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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for IBS:
Aloe Socotrina6
Aloe vera2
Antimonium Arsenicicum2
Antimonium Crudum3
Argentum Metallicum6
Argentum Nitricum2
Arnica Montana5
Arsenicum Album15
Berberis Vulgaris2
Calcarea Carbonica4
Calcarea Fluorata5
Calcarea Phosphorica2
Camphora 2
Carbo Vegetabilis5
Chelidonium Majus3
Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis4
Coffea Cruda2
Croton Tiglium2
Ferrum Metallicum4
Ferrum Phosphoricum2
Gaster galli4
Kali Carbonicum2
Kali Muriaticum5
Kali Phosphoricum3
Lilium Tigrinum3
Lycopodium Clavatum17
Magnesia Phosphorica2
Mercurius Corrosivus2
Mercurius Vivus3
Natrum Muriaticum9
Natrum Phosphoricum9
Natrum Sulphuricum3
Nitricum Acidum3
Nux Vomica30
Phosphoricum Acidum2
Podophyllum Peltatum2
Pulsatilla Nigricans6
Solanum Tuberosum2

IBS Problem With Stomach Pain 15

Hello, I Am RITESH 33y Old Male From India.My problem is chronic IBS. my stool is always wet like spunch some time come with mucous clear colour some day diarrhea loss motion with ...
Started by Ritesh _Singh. Last post: 2017-07-20

Pro Long IBS With Shoulder pain 1

Am Suffering From IBS With Heart Burns And Indigestion.Have To Go Wash Room For Long Time But Feels Stomach Not Empty.Stool With passing mucus from bottom.Heaviness and uncomfortab...
Remedies: Ferrum Phosphoricum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Kali Muriaticum, Nux Vomica
Started by Sumit90. Last post: 2023-05-16

81 year , my dad has Chronic constipation and stomach pains/ possible IBS 5

Hello, I want to tell you how it started. My mom expired in 2007 and my dad who is very sensitive and emotional in nature had a traumatic experience and was hospitalized for few ...
Remedies: Antimonium Crudum, Kali Sulphuricum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Nux Vomica
Started by venus0743. Last post: 2022-09-03

Ibs 8

Having this issue for 25 years.[Edited by rahul34 on 2022-09-21 12:31:03]...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Carbonica, Medorrhinum, Causticum, Lathyrus Sativus, Arnica Montana
Started by rahul34. Last post: 2022-03-23

Constipation / IBS / Halitosis 2

Hi - I am male 30. Motion happens daily but only 50% happens. Doesn't happen freely and easily. Can you suggest the best medicine where bowel happens in a perfect way with 100...
Started by abcxyz4321. Last post: 2021-12-20

Ibs constipation and diahreaa 4

Hello doctor IAM male age 32 and suffering from severe ibs condition from 2 years Sometimes my cycle turns to constipation and sometimes diahrea My latest endoscopy and colonoscopy...
Started by Hash25. Last post: 2021-12-20

IBS C constipation 2

hi, i have IBS with constipation from last 6 years and use laxatives and allopathic medicines to manage it.nowadays i dont pass stool without laxatives.even with laxatives i still ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by alferd. Last post: 2021-12-20

Ibs gerd piles 5

I Am 36 Years Old Male From India. Am Suffering From Chronic IBS And Piles From Past 6 Years.My stool is always Wet Sticky like spunch Dark Brown/Yellow Colour Some time come with...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Fluorata, Natrum Phosphoricum, Silicea, Symphoricarpus Racemosus, Natrum Sulphuricum, Sulphur, Natrum Muriaticum, Ipecacuanha
Started by Ritesh7708. Last post: 2021-10-24

IBS and anxiety 2

From the very begining stage of my life my self confidence was so low and have issues with studies in understanding things . I was never able to focus on studies and was not able t...
Started by akshatj777. Last post: 2021-07-19

Gastric mucosal prolapse - gerd and ibs 3

Hi Dr, This is Krish from India, I am suffering from very severe Acid Reflux - GERD since 10 months ( Symptoms : Burning in Chest and Stomach, paining in upper stomach, Bloating a...
Started by Krish1. Last post: 2021-05-24

Need help with possible IBS and PFD 2

I'll just go from the beginning. i used to have excellent digestive health and in the past year, my anxiety increased exponentially, resulting in more frequent trips to the ba...
Remedies: Tabacum, 1, Colocynthis, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album, Ignatia Amara
Started by Flowers1. Last post: 2021-05-03

Tuberculinum and IBS 7

As per the Banerji protocols, has anybody got good curing results by using Tuberculinum 200 2D to treat Irritable Bowel syndrome?...
Remedies: Tuberculinum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Nux Vomica, Plumbum Metallicum, Arsenicum Album
Started by sangrita. Last post: 2021-02-08

Diagnosed with IBS ( For Mr. Anuj Srivastava) 11

I am 32 years old male married. Recently been diagnosed with IBS by the doctor. I am having the following conditions at the moment: Flatulence Constipation Upper Abdominal pain be...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Kali Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Magnesia Phosphorica, Phosphorus, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Ferrum Metallicum, Calcarea Carbonica, Silicea, Colocynthis
Started by Salman2010. Last post: 2021-02-04

Unable to pass stool completely. Feel lethargic an have headache. IBS 28

I am a 45 years old male with the body weight on 80 Kgs, living in Mumbai. I am a software professional I have this problem for nearly 20 years now. I don't get urge to pass ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Carbonica, Sepia
Started by Bairagi. Last post: 2020-09-17

Indigestion weakness ibs after typhoid fever 43

Hello Doctors My Self Mandeep Kumar Male 26 Height =5'10 inch Weighy=58 kg Body- Very slim I got typhoid fever in july 2013 and cured by allopathy.in July 2014 again i was a...
Remedies: Bioplasma, Silicea, Ferrum Metallicum, Kali Muriaticum, Phosphoricum Acidum, Phosphorus, Sulphur
Started by Mandeep4u. Last post: 2020-09-14

Ibs 1

Hi I have a lot of heaviness and bloatedness in the hypogastric region of the abdomen? can anyone suggest remedies for this please....
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Kali Muriaticum, Nux Vomica
Started by a.jaffryhotmail.com. Last post: 2020-09-01

Chronic IBS 1

I Am 35y Old Male.I Am Suffering From Chronic IBS problem From Last 4 Years. 1.Have to go toilet 2-3 times a day 2.Soft andSticky stools some times with mucous 3.Lot of Gas pass...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Kali Muriaticum, Nux Vomica
Started by rsingh7785. Last post: 2020-08-24

Ibs 13

Hi I am writing to ask how many days/weeks/months gap should you take when changing homeopathic remedies ? I look forward to your reply. Kind regards, Abbas...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Mercurius Corrosivus
Started by a.jaffryhotmail.com. Last post: 2020-07-13

IBS from last 5 years 28

I am suffering from IBS since last 5 years and have tried Ayurvedic treatment but no improvement I wants to give A try to Homeopathy My Details are Name - Mandeep Kumar Age -31 y...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album
Started by Mandeep4u. Last post: 2020-06-23

IBS Problem Makes Life A Hell 3

A friend of mine 62, a timid type of man, by profession teacher, has been suffering from IBS, prescribed by an allopath expert, fails to digest whatever he takes as food. He is app...
Started by sandy3. Last post: 2019-10-22

IBS With Headache And Vertigo 3

I Am 36 Years Old Male From India India.My problem is Chronic Ibs with headache and vertigo from Last July 2016.My Stool is Always Wet With Stomach Pain And Some Day Only Diarrhea ...
Started by Ratnesh77. Last post: 2019-09-25

IBS since last 12 yeras 1

Dear Dr since last 10 years I am suffering from symptoms. The symptoms are listed below. Irregular and in complete bowel movement (Mainly constipation some time diarrhoea ) Exces...
Started by anon2. Last post: 2018-10-02

Chronic IBS Ear Problem 1

Hi Am 35y Old Male From India.My problem is Chronic With Ear Fluid Problem From Last July 2016.My Stool is Always Wet (yellow/Dark brown) With Stomach Pain Some Time Come With Yel...
Started by ratneshg.1985. Last post: 2018-08-30

IBS or Crohns? 7

Hi Doc, I am Suffering ALternate Constipation and Loose Stool. While in Constipation I dont have urge for stools for 3 to 4 days and on the 4th night i do take Softovac to clear ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by Mainak Banerjee. Last post: 2018-08-02

Ibs 3

I have ibs like Symptoms. Loose bowels on waking and abdominal pain later in day. Feeling of incomplete bowel movement. I'm the past I have taken silica 200 but can't ...
Started by SJF1503. Last post: 2018-06-14

###cfs and ibs c### 1

Dear Expert, I am suffering from deep muscles pain, bone pain and nerve pain as well. I feel completely exhausted both mentally and physically and I want to lie down on the bed al...
Remedies: Vaccininum, Antimonium Crudum, Carbo Animalis, Kali Carbonicum, Kali Silicatum, Laurocerasus, Magnesia Carbonica, Magnesia Muriatica, Selenium, Stannum Metallicum, Sulphuricum Acidum
Started by asifkhan2500. Last post: 2018-05-13

GERD with occasional IBS 15

Hello sir, I am really glad to know that we have such a nice forum to share our problems like this. I need homeopathic remedies for my health issues. I am 34 years old, Male work...
Remedies: Aloe Socotrina
Started by uday_kvu. Last post: 2018-04-17

IBS and anal fistula 21

Female Age:23 Weight:45kgs I am suffering from IBS from last five years...after every meal there is a serious urge to go toilet immediately..and never the feeling comes i am done ...
Remedies: Nitricum Acidum, Tuberculinum
Started by Saima2. Last post: 2018-03-24

Indigestion related to abrosrbtion problem or may be IBS 2

I have digestive problem,my stool are always flat (looking fatty oily).occurs 1-2 times a day Banana shake causes me diarrhea And same happens when i take chicken at night....stool...
Started by robin us. Last post: 2018-01-03

Suffering from IBS 1

Hi all, Please help me to get rid from IBS. Im suffering it for years and still in this condition. I listen that homeopathic has medicine to completely cure from this. 7 years ago...
Remedies: Tabacum
Started by iahmedsheraz. Last post: 2017-12-28

IBS Problem With Ear Fluid Problem 12

I Am Ritesh Singh 34y Old Male From New Delhi India.My problem is Chronic IBS With Ear Fluid Problem From Last July 2016.My Stool is Always Wet With Stomach Pain Some Time Come Wit...
Remedies: Adoxa, Phosphorus, Sulphur
Started by Ritesh _Singh. Last post: 2017-12-23

A very difficult & complex case of many food intolerances and IBS !! 1

Name, Sex, Age: ***/ Male/ 37 years Height: 172 cms Actual weight/Current weight: 76.5 kgs/ 56.4 kgs Actual bp/ Current bp: 120 by 80/ 112 by 63 Suffering from:...
Started by Boynotwell. Last post: 2017-12-20

Ibs diarrhea 7

I am looking for medicin for ibs diarrhea. It all started a year ago when i overdose Acetaminophen. After that i have diarrhea till date I took homeopathy medicin before and have...
Remedies: Bryonia
Started by saish. Last post: 2017-11-16

IBS Diarrhea to dr. kadhwa 4

Hello, I am taking aloe socotrina 30c 3 times a day but its not helping me. So i am planning to start following medicin. Please advise 1.nux vomica 30 2 drops 2 times 2.podophyllu...
Started by saish. Last post: 2017-11-16

Ibs d cure 1

Is it ok to take tea of pomegranate skin for 7 continues days. Its anti bacterial, anti fungal and is also known for alighning various conditions of stomach. I have also heard havi...
Started by saish. Last post: 2017-10-17

IBS Diarrhea 3

Need help, please someone take my case...
Started by saish. Last post: 2017-10-10

Suffering from ibs 1

I am 54 years old and height 5ft 6inches,weighed only 45kg as I am suffering from ibs for more than 15 years in testing no severe abnormalities rather than rectoanal inhibitory ref...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Sulphur, Nux Vomica
Started by anandy63. Last post: 2017-10-09

Suffering from anxiety and ibs 3

Hi! Sorry for my grammar, english is not my native language. I have been suffering from IBS and panic/anxiety since 2 years. I get really anxious when I have to wait or be among p...
Started by Merequouzoa. Last post: 2017-09-20

Anxiety, sleep apnea, depression, IBS 1

Hi, I am 50 year old female, suffering from ailments that bother lots of women my age. However, sleep apnea seems still the most difficult to bear, as it is impossible to control. ...
Started by Satori10. Last post: 2017-08-26

Girdiasis with ibs 1

Hi i m suffering from girdiasis for 5 years can anyone suggest me best remedy for me my symptoms are Unfigested stool Hard to evacuate Continuous weight loss Irritated mind Some...
Started by Varun4195. Last post: 2017-08-16

Lost Libido, Premature Ejaculation, Weakness, and IBS 3

Hello, I am male with age 28 years, height 5-6, weight 63 kg. I had been masturbating since the age of 14 years. I have got married 10 months ago. I am experiencing problems like ...
Remedies: Damiana, Aurum Metallicum
Started by Kaka2. Last post: 2017-07-30

Masturbation, IBS D, underweight... 5

Plzz I seriously need help... I masturbated for around 7yrs and now experiencing various consequences. Now trying to end this evil practice. I got ibsd(not very serious) 2 yrs back...
Started by alpha97. Last post: 2017-07-19

Ibs .hiatus hernia. prostatitis 1

Hi doct . I am suffering of ibs with some time loss stool some time constipation type hard stool . Mostly feeling of incomplete evacuations. But it reamin 3 months and when ibs st...
Started by lucky11. Last post: 2017-05-21

Depresssion with IBS 7

Dear Dr, Since last 10 years I am suffering from many symptoms. The symptoms are listed below.  Headache and heaviness on headache  Disturbed sleep  Continuous Thought ...
Remedies: Gaster galli, Sulphur, Lycopodium Clavatum, Antimonium Crudum, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by anon2. Last post: 2017-05-04

I have IBS problem from 7 years 1

I have IBS problem from 7 years and consult so many doctors but not got satisfactory treatment following problem I have Abdominal pain and cramping - often relieved after going to...
Remedies: Gaster galli, Tabacum
Started by Mahendrak1984. Last post: 2017-04-08

Suffering from IBS from Last 10 years 18

Dear Dr since last 10 years I am suffering from IBS symptoms. The symptoms are listed below.  Irregular and in complete bowel movement (Mainly constipation some time diarrhoea )...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nuttaliana, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Negundo, Antimonium Arsenicicum
Started by anon2. Last post: 2017-02-19

IBS (Dysentry) problem for my mother 1

Hello Dr. My mother 82 yrs age is suffering from Dysenry since almost 2 month. She is a COPD patient, also has single kidney half functional (nephrectomy done in 2008), she is on p...
Started by dhrubaj1. Last post: 2017-02-12

H. pylori and ibs 15

My age is 31 One month ago I have been diagnosed with erosive gastric due to h. Pylori infection. Doctors put me on triple therapy but after four days mucus with blood started in s...
Remedies: Gaster galli, Aloe vera, Zingiber, Heracleum Sphondylium, Nux Vomica
Started by Ashu1485. Last post: 2016-11-26

Help... My mother suffering from fatty liver, IBS & frequent loose motion 4

My mother aged 75yrs, weighing 45kg, having this problem for more than 5 years, getting treatment from allopathy doctor, but of no use. She is pure veg, frequently after daily meal...
Started by sureshjai. Last post: 2016-11-21

Chronic ibs 11

I have symptoms of chronic IBS how can I be helped from nux vomica sulphur ?? how should I start my homeopathy treatment ? in what doses what potency ? can so.done seriously help?...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Aloe Socotrina, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by Prateekmalpani. Last post: 2016-11-04

Ibs ?? 16

I m suffering from IBS like problems since three years.I have inc frequency of stools precipitated by eating any kind of food.freq also inc by emotions stress anger anxiety.but I f...
Remedies: Bornite, Tabacum, Enterococcinum
Started by Prateekmalpani. Last post: 2016-10-11

Chronic ibs need advice from Dr kadwa 1

I have symptoms of chronic IBS since 4years ..they are more increased when I am emotional or anxious ..I m under stress due to death of my father since 14 yes..I have consulted hom...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Sulphur, Nux Vomica
Started by Prateekmalpani. Last post: 2016-09-29

Chronic ibs need advice from rishimba 1

I have problems of chronic IBS since 4yrs can u plzplz.help me.out ??[message edited by Prateekmalpani on Wed, 28 Sep 2016 06:42:12 UTC]...
Started by Prateekmalpani. Last post: 2016-09-28

IBS or something else ? 1

Hi, I need treatment for my gut issue. Last year in November I got side effect of an anti-depressant. I had urine retention issue which doctor told is due to stress I took. I just ...
Started by Loishui. Last post: 2016-09-15

Ibs 8

I am suffering from IBS last 25 years. Too much gas on left lower abdomen, noise, cramping, stool with mucous, pain in legs(not severe), sticky and burns eyes, pain in hand finger,...
Started by baruactg. Last post: 2016-06-19

Ibs 5

hii, i am an ibs patient been taking nux vomica from the past two weeks...but now my breathing has become too heavy... i am not confident with this particular dosage.... i ...
Started by arunpraj. Last post: 2016-02-05

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2

Hello Sir, My brother's Age: 27, Weight: 63 Kg, Height: 5 ft 8 inches. In March 2015, he took Master Health Check Up & found the following impression in Ultrasound: 1. ...
Started by rchandra. Last post: 2016-01-12

IBS due to heat 7

Hi, I am suffering from IBS due to heat from last 4 years. The problem started when I took ayurvedic medicines for Respiratory mucus. The medicines generated the heat in body so ...
Remedies: Gaster galli, Zingiber
Started by subodh312. Last post: 2015-12-28

Ibs diarrhea 1

Sir I m suffering from this disese since last year main symptoms are 1. Gas and distension stomach 2 bloating 3 gurgling in right side abdomen oftenly but sometimes left side gurgu...
Started by manoj kumar negi. Last post: 2015-12-04

IBS with Diarrhea, soft stool, indigestion, abdominal pain and P. Ejaculation 1

I m suffering from IBS problem for last 10-12 years. abdominal upsetness, loose/soft stool, gas in abdomen under left and right side of ribs, pain/swelling in middle of ribs it bec...
Remedies: Salvia Officinalis
Started by sirfan. Last post: 2015-10-13

IBS and IBD ?? From last one year want Homeopathic Treatment from Experienced Homeopath 8

Name- Mandeep Kumar Age-27 Height-5.10 inches Weight-58 kg Job-Working As Accountant Living Area-City Histroy 1.First of time in My life i Got Typhoid Fever in June 2013 an cue b...
Started by Mandeep4u. Last post: 2015-08-10

Ibs & ulcerative colitis problem pls suggest remedy 7

I am a male of age 40. I had a ibs problem from age 18. Then i had pilesproblem. Now 3 years back i was detected with ulcerative colitis. Sometimes i have constipation. Sometimes w...
Remedies: Bioplasma, Silicea
Started by Rajnah. Last post: 2015-07-27

Ibs & ulcerative colitis problem pls suggest remedy 1

My age is 40 ( male )I had Ibs problem since the age of 18 then had piles. Now 4 years ago i have been detected with ulcerative colitis. Some time i have constipation. Some times w...
Started by Rajnah. Last post: 2015-07-24

IBS since 2 months, Pain in Left Abdomen 22

In November 2014, my mother (68 years old) was diagnosed with Viral encephalitis. She had a seizure first time in life on Nov 9th 2014 and she was unconscious for 1 day in hospita...
Remedies: Bioplasma, Calcarea Fluorata, Zingiber
Started by danzanillo. Last post: 2015-03-26

Nux vomica 30 in ibs 12

I am suffering from IBS please advice the dosage of Nux vomica 30....
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Lycopersicum, Silicea, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Phosphorus
Started by harisaq. Last post: 2015-03-17

Can i shall free from ibs , mucus,huge gas and acidity?? please help me!! 1

I am about 26.height 5.6 inch. weight very low about 48 KG.May be i am suffering from ibs,huge gas ,acidity and mucus last 5 years. i have taken allopathy such as mevebarin hayd...
Started by ibs-mizan. Last post: 2015-02-27

Need help for IBS -D like symptoms 1

Hi, am a normal married 35 years male, do exercise sometimes had mild constipation/ incomplete bowel movement for past 7-8 yrs which has altered into IBS-D like symptoms wheneve...
Started by pats_78. Last post: 2014-12-20

Latest in Ibs , irritable Bowel Syndrome .. Dr. Deoshlok Sharma 15

Latest in Ibs , irritable Bowel Syndrome I cure no. patient those who are suffering from IBS . there is more than 100 drugs in homoeopathy but most effective medicine are tr...
Remedies: Trombidium Muscae Domesticae, Sulphur, Natrum Sulphuricum, Croton Tiglium, Momordica Balsamina, Elaterium, Rhamnus Purshiana, Cascarilla, Nuphar Luteum, Mercurius Corrosivus, Gambogia, Phosphorus, Jatropha Curcas, Belladonna, Bryonia, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Aralia Quinquefolia, Lachesis, Argentum Metallicum
Started by deoshlok. Last post: 2014-11-04

IBS in a 13 year old boy 7

My son,a 13 year old boy have been having symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)for almost 2 years now. He doesn't have the classical symptom where there is a constipation ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Chelidonium Majus
Started by gautamC. Last post: 2014-09-06

Ibs diarrhoea 2

Need help very badly I m suffering from ibs the diarrhoea one Age 27 male hight 6.3 From past 7 to 8 years I have this problem. I cant drink milk and cant consume milk products. I...
Remedies: Aloe Socotrina
Started by Khan777. Last post: 2014-08-07

Ibs 1

What is IBS. What are the symptoms of IBS....
Started by dineshramdin275. Last post: 2014-06-20

IBS from last 7 years 10

Hello Doctors, I have been suffering from IBS from last seven years. However, I started homeopathic medication 7 months back, but no relief. Recently, I gone through url: positi...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by piyusharora786. Last post: 2014-06-16

Ibs 9

Sir, is there any proper treatment of IBS in homoeopathy...
Started by sumitevergreen5. Last post: 2014-06-13

Ibs anxiety and weight gain 21

Please can you help I have anxiety , fear and sometimes which i could hurry up and die as i hate being overweight and having this anxiety which makes me cry and sad and angry. I ...
Remedies: Natrum Sulphuricum, Argentum Metallicum, Sulphur
Started by sugarfree. Last post: 2014-04-12

IBS and Anxiety 1

Hello. Doctor I have been diagnosed with IBS last November. I have also suffered from panic attack in 2010. I have managed to get the attacks under control. Was on Lexamil for a ...
Started by werkr. Last post: 2014-04-09

Ibs or ibd or ulcerative colitis 5

I have been under treatment here DNS the thread is as follows for that history: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/408000/2 Since I used Nux vomica 200 6 pills/day every alternate...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by earth. Last post: 2014-02-11

Help Urgent IBS + Saliva 1

I am 27 ,Male ,5 feet 5 inches, 52KG(Previously I was 57kg),Single I have IBS over 2 years 1.I have constipation 2.Gas passes a lot 3.Flatulence 4.Feeling Bad always 5.Extreme S...
Started by destro. Last post: 2014-02-10

IBS ,anxiety disorder & insomnia due to over masturbation!! 3

Age 20,Male. I've been masturbating since very early childhood..from abt 8-10 yr of age!since childhood i've been having a problem of anxiety...and insomnia! At around th...
Started by nodody. Last post: 2013-11-09

Help : Sperm with Urine + IBS : Urgent 1

Hi, I am 26,Male , Single , 5.5 feet , 54 KG I have few problems , Plz read and advise me a good solution . 1. I have IBS from 1.5 years. 2.As I have IBS , I have constipation ...
Started by destro. Last post: 2013-05-17

IBS (Bolating, gas and rumbling bowel) 35

Hi, I've had problems with my bowels for aound 7 years now. Worst one is the rumbling in my bowels. It's really embarrassing. I wet to all kind's of test ( H. Pylory...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Aloe Socotrina, Camphora
Started by IvanZG. Last post: 2013-03-23

Ibs d & c 10

Loose stools alternating with constipation pain under left rib.shuddering sensation inside. Flatulence(more so in the evening) Underweight Brooding What dhould I do?...
Remedies: Argentum Metallicum
Started by bijup. Last post: 2013-03-18

Severe joints pain (HLA-B27 positive) with IBS 1

We have a family history of AS. My father has been suffering from this problem for over 30 years. He has tried to be active most of his life but now at 68, things are falling apart...
Started by nupur79. Last post: 2012-10-22

Heaviness in head and IBS lose motions 2

I want to give a breif history of myself.I am 27 yrs old now when i was in 12 th class i.e in 1997 i used to have lose motions,butterfly sensation in stomach when exams were there ...
Started by samani. Last post: 2012-09-09

Ibs 2

in the last few days I have been having symptoms of ibs. wheneve I eat something, I get pains up and down my stomach, cramps in lower intestines, have to go to toilet 3-4 times. I ...
Remedies: Aloe Socotrina
Started by barb.chadha. Last post: 2012-09-05

Ibs 1

My Dad is 62 yr old suffering with irritable bowl syndrome from past 3 years. He has developed intolerance to spicy food and tends to have loose motions. He has completely avoided ...
Started by siriashu. Last post: 2012-07-30

Dr. Kadwa I have Ibs and eczema 9

Hello As I come into the age of 18 and 19 years old I'm being hit with random diseases and disorders. I believe that the reason this is occuring is because my liver was harm...
Started by kuzya3k. Last post: 2012-07-29

Diarrhea -- ibs 1

Dear Sir, I have beensuffering from IBS last 3 years. Last 2 years it was constipation.Now last 3 months it is diarrhea. The diarrhea some time too much watery and some time li...
Started by sriseshan. Last post: 2012-07-26

Gastritis acute, gerd and ibs - pease help 1

I was diagnosed with gastritis in the antrum a year ago and it has become acute The pain in the stomach has become severe, especially at night and in the mornings. When I eat, it...
Started by tiara16. Last post: 2012-07-18

Gasrities problem - GRED / IBS 14

Dear Doctor, Need your help in resolving my problem. Since the last 3 months I am suffering from a problem, seems like GRED or IBS. The problem is as follows: At times it pains l...
Remedies: Kali Carbonicum, Carbo Vegetabilis, Zingiber, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Natrum Phosphoricum
Started by rajeshsingh. Last post: 2012-07-03

Gastritis with diagonised IBS 1

iam just 45 years old suffering from ulcer in duodenal,at D1 REGION AND EROSION IN antral region.colonoscopy done but nothing abnormal found .my problem are 1)pain in lower abdomen...
Started by trilokesh goswami. Last post: 2012-06-30

IBS - Irretible Bowel Syndrome 4

Hi doc I have loose stools since last 65 days. after 14 days of Diarrhea treatment, doctor investigated it Diarrhea due to IBS. I treated it with Ayurvedic medicines, but norelief....
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by ravinravin. Last post: 2012-06-19

Diarrhea due to IBS 26

Sir, Few years back I was diagnosed constipated IBS and took Lin Seed and Kutaj(holarrhena antidysentrica and I was alright.Unfortunately Kuta is not available now.Last one week I...
Remedies: Zingiber, Solanum Tuberosum, Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album
Started by sriseshan. Last post: 2012-05-26

Irritable Bowl Syndrom - IBS 14

Hello Doctor, I have been diagnosed with IBS. The doctor has given me following medication. Is it OK OR I shall change to something else, pls. suggest. Age: 30 Sex: Female Medci...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Aloe Socotrina, Cuprum Metallicum
Started by pritish_pk. Last post: 2012-04-27

IBS with Diarrhea, soft stool, indigestion, abdominal pain 19

im suffering from IBS problem for last 10-12 years. abdominal upsetness, loose/soft stool, gas in abdomen under left and right side of ribs, pain/swelling in middle of ribs it beco...
Remedies: Chionanthus Virginica, Salamander, Cola, Arnica Montana, Phosphorus
Started by kazim1412. Last post: 2012-04-25

IBS & Sinus problem...Dr. Nawaz, please help 14

Dr. Nawaz, Hope this message finds you in best of health & prosperity. Dr. I have following two problems & almost tired of different medications without any significant results. ...
Remedies: Ferrum Metallicum
Started by AsadGhumman. Last post: 2012-04-21

Ibs with sticky stool and left with gassy feeling at the end 4

Age 30 yrs, female, i have been suffering from IBS i guess. My syptoms are sticky stools, take too long to clean my system still feel incomplete evacuation, most of the time feel g...
Started by ayibah. Last post: 2012-04-16

IBS Treatment with M.S please help 3

Dear Sir., My Wife age 37 Years., She is Patient Of M.S (Multiple Scleroses ) She can not Walk can not Sit on Bad she is on Diaper., from last six month she is suffering from IBS. ...
Started by Suhail2. Last post: 2012-02-14

New patient-Anxiety,gerd and IBS main complaints 3

-Female -32 yrs old -Slender/curvy/heavy boned -5'3'' -69 kg -light skin,black circles under eyes,dark brown hair,green eyes -So far I have taken: mag.phosphorica, ...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum
Started by xsloven. Last post: 2012-01-28

IBS & Anosmia 88

I am a 30 year-old female with severe IBS and have recently developed anosmia coupled with a loss of taste. I have a fantastic career and life should be good yet I have felt ill e...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Natrum Muriaticum, Sulphur, Sanicula Aqua, Kali Phosphoricum, Coffea Cruda, Passiflora Incarnata
Started by Chelsea33. Last post: 2011-12-09

Require a Tissue Salt Remedy for IBS 4

Hi, I would like the experts here to recommend a tissue salt rememdy for IBS for my friend, which targets and corrects IBS symptoms of mucous slimy stool, constipation, bloating/fl...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans, Radium
Started by samur420. Last post: 2011-10-23

Ibs 5

Sir it is confirm that I have the Ibs problem... So for,the,cure I take colosynthesis medine,its bad effect.is it increases my no of bathroom,tired feeling incease, weighg loss s...
Remedies: Sulphur, Nux Vomica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Selenium
Started by Shu439. Last post: 2011-10-02

GERD, IBS long time ailments 8

Hello, I have come here with lot of hope and really am looking forward to someone helping me out. I am 38 years old woman and I have been suffering from GERD and IBS for over 11 ye...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Phosphorus, TSH, Saccharum Officinale, Natrum Phosphoricum, Bioplasma
Started by mroy27. Last post: 2011-07-23

Aloe for IBS 1

I'm curious about the effect of aloe on IBS since reading an interesting article on the topic (you can find it at a site called 'We Love Aloe') The idea is that the A...
Started by cocoandrico. Last post: 2011-06-23

Chronic Constipation and IBS 1

I have IBS with Chronic Constipation for about 30 years now. I have added fiber, seen doctors, been on Zelnorm which did not work well at all but then they pulled it off the marke...
Started by John612. Last post: 2011-06-15

Re help for ibs 1

i am 30 years old male doing shopkeeper ok i have recnetly diagnose ibs so any body help me...
Started by majid1. Last post: 2011-05-10

Sulphur for IBS - problem with previous taking of Silicea 3

Hi, I'm 38 yrs old. Last 3 years I'm taking homeopatic remedies ocasionaly. First I had problemx with chronic sinusitis (paranazal synuses) and frequent colds /throat in...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by kusic. Last post: 2011-05-02

IBS with diarrhea, soft stool, gas and other abdominal upset 4

Salam ,,, im suffering from IBS problem for last 10-12 years. loose/soft stool, gas in abdomen under left and right side of ribs, pain/swelling in middle of ribs it becomes more w...
Remedies: Theridion, Salamander
Started by kazim1412. Last post: 2011-04-17

Ibs 1

Hi I have been diagnosed with ibs i have several stools that are sticky then followed by excess mucus with constant small amounts of stool this happens several times daily , i als...
Started by tezza. Last post: 2011-04-12

Doctors Help please- IBS & Amoebiasis 4

Hi, I m 30 year old and have amoebic problem since many years now which keeps on irritating on and off, I have taken a lot of allopathy like tinidazole and got temporary relief, bu...
Started by samur420. Last post: 2011-01-27

Dr kadwa pls help - lpr & ibs 19

I am 20 yr old, male. I have two main problems - IBS(from past two years) and LPR(Laryngopharyngeal Reflux)(from past one year). My symptoms are as follows- LPR - feeling of ...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Silicea, Alfalfa, TSH, Arsenicum Album, Phosphoricum Acidum
Started by askss. Last post: 2011-01-15

Swollen piles and IBS 5

Hi, I am 45 years old male working as IT manager. Work space is not hectic. Since 2009 Dec, I had small fissure which troubled me for an year and slowly the symptoms turned into IB...
Started by ysreddy_2k2. Last post: 2011-01-05

Still suffering from IBS 3

Dear Dr Joe, Please help me. I am 29 years old and my main suffering if with the stomach. My doctor told me that I have IBS problem he said this is not a disease but because of st...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Lilium Tigrinum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Kali Phosphoricum
Started by bajaj.mayank. Last post: 2010-10-24

Ibs 1

Help me. suffering from ISB, Headache Hi, I am 32 years/ male/ 5F 11 Inches /75KG 1.from the past 10 years I'm going to motion(stools) twice in the morning with sounds of ai...
Started by kishore_med. Last post: 2010-10-20

IBS and debility 0

My age is 22.I am suffering sexual debility(history of excessive masturbation) and also from IBS. I have to go to loo 4-5 times a day still after that stomach does not get fully e...
Started by fuu_math. Last post: 2010-09-19

LPR(Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) + IBS , pls help 0

I am 20 yr old, male. I have two main problems - IBS(from past two years) and LPR(from past one year). My symptoms are as follows- LPR - feeling of mucus in throat especially at...
Started by askss. Last post: 2010-08-30

Gaining weight - IBS problem 5

I am 20 yr old male. My height is about 5 feet 10 inches and weight is only 56. My health problems include anxiety-IBS from past one and a half year for which I had taken many hom...
Remedies: Alfalfa
Started by akshay.g. Last post: 2010-08-19

Ibs 0

hello my husband suffers from ibs he is also lactose intolerance since birth.He has diarreha all the time. Are there any homeopathic remedy for ibs? I would be greatful for any inf...
Started by hifive. Last post: 2010-08-16

IBS suffering from diarrohea 10

dr .Mehfooz plz reply i am male age:24 height:5'10' weight :55kg I am suffering from ibs from last 5-6 years Alopathic Medication which i used MEDICATION: Colofac (...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Carbo Vegetabilis, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis
Started by arif iqbal. Last post: 2010-07-29

Acid Reflux, IBS 82

I am an elderly person suffering from Acid reflux and irregular powel movements. I am on Nexium 40. It causes severe stomach cramps. Want to stop the medication. After reading ...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Natrum Phosphoricum, Carbo Vegetabilis, Lycopodium Clavatum, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Triosteum Perfoliatum, Calcarea Fluorata, Camphora , Cinchona Boliviana, Asa Foetida, Berberis Vulgaris, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Argentum Metallicum, Tabacum, Bioplasma, Magnesia Phosphorica
Started by Malathy. Last post: 2010-07-08

REally frustrated with IBS 96

Hi people am suffering from IBS from last 2 and half years, and have under gone medications and treatments like endoscopy,colonoscopy,all LFTS and stuff... undergone ayurvedic trea...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Antimonium Arsenicicum, Silicea, Natrum Muriaticum, Aloe vera, Sulphur, Natrum Phosphoricum, Anthrokokali, Lilium Tigrinum, Arsenicum Album, Phosphorus, Mercurius Vivus, Sol, Nitricum Acidum, Calcarea Fluorata
Started by tajinder21. Last post: 2010-06-20

Help with IBS 27

Dear Doc, I am 27 year old man, I have anxiety & Nervou phobia from 9 years... I used to take allopathic medicines, but now I want to go with homeopathy. I have sever IBS problem....
Remedies: Silicea, Calcarea Fluorata, Bioplasma, Lilium Tigrinum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Kali Phosphoricum, Solanum Tuberosum, Lachesis, Natrum Muriaticum, Phosphorus
Started by bajaj.mayank. Last post: 2010-03-18

Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ IBS 4

Hi i have two types of viral onset chronic fatigue syndrome. Most important issue i have nevertheless is the IBS- bloating (SEVERE- cant eat anymore properly or sleep without spasm...
Started by saboter. Last post: 2009-12-01

Alllergy , nasal polyp, IBS 1

Dear Doctor I am 39 tears old. I suffer from following physical problem: Allergy, nose ear eye throat itching which aggravates in cold and dust. Nasal block specially left nose, I ...
Started by choudhury12. Last post: 2009-11-30

IBS in a 90 year old woman 3

I received some guidance on this forum a month or two ago regarding my husband's 90 year old grandmother and her debilitating IBS. As per the homeopath's recommendation, ...
Remedies: Carbo Vegetabilis
Started by beepsandclicks. Last post: 2009-11-16

Is it ibs or gastric disorder?pls help 2

5 replies 33 views hii all, am suffering from problem of indigestion such tht am not able to digest any thing properly.....stool frequency is 1 and some times 2.....and when ever i...
Started by tajinder21. Last post: 2009-08-24

Is this ibs 1

i am 21 and i am finding mucous,blood and huge gas in passing stool and i am frequently going to stool immedietly after lunch i am eating too much...
Started by vijay9514. Last post: 2009-07-22

OCD and IBS related? 1

I posted earlier about my son with continual Bowel and Digestive problems. I would really appreciate feedback and advice from anyone who knows how anxiety (OCD) and digestion play...
Started by zswimmer. Last post: 2009-06-22

Need acute remedies: ibs 2

I have a cat with a bowel condition, which appears to be IBS. He really needs homeopathic help to get through the acute stages of this problem. He's got a lot of abdominal di...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lycopersicum
Started by tomcraig5. Last post: 2009-05-29

IBS problem. Please help ! 3

I have been suffering from IBS from last 2 years. Alopathy is not helpful at all. I have lot of gas formation and at times my stomach looks like gas balloon. Almost daily my stools...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by zaplin. Last post: 2009-05-01

IBS patient 5

I am suffering from IBS since long. I am in desparate need to get rid of this diseases as it seems to be ruining my life. I have tried several conventional and other means to trea...
Started by jammymails. Last post: 2009-03-26

Acidity / IBS / Passing Gas 3

In June 2007 , i had hyperacidity. I was given Omeprazole and it went off. Then starting December 2007 , I have had hyperacidity with throat choking sensations after eating. Then i...
Started by agoyal. Last post: 2009-03-03

IBS -Diaorhea and sex drive 1

Hi , I am diganosed with IBS-diarohrea before 6 years based on my symtoms my homeopath has given me argentinim nitricum It seems to really helping me to get out of ibs however i a...
Remedies: Argentum Nitricum, Argentum Metallicum
Started by vds78. Last post: 2009-02-15

Possible ibs 0

Hi, I have been experiencing some mild discomfort, dull pain somewhere on the right side of my upper abdomen for the last 4 years. It used to come and go without too much trouble. ...
Started by giedrele. Last post: 2009-02-04

Chronic IBS please reply 0

Dear Doctors, I m male 23years with 52kg weight, and i have the chronic IBS problem from 8 years. I always remain sick of Diarrhea specialy when i lift some weight or put some for...
Started by msuhail_k. Last post: 2008-08-28

IBS chronic problem please help me 15

Hi Doctors! I have been suffering from IBS for 8 years. I m 23, male, 52 kg weight, office job on computer. i feel irritaion after breakfast and lunch in lower abdomen. suddenly ...
Started by msuhail_k. Last post: 2008-08-25

IBS constipation type and inguinal indirect hernia 3

i have this problem of excessive bloating, gas, right sided inguinal hernia due to constipation(also loss of sexual feelings probably attributed to the above feelings). i have seen...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by zhestt. Last post: 2008-08-03

Ibs 2

Hi, I am posting my problem here hoping someone can help me out. I am a 24 yr. old male (physicist (USA based) by profession), suffering from IBS. I am writing down my symptoms...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by phymaniac. Last post: 2008-07-10

IBS in depth 12

Hi, I am suffering from IBS from last 7 years, my problem started after jaundice. I suffered from chrnoic constiptation, acid reflux and lot of gastric problem. Currently the cons...
Started by kumar.shakun. Last post: 2008-07-02

IBS Type Disease, please comment 4

guys, I was masturbating since age 13 till about age 19. I am 22 now, since the last 2-3 when i have left masturbation, i have developed range of problems,i) Semen (thick white) dr...
Started by ignition99. Last post: 2008-03-04

IBS and constipation 6

Dear doctor, Please help me how can i overcome this problem. I am suffering from chronic constipation for almost 10 years now . I am 32 and a softwar engg based in US.My food habit...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by sdasgu11. Last post: 2007-11-12

Severe IBS Problems 7

Hi I am suffering with bowels movement problem almost since last 11 year back, I have been spoken by doctors thats I have Severe IBS problem. My endoscopy report is normal No ulcer...
Remedies: Chelidonium Majus, Nux Vomica
Started by Raj2000. Last post: 2007-09-27

Dr Andres, Dr Sharma, Dr M ahfooz and other Drs - IBS for a long time, Need a cure 17

Hi, Had taken a single dose each of Sulphur 6C and Nux Vomica 6C after unsuccessful attempts in controlling bloated abdomen, constipation and burning hemmorhoids taking Ars Alb u...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Carbo Vegetabilis, Opium, Podophyllum Peltatum, Thuja Occidentalis, Nitricum Acidum
Started by pimathew. Last post: 2007-06-18

IBS or colitis ? 2

Hi, Sorry for the long mail .But i am hoping to get a cure . About an year back dec 2004, i had food poisoning (gastroenteritis),After that i had severe food allergies and diarrhe...
Remedies: Argentum Metallicum
Started by nankie. Last post: 2007-04-25

Ibs 3

I have been diagnosed with IBS for the past year or so. I have also had GERD problem for many years. I had angioplasty in 2003 which resulted in one stent in my heart. I take Plavi...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by gopiarch. Last post: 2007-03-16

IBS and Heartburn 8

I have been suffering from IBSS and heartburn for last 4 years. I have become lactose intolerant. Any mildly hot, or sour food (most fruits) gives me stomach attack. Usually, it ...
Started by sk_agrawal. Last post: 2007-02-05

Ibs help 2

I have had chronic IBS symptoms for at least l0 years following ovarian cancer. My symptoms come and go sometimes for months or years, but since a dose of antibiotics and a lot ...
Started by Serenity. Last post: 2006-11-19

IBS query about homeopathy remedy 1

I have had severe IBS with diarrhea since april, I also get wind and very bad acid reflex which typically lasts several days. I was perscribed Lycopodium 30c (just 3 tablets) which...
Started by fragileflower. Last post: 2006-11-07

Asafoetida and IBS -for will88 4

re: acid reflux, ibs From Will88 on 2006-11-01 In the book 'The Consumer's Guide to Homeopathy' by Dana Ullman, the statement is made that a study showed that ninety...
Remedies: Berberis Vulgaris, Sulphur, Phosphorus
Started by gavinimurthy. Last post: 2006-11-01

IBS i think 18

hello,i`m 31 and have all the symptoms of IBS,i`m a worrier and have had a worrying year so i`m going through a bad patch ,basically these are my symptoms -constipation,flatulence,...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Natrum Phosphoricum
Started by mollydalton. Last post: 2006-10-27

IBS and anxiety would Homeopathy help? 3

Hi, Please could anyone advise me regarding Homeopathy. I have been diagnosed as having IBS and since April of this year have not been able to leave the house, as I have been const...
Started by fragileflower. Last post: 2006-09-18

Joe - IBS and nat phos 2

Any success in treating IBS with nat phos? Am suffering from IBS since 5 years with symptoms of diarrhea after heavy food, poor appetite, acne on forehead, low energy, underweight....
Remedies: Croton Tiglium
Started by vikram78. Last post: 2006-06-23

Help needed for IBS 2

Hi, I'm having the problem of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) from last 5-6 years. The symptoms are Stomach ache, diarrhea, Gases and abnormal weakness. Initially I was taking ...
Started by sachin_chatekar. Last post: 2006-06-02

Hyoscyamus caused IBS 3

Is there any chance that taking Hyoscyamus 6c for mental symtoms would inadvertently cause negative physical symptoms desribed in its rubric? I seem to be suffering from Irritable ...
Remedies: Hyoscaminum, Hyoscyamus Niger
Started by auryn. Last post: 2006-04-26

6 yr old with food/chemical intolerances..refluxing, exhausted, coughs and IBS 2

Hi again,This posting is about my oldest child, who like my youngest has severe food and chemical intolerances.He is always rubbing his eyes, has a cough that just won't go aw...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album
Started by Jo Jo. Last post: 2005-12-16

IBS Problem 16

I am suffering from IBS related colon disorder. Spastic colon,mental block, dreams insomnia,illusion, fear anxiety, constipation are some of the symptoms I had tried to take Lycopo...
Remedies: Coffea Cruda, Nux Juglans, Pepsi, Phosphorus, Ferrum Metallicum, Nux Vomica, Lactic Acid.
Started by abhay. Last post: 2005-10-03

Liver or IBS 11

hicurrent symptoms...acne on forehead, sore throat on having cold stuff,unformed stool(only 1 motion in the morning) on having spicy or milk or citrus juices or beans etc.Stomach h...
Remedies: Argentum Nitricum, Bioplasma, Chelidonium Majus
Started by vikram78. Last post: 2005-10-03

Gastric - ibs 6

How does Aloe socotrina compare with Podophillum for severe gas problems, constipation and bloated abdomen with rumblings.The constitutional remedy by the way is Sulphur....
Remedies: Podophyllum Peltatum, Sulphur, Bioplasma
Started by DaVinci. Last post: 2005-08-22

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