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I cannot believe that Nat Phos 6x can possibly cause constipation as it is a remedy which always accelerates the passage of food through the gut thereby sending it down into the colon for disposal faster than usual.

Reducing the dosage will only serve to reduce its action.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi joe,

I am following your advice with the remedies and ointment:

Arnica 30c to heal the lesion
Silicea 6x tablets to drain the pus.
Nat Phos 6x tablets to keep the BM (bowel movement) soft
Antibiotic ointment inserted in the anus to keep the bacterial count low.

Sometimes i can feel the abscess as a thick hard lump under the skin just left of my anus. Sometimes it is small and not so hard. It is a bit better already a few weeks into treatment. it feels smaller under my skin.

The drainage is not every day. Maybe every other. It is not leaking anymore from the visible outside end of the fistula. But, i know it is leaking watery fluid from the inside when it does drain. I hear it... if i put pressure on the lump it's like a sac and i hear it ooze inside.

Should i be concerned that the outside visible leakage opening is healed and it is still draining inside?

Thanks for your advice.
trishs last decade
To Trish

You have accidentally discovered an important fact when you insert your finger in your anus.

You stated that you felt the lesion hard and soft sometimes and also that when you squeeze it, it feels like a sac with liquid inside.

It is this liquid ooze that you must try ever so gently to ease out. You can do this by putting pressure from the top downwards and you may be surprised to discover that you milked out about a spoonful of pus which the Silicea would otherwise drain out perhaps in a week. Your finger will do this instantly and this will help in the healing process.

This procedure is best done while lying in bed with a towel under you to take the pus that drains out.
Joe De Livera last decade
no real difference ; its not getting any worse but not better either yet.
Have to confess to drinking wine a few times though !

Also saw doctor about polyfax (and getting antibacterial ointment) he had 2 comments:
1) he was very surprised that a homopathy even suggested this as in his experience with homopathys they have always not recommended such items
2) he said prolonged use of this is not recommended as it will kill off good bacteria and more likely end up with other infections as a result. Shoudl only be used if you have an infection not just to keep 'hyperthetitcal' ones at bay.

This is not an attack on the recommendations here as I am still following them (although without the ointment) as they have alivieated the pain; I just wanted to share what my doctor said to me.
jonboy last decade
I believe that the response of your doctor epitomizes the reason why Homeopathy and Medicine cannot progress in a symbiotic manner , where one science can help the other to cure the patient. This is indeed a shame as I believe that neither can progress in the manner that can truly benefit mankind.

You have read the posts on this thread many of which contain reports from patients who have been cured by the therapy that I have perfected. I do admit that your doctor can be pardoned for being surprised that a homeopath has prescribed an antibiotic ointment but I have no compunction in doing so as I am only too aware that only an antibiotic ointment, and not a cream, can help to cure a fistula where the homeopathic component helps on the inside and the allopathic component helps on the 'outside'. As you no doubt will realize I have done so as we do not have the equivalent of an Antibiotic in Homeopathy although the nearest is Calendula which is a bacteriacide and cannot equate an antibiotic.

I do not for a moment agree with your doctor's statement that an antibiotic ointment ' will kill off good bacteria and more likely end up with other infections as a result'. He is just talking rubbish.

In your own interest you are advised to get this antibiotic ointment if you wish to be cured of your Fistula.

And please abstain from alcohol as I have observed that for some reason I cannot understand it exacerbates the problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
just curious --

are there any good bacterias down there????????
izaac last decade
None whatsoever.

In any case whether the bacteria is good or bad, the antibiotic will not enter into the blood as it is only used to keep the bacterial count down in the wound from which the pus is constantly draining. All we are trying to achieve is to ensure that the wound is kept as near bacteria free as possible to ensure that the other medication prescribed will heal the lesion ASAP.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I have been following your recommendations. I told you recently about being able to squeeze the pus out of the abcess. However, now the fistula is healed at both ends (in the rectum and just outside) I still feel the hardness of the abcess and tissues under the skin there outside the anus.

It no longer is tender to touch. Is this healed even though the lump is still just under the skin.

A month ago the lump was hard with the pus filled cavity and it was more of a walnut sized lump. now, it's about a double pea sized lump. no long with fluid with it in the cavity.

i am wondering if the cavity is healed (no more fluid) yet the lump remains.

do i continue with all remedies?
trishs last decade
You will not need the Silicea and the antibiotic ointment if you still use it.

You are advised to keep on with the Arnica 30 in the wet dose for life.

A remedy that may help to reduce the pea sized lump is Hepar Sulph 30c also used in the wet dose twice daily.

Please report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
WHERE IS THIS SMELL COMING FROM!!--i'm just learning about this 'itch problem' for the first time and i'm starting to worry. I've had on and off anal itch for most of my young adult to adult life (i'm now 26). It is not until today that it became so symptomatic that i was compelled to search for a solution. I joined this forum in the hopes that someone can help me! Here goes: aside from the occasional anal itch, 1 year ago i was sidelined with some sort of cyst (which was quite painful to say the least)just below my tailbone. the doctor told me it was an infection, prescribed some antibiotics which worked in a few days. A few weeks ago i felt a similar pain starting up in the same area. i believed the condition has returned in a milder state.
I am not sure if this is related but my itch has been more constant than ever before. I am also noticing a little blood when i wipe and certainly an ever-present itch.

Today i took a shower with my girlfriend and while i was scrubbing i noticed a persistent foul odor that would not recede. she noticed it as well and had to leave the shower. The smell was bad but not exactly a fecal smell. Anything i touched to this area, whether it was my hand or towel picked up this horrible odor. The confusing part is that my anus was clean. is this sulfur or something? do i have a hemmerhoid? fissure? fungus? if anyone can help i would appreciate it greatly.


louchomarx last decade
I believe that you have a Pilonidal cyst.

The treatment is to drain the cyst with Silicea 6x dose 2 tablets 3 times daily and Arnica 30c to help cure the wound. This is best taken in the wet dose twice daily.

Please report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Just curious...how do you heal a fistula when everytime you have a bowel movement the stool re-infects the tract?

Even antibiotics won't heal a fistula because they cant get into the tract.

You show me how to heal this fistula and this diverticulitis (without surgery) and you have an all expense cruise paid on me.
Baddbutt last decade
Please read the many cases on this thread of patients who have been helped and some cured.

The antibiotic ointment is inserted directly into the anus on a gloved finger and this is the only way of keeping the bacterial population as low as possible.

The Arnica and the Silicea help to reduce and drain the lesion respectively.

You make mention about 'his fistula and this diverticulitis' but I remember prescribing for a Pilonidal Cyst on another thread. Please confirm.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry about the confusion. Someone else must be talking about the cyst.

My concern is a fistula and diverticulitis.

Inserting a finger into a sore butt daily would be too painfull. Are there supositories for this?

But i am intersted in actually healing my fistula and keeping my diverticulitis at bay. I do not want ot ahve my fistula cut. To many problems can come from this.
Baddbutt last decade

My story is found on pages 10-13 of this thread. The high-lights? Im 27, chron's disease, had a fistula, had surgery, then found this site:

Followed the protocal, was in severe pain from the surgery, G R A D U A L L Y started healing. Im now 2 months out from my surgery (and I only continue now with arnica) and I'm doing great. I had one relapse after surgery where it got infected, but was curbed with an antibiotic that my MD prescribed.

I saw my MD for a follow up about 2 days ago and things are 'healing great' as far as he's concerned. The 'hard bump' that remains is a lot of scar tissue from within the wound and should vanish over time. It still drains occasionally from the inside, but that is the by product of the healing he says. He also indicated that I'm about 3 months or so away from all of this being a memory. I hoe this is useful for some of you.

fistula last decade

Hi Joe, I noticed someone had constipation noted with Nat Phos 6x. Remember I reported stool HARDENING with it? I wonder if in some cases there is an opposite drug action for some reason; but I have no idea what or why that would be. . .
fistula last decade
To Badbutt

I presume that you have been diagnosed for your Diverticulitis. I would request you to visit the link below and confirm that you are in fact suffering from this ailment.


If you are serious about curing your fistula in common with others whom I have helped like Fistula who has also posted a success story above you will have to get over your reluctance to stick your finger you know where as this is an integral and essential part of the therapy which is necessary to keep the bacterial count low.

As for your Diverticulitis, I regret that I am not able to help you as I have not studied it and have no experience in doing so. Perhaps other homeopaths who have the experience will help you.

Please follow the detailed instructions on the therapy that I have pioneered for Fistula, Abscess and Fissures which is roughly the same for all three.

Please note that unless you will do the Antibiotic therapy, you cannot overcome and cure your fistula.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Fistula

Glad to note that you are slowly healing and hopefully will be cured in a few weeks. I do realize that this curative process is slow and messy but it is a small price to pay to avoid having your anus sewn up and a colostomy bag provided by the benign surgeon who has only been trained to wield the knife. A pity that he cannot himself be given a dose of his own medicine.

Your hard bump will reduce with the Arnica 30 therapy that you may have to take for the rest of your life but in just one dose after all is well.

I do doubt that anyone can possibly constipate with Nat Phos 6x but I suppose I should by now be used to miracles happening even in reverse !

I presume that you are taking the Nat Phos in a reduced dosage daily. The advantage in using it is that it keeps the acidity level low in your gut thereby helping in the curative process. You will not require it after you are cured.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe, and yes, it is half the dose of natphos. Best - Elias
fistula last decade
hi all, its me, noproblemo!

so I said I would come back and write if my recovery changed after my surgery for my anal fistula.

Its been 3.5 months, everything was going ok. but all of a sudden, I think due to stress and running around, I had a cute little relapse of an abcess that drained itself overnight.

I had my doctor check and he said the healing isnt done 100%, there's a small part left which might have healed over (he couldnt see anything then cause I guess it had broken again).

So now Im back on the track again. Im going to stay away from running around (not to be confused with working out) and stress, and spicy foods.

but there's no drainage except for the same 1 drop a day.


noproblemo last decade
You have been in my thoughts and presumed that no news was good news.

Your report is not unusual as a fistula is at the best difficult to heal and we have managed yours nicely up to now. The good news is that you do not require another surgical adventure as I believe you have had more than your fair share.

You may go back to the original therapy including sticking your finger with the antibiotic ointment into you know where. Back again to the Silicea to help with the draining and you are I presume on the Arnica daily irrespective.

Did I mention that Alcohol is also taboo ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi joe,

I am following your recommended therapy.
Can I use Lycopodium or sulphur instead of Nat Phos. As I have feeling of unfinished stool and burning sensation for some time after passing the stool.
Further after having lunch feeling of flautlence, heaviness and gasses start passes frequently through downwards.
By the way Phosphorus is also matches with my symptoms.
Appreciate your advise.
iffi123 last decade
Do I understand that you also suffer from the ailments on this thread, Fistula, Fissure or Abscess ?

I have always used the Nat Phos 6x to stabilize the digestive system but I have no objection to your using the remedies that you have listed and hope that you will report your response a few days after.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

It's me Trish S> i wrote the other day saying i had no more seepage and it seemed like my fistula was healed at both ends... even tho i felt the thick lump under the skin.

well, i spoke too soon. with just a few days of no oozing it didn't last. i again have the abscess cavity filling with fluid and leaking. it's not as much as before but it is again sensitive to touch. (it was feeling almost normal except the thickness under the skin for a few days)

should i go back on the silicea?

also, do you have any luck with poison ivy or contact dermitis from plants? i have developed some rashes it seemeed like spots of poison ivy at first.(lines of rashes) now it's more like clusters of red.. with itching.

thanks for all your guidance.
trishs last decade
To Trish

Your observation of the fluid filled sac which you could feel and which I suggested be milked is now discharging and the Silicea will help it to do so fast.

Stay with the original therapy as it is the combined action of all the remedies that will help in your cure.

For your dermatitis, I believe Bell 30c will help. Dose 3 times daily in the wet dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

May I know how long it will take to cure completely?

akashsankar last decade

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