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I feel confident that patients who are suffering from Fistulas, Abscesses and Fissures may have used my therapy successfully to avoid further surgery and many of them have confirmed this fact.

You can make the Arnica in the wet dose as I have instructed in a previous post but you must know that in Homeopathy small is beautiful. You cannot accelerate the process of healing any more by drinking say a tablespoonful of the remedy instead of the recommended teaspoonful. They both constitute just one dose. It is the frequency of the dose that matters and the maximum that will help is not over 4 times daily for some cases but in the case of a Fistula twice daily will do.

I hope you also take the Silicea 6x with the Arnica as they both constitute the therapy that I have discovered works well to help the patients. Nat Phos 6x is also useful to keep the stools soft and of course the antibiotic ointment is essential to keep the bacterial count low after each bowel movement.

It is the combination of all these remedies that help to cure a Fistula which I hope you will realize is not done in a day.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe - We're all greatful for your help. YOu don't HAVE TO do this for us. Check out a few postings back - a couple of people have asked for a unified field theory on one page! Anyway - chillin on the couch, recovering from surgery. Much love - E
fistula last decade
hi joe - sorry our last 2 notes overlapped. Yes - going with the silicea 6x and the arnica 30c. I kindly ask for your thoughts on a consequence of surgery:

1 week later - bowel movt's hurt! Not only that - fecal matter gets shoved into the canal and takes a long - painful while - to pass either from the inside hole or outter one. I have slowed down eating - sticking to soups and fluids in attempt to let the inside have a fighting chance to close. Should I incorporate anything different than what you've prescribed? I go to the MD tomorrow to have him take a look b/c clearly, this shouldn't be the way 'healing' occurs. Best - E
fistula last decade
Your response to surgery is the standard that I have observed as a result.

It is when the patient is forced to go through repeated surgeries (up to 4 in a recent case which was scheduled for the 5ifth) that makes the patient and his surgeon concerned when it will all end.

I note that you have changed your diet eliminating solids but unfortunately liquid diet and soups will not be the answer. You want something to keep the stools soft and Nat Phos 6x will help. 2-3 tablets after a meal is the dosage. Fruits like prunes, papaw, bananas also help. It will not do to starve yourself as in your case it appears to me that the fistula is still not closed and your surgeon may decide to open it up again to suture it closed. If he does this procedure correctly there is the possibility of the therapy I have indicated helping you.

I believe that Fistulas, Fissures and Abscesses owe their origin to hyperacidity which manifests itself in heartburn of puffiness after a meal. If steps are not taken to correct this imbalance in the gut, and also if this results in hard stools, there is every chance that the anal sphincter muscles may promote the formation of an abscess which in a few days can be a full blown infected lesion. This leads to further infection which goes behind the muscle and a Fistula is formed independent of the normal route that the stools take through the anus. Nat Phos 6x will help to reduce the hyperacidity and this may constitute 50% of the therapy to prevent an abscess forming.

It is most important to be sensitive to the pain level in the anus after a BM and this is not easy in every case as the pain threshold in the area is low due to the lack of pain sensitive nerves which convey the pain message to the brain. At this stage which will only result after a hard BM it is essential that the method I described of using a gloved finger with an antibiotic ointment is used to help the area to be cured ASAP. Lack of this first aid treatment will result in the abscess getting more infected and the rest you know all about now.

Keep up with the therapy I have advised including the Arnica, Silicea, Nat Phos and keep me informed of your surgeon's response to your present status.
Joe De Livera last decade
Having gone through a lot of Homeopathic Journals and Books, in my quest for treating my own 'Tinnitus' problem, I came across a specific treatment for Anal Fistula as follows: Calc phos 1X and Silicia 3X to be taken alternatively on a weekly basis.In other words, Calc phos 1X for one week, followed by Silicia 3X the following week, and so on. I have infact suggested this treatment to a relation of mine, who has already undergone at least one surgery, and he has reported good progress after taking the medication.
Karim last decade
thanks karim - thanks joe! my surgeon prescribed an antibiotic as a possible -way to avoid a second run at surgery, although it may be too late for that. I see him tomorrow morning to evaluate its progress. I will incorporate the nat phos; which anti biotic ointment? by the way as a side note: im 27 and have been dealing with crohns disease since i was 21. hyper acidity was deffinately the cause after an onset of the most horrendously stressful time in my life. I never had stomach issues - then my parents got divorced in the worst way possible - i got heart burn for the first time ever and then one week later, the sh*t literally hit the fan. Anyway, thanks again and onward to healing! - E
fistula last decade
It is possible that the Antibiotic may help but it may also antidote the homeopathic therapy you are using.

You can get a prescription from your surgeon for the antibiotic ointment like Polyfax and you may want 2-3 tubes of it as you will be using it after every BM.
Joe De Livera last decade
I overlooked your heartburn which is perhaps the root cause of your Fistula. It is the acidity that causes the lesion and you can use Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets 3 times daily to help reduce the acidity in your system.


Joe De Livera last decade
You may access more information about causes, diagnosis, and treatment of anal fissures, abscesses, and fistula here: www.gicare.com/pated/ecdgs38.htm

Much more is available online to help you better understand your condition.
bethw last decade
Hi Joe,
Just thought I add my problem along with everyone else's.

In 1999 I had a perianal abscess which burst and healed. Last year a week after a bout of food poisoning i developed another abscess. I was given anti-biotics and told to come back when it was ready to be lanced. Just two days later I burst it myself (yes in lots of pain) but probably caused a sinus which did not heal the internal tract hence formed a fistula. Didn't do much for 8 months as like many on this forum each time it appeared to heal after a drainage then would flare up again on an almost regular basis.
Had enough in feb this year after a very painful flare up and went to hospital. Was given more antibiotics and told that surgery will be needed if it flares up again.

I have a phobia of needles so obviously this put me off.

I suffer from IBS so this is probably the cause of the fistula. A few months back i went to a local homeopath. She is excellent and diagnosed me with Candida (too much yeast). I was having too much sugary products and too much bread.
They have now been eliminated (wheat, yeast, or reduced (in the case of sugar by 90%).
I am on vitamin supplements and various other supplements and now my IBS symptoms have virtually been eliminated. I feel great!
martinp last decade
Whoops sorry, accidentally pressed the enter key.

However, I am left with the fistula. I think it is connected to my urethra/bladder as it leaks a very little when I urinate rather than when I defecate. There is no sign of blood at all in my stool or urine.
I have been taking Arnica 30c and Silicea 6x regularly four times a day both orally for a month now. Started six times then reduced as symptoms improved. The fistula still flares up but is less painful. I am also taking one Calc Sulph before I go to bed.
Although its been a month since I started I know that the situation has improved thanks to these remedies, but little sign of healing. Patience is required and I will persevere. I did for a week try taking arnica in the liquid form and swap between oral and liquid on a weekly basis.

Just my thoughts
martinp last decade
To Martin

You have followed my therapy exactly but I would prefer that you cut down your dosage of Arnica to 3 times daily. You stated that you used it 6 times daily and I am surprised that you did not have some negative response which can be expected but I feel that since you had the abscess the Arnica was able to help and not to overload the system.

Silicea can be taken as you are now doing but here too I would prefer you to cut down to thrice daily.

I would stop the Calc Sulph and replace it with Nat Phos 6x taken thrice daily after meals. 2 tablets is OK.

You have not confirmed that you are using the finger technique with the antibiotic ointment which you insert on a gloved finger into the anus after every BM. This will show results in a week even though it is rather messy.

Report response in a week please.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thank you for responding so quickly.

I did not receive any negative reactions to the high frequency of the arnica dosage and will cut down to three as you suggested along with the Silicea.
RE: Nat Phos, I have soft stools through eating fruit and a more healthier diet.

I have not tried the finger technique which you have described in previous posts as I am not sure if it is an in-ano problem or connected somewhere to my urethra/bladder. I will try and get some anti-biotic ointment or Polyfax as you suggested.

I will be on holiday for two weeks next week so will report back after.

Once again many thanks for your advice.
martinp last decade
You will have to get a complete diagnosis as treatment of a condition that you are not certain yourself is impossible.

You have indicated:
'am not sure if it is an in-ano problem or connected somewhere to my urethra/bladder.'

I believe that it is very rarely that you will have a fistula into the urethra or bladder as the urine will then be infected and you will have severe repercussions like fever, rigors etc which I am sure you do not have.

This is a drawback in treating on the web as the prescriber must have a wide imagination to grasp what the patient wishes to convey. I feel confident that if you use the finger technique that you will help your fistula to heal ASAP
Joe De Livera last decade
I can confirm that I dont have fevers or rigors, no blood in urine or stool. Also there is no stinging or pain associated with urinating, nor do I have any problems urinating (no retention).
I will consult a doctor if symptoms worsen, however they have got better since I started the remedies. I rarely get pus just clear liquid.

I will try the ointment.

Your advice has helped many on this forum.

martinp last decade
Anyone know where i can get Polyfax in UK? antibiotic ointment ha to be prescribed here. Can i order over net somewhere?
jonboy last decade
As reported earlier I had suggested the use of Calc phos 1X and Silicia 3X to a relation. I am happy to say that he has reported satisfactory progress after using the medication for 3 weeks running. The following is the regime: Calc phos 1X, 3 times a day for one week, to be followed by Silicia 3X, also 3 times a day, the following week and so on. Having noted the expert opinion of some in this forum, I have also suggested to him to add Nat phos 6X, 3 times daily after meals, as he has acidity & constipation problems, and Arnica 30, long term, in split doses, twice daily, to improve his blood circulation. Please comment.
Karim last decade
To Karim

I would not normally comment on your advice but since you have invited comments I feel that it would not be in the patient's best interest to use the remedies that you have suggested:
Calc Phos 1x
Silicea 3x
in the manner that you have indicated.

I believe that I have perfected the therapy for Fistula, Fissure and Abscess with the remedies and the Antibiotic ointment and as you prehaps are aware many patients who have used this therapy have confirmed that they have benefitted from it.

I believe that the remedies that I have advised work as follows:
Arnica 30c helps with rebuilding the tissue that has been subjected to surgery, usually multiple surgery.
Silicea 6x helps with the draining of the pus formed in the wound.
Nat Phos 6x helps by keeping the BM soft as constipation only serves to further lacerate the wound.
The Antibiotic Ointment which is used after every BM keeps the bacterial count in the area as low as possible thereby helping with the eventual cure which hopefully is permanent.

I also recommend that patients who suffer from Hyperacidity or constipation even occasionally to use Nat Phos, dose 2 tablets after meals as it will prevent the formation of this messey ailment in the anus which can be a constant source of problems to those who are affected.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, I was suffering from an abcess from last few months, which initially I had no idea about. This later developed into a Fistula, for which I underwent Surgery.

Iam Second week into it, and still scared whether this will cure completely or return again. Could you pls answer few queries..

1. Right now after surgery, Iam left with a hole. I still have slight discomfort, and a little drainage is there. Do you know if this hole completely heals, and how much time it takes?

2. What chances are that it will come back? Are there any symptoms that I need to watch for?

3. Should I start taking the medications that you suggested?

Pls Help,

jvirk last decade
To Jassi

Yours is the standard progression of a Fistula which starts as a lesion caused by constipation which lacerates the anal muscle and later forms an Abscess and still later the Fistula.

Surgery will only give temporary relief but unfortunately the sequel usually is that the infection in the wound by daily bowel movements continues the lesion which does not heal.

This is where my therapy which I have described in detail above helps.
Joe De Livera last decade
No one answered my previous post :(

Anyone know where i can get Polyfax in UK? antibiotic ointment ha to be prescribed here. Can i order over net somewhere?
jonboy last decade

Could you tell me what are the signs that this won't heal properly?

Should I start on your medication right away? Where can I get it from?

Would anyone please share their experiences, if anyone has recently got a surgery done.
jvirk last decade
Jvirk didn't say what his surgery was. There are several depending on your type of fistula (high, shallow, complex, trans-sphincteric). I had a fistulotomy with seton placement, in which the channel is laid open internally such that the anal sphincter is not cut and the incision ends before the anal opening. Thus continence is preserved. Then a band (seton) is run through the anus up the rectum and through the old fistula opening in a loop, to allow for drainage. This was done on an outpatient basis without complications and under local anesthesia.

Recovering from surgery was painful, as healing takes time. It's different for each patient. Sitz baths and ibuprofen helped the discomfort, improving in about 3 weeks. Drainage (not pus) lessens over time and inflammation of the tissues goes down.

Food is medicine, I've learned, so I watch what I eat (high fiber) and stay well hydrated for better stools. Maintain regular exercise. These changes have been key in my recovery and my improved overall health.

In August the surgeon will remove the draining seton and use fibrin glue to fill the hole that remains. My body will bind to it for complete cure of the fistula. Other options include a flap or a plug in this second-stage procedure.

I discovered this homeopathy site when I was searching for something, anything I could do to improve my condition after the fistula was diagnosed in March. My fistula arose from an anal abscess (50% of abscesses become fistulas -- the abscess arose from a fissure from hard stools and diarrhea from irritable bowel syndrome.) For one month I tried remedies recommended here, with no change in condition. Advice was given and then changed, and several of my questions were not answered.

A previous poster mentioned the fact that a fistula left untreated can become cancerous. I've worked 18 years in doctors' offices and hospitals, and I believe that patients should become experts in their conditions and get answers to their concerns from their health care providers.

I wish the best for all who suffer with these conditons.
bethw last decade
To Jvirk

I hope that you realize that I cannot advise you as to what you should do for your problem. I have indicated the therapy that has worked in many cases and it is up to you to use it or otherwise use other methods and remedies to help cure you.

I shall once again repeat my therapy:

believe that the remedies that I have advised work as follows:
Arnica 30c helps with rebuilding the tissue that has been subjected to surgery, usually multiple surgery.
Silicea 6x helps with the draining of the pus formed in the wound.
Nat Phos 6x helps by keeping the BM soft as constipation only serves to further lacerate the wound.
The Antibiotic Ointment which is used after every BM keeps the bacterial count in the area as low as possible thereby helping with the eventual cure which hopefully is permanent.

I also recommend that patients who suffer from Hyperacidity or constipation even occasionally to use Nat Phos, dose 2 tablets after meals as it will prevent the formation of this messey ailment in the anus which can be a constant source of problems to those who are affected.

I would like to add a suggestion to help with the pain that most patients experience when sitting. You are advised to use a hollow air cushion which will not put pressure on the anus. This will help the healing process.
Joe De Livera last decade
to JVIRK -

re read the last few pages. There are a lot of stories in there; including my own. SOunds like you and I are neck and neck. Please read my posts and know that at the start of week three (which is today) I am healing using Joe's recomendations; as well as a prescription of Metronidizole (antibiotic) because the site of the surgery got infected but is clearing up now. Best of luck.
fistula last decade
To Fistula

Thank you for reporting on your progress. I am confident that you will soon be healed permanently but this will take a few more weeks. I cannot recollect how many times you have been in surgery but you will soon see that you will not need to be under the knife any more.

I believe that getting an antibiotic ointment in the UK is difficult but this is an integral part of the therapy and I hope that this can be obtained on prescription.

Metronidazole as far as I know is not available as an ointment. It is popularly known as Flagyl and may not be suitable as a wide spectrum antibiotic like Polyfax or Mycitracin which are avaible in Sri Lanka and have been found to be very effective in helping to keep the bacterial count low after a BM.

I shall copy some clinical data on Flagyl:
Metronidazole is an antibiotic effective against anaerobic bacteria and certain parasites. Anaerobic bacteria are single-cell living organisms that thrive in low oxygen environments and can cause disease in the abdomen (bacterial peritonitis) liver (liver abscess), and pelvis ( abscess of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes). Giardia lamblia and ameba are parasites that can cause abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea in infected individuals. Metronidazole selectively blocks some of the cell functions in these microorganisms, resulting in their demise.

Metronidazole is not available as an Ointment and this is essential as the petroleum base in the ointment tends to maintain it in situ after insertion after a BM to ensure that the healing process is continued.
Joe De Livera last decade

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