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Hi Nawaz...

Sorry to be a pest, but I'm not sure if you are interested in answering my question on the aloe socotrina and how it is administered with two sips of water. I've never heard of that before and want to take it the correct way. I'm hoping I receive my order today and can start taking it.

I hope I haven't offended you in any way that you haven't responded to me. It is not my intention to be offensive or rude and if I have, I am sorry.

Overalready last decade
Dear Overalready,

Your correct remedy aloe socotrina, in my opinion, is almost one month late, you may see my previous posts. This is badly needed for your hemorrhoids and other digestive issues. Anyway, all we can do is try, due to Christmas, it has been delayed more.

Regarding your hemorrhoids, Retracting back into the anus, Is it a new symptom? Please describe in detail 'a tiny little pea inside that moves'? This is very important to move forward and to correct the problem in a timely manner.

Is there any pain in the anal area, if yes, then, please give details about the type and amount of pain?

Is there any bleeding, if yes, please tell me about the color and how many drops?

Is there any discharge like pus, if any, then, what is the color of the discharge and quantity?

What is current situation with your black flecks?

Your hemorrhoids, as I have indicated before, not addressed on time will lead to many other issues that will get out of hand. But, unfortunately, you have been taking it very lightly.

Please don't worry, just take the steps required to correct several problems by following sincere directions.

I really do not recommend any external creams except homoeopathic Calendula Q, 10 drops into half glass of warm water for washing and cleaning the anal area after each BM. This is for external use only that helps healing and controls infection.

All other external use creams being used by many in anal fistula/hemorrhoids, in my opinion, cause more damage to the tissues in that area and interfere with the internal workings of the homoeopathic remedies.

Regarding Aloe Soc., I suggested in the liquid dilution form instead of pills. Therefore, to prepare one dose, you will have to put 2 sips of water into a cup or glass, then, pour from the remedy bottle 4 drops, stir it nicely with spoon and drink it!

I hope and pray that your order comes soon. Please never hesitate to ask any Q's.

Many many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz

Just read your post. I initially did not order the aloe socotrina because I didn't know if the remedies could be taken at the same time. When I found out that I could take them I visited several health food stores nearby to see if they had this item. Unfortunately, they did not. I live in the States and this is not something that most health food stores carry. Again, with the Holidays appproaching, I was unlucky with getting my parcel delivered. Fingers crossed, I will get it today.

What I mean by the hemorrhoids retracting into the anus is....I believe I have a grade 2 internal hemorrhoids from looking at them. Normally, I don't have any visible lumps of skin when I look with a mirror or feel around in that region. After a BM on occasion and most recently, all around the anal opening I have the 'grape looking' hemorrhoids. I always carefully clean myself after BM and use water or witch hazel liquid to remove any fecal matter. As for the pea inside the hemorrhoid that I feel. Currently, my hems are inflamed and I have a new pearly purple bump that when I press it back inside the rectum, it feels like a small cyst or pea is inside it. I know I aggravated it and it's now inflamed and irritated. I asked a friend of mine who has had extensive hem surgery 10 yrs. ago if she ever had a hem like that and she said she has had many of them. To leave it alone. She vows she will never have surgery on them again due to all the pain. BTW.....she has them developing again and said she's just leaving them alone! She has a great deal of problems with constipation and has problems emptying her bowels.

As for pain, I don't have real pain. Just a slight annoyance. I irritated it yesterday inspecting it. I do not have bleeding. It just feels ever so slightly sore. A cm away from the irritation, the skin is slightly pink/red but has no hemorrhoids.

I do not have any discharge at all. The only thing that I notice is that when my hemorrhoids are slightly enlarged, stool will appear on the folds of the hems even after I have immaculately cleaned myself.

As for the black flecks, I haven't really noticed any, knock on wood. I did have a few specks the other day but realized it was from a poppy seed roll that I had eaten. It was not the usual black fleck issue.

I have always had these nasty hems for as long as I can remember. They got real bad with the birth of my son because of being in labor for 12 hours and nearly 3 hrs. of pushing. I think this is where all my problems came from. He was a huge baby and I am a small framed girl. Both my parents also suffer from this problem too.

I do not take this situation too lightly. I am a health freak and take great care of myself. I am 44 and look atleast 10 yrs. younger and am trim and in good shape. It was solely due to ignorance that I did not order the remedy earlier. I did not realize it was such a hard thing to get.

I will now abstain from using any over the counter ointments/medications. I do not want to further aggravate my condition. I will purchase the Calendul Q ASAP. Hopefully, my health food store will have on it's shelves.

The Aloe Soc. I ordered, I'm not sure if it is in the dilution or the pills. I will let you know what arrives.

Thanks again for your patience. If there is anything else you need to know, just ask and I'll provide the information.
Overalready last decade
Hey Amit,

'Will Graphite 200C pillules work or I will need to order liquid dilution ?'

If you have in pills, then, please take 4 pills under your tongue? If not, then, please order in the liquid form?

'Till the time I get Graphite 200C, should I continue with Hydratis Q drops ?'

Yes, please.
nawazkhan last decade
It's me again....

Just looked at an email from the company I ordered the Aloe from. I ordered thru smallflower.com.

Aloe Socotrina 200C by BOIRON
75 pellets.

so there's the answer. I'm receiving pellets. Should I place the pellets in the water to let it dissolve and them drink the solution or place the pellets under my tongue and drink a few sips of water?

Sorry to be a nuisance. Thanks.
Overalready last decade
Dear Overalready,

Please put 4 pellets into half glass of water, stir it nicely with spoon, then, take 1 spoon full and drink it. Throw the rest in sink.

The above is one dose.

Please confirm that you do not have any itching or burning in the anal area right now or after BM?

Please you may write me any time and ask any Q's without any hesitation. I am in Atlanta, Georgia eastern time!

With more prayers.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz...

Thank you for the dosage information.

Currently I do not have any burning. What it sort of feels like is if you are constipated and have a BM and have an ever so slightly irritation in that area from forcing yourself to go to the bathroom. Sort of like what a fissure feels like, but it's not a fissure...it's where the internal hem is located. I am so annoyed at myself now for bothering with it. As of right now, I have not had a BM yet today so I don't know if it will burn when I use the bathroom. Normally, I do not have any burning or irritation when having a BM.

Thanks for answering my questions. I'm located in NY so I'm also on eastern time. BTW.....it's freezing up here! Send me some warm air!!!
Overalready last decade
Thanks for the addl. info. Overalready,

It is really nice and sunny with a little cold wind over here.

Please stay warm!

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz

Finally received my order. I'm so happy. I'm taking the first dose tonight. Hoping I'll be on the road to recovery soon.

Had a BM earlier and thankfully I had no pain or discharge. BM was normal color and TP did not have any flecks on it. Feel ever so slightly sore from probing them yesterday. Otherwise, I feel fine....knock on wood.

I'll let you know how I am doing in a few days. How long should I take the aloe socotrina for?

Thanks again. You are a very kind and compassionate individual.
Overalready last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Here is the update for today :

- No itching at all through out the day.

- A drop of PUS drained in the morning after BM when I pressed the side as there was slight itching.

- Looks like something was drained as I could notice some stain in the underwear.

- But no itching no pain the whole day today as of now.

- Passed some little more gas downwards than usual today.

- Took only Sulhpur 200C last night.

- Took Hypericum 200C in the afternoon.

- Mind was light and relaxed throughout the day today.

No other medicine today.

Please let me know how to proceed further and also any other symptoms that I might have missed.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hello Overalready,

I am happy for you.

Also, please take one dose in the morning and one dose before going to bed tomorrow at least 45 minutes after dinner.

Tonight, take a dose before going to bed at least 45 minutes after dinner.

Good Luck.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Raj,

Thanks for the good report!

Very Important, please describe the following.

'- A drop of PUS drained in the morning after BM when I pressed the side as there was slight itching.'

What was the exact color of the pus and thickness?

'- Looks like something was drained as I could notice some stain in the underwear.'

Please describe the stain, color, any blood in the stain etc.?

When are you receiving the remedies?

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

Thanks for the response. Please find answers below for your queries:

1. The pus drained in the morning was slight brown and little thick.

2. I noticed some yellow color stain and also some bloody stain.

As per the shipper, I should receive by Wednesday.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hey Raj,

I hope and pray that you get your order on Wednesday! Because, we need theses remedies badly at this stage.

However, let's take a dose of Thuja 200C tonight before you go to sleep, but, after 45 minutes of dinner.

Tomorrow, depending upon the pain, you may take Hypericum 200C, as needed.

A bundle of sincere prayers for your happiness.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Thanks for the message. Even I need those remedies badly and hoping to get it. If not, I will not worry about duplicate and I shall order the same set of medicines again from some other place and get it.

I shall update you tomorrow evening with my status.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hi Nawaz

I tried looking for Graphite 200C at local store but could only find Graphite 30C pellets.

Will Graphite 30C pellets work ?

Please let me know.

Thanks !
AbFisRidden last decade
Hi AbFisRidden,

Let's take 3 doses of Graphites 30C with a gap of 30 minutes tonight before going to sleep.

One dose is 4 pellets in a half glass of water, stir it with spoon nicely, then, take a spoon full from the glass.

Then, after 30 minutes, take another spoon full from the same glass.

Do the same thing for 3rd dose.

Good Luck.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz, I will purchase Graphite 30C pallets tomorrow from the local store.

And as per your previous instructions, I will take Hydratis Q drop day after tomorrow.

Is there any other medicine I should be looking out for ?

Thanks for all your help.

Regards !
AbFisRidden last decade
Dear Nawaz ,

Thanks a lot . I am already start taking below medicine .

Aloe Socotrina 30C, 4 drops in 2 sips of water, 3 times a day, for 1 week
Hypericum 200C, 4 pellets under your tongue, two times daily, for 3 days
Berberis Vul.Q, , 5 - 10 drops 3 times for one weeks .

Today morning after BM pain start in left side of anal and pus discharged .I feel reforming pus and storing in slight top left side of anal .

If i press slight top left side of anal pus discharge . Pus color yellow and thick .

sanjeebmallick last decade
Dear Nawaz ,

Just update Today morning after BM pain start in left side of anal and pus discharged .I feel reforming pus and storing in slight top left side of anal .

I got fever in afternoon .

If i press slight top left side of anal pus discharge . Pus color yellow and thick .

sanjeebmallick last decade
Hi Nawaz,

I have taken another dose of Patience as you requested!

I saw an osteopath last night who manipulates and realigns the skeletal structure with light mnassage beforehand. He did lots of massage on my heel and leg etc which did help and told me to ice the foot regularly and do some gentl calf stretches - as the achilles tendon is also a bit inflamed. The pain I get is in the heel - at the side of the ankle - it moves around a bit when I walk. I have not pain on resting only slight tenderness if I rest the heel directly on the ground. It feels sore to touch either side of the ankle - where the inflammation is. I will continue the ruta grav 30c three times a day for a few more days. It is getting better (I hope!) but slowly. It is awkward to walk as I cannot put too much weight on the foot without getting a twinge of pain (stabbing pain) on the underside of the heel or at the very back of the heel or sometimes to either side of the heel.

Hopefully the pain will diminish soon so I can start with the sulphur and thuja remedies.
Many thanks!
chispas last decade
Good Morning Nawaz and I mean 'Good'

Took my aloe socotrina last night before bed and felt the immediate effects this morning. The slight discomfort that I had from toying with the hems are completely gone. The skin is a normal color and the veins around the mounds of skin are now non-existent.

I did notice the following:

Had urge for BM upon awakening. Did not have loose stool but had to use bathroom. It did not hurt or produce any discomfort. On TP noticed a trace amount of pink blood. Maybe the size of a pencil eraser.

There were no black specks on TP.

A little while later, noticed two teeny flecks on hems. They were not black like they were before but more of a med/dk brown.

I have a question for you. I notice two small brroken blood vessels on roof of mouth yesterday brushing my teeth. Is it okay to gargle with warm salt water or will that antidote the aloe and ferrum phos?

Thanks again for your help!
Overalready last decade
Dear Sanjeebmallick,

How many days have passed taking these remedies?

I am really worried about your pain, how much pain relief is being given by Hypericum?

Is the pain from fistula or piles?

Let's add,
Silicea 12X, 4 pills under your tongue, 2 times a day, for 5 days.

Sanjeeb, please be brave, you will be OK with the blessings and mercies of our creator. I am really praying for you. You have indeed suffered a lot, but, please again, be patient.

Down the road, we will be needing the following remedies.

1. Merc. Sol. 200C
2. Sulphur 200C
3. Silicea 200C
4. Calendula Q 5. Calendula 30C, tablets
6. Ratanhia 30C
7. Natrum Sulp 6X
8. Hydrastis 200C
9. Pulsatilla 200C

Please never hesitate to ask any Q's.

Good Luck.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Nawaz ,

As per page 78 and 79 I have been taking still

calcarea sulph 12x
ledum palustre 30C

there was a slight improvements but now the pain is back. I dont bleed however the pus is coming out after BM not alot a little.

I also ordered

Sulphur 200C and Natrum Sulph 6X as you said.

Please let me know what else I have to do. Are there any diets you want to suggest?
fortjames last decade
Hi Chispas,

Again, I would like to pray for your speedy recovery from the heel and fistula ASAP!

At this time, you will have to stop Ruta as your symptoms indicate for Bryonia Alb. 200C, daily one dose at least for 3 days. This will reduce your pain that is increased by moving and it will help your mind to calm down without the recommended dose of patience.

Please take your time and get well soon!

We are still fighting with the Bad Guy, please update on your amount of pus, color, thickness, use of the needle and your energy level.

With more prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Hello Overalready,

Thanks for the preliminary good report! I am happy for you. Please take the other 2 doses today, then, let the remedy work.

Yes, you may gargle with a small amount of salt in a warm water, I don't see any problem there!

Again, please stay warm in New York as we love the great people of your city and pray for them all the time!

Please keep on posting your changing symptoms.

A bundle of more prayers for your good health and happiness.

nawazkhan last decade

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