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Dear Joe,

Could you please have a look at to my previous message? I hope you can give me an advice and therapy suggestion.
sziszi last decade
Dear Joe,

I read all the pages so I have some idea about your therapy. (The disease on the 24 page).

Silicea 6x 2 tabl/twice or three times daily
Nat Phos 6x 2 tabl/after meal
Antibiotic oinment

This is clear. But I found different methode for Arnica 30c.
1: wet dose twice daily
2: 2 tabl/ 3 times daily
Which is the stronger/better?


sziszi last decade
To Sziszi

Silicea 6x causes the lesion to drain the pus.
Nat Phos 6x keeps the stools soft and prevents any abrasion of the lesion by a hard stool.
Arnica 30c ensures that the lesion heals faster.
Antibiotic Ointment keeps the bacterial count in the anal passage as low as possible.

The above remedies have helped to cure the lesions of Fistula, Fissure and Abscess in the case of many patients who would otherwise been compelled to resort to never ending surgery.

Please clarify your question about 'stronger/better' and different methods for Arnica 30c.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe,

You suggest the wet dose, I found how to make it. But I saw another suggestion, not making the wet dose, just simply take the arnica globules 3 times daily as the others.
What is the better way to take the arnica?

sziszi last decade
The wet dose has been proved to be far superior to the dry pellets.

Please visit

Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again, I will read it
sziszi last decade
Hello All,

I have just started on homeopathy for chronic anal fissure.

It started sometime in February 2005. Usually the pain and discomfort go away in about two weeks, after applying glyceryl trinitrate 0.2%. The fissure then returns every three to four months.

But this last fissure is different as in I have not recovered fully since mid-August 2006. It was after an overseas business trip.

To be sure, I am feeling much better now. However there is still some pain when I pass motion.

With regards to the pain, the discomfort is more when I contract or squeeze my muscle after stool has passed.

I recently approached a homeopathy doctor and he prescribed Ratania 30. Has anyone tried this medicine for fissure?

By the way, how long should it be before I feel an improvement of my condition?

Thank you!
tbird last decade
Dear tbird,

Just wanted to tell you that even my fistula had developed after an overseas trip approx. 4 years ago. I think one of the possible causes of fistula is sitting continuously for long hours, like in a flight or in front of a computer.

But it is really surprising that medical science has made so much advancement in every disease except this one. I am really bewildered as to why there is no 100%permanent cure of this disease discovered yet. I think this is a very common disease in people over 30 and more research work should have been done to find a cure for it.

I only hope that Joe's therapy works to cure this disease permanently.

Megastar last decade
To Tbird and Megastar,

I presume that you have both read at least some of the more interesting posts on this thread on how the therapy that I have indicated has helped many.

I believe that etiology of these anal ailments starts with a hard stool which abraids the anal tissue and starts an infection which is promoted by the bacteria present in a BM. It is important at the early stage to use the therapy that I have indicated many times on this thread to ensure that the infection is contained and thereby the lesion is quickly cured.

There are also other reasons for anal problems like Haemorrhoids which can turn into a Fistula and also hyperacidity in the gut which can also cause a blister or lesion to form in the region.

The combination therapy using Homeopathic remedies and also the Antibiotic Ointment has helped many to overcome their problem and eventually cure it.

Please remember that the surgical approach has not worked as many patients whom I have helped will testify to this fact.

Please share your progress on this thread which I note is attracting many visitors as other homeopaths have not dared to prescribe the therapy that I have pioneered which has worked in many cases and should hopefully work for you as well.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Megastar,

Thank you for the sharing. Hope you are feeling better.

For me, being in east asia, I have access to and tried many various forms of treatment. Aside from western medicine, I have tried accupucture and TCM. I still take or undergo TCM treatment from time to time. I also am taking various vitamins and supplements. Now I am trying homeopathy.

This is a condition that alters one's lifestyle and is debilitating.


Apologies on pressing this point, but would you know after what period of time would one begin to experience a recovery after starting on homeopathy medication? In my case, it would be Ratanhia 30c.

I am just wondering what is the expected or accepted time for the medication to work. If there is no improvement after this said time, perhaps I should consult the homeopathy doctor again, which I am expected to.

Also, as I am on Ratanhia, is it alright for me to start on your recommendation?

Thank you again.
tbird last decade
I have not prescribed Ratanhia and cannot therefore answer your question.

You cannot use the therapy that I have recommended with other remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you, Joe.

Allow me to pose my query in another manner: When one is on homeopathy treatment, what is the allowable time to be on a course of treatment, and if there is no significant improvement to the condition, before a re-look at the treatment is required?

Thank you.
tbird last decade
Your question is a difficult one for me to answer as each remedy will help a particular ailment in a manner that is unique.

If you wish to inquire for how long my therapy will take to help the patient you can read the many posts on this thread which will give you the answer.

I believe that it would be safe to state that you should obtain some relief when using my therapy for about 2 weeks.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear tbird & Joe,

I am around 5 weeks into Joe's therapy and I have a good feeling about it. I think it might be working. My discomfort level has gone down with the drainage of the outer abcess. The inner opening of the fistula seems to have healed or is healing as there is no drainage of pus from the anus even when put pressure on the fistula area. The pus drains only from the OUTER abcess now.

I think the logic behind Joe's treatment is sound as he has provided 4 medications (arnica 30c, Silicea 6x, Nat phos and AB ointment) all of which have a specific part to play in the healing process.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am permanently cured....and so are all the others here.

Good luck and regards
Megastar last decade
Did you try with the antibiotic ointment alone?

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy

I do not think that the antibiotic ointment alone can help as it is the combination therapy that I have prescribed that has shown outstanding results and has prevented many patients from further repeat adventures with the knife.

I would appreciate if you will please not confuse my patients who as you can read on this thread which is now 25 pages long, have benefitted from my therapy which as you perhaps are aware was pioneered by me.

You can be pardoned if you classify this therapy as 'Joepathy'.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I appreciate your concern for the patients.

However,a willing patient may apply just the ointment and see the response.

If a few persons do this experiment,on their own,and post their results here, that will help our understanding about the medicines better.

I am yet to see a 'cure' reported on these threads.

Is life long palliation the goal?

May be if they follow the classical way, a cure is possible.

If someone is willing,I am willing to take up a case, the classical way,and see if a cure results.

Any takers may open a seperate thread.

gavinimurthy last decade
Izzac was the first patient on this thread..He just got palliated..still has the problem.

Chipper started the therapy and abandoned it with in a month,as his pulse went down to 49 after starting arnica..he is not tobe seen around..

and this is what Izzac said on 19/01/06

'I realised something. Whenever I thought I was ok, I stopped using Savlon cream, then it started draining again. Happened just yesterday. It could be the Savlon that is quite good in killing the ever-productive germs. Healing speeds up when there are not that many germs u see.'

Bethw has moved over to Fibrin Glue Therapy within 6 months..

Noproblemo found no relief and went for surgery...

Colocub opted for surgery after trying out this protocol..

Jonboy got fedup and said it makes no difference...

Fistula is taking only Arnica and stopped other medications...

martinp didn't get much relief and stopped posting...

buck99se recommends surgery..

summary wants to know when he will get cured...

Julianna is into it only for two months...

Vancouverguy switched over to nitric acid...

trishs fistula is surfacing again...

tumzin reports it is taking a long time to heal...

megastar is keeping his fingers crossed...

overanxious is going to see a classical homeopath...

Other posts are from those who just peep in and move on..

I read all the 25 pages patiently.

The above are the hard facts staring at you.

The data is from over an year.It is all there before your own eyes.

Decide yourself whether you want doubtful palliation or cure.

Choice is yours.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy

I note that you do have some vicarious delight in only recording the cases that have not been cured which you listed above. You do not however record those that were helped and many that were cured. It is unfortunate that when a patient is cured they do not confirm this fact but I have got used to this syndrome and I am sure that you too have had this experience.

If you are certain that my therapy has not helped anyone why don't you tell them all to go back to their surgeons to have their fistulas abscesses and fissures dealt with surgically again and again ?

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear joe

All those who were on your therapy for a considerable time are covered.

No one is left out.

No.Surgery is not the answer.

classical homeopathy..

similar remedy

single remedy

Minimum dose

Repeat only when required.

Chang the medicine if symptoms change.

is the answer.

No 'protocol' works for fistula.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

Quoting you: 'No.Surgery is not the answer.

classical homeopathy..

similar remedy

single remedy

Minimum dose

Repeat only when required.

Chang the medicine if symptoms change.

is the answer. ' Unquote

So, what is your remedy? Pls give your therapy in full detail. Is your therapy based on clasical homeopathy and are you a qualified homeopath?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but according to my understanding, both you and Joe are only trying to help all the fistula patients on this thread in your own different ways. Your goal is to cure us and not to get into a competition with each other......right?

Pls help.

Regards to both you and Joe
Megastar last decade
Every individual needs a different medicine ,even for the same problem like fistula.

The medicine suitable to him can be found out by a detailed case taking.

A competent classical homeopath can cure you permanently.

Joe's therapy can at best palliate, that too because of the AB ointment. It can't cure.

For a cure, consult a competent classical homeopath nearer to you.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe and friends,

I started with Joe's recommendation for my abscess around Oct 2005---combination of Arnica, silica, fibre capsules, zinc(occasinally), vitamin C, savlon antiseptic cream, siz bath and a strict diet. Condition improved but swelling/little bleeding kept returning.

I dropped savlon and used a prescribed antibiotic ointment in July/Aug 2006,, plus a new stategy-- bending my body to lessen stool's pressure on the affected site. Now, 3 months after the change,, have not seen the condition returning. I would not declare that 'I am cured' ,,, I prefer to observe a little while more.

You cannot leave out any of Joe's recommended components.
izaac last decade
Just to clarify:

the 'bending body' part-- is while toileting. You have to find your 'right position' as everybody's abscess' location is different.
izaac last decade
To Izaac

I have often been wondering how you were faring and I am glad that you posted your experience over the past year with the therapy that I prescribed for your Fistula and Abscess.

I hope that your post will catch the eye of the new self appointed policeman on this forum who is convinced that all the dedicated care and advice that I have extended to all on this and other threads on the ABC has been a lot of hogwash which according to him, can all be replaced by only the Antibiotic ointment that I prescribed as he has stated in a post above. He fails to understand that it is through a process of experimentation with various remedies that I know would have a specific effect, that I have worked out a routine that you and other patients have benefitted from in the treatment of their anal problems. I believe that they are all essential as each plays a specific part in the cure, and this includes the Antibiotic Ointment, to ensure a successful conclusion of the therapy which should hopefully cure the patient.

It must be remembered that many patients have had many prior surgical adventures which go on and on and which in one case ended up in a colostomy bag, that they finally realize that my Joepathy does in fact help them. They then sometimes decide to post the improvement or the cure of their condition and appreciate my efforts in helping them.

This policeman has often sought to enforce his advice which is more in the nature of an order down the throats of patients whom I have been treating on this and other threads and his order has invariably been to seek advice from a classical homeopath who would obviously not have a clue to the therapy I have pioneered which has been proved to help patients like you who have used it for some time.

It is of some academic interest that this same policeman does not condescend to directly prescribe a remedy for the ailment but does delight in causing unnecessary consternation and ill will on this forum. He stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that my therapy has been instrumental in keeping the patient from further surgical adventures which fact alone should be ample evidence to prevent him from interfering in my posts which he obviously resents and may be prompted by jealousy at the rate of successful cures that follow my Joepathy which perhaps he has not been able to emulate with his hyper classical interpretation of homeopathy.

I am glad that you are progressing well with my Joepathy therapy and I would appreciate if you will please post news of your condition from time to time as you have done today after some months.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi all,
I am still here. Just reading and watching. The previous post was such that I had to respond (thanks for the mention!).
I still have the fistula, however, there is a remarkable improvement in its condition compared to just 6 months ago. The severity of the 'flare-ups' are diminuishing and although its still there, it is manageable in my every day life. In fact, most of the time I dont even know its there! Only during a 'flare-up', there is a little drainage but no pain, just a feeling of pressure around the area.

I have been seeing a classical Homeopath for six months around the time I was looking at this thread. She agrees in part, with Joes regime described earlier in this thread (combination arnica and Silica homeopathic remedies) however, each individual is different and so each persons regime is individually tailored to suit their needs. I am on a whole hosts of other herbal remedies to supplement my condition and a reduction in food which exacerbates my condition (IBS). My regime caters for the whole indiviual rather than actual fistula. But in the end the goal is the same, to cure the fistula.
For me personally, Joes regime was the start of a long road to recovery. I dont expect it to be 'cured' overnight, but my quality of life has significantly improved since I have sought a homeopathic solution rather than classical medicines and surgery. There may not have been many posts on this thread from people saying that they have been completely cured, but I dont think there has been many posts saying that it has got worse either. In any case this thread is an outlet for people to share their experiences and that makes a difference.

I think the most important thing, is that Joe has highlighted that there is an alternative which should be at least tried first before seeking other methods.

Best regards
martinp last decade

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