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You are invited to read the last 19 pages of this thread to answer your question. You will note that the majority of those who have posted here have confirmed that they were helped towards a cure of their problem.

I hope that you will number among this majority.

In any event I would doubt very much if surgery is the answer.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,

i have a new health concern. but i think it might be related to my abscess and fistula.

this weekend i developed what might be an abscess in my right breast. i have a lump under the skin where there previously was none and the skin is red and warm to the touch.

do you think this is related to my abscess? and the infection travelled?

trish s
trishs last decade
Dear Trishs, if I may ask, are you still taking Silicea? and if so how long have you been taking it? Also, has there been any apparent 'improvement' in your anal problems prior to this new lump appearing?

Thanks :)

Hahnemania last decade
i am taking the silicea and arnica montana. my fistula seems to be improved from a month ago. (it started late july and i started the homeopathic treatmentin late aug.)

it's still there with flair ups (oozing) on occasion. i feel the lump under the skin. it seems to heal and open every so often.
trishs last decade
So you have experienced a relief in the anal problem, but this was followed by a lump in your breast, are you watching Joe?

Such abcesses of the breast are also a proving symptom of Silicea, so either you are proving this remedy, or the other remedies you have been taking have supressed the original condition and it has become manifest elsewhere, this would be my experienced observations as a classical Homoeopath.

My advice would be to cease all remedies and see if this rectifies the condition, but of course it is your choice whether or not to pursue this. It would also be interesting to see if the original complaint returns, which it sometimes will once such supressive methods have been ceased, and would prove this assertion admirably. I would be happy to recommend a CURATIVE remedy if/when this occurs.

Good luck and best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade

what is the reason you think the treatment Joe is suggesting does not work?
julianna480 last decade
To Trishs,

It is possible that the Silicea 6x that you are taking to help your fistula to drain can be the cause of the lump that you have discovered in your breast. You are advised to stop the Silicea and to replace it with Conium M 30c which you can also take in the wet dose, a teaspoonful twice daily. You can continue with the Arnica 30c and the Nat Phos 6x and the Antibiotic Ointment which you insert after each BM into the anus.

Please report your response in a week when I am confident that your breast lump should subside.

The problem in treating a Fistula is that Silicea is essential to promote the drainage and this is the first time that I have had to deal with a problem that may have been caused by the Silicea.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Julianna.

Because it is simply not the way Homoeopathy is prescribed. We take the WHOLE case and prescribe one remedy on totality, not give one remedy for this, another for that, and yet another for another symptom. We also never give remedies daily for the length of time being suggested, as this results in a proving of such remedies, as the above clearly demonstrates. He precribes remedies based on only one symptom (which 50 60 or remedies may share), without even looking into the case, simply because they have helped in such cases before, but without individualizing the prescription, and furthermore, he simply changes his selection (and most of these subsequent remedies are completely unrelated, such as Silicea and Conium above) without asking any further questions or retaking the case. Moreover, such methods while they may relieve symptoms, only do so by palliation, or more dangerously by supression, and this has been observed by over 200 years of clinical experience by classical Homoeopaths.

None of the above methods are Homoeopathy.

Hahnemania last decade
Not to be disrespectful, Jacob, but I checked with my former homeopath ( you know, one with his own practice, years of training AND experience ) and he ok'd Joe's treatment and did not have any objections to me trying this treatment. he also said that Traumeel can be used in ointment form and tablet form if this should not work.

So far Joe's treatment is working for me.
julianna480 last decade

I would go to a doctor and have a mammogram done, I can only recommend that as a woman. If there is an issue of health insurance call Planned Parenthood and I am sure they can advise you somewhere.

Joe, this is not to disrespect you either, and I would definitely take Joe's advice into consideration, Trish.
julianna480 last decade
Dear Julianna, no disrespect taken, although I would point out, I also have my 'own practice, years of training AND experience', 12 years of this in fact.

I'm sorry though, if he ok'd this treatment, then he is not a classical Homoeopath. Even more disturbing though is his recommendation of applying ointment to the skin which goes against practically every Homoeopathic principle we have.

However, if you are happy following the above, then I will not intervene, I wish you luck, although I, and other classical Homoeopaths are here, if and/or when things go wrong.

My advice was merely to point out that this mode of treatment is not actually Homoeopathy, as it is not.

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade

thank you everyone for your advice.

I have an appt for an ultrasound of my breast. I had a mamaogram in july which showed no changes over last year's mamogram. i went to regular doctor who suggested the ultrasound. he also would like me to see a 'breast specialist'

i will stop the silicea and purchase some Conium M 30c. i will let you know what happens.

the dr. also prescibed antibiotics because the area was warm to the touch and red. he thought it was some sort of breast infection.

can i take medical antibiotics and homeopathic remedies? i do not like to take antibiotics unless it is necessary.


trish s
trishs last decade
To Trishs

I too agree with your decision to have a Mammogram done but this will only confirm that you do have a lump which you are already aware of.

I would prefer that you do not take any antibiotics for the moment unless you have a fever which will then confirm that you do have an infection.

If you do not, the antibiotic can have other side effects on your Fistula which we must try to avoid as it may set your progress back.
Joe De Livera last decade
Trish, glad to see you are getting an ultrasound!
julianna480 last decade

Unfortunately, I had to start the antibiotics because i had a slight fever. it was just slight.

it is amoxicillian.

what should i do?

trish s
trishs last decade

what is your advice for treating fistulas, abcess and fissures?- all related to Chron's disease?
hatechrons last decade
Amoxicillin will help to control the fever which indicates some infection which need not necessarily be attributed to your breast lump. It is more likely to be due to your fistula and if so the antibiotic can help with its resolution. I presume that your doctor has instructed you to take the antibiotic for the full period which is usually 3-4 times daily for at least 5 days if it is the 250mg.

Please confirm.

You can continue with the Arnica and the Nat Phos and the antibiotic ointment after every BM.
Joe De Livera last decade
Nitric Acidum is my number one remedy to cure all fistulas. Also Nux Vomica cures it from the root but Start with Nitric Acidum 30 once a day.
kuldeep last decade
Dear hatechrons (interesting name...).

To be completely honest, I have never had a case of Crohn's disease, or indeed a case where all three of these things were present at the same time.

I have treated many cases of anal fissure though, mostly using Nitric Acid, which is the most frequently indicated remedy for this condition. I have also treated a few cases of abcess in this area of the body.

The remedy indicated where all three problems existed simultaneously though, would of course be based upon TOTALITY, as it always should be, and I would have to repertorize to see which best suited this circumstance, which I am willing to do if you wish, but you would have to stop taking all other remedies first.

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade
Dear Joe,

I am about one week into taking the dosage as prescribed by you :

Arnica 30c -- 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
Silicea 6x -- 2 tablets twice daily.
Nat Phos 6x -- 2 tablets after 2 main meals.
Antibiotic ointment inserted after every bowel movement.

Not taking the Nat Phos as advised by you because I never had a constipation problem. Here is my report:

The abcess near the anus drained some pus and blood 3-4 days ago and is now flat, and the wound is reduced in size. But it is yet to close and heal.....I guess that will take some time. I wanted to ask you if the ointment is to be applied only inside the anus or also on the outside wound near it?

And after reading Hahnemania and Kuldeep, who are saying only Nitric Acidum 30 is required to cure chronic fistula (3-4 years old, never had a surgery), I am getting confused.

But I have faith in your treatment and will continue as per your advice.

Megastar last decade
Oh, and one more thing Joe.

I read in another thread on this website related to HAIR LOSS that you are prescribing Arnica 30c twice daily in water for that too. I have beautiful black silky straight hair for which I get a lot of complements. But since last one and a half years I noticed that hair is thinning at the back of my head in a two inch patch area. Everywhere else on the head the hair growth is fine. I use good quality Pantene Hair fall control shampoo and it has arrested the fall.....but how can I regrow the hair and restore the density of hair back in the affected area (back of the head)? I don't want to lose my hair! Pls help.

Will my taking Arnica 30c in water twice daily for fistula be helpful in hair regrowth too? Pls advise.

Let me tell you something about me so that you can help me better. I am a 34 years single Male in perfect health and my body is in great shape otherwise.

Warm regards and thanks in anticipation.
Megastar last decade
To Megastar

I have prescribed Nat Phos 6x to Fistula patients as it does seem to have some beneficial effect in helping with the fistula perhaps by altering the pH in the gut and keeping the BM soft. If however you do not wish to use it you do not have to.

As for Nitric Ac 30c, I have not used it as I have been quite satisfied with the results from my therapy as you can read from the many posts above testifying to its success.

You can apply the antibiotic both inside and outside the anus. You may discover however that there may be some problems with your inner garments with outside application but this can be overcome with some toilet paper or paper napkins which are more resistant to tearing.

As for your hair, the Arnica will help and you can also use Arnica Q in a 20% emulsion with Olive or Coconut oil of which a few drops are massaged into the hair roots daily.

Replace the shampoo you are now using with Johnsons Baby shampoo. I have used it for the last 40 years and my hair grows about 1cm every 10 days at age 77.

I presume that you do some regular exercise and also drink plenty of water.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thanks again. I will follow your instructions. I also have Nat Phos with me and since you asked me to use my discretion, I'll take a reduced dosage as per my need.

I place a tiny cotton pad on the outer abcess near the anus to avoid soiling of inner garments. In any case the fluid drainage is very miniscule.

As for the hair, I apply coconut oil once a week on my scalp. Pls clarify how to use the Arnica Q. I presume that I have to ask the homeopathy shop for Arnica Q in liquid form. Is that also to be diluted like Arnica 30c?

Do I have to mix 20% of this Arnica Q (diluted or as got from the shop?) in coconut oil and then massage the mixture onto my hair roots daily?

Thanks for your time. I think you should get some kind of award for the social work you are doing. :)

Megastar last decade
To Megastar

I hasten to correct your assumption that you should take the Arnica Q internally. DO NOT DO SO.

Arnica Q is only to be used in a 20% emulsion with coconut oil and massaged to the hair roots
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Megastar, I trust you do not have any open sores or pimples etc on your scalp, as Arnica mother tincture is highly contraindicated if you have. I did not see this warning above, but I am sure Mr Livera has warned you of this contraindication privately...right?

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade
For Joe and Jacob

Dear Joe,
Thanks for the warning but you DID NOT UNDERSTAND MY POST CORRECTLY. I did not mean that I was going to take the Arnica Q internally. If you read my earlier post again carefully, you will understand that I was asking you something else. I was asking you to EXPLAIN THE PREPARATION OF ARNICA Q WITH COCONUT OIL which is to be applied externally.

1.Is Arnica Q available in liquid form? If yes, then is it to be mixed as it is (concentrate form) with coconut oil or does it have to be diluted first (if yes, then upto what level) and then mixed with the coconut oil?

2. What do you mean by '20% emulsion with coconut oil'? Do you mean I have to mix 1 part(20%) of Arnica Q with 4 parts(80%) of coconut oil?

Pls read my questions carefully and then answer. Thanks.

Dear Jacob,
Thank you so much for warning me. I DO NOT have any open sores or pimples etc. on my scalp and it is NOT a bald patch (thankfully, touchwood!!). Only the hair is thinning from a particular two inch dia area on the back of my head. I believe in the saying ' a stitch in time saves nine'....that is why I want to take care of my hair while I still can.

So do you think it is still not safe for me to apply the mixture of Arnica Q with coconut oil on the affected area on my head? I do not communicate privately with Joe, all communications are here in the open. Thanks

Regards to both
Megastar last decade

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