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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take another dose tomorrow.

Hit the 30 ml Helios LM1 bottle on your palm 7 times before making the dose.

After hitting, take out 3 drops in 250 ml spring water in a disposable cup/bottle, and take a teaspoon from there. Throw the rest of the 250 ml away.

Report in 1 week please.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I took remedy as advised, i have awoke with my right eye almost swollen shut this morning at 4am. it seems like my allergies were a little worse yesterday too, more sneezing. but i didnt think i was itching my eyes terribly bad. they are itchy now.

is this the remedy at work? or a possible bacterial infection?

its a bit concerning to me considering the amount of swelling. the left eye is starting to redden also but has not swelled this bad. Mentally i've been alright and no dreams.

I will not interfere unless u suggest so.

jenny57401 last decade
probably can disregard the last post. the swelling in eye has gone down and emotional today. i will just report back when u said.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer :)

Reporting a week after my last dose.

On the day following i had reported my swollen eye. that went away rather quickly and they are almost back to normal. only a little itchy when around cat and they are no longer red or swollen!

However, that same day i was extremely irritable in general and i had a lot of anger toward one friend over something quite silly and unimportant. i felt in a better mood after speaking with bf. i was a bit rude to that one person. but this time, i felt a bit less sorry. i apologized for the rudeness of course but i did not feel bad about myself like i normally do when i act that way. i suppose i have been more gentle with myself and in general, others, with the exception of that one day.

Since then, mentally, a bit on the emotional side but not as many extreme high and lows. seems a bit more balanced. there was still confusion in my head. mostly its about future events and what i should do and where i should move to. I am entirely undecided on what direction to turn in so i feel at a standstill. I am still living with parents because of the health problems. i am saving up money so that when i decide i want to move that i will be able to financially. mostly i get anxious and scared that i wont be able to make it on my own. the last time i ventured out when 19 i was already on the downhill road with health. lately, with these doses...i feel that in between my low periods and confusion that i find some sense of peace and contentment and i find i am without worry. it comes and goes. So mentally in the last week, id say overall better?

Physically, there are some worsening of symptoms and some have gotten better.

The tense muscles have seemed to get even more tense. but i have also been trying to work out more. I ran a mile on 2 days this week. I get fatigued after a mile and at one time i couldnt even reach that. i am proud of my progress tho. i have also been doing more yoga. The amount of sleep ive been getting is a LOT. I've been feeling much more tired than usual. I even wondered if i had mono return. I got mono when i was 16 for the first time. i dont remember being very tired when 16. also, last year in february and march and even april, i tested positive for infectious mono. it was terrible, i wasn't able to do much of anything and i slept a lot, like this. this was 2 months after i took that stront.carb 200c dose for the 2nd time. the lady homeopath i went to was classical, she said i should take another dose so i did. she debated giving me a higher dose but seemed she got lazy and said just re-dose?

My period arrived on day 29 (yesterday), spotting. and today there was regular flow and cramps. cramps are kind of like last month, not unbearable but quite uncomfortable. it takes a lot for it to be unbearable. i only get really intolerant when i feel sick to stomach or have sever feverish aches. last month there was 31 days in between cycle, this month-30. my breasts started swelling up on day 19 like prev month also. when they started swelling i started eating more raw foods this moth because i noticed it helped back in july with the breast tenderness. i also used the lymphstar pro machine that helps break up lymph congestion and both things seemed to have help keep them from being as swollen as last month. I don't really know for sure if thats whats helping or not. but the breast tenderness went away today for got when period came.

Other than that, bowels are moving regularly, 2 times or more a day. itchy skin still especially with new hair growth.

no significant dreams and no dreams of planes. there was only one i thought was significant. I was in my childhood elementary school walking thru the halls as an adult. I was holding a baby that would turn into my cat and back into a baby. the cat was scared and the baby needed nurturing. i felt uncertain in the dream. to me it meant that maybe i am scared to nurture certain aspects of myself and perhaps it was a way for me to address some childhood feelings of inadequacy. when i think about things in my past i no longer try to push it out of my mind like i used to. or its more like im not hard on myself like i used to be. ive been able to accept things the way they happened and i am moving towards looking to the future. i am not used to this process as growing up i always attached myself to past events, etc. it still feels like my old process is still fighting to stay and the new process is still finding a place to settle down at.

My mental maladies have been occurring all my life, Sameer. I truly can not remember a time i have not had these afflictions. mostly depression, conflicting thoughts, nervous breakdowns, disputes, fears, disbelief, lack of trust, lack of confidence and apprehensions. i never knew why these have been a problem. I still dont know why, but i do know that you must be helping. i feel progress mentally even on days i feel confused. i could never thank you enough for all of your help!

I will wait for your directions.

jenny57401 last decade
I was reading thru another case of yours. Should i also not take cod liver oil? For the most part I've stopped almost all supplements besides vitamins since ive been under ur treatment, but when i get in work out modes i have started to take 2 tsp a day. If you advise otherwise i can stop.
jenny57401 last decade
Wait for 3 more days and then take your first dose of Pulsatilla LM2 please.

NO HITS as this is first dose.

Dissolve 3 drops in 250 ml spring water in a disposable cup/bottle, and take a teaspoon from there. Throw the rest of the 250 ml away.

Report in 7 days after dose please.

Fine to take cod liver oil occasionally.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

I will follow your directions.

I am adding information that you might need to know in regards to my case.

The following list were either fungus/pathogens or bacteria/viruses found in my system today when tested:

-Rhodotorula Glutinis (common environmental yeast)
-2 different Candida strains
-Coxsackie virus B-4
-Streptococcus Haemolyticus
-M. Pirum
-Borrelia Burgdorferi

I knew I had candida overgrowth already. I was on birth control and many long term antibiotics such as doxycycline and minocycline, etc from age 16-22 about.

My brother was sick with a sore throat last week and fever so i wonder if he exposed me to the coxsackie virus and strep. I never got sick, only a minor drippy nose and minor sore throat, just really really tired and muscles are tighter than usual.

The M. Pirum is some kind of organism specifically linked to urogenital infections /disease and aids/hiv. i have never tested positive for hiv and have had the same partner for over 2 years. I did get diagnosed with HPV when i was 17 but i never formed any physical symptoms and i was told that after a couple years my paps had returned to normal.

the Borrelia burgdorferi is a bacteria linked to Lyme Disease. I dont remember ever getting the initial rash and fever. I don't know when i could have been bitten by a tick. if i was it was when i was a kid.

Don't know if this was helpful or not. Ive had this scan done before and it picked up these things. its called electral dermal screening. there were also 'trace response pathogens, bacteria and viruses' that the equipment detected in my body but could not identify.

Thank you

jenny57401 last decade
correction on above post:

Ive had this scan done before and it NEVER picked up these things, aside from the candida. this is the same way i was able to get tested for mono last february. i did not test positive for mono this time.
jenny57401 last decade
Hello Sameer,

This is not urgent by any means, but I've noticed on many occasions now that after eating apples or fruit drinks on an empty stomach i get much pain in my chest, neck and head, like heartburn i think. I've tried looking up reasons on the internet but can't quite understand why fruits would do this. Apples are even listed to relieve heartburn.

Do you have any idea why this would be?

If you have time,

thank you.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

For me it is nothing more than s symptom, i.e.

Fruits aggravates or apples aggravates...

Nothing to worry about, it is quite common to have heartburn from fruits.
sameervermani last decade
Ok, thank you. Good to know, i had never heard of that. I am taking LM2 tomorrow and will report back when you advised.

Have a great week Sameer :)

jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer,

I was scheduled to report on my first Puls LM2 dose today after a week.

Legs, neck and back hurting. muscles are very tense and achy, hard to find relief.
Much less hair growth in certain areas of body. This happened one other time over a year ago when my hormones were balancing thru herbal therapies.
The lightened hair growth started after the last LM1 dose.
Itchy where there is hair growth.
Red patch on eye again, only on right eye. itchy
there is also one other dry patch forming on shoulder. overall itchy skin.
Pain in cervix during intercourse.
Pain in back extreme, burning, must lie down and apply heat.
Burning pain worse when trying to use correct posture by engaging core muscles.
Sharp shooting pains in ankles and other random areas.

Overall, not good physically.

Very depressed. Confused. Lost hope.
Tearful when speaking of health. Have told ppl close to me to stop asking how i am doing because i am never ok. i would just rather try to forget the pain but i cant do that when people keep asking me how im feeling.
very isolated. feel i cant trust people.
Appearing ok in public.
I have withdrawn from the treatments i was doing. i saw a chiropractor last week. have not had any massage recently.
Feeling empty and unable to give to people even though i want to.

My bf thinks i have been acting funny, ive been in a lot of physical pain, and mentally unclear and i try to spare him of my emotions. i also feel like my physical pain would be eased if he offered some kind of reassurance voluntarily, a rub on the back even would help. i dont demand it from him or even ask anymore. but yesterday i offered nothing, i was quiet, withdrawn, appeared sad, and he wanted to know if i was wanting to be done dealing with him. i did not answer because the way i have been feeling has nothing to do with him. i am tired of his double standards. he wants reassurance but denies me the same. i am not tolerant of it anymore. but now i am feeling very very alone and sad.

overall, not very good mentally.

Please advise whenever you have the time.

I appreciate your help. In fact, i do not know what i would do without it.

Thank you,
jenny57401 last decade
So, the pains are burning and yet better from application of heat, correct ?
sameervermani last decade
Yes correct. I would say it is better from heat of heating pad *and* laying down, or heat from a warm bath and then laying down. Heat helps, but its always laying down that is needed. i am always stiff upon awakening from over night. muscles are very very tight, so tight it takes consistent stretching to even straighten legs comfortably into a forward bend in the morning. Legs will often go to sleep if i hold this position even for a few seconds in an extended stretch.

To explain a couple physical things further that might be of use:
when i over stretch or sit for long periods of time (like in car or airplane or work) and i dont get enough water or something, i sometimes get these achy, tender pains on my skin almost. even up into the very upper inner thigh. Last night, in fact, i was up until 4 am because of this and i couldnt sleep. heat helped. it can go into the back of my legs (upper hamstrings). If i dont drink enough water or care for it it can extend even further down my leg with a strong skin burning feeling. This is different than the burning i feel in the back which is deeper than this surface burning. With the surface burn, the skin can feel burned and sensitive to the touch, even sensitive to too much movement (esp. motion of sitting). much like when u have a fever and chills and it hurts to touch anything cold. its most severe where the upper inner leg meets the hip bone/pelvic area. there seems to be much lymph congestion there and the machine i have seems to help break it up quicker and lessen the pain.

the other area that gets very confined and bothersome is my neck. it feels i can never stretch it enough. i can self adjust my bones there, but times the base of the skull gets so tense i need to get a chiropractor to adjust. i can apply much pressure to my own neck (with finger tips) to trigger points. some areas when pressed send intense pain either up to my head or down into my neck and shoulders and sometimes i can feel it in my upper back between the blades. when i release pressure, things feel loosened where there was pain and i can often adjust myself from there and feel better temporarily.

Last note, the original pain in the back with the burning started when i was 18. i worked at car wash, was active, worked out and decreased activity when i was very emotionally upset, pain started then. the neck started becoming more and more bothersome when around 19 and my legs really got bad after 21 years old. My hips are tilted forward, my neck kind of sticks out, like a gooseneck but not excessive, and my shoulders roll in. Chiropracters say i have an 'S' curve and a minor scoliosis twist right in the middle of my spine. this never caused me problems before age 17/18.

today, feeling a little better overall mentally. i still feel i am amidst an inner change and to some extent i think being alone is necessary for this transition. its humbling. i am ready to let go of the idea that i must find a dependent kind of help in others, even ready to let go of the idea that others should understand my physical pain and mental maladies. I am ready to put this into practice on a daily basis. I do realize i still need professional assistance, and you have been so wonderful.

Sorry so long for such a simple question.

Thank you, Sameer
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Please wait for 5 more days without any doses, and report back.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Hope all is going well with you

Reporting as advised.

the red patch in the crease of my eye is drying out and flaking now.
there are a couple new red circular patches on leg. very small but they eventually spread out and turn whitish as it heals.
blood in stool yesterday.
still very tight in muscles and dont feel like exercising like i did.
acne still bothersome.
skin is drying out but i think its because of the weather change.

the pain is more intense than usual, i think partly because i work more hours, sitting at a desk even, i exercise less, and havent gotten any massage which always helps loosen me up.

emotionally, just trying to forget about the pain and keep focused on other things. not much motivation with all this snow to go out to the gym and exercise. have been trying to motivate myself for weeks.

not fighting with bf anymore and its a relief. we usually get into fights because of major miscommunication over little things we let slide and it builds up until one of us cant take it anymore. both are very stubborn and hard to set pride aside. i do feel like our energy clashes and overall he is not healthy for me but i am trying to change how i react and communicate.

let me know what you advise next when you have time.

Thank you, Sameer

jenny57401 last decade
Still have burning pains which are better from heat ?
sameervermani last decade
Oh yeah, those pains have been with me for years. the burning pains are in my middle back only, the muscle groups on both sides of the spine. different types of pains are elsewhere.

Things that also seem to lessen burning pain:

deep pressure applied to pain/tightness.
after i let myself really cry.
laying down.
activity like swimming.
when i get a form of wanted physical affection shown to me (always wanted from a man, only one man and i want the man to want to be with me long term otherwise it doesnt feel ok to accept the affection)

i have no idea what the cause is of all my muscles being so tight, but i do feel its muscle tightness at the root of the pain. i have suspicion that it is related to emotions. I read on Tension Myositis Syndrome and it sounds similar. But, again, i really have no idea as i have been trying to figure it out for a long time and have been told by many different specialists different things that never worked. Ive been told i have TMJ, scoliosis, poor thyroid activity, poor liver function, sensitivities to wheat and dairy products, candida, others i cant recall. I know for certain i have allergies-hayfever- that started at age 18-19 that i noticed.

when i came to you about my fears of flying, i suppose i didnt emphasize my physical pain as much because i had thoughts that my emotions were the cause of all my physical pain. but the physical pain is quite severe, along with chronic fatigue. i thought maybe it could be attributed to drug use from the age of 12-17. It started with huffing lighter fluid, to smoking pot, drinking, meth, coke, oxy contins, the last 3 used intravenously. i had no pain at that time. pain started after quitting. turned to vicodin at age 21-22 because i was in so much pain and worked alot. i have been completely drug free, including prescriptions such as birth control and antibiotics for the last 3-4 years. no illegal drug use since age 17. It sounds like a lot but i was never addicted to any of the drugs. i simply used because the people i was around used and it was their idea of 'fun'. i was forming addiction to vicodin which is why i quit.

I don't mean to ramble. To be honest, i don't know nearly enough about homeopathy to know what is relevant. I just know it's helped. i look to learn.

Thank you so much, Sameer.
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Please take your dose of Phosphorus 1M now.

Dissolve 2 pellets in 250 ml spring water, and take a teaspoon.

Report in 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you, will do that today.

Happy Holidays Sameer :)
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Sameer,

I do not wish to bother you but i am experiencing something very weird.

Yesterday i noticed a few bumps around my ankle. White and itchy. Tonight it seemed to spread almost instantly within an hour or two to the rest of my legs. I had a treatment a few hours before, i had a cupping treatment which (if you're not already familiar) is just a cup suctioning the skin to help circulate blood. It really really helps relieve tension in my back and i always have deep red/purple marks afterwards. today the pressure was more intense during treatment than usual and within a few hours after, these bumps are everywhere on my legs.

I first thought it was just a few spider bites around my ankle. i noticed them after being at my bf's one night, and i noticed tonight about an hour after my bf left my house.

Is this the remedy? Will follow your direction.

Thank you,
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

Skin eruptions can come during treatment.

How do you feel mentally ?
sameervermani last decade
Ive been off and on mentally. If I take a dip I soon recover. Not depressed like before so I'd say a bit better. The red patch on my eyes are completely healed now. The acne on my face had improved a few days but got worse on chest and back. We were snowed in over christmas so i was very lazy and that happens when i eat too much and dont exercise. There were some other things worth mentioning but dont have notes here with me. Would you just like me to wait until you told me to report initially?

Thanks, Jenny
jenny57401 last decade
Hi Jenny,

We should wait for 10 more days, as 1M will act deep and long.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you I will report in 10. Happy New Year Sameer :)

jenny57401 last decade
Happy new year Jenny
sameervermani last decade

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