. I just seem to be a little confused i guess.

Maybe this is the result of me deciding I wanted to resolve my emotional issues, maybe its lyco, maybe it's my period coming. I'm going to call it a positive event though. I've been wanting to see him in my dreams again, at least i got to see him there. now the trick is to not be sad about it.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Jenny,

I think this is a sign that Lycopodium has gone very deep and is bringing out old burried (unprocessed) feelings.

Keep waiting as planned.

sameervermani 9 years ago
Hi Sameer.

Oh my goodness is there anything that can help my allergies? my itchy eyes are really affecting my day. getting irritable, easily annoyed.

2 days ago I couldn't stop sneezing. Stuffy AND runny nose. Now its is just stuffy and very dry.

Only thing that helps my eyes is a wet wash cloth and i can't do that while at work. I don't know what would help out my attitude right now aside from coffee or vicodin and im trying to refrain from both.

ive been waking up a lot throughout the night again too. often at 3am, 430am. not getting deep sleep. when i close my eyes i get disturbing images again too. They don't scare me as bad but it's noticeable. almost wanted to sleep with the TV on but I didn't.

I will continue to wait, but i am getting super duper cranky despite my large attempt at having a positive attitude.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Take the first dose of LM1 Lyco please:

2 drops in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a spoon.

Report in 3 days.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Thank u thank u!

I really would've waited if you wanted me to. Sorry to be a pest I was just going nuts with the allergies! Could be irritable from cycle approaching also.
jenny57401 9 years ago
It's been 3 full days since Lyco LM1 first dose.


intense deep intestinal cramps. they were deep in my small intestines, like right in the center of my tummy by my belly button.

swollen lymph nodes (i think they are swollen a majority of the time, massage therapist pointed out the nodes)


low-grade fever

allergies moved into my eyes again, very itchy, swollen, red. skin is raw and they sting if any lotion gets on them.

swollen breasts (period approaching)
however, period is semi late.. today is day 36 of my cycle. chocolate cravings, probably associated with PMS.

Left ovary pain, waxes and wanes.

headache (right side of head)

LOTS of bowel movement. one day I went 3-4 times. yesterday I went 4-5 times. lots of mucous. I've been intaking more water, about 150 oz a day.


the night after taking lyco I had dreams of planes crashing but i vaguely remember it. I was in a plane too but I wasn't in a crash.

i pretty much lost my mouth filter! I wasn't even really crabby I don't think, but as I talked to a couple people on facebook, I pretty much told them what I thought of them w/o sugar coating things. (they were male and act interested in me). I personally thought they were full of crap, the whole time, so i told them so, even deleted one of them w/o feeling bad about it.

overall I was mentally good, especially in the mornings. Very happy to be alive even if i was in pain. By the time the night came I did get a little brain foggy though. Entered the 'zombie like' state 2 nights, but I quickly reminded myself to knock it off. I am doing a lot of exercising (walked and did PT exercises every day this week!)---so, naturally I'm probably more fatigued due to the amount of things I do each day, which is much more than I usually have done!

Considering I'm on day 36 of my cycle, I'm doing pretty darn good mood-swing wise. I haven't had any coffee since Monday either :)

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Nice let's keep repeating a dose every 72 hours then, but with 8 hits to the LM1 bottle before each dose.

Report after 3 more doses. If things worsen in any way, stop dosing and update earlier.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Perfect :)
Yea today I noticed a dip in my energy levels. Talk soon and thank you much.
jenny57401 9 years ago
Hi Sameer,

I dosed as you advised.


I got my period on day 37. Cramps were not as bad as usual. There were only 2 days that were a regular flow day and the rest was light to spotting. 5-6 days total.

My back and my neck= stiff and achey. I had to take one pain killer yesterday. I was on vacation (family reunion) and I didn't want to be inside miserable all day when it was so beautiful outside.

yellow nasal discharge after 2nd dose. felt like sinus infection. allergies continued except when away from cat the last 4 days. (If I lived on my own I would totally not have a cat).

acne got noticeably worse. not sure if it was lyco or my menstrual cycle doing it. It got worse on my face, back, and chest/neck.

Overall, physically worse.


right before period I got emotional after my dad made a stupid comment about a painting of mine. I never paint because I always thought I wasn't that good so when he said 'that doesn't look very good' I got discouraged and upset. I went to sleep and felt better upon awakening. I realize that other's opinions shouldn't matter and I don't need to listen to things like that.

overall I was mentally alright, but very very very tired. i felt like i was on auto pilot. I even went to sleep one night for about 30 mins and awoke VERY irritated. So I went back to sleep and slept for about 11 hours straight (woke up a bit, but always fell right back to sleep).

I've been able to be pretty honest with everyone about where I'm at with them. I got flowers (2 dozen roses!) at work on Thursday which gave me a boost, i was pretty tired that day. It felt nice to be shown I was appreciated for no particular reason at all.

While on family reunion vacation, I was in a lot of pain overall, but i still really tried to be happy and have fun in spite of the discomfort. I enjoyed being around the family members i was most comfortable with. Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in with my other family members, mostly because I think they don't know how to approach me. Maybe I give off the impression I don't want to talk to them, but really...I'd be quite open if they seemed interested in my life and took the initiative to ask me questions about what's going on with me. I take initiative and ask about them when I'm compelled to.

I cried from the pain on Sunday. That's when I decided to take the pain killer. I didn't want to, but I had been trying to find relief w/o medication for a good week and I just couldn't stand the discomfort any more.

I also had weird dreams. Some were me being chased and stolen from. Another was really violent where I was attacked by someone with the intentions of rape. I woke up shocked that I actually had the dream and wondered where it came from. I didn't wake up terrified, but just a little like, 'wow'.

Now that I am back home, I feel a bit more in my element. But I just honestly am not sure how I feel overall. I just know I am wanting to be free of pain and I really believe I will get better and that my 100% is just around the corner, but I guess it is just so mentally and emotionally draining, maybe I'm not giving my body the rest it needs. Maybe I am still beating myself up without even realizing it. I'm a little clueless, going in and out of a new positive state of mind that I love being in, where everything seems possible and even though I have pain, there is a certainty that it will be overcome... and then dipping down into the old ways of thinking where it seems like nothing is working, and when will it ever end?

Just a little confusing to me.

Thanks Sameer.
jenny57401 9 years ago

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