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All the best my dear friend.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Megastar

I am indeed gratified to note that at least one of my patients has called Murthy's bluff.

I knew that he had it coming for a long time but as far as I am aware, this is the first time that someone really told him off directly without mincing his words. As members of this forum are aware, Murthy has been bugging not only me but almost all other prescribers who have been on the ABC for years, helping patients in our own way which he can see has been with outstanding results. He has succeeded in chasing at least one prescriber away from the ABC, which he did in sheer disgust and I hope that others too will not leave it due to the unnecessary interference that Murthy has so far succeeded in creating on this forum.

I too was appalled by his reference to the questionnaire with the 135 questions which you were expected to faithfully answer before his majesty would deign to identify the classical remedy that he and only he was capable of prescribing.

This questionnaire is precisely the form of subterfuge that a so called classical homeopath uses which permits him, who has been trained in the classical format to use his skills to prolong the agony of the unsuspecting patient . I have had many patients who testified to the fact that they were flabbergasted by the unnecessary questions that were posed to them on their visit to the homeopath which resulted in the standard constitutional remedy being prescribed under the avowed intention of paving the ground for the remedy to work more effectively. When the patient visits the homeopath a week later is given another remedy which did not help in the slightest and he would then turn to the ABC and post his problem on the forum when someone will take his case up.

In the case of the many Fistulas and other related problems that I have been almost single handedly treating on this thread which I note is now on its 27th page, Murthy's interference during the last few days was becoming increasingly oppressive and it was in disgust that I invited him to take over your case to expose to the other members the subterfuge that he hides his lack of practical hands on experience, which impels him to pose the 135 question questionnaire to ensure that you the patient will not bother him by answering it which you have refused to do, in sheer disgust.

I believe that it is now time to ensure that he is effectively silenced as up to now the only instances that he has condescended to suggest a remedy can be counted on the fingers of one hand, which I feel is a grave disservice that he continues to perpetrate on the ABC. It is obvious that if he wishes to help anyone, he should do so without resorting to invariably faulting the prescriptions that I make, which he and anyone can see, have been successful in helping the patients.

I find that I am today wasting my time and energy more in defending my prescriptions, which time I could use to better purpose in helping patients to resolve their ailments with what Murthy himself has derisively termed as Joepathy. He fails to understand that this same Joepathy has worked wonderfully well and has yielded results far beyond the scope of his own hyperclassical homeopathy which to me seems to be just another excuse to delude the patient with the avowed intention of increasing the revenue of the so called classical exponents of this precious science.

I do hope that some resolution of this crisis will be effected by the moderator who has so far adopted a detached position where he does not seem to be interested in taking any action to prevent this wastage of time as he feels that it is up to the membership to keep Murthy and his erstwhile ally Nisha, under control.

I do hope that other members too will join me in ensure that peace is restored again on the ABC.
Joe De Livera last decade
Well done Megastar!

Joe, I totally agree with you, as do many others on these threads. You have our support.

martinp last decade
Hi Martinp

All the best to you too.

You believe in Joe's therapy, and it is your will and pleasure.

I wish you faster recovery.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

There will always be patients who favour your 'this for that' methods.

There are any number of patients who feel classical homeopathy is a waste of time, a view propagated by people like you.

I can't change their mindsets, so easily.I know it.

That is why I am prepared to have a long innings here, to make as many people as possible to understand what is proper homeopathy, and to make them to follow it.

The way you promote your Joepathy, I too want to promote my version of classical homeopathy.

You are welcome to tell the patients not to listen me.

The patients too are welcome not to listen to me.

But, my defence of classical homeopathy, against the onslaught of pseudo homeopathy, and the subsequent dangers, the patient may face will continue.

Even if hundred patients support your therapy, I will continue to say it is wrong.

The way you have your convictions, I have mine.

So, be prepared to defend your Pseudo homeopathy, each and every time, you advise a patient.

I will be there to warn him,and it is upto him to decide what to do.

I am a determined man. Nothing can stop me, once I set a goal.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear All,

I speak only for myself, but I do not consider myself one of Joe’s patients. My online research back in March brought me to this forum, as perhaps others also became part of this community of sufferers. My diagnosis was unpleasant. I felt my options were limited, so I wanted to give alternative therapy at try at a desperate time. Apart from an initial, short lived sense of wellbeing, the treatments offered by Joe did nothing. He also repeatedly did not answer questions, blamed me for my own illness, and changed his therapy at least once. I opted to follow a different path, although I’ve stayed with this community to provide my insight, experience, knowledge, and support.

Is this a homeopathy website and forum, or something else altogether? I was very surprised, early on in fact, to discover Joe was not trained in homeopathy, but has years of accumulated knowledge and observations that have formed his approach. In my mind, despite his claims of success, this fact disqualifies him from offering advice in most cases. Newcomers here may read a bit and think Joe is an expert. In any profession, there are consequences of error, and what’s been going on here the last several days is interesting to watch. It appears we have two individuals on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. We should all be aware of that before we decide how to proceed with treating our ailments.

In case my fellow forum members have not noticed, there is a warning at the bottom of this page that bears posting now: “Important Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis or prescription, and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with a qualified homeopath or physician. It is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and you should make your own checks that it is safe. For example, taking mother tinctures can lead to serious side effects, and stopping prescribed medication without first consulting a physician can also endanger your health. If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life.”
Decisions we make for our health care are driven by many things. If you aren’t willing to answer 135 questions, fine. But every time a licensed, qualified doctor examines you or takes your history, he is going through an enormous mental checklist. Joe has decided he knows exactly the single cause of fissures and fistulas, but there are actually many causes and factors to consider, few of which he asks about or seems to consider. Simple life changes aren’t promoted here either, such as exercise, sitz baths, hydration, fiber intake, proper nutrition, etc. that have been extremely helpful to me personally.
In a realm of what many would consider alternative therapy, I regret there aren’t more alternatives here. In case forum members aren’t aware, you might want to check out other ABC forums to understand the virtual war of philosophy (and ego?) that’s been going on. Perhaps we could recognize what's really important and move on.

Best wishes, Beth
bethw last decade
Hi Bethw

I am glad there are still a few people around, who look at things objectively, and give considered opinions.

gavinimurthy last decade
thank you for being there. It's been a nightmare. I have a fissure and the abscesses drain through the rectum and the fstulous track is bylateral
I have been using the Arnica and the Silecea as I've seen advised for about three weeks now and it seems to be helping. the abscesses seem much smaller and still draining through the rectum if I squeeze them. I stil have been taking Ibuprophen for the pain and wihd to stop. Could you advise on what antibiotic ointment is better..........Thank you in advance
duravita last decade
Dear Duravita

I will try to help you.

Please read this article

'what the doctor need to know in order to make a succesful prescription'

and give your reply as per that.


I know it is going to be tedious, but, a proper case taking is the first pre requisite for a succsful prescription.

You can withhold personal information like address etc.

take your own time, but, do understand what is needed, and provide all the required information.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe,

Giving you the report after being two months into your therapy. Every 15 days or so, the outer abcess gets closed and the pus builds up inside causing pain. The pain relieves after drainage and there is a peace and calm for the next 10-14 days or so. This cycle has been continuing since a very long time. Am I going to get cured? If yes, how much longer do you think it might take?

Megastar last decade
To Megastar

I presume that you have religiously observed the instructions that I prescribed including the insertion of the Antibiotic Ointment into the anus after each BM.

The fact that your outer abscess closes up is due to the action of the AB ointment as this unfortunately has the habit of healing from the outside inwards while the Silicea expels the pus from inside outwards. I can only hope that the combined action of both will enable your body to take over and ensure a permanent resolution of your problem.

You have asked me how long a cure will take and I am unfortunately unable to give you a reply as this depends on your faithfully using the Arnica, Silicea, Nat Phos and the AB ointment all of which have helped others on this thread.

I hope that you will not resort to surgery as this will only serve to make a bad situation infinitely worse.
Joe De Livera last decade
Murthy, Joe, whomever
please help!

I'm a 45 year old woman.

I was diagnosed with the fissure in the late 80's. I've always had stomach problems ) Irritable bowel) more so with diarreah then with constipation. I believe it was caused by straining.

THe abcesses came on last year and went away within a few weeks but the fissure persisted and pain followed.

I finally got a doctor to prescribe nytroglycerin to reduce the spasm so the fissure could heal. THe nitro helped the pain but,

The ascesses returned
This time I could feel the fistulous track on both sides in the muscle about an inch and a half to the right of each abscess with draining through the fissure.

Since then, I've ordered the arnica and the silecea and prepared/used as advised by Joe.
The abscess on the left is about the size of a pea and the one on the right seems to be gone.
I've stopped taking the Ibuprofen I became dependednt on for two days.

the abscess drains thought the fissure and my thoughts are . How is the fissure going to ever heal?

Is there anyting else I should do?

I have another appointment with a conventional doctor, the Veterans Hospital on the 13th of December.

Please advise and once again,
thank you in advance.
duravita last decade
Since you depended on Joe's prescription, let him respond first.

My method will be entirley different.

Please read the following thread

What the doctor needs to know
to have an idea.


gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

Since you have always condemned my approach towards healing, you are welcome to take over Duravita's case and prove to the members of the ABC and to me that your classical approach is better than my Joepathy which strangely enough has many confirmed records of success on this thread.
Joe De Livera last decade
Izzac was the first patient on this thread..He just got palliated..still has the problem.

Chipper started the therapy and abandoned it with in a month,as his pulse went down to 49 after starting arnica..he is not tobe seen around..

and this is what Izzac said on 19/01/06

'I realised something. Whenever I thought I was ok, I stopped using Savlon cream, then it started draining again. Happened just yesterday. It could be the Savlon that is quite good in killing the ever-productive germs. Healing speeds up when there are not that many germs u see.'

Bethw has moved over to Fibrin Glue Therapy within 6 months..

Noproblemo found no relief and went for surgery...

Colocub opted for surgery after trying out this protocol..

Jonboy got fedup and said it makes no difference...

Fistula is taking only Arnica and stopped other medications...

martinp didn't get much relief and stopped posting...

buck99se recommends surgery..

summary wants to know when he will get cured...

Julianna is into it only for two months...

Vancouverguy switched over to nitric acid...

trishs fistula is surfacing again...

tumzin reports it is taking a long time to heal...

megastar is keeping his fingers crossed...

overanxious is going to see a classical homeopath...

Other posts are from those who just peep in and move on..

I read all the 25 pages patiently.

The above are the hard facts staring at you.

The data is from over an year.It is all there before your own eyes.

Decide yourself whether you want doubtful palliation or cure.


This is what I posted earlier.

I might have failed to see any body mentioning 'cure' on this thread.

Ask your secretary to bringout any such thing, if ever mentioned on this thread, as you asked her about the ,'obesity' thread.

Then we can compare notes, as we did for obesity.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

I believe that it would be an utter waste of time in following your 'order' with your present mind set where you cannot see the wood for the trees and you are blinded by your own hatred towards all.

I await your classical therapy for Duravita which you will obviously guarantee will help him, with bated breath.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Yes, I have been following your instructions to the T. I will continue with your therapy, and surgery is definitely NOT an option as I have seen not a single case who has been permanently cured by it.

Just to inform you that I had been on Homeopathic treatment for the last nearly 4 years even before I started your therapy. I just found from my old doctor that the treatment I was taking before starting yours was one dose of Silicea 10M every month. But as you can see it did not help much. Just thought that I should give you this information if it might be of any use to you.

The current position is that I am, at best, only managing the fistula with periodical cycle of drainage. I am optimistic that I will be permanently cured soon.

Megastar last decade
I guess if you wanted to help you'd have responded to my call for help. I had no idea who was saying what. I was looking for help and thought I found it. Joe, Murthy. who-ever. let the Ego reign once again. This forum has become a bitchfest for the two fo you. I'm still in need of help. Hopefully someone else somewhere else. yet another let down
duravita last decade

I do not want to declare that 'I AM CURED' because it might bring bad luck, see what I mean?

However, nothing happened for about 2 months already--no blood, no pain.

Savlon is mild. Got to get antibiotic ointment from doc.
izaac last decade
Hi Izaac

Good to have your confirmation that you have not had any discharge for 2 months.

Your report came at a critical point in my tenure on the ABC and you may have read the posts of two members who pretend to be homeopaths but only rarely condescend to help a member in distress. Between them they have succeeded in interfering with my every post on the ABC and you can expect to see the result on this thread immediately after I post my reply to you. It is hoped however that your report will compel them to accept that my Joepathy can also heal in a manner that their much vaunted classical remedies which they have so far not prescribed on this thread, have not so far materialized and are awaited.

I note that you have only used Savlon cream and I do not see any need for you to replace it with an antibiotic ointment at this point in the history of your Fistula. In fact this daily unpleasant exercise can be discontinued as long as you do not experience any irritation in the anus which can lead to a lesion.

Do not use dry toilet paper for obvious reasons. Do a wet wipe always.

You can stop the Silicea but you must keep up with your daily dose of Arnica 30c in the wet dose which you can take twice daily for a few months more. You can reduce the dosage to just once nightly later. Nat Phos 6x can be used as necessary if you experience any hard stools.

Thank you for your report which will no doubt evoke the usual response from my detractors within minutes.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Of late your paranoia is increasing.

We always say that what works for 'x' need not work for 'Y'.

Izzac himself clarified earlier that he believes the Savlon cream helped him.

I think he is again confirming it now.

He would have been o.k. just with the cream, without the other two. Who knows?

Until he or somebody else tries with the cream alone, no conclusions can be drawn.

Can't you make any post without referring to us?

We are not interfering with your posts. You are inviting it with your uncalled for comments on classical homeopathy, in every thread of yours.

You have no idea whatsoever about classical homeopathy, and hence you are not competent to comment on it.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

As I stated in another post the more you , Jacob and Nisha revile me, the more you compel me to retaliate in the same manner or as I have often put it 'repay you back in the same coin' which sometimes I am constrained to do with interest.

You have a fixation that it is only the antiseptic ointment, in this case the Savlon cream, that has helped Izaac but I have proved beyond doubt that it is the complete therapy package that has helped him and so many patients on the ABC and also those whom I have treated in Colombo. You may like to know that I seem to have achieved some fame in specializing in the treatment of this rather difficult ailment which seems to have spread from one to another in town judging by the number who depend on me for assistance.

I would suggest that you take the case of the patient who was annoyed at your petty bickering on the ABC and suggest to her that she only uses Savlon cream and await progress.

You state that it is I that am interfering with your post. You also assume upon yourself the status of being the only classical homeopath (unqualified) in the universe who is competent to adjudicate on the therapy but other than about 10 posts where you have prescribed some remedy which usually does not help the patient you still persist in criticizing my efforts to help others by shadowing my every post. The irony of it all is that when you have absolute proof from the patient himself that my Joepathy has worked as in the case of Izaac you still persist in heaping your invective on me.

It is no wonder you are becoming the Homeopathic Pariah on the ABC !
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I am quite happy with the way I am progressing on ABC.

To understand why I am here, see my profile.

It is a matter of time, for you too to see the futility of trying to belittle classical homeopathy.

Many of your ilk have already tried and miserably failed.

The more you keep attacking classical homeopathy, the more ignorance you will be showing to the world.

Advice patients by all means. But stop at that. Don't talk as if yourpathy is the godsent gift, and all other therapies are useless.

Learn some humility atleast now. You are too old to face all this. Not good for your health.

Slow down, and confine your posts, to the barest necessary details.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy

Thank you for your words of advice which I heartily reciprocate and I hope that you will dwell on your own advice to me closely as it applies equally to you by replacing the words Joepathy with your own brand of Hyper classical homeopathy which the homeopathic world has now discovered to be the continuation of a farce which they are ordered to perpetrate I believe is to ensure that the revenue that classical homeopaths generate from the use (abuse ?) of their learning is continued. I have often dwelt on the fallacy of the single remedy method advised by classical homeopathy and you can inquire from patients who have been prescribed this single remedy how they have responded.

As far as I am concerned, I am glad to note that many classical homeopaths who have read this ongoing controversy on the ABC of classical versus Joepathy, have informed me both verbally and by email that they too are sick and tired of this single remedy method which they have invariably discovered, fails the patient. But they question me, what are they to do ? Their instructions as per their learning has been to keep on with this single remedy, come what may and they just do not consider the patient even after a few misses in their treatment as they must go ahead with what they have been brainwashed into believing, which is to keep on with it irrespective of the consequences to the poor patient who eventually is compelled to return to the doctor who has already messed up his case, which prompted him to turn to Homeopathy.

I have no objections now to your being present on the ABC as I have grown to anticipate your insults on my every post and it seems a shame that ever since you infested it with your hourly presence since you were contracted by your classical fraternity to shadow all my posts with your inane comments, you only force me to waste my time in responding to your insults which I now freely reciprocate in a like manner. You will note the comments of a patient on this thread whom I suggested you to take over but this you have not done so far.

I do not enjoy upbraiding you but when you constantly jump in on my threads as you invariably do, you leave me no option but to retaliate in kind and as you have seen you invariably are shown up to be the loser. There is no bravado in my posts in response to yours but I am committed now more than ever in the past to exposing what I have discovered is the way that Homeopathy has already gone in the 'this for that' syndrome and I have evidence that the large majority of homeopaths practice this system although they dare not proclaim the fact in public. All I shall continue to do in response to your posts which criticize me it so defend myself in public and you are quite correct that the number of posts on the ABC have increased by about 30% as a result of your diatribes which take up a lot of space on the website.

It is only a pity that my posts take up some of my time which I can more usefully expend on my patients who as you can see even today respect me and my own Joepathy simply because they have evidence that it has helped them in a manner that classical homeopathy has not. I shall continue with my mission which is to expose the irrationality of your own interpretation of classical homeopathy and there is no pride I display in doing so, where you have advised me to 'Learn some humility atleast now. You are too old to face all this. Not good for your health. Slow down, and confine your posts, to the barest necessary details.'

Quite frankly I seem to enjoy my regular daily posts to you as the audience of members who read them is increasing by the day and the more you irritate me the more I shall continue to reciprocate in like manner till you get that final 'brain boiling over' which you have stated you suffer from.

In your own interest I would strongly recommend that you get used to taking a nightly dose of Arnica 30c in the wet dose as this may help to postpone that fateful date with destiny that you are heading for shortly.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You are in a 'dream' world, perhaps due to your failing mental health, due to the daily dose of Arnica.

If you wish to continue like this responding to me, it is better for the patients, as you yourself agreed that you are not able to prescribe, as you used to do earlier.

It is part of my goal, to prevent as many patients as possible from your uselss prescriptions.

To that extant, I did succeed. I will continue to engage you, so that the patients are saved from your 'this for that' prescripions.

Please continue.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

As long as you continue to engage your energies to counter me, the better for the patients, as you yourself agreed that you are not able to prescribe, as you used to earlier.

That is one way to prevent patients from getting your useless prescriptions.

Please continue your longish, substanceless, boring posts. I started enjoying them.

gavinimurthy last decade

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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis or prescription, and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with a qualified homeopath or physician. It is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and you should make your own checks that it is safe. If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life.