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Joe, is it ok to use Perrier water to make the wet dose? It's naturally carbonated mineral water and bubbles nicely when shaken.
helpthisguy last decade
Perrier cannot be used as it is highly carbonated naturally and bubbles when opened. The 3 drops of Arnica will be instantly antidoted by Perrier.

Spring water from a deep bore well is best.
Joe De Livera last decade
One other question. When you refer to Arnica in Ethanol base, I assume you mean Alcohol? I'm from the United States. I do see it in available in an alcohol base
helpthisguy last decade
I believe that remedies sold in the US are also labeled as 'Liquid Dilutions'

Look for the 87% Alcohol as this is superior to the 20% which is cheaper.

All you need is just 3 drops of the remedy in 400ml spring water.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, sorry but I have a few things I wanted to ask.

1) I have started the treatment over the weekend. I bought the Arnica in pellet form to get this started, liquid isn't avail by retail in the States. This is until I can order the liquid online. When I get the liquid, can I add the 3 drops to the existing bottle of the 3 pellets, or start a new bottle?

2) The area doesn't willfully drain on it's own, it has to be forced by putting pressure on the area.The mass is semi hard and builds up pressure. There is a tiny hole, about the size of a tip of a pencil that I can get pussy blood to drain. Should I take anything to open up more?

3) I've read coffee will counteract the effects, but also read on these forums, that one Dr was taking mild coffee and didn't think it was doing anything adversely. So can I still drink coffee or maybe caffeinated tea?

Thanks again for your help.
helpthisguy last decade
1 You can start the therapy using the pellets but I would not advise you to put the 3 drops into it when you get the Ethanol product. It is cheap enough to use a new bottle to risk it not working.

2 The massage I have detailed with the Antibiotic Ointment will ensure that the pus is drained out.

3 I must admit to some surprise about your wish to drink coffee which is accepted as antidoting homeopathic remedies. You will have to make up your mind which is more precious. Coffee or the eventual cure of your ailment for which there is no surgical cure.

It is just fortunate that I have refined a protocol to cure it even though I have never suffered from this problem. I have only used my sense of experimentation which has yielded some positive results as you can read on this thread.

Please note that it is not only caffein that will antidote a remedy. Preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon and all canned beverages like coke will also do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
I only asked about the coffee because I read 2 different things about it's effects. No worries, though since I have quit smoking as of 2 weeks ago, now have added caffeine as of this week.

I am using the antibiotic, but I didn't know it was a massage, as you stated. I thought it was just to insert.

Can I eat any meat at all, not preserved of course, but steak and fresh deli meats cut at the deli counter?
helpthisguy last decade
Many patients have reported that red meat tends to exacerbate their Fistula for some reason I do not understand.

Suggest you avoid meat but feel free to eat other meats like chicken, fish etc.

Remember to drink at least 3 ltrs of water daily.

Exercise is also essential.
Joe De Livera last decade
OK Joe, I have been following the regiment and have started the wet dose of Arnica through pellets, my 87% ethanol liquid should be here tomorrow.

As I take these remedies, is it ok to take the doses back to back? For instance, as I get up in the morning, I'll take the Arnica, followed by the 2 tablets of Silica, then before I walk out the door dissolve the Ferr phos. All these are taken within a half hour.

Should these be split into different intervals?

Should I not take them after brushing my teeth?
helpthisguy last decade
It is best to leave about an hour between each remedy. Start with the Arnica even before brushing your teeth after washing your mouth for best effect.
Joe De Livera last decade
respected joe,
as you come every day in that post so i come here for a request to see http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/233103/

(from prakash roy)

when you will be free .

prakash roy
prakash_roy last decade
hi every one
red meat for sure hits the fistula, its my personal observation that when ever i take a very small piece of the meat the blood comes out and the swelling is there
goodgini last decade
I am glad to note that you are sharing your observations on the problems that are caused by eating red meat on a Fistula.

This has been reported to me by many patients and I really cannot understand the reason why this is so.

The obvious answer is of course NOT to eat Beef which is the meat that has the worst effect on a Fistula.

Patients have confirmed however that they can eat Chicken and Fish without any problems.
Joe De Livera last decade
for me it started very differently, around 2 and half years back suddenly the mucus of my toungue started to go aways leaving the red skin which used to make me dont eat as it directly hit it, further i had wounds in my mouth and on the tip of my pinus. i went to the doctor and they couldnt understand it, after an year suddenly the tongue and pinus started improving but the pain in rectum started, and since one cannot see below by himself i thought it is just because of constipation.
around six months ago the pain had increased many times and i went to my surgeon and upon inspection he said it is fischer and fistula and gave me Oflaxen as antibyotic. and asked me to get it operated. the news about aoperation was that post operation one has to take care of many things and its not the life as usual, so i refrained from it till now. i am taking medicine from a homeo doctor, who makes it for me so cant tell which medicine he is using but beside his own he has asked me to take salicia 6x one tablete 4 times a day and calcaria sulph 6x one tablete 4 times a day and take 10 drops of berbris q 3 times in half cup of water
the pain is a little less but the pussy discharge is not going away. by the way the opening of fistula is within the anus whole at the lower end. interestingly he upon his notes taking from me also pointed out that it may be due to the injuries to my testicles during ball hits in cricket matches
take care
goodgini last decade
I shall copy below my therapy protocol for your Fistula or Fissure which has worked and healed many patients as you can read on the 50 pages of this Thread.

Please follow the instructions precisely and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I shall note the Remedies prescribed below:

Silicea 6x Dose 2 tablets taken twice daily to expel the pus from the lesion.
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose a capful of the bottle taken thrice daily to increase the flow of blood which in turn will help to rebuild the tissue.
Nat Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets taken twice daily after meals to soften the stools.
Ferr Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets taken twice daily to improve the quality of the blood to help heal the lesion.
Antibiotic Ointment like Polyfax or equivalent which is used internally on the tip of a gloved finger inserted into the anus after every bowel movement to keep the bacterial count as low as possible in the lesion.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
If this is not available the Dry dose in pellets may be use but this is not as effective as the remedy in the original Ethanol pack which can be ordered from the ABC.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is taken as directed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Good Day Joe.

After a week I was asked to report back.

I started the wet dose of the Arnica pellets and all the other remedies on 7/17/10. ( As of yesterday my Arnica 87% Ethanol arrived in the mail) The tiny opening was draining only when I applied pressure to it, and it was pus followed by pussy blood.

As of 2 days ago, the tiny opening of which it was draining, closed up ( the hole had reduced to the size of a hair follicle ) Nothing has been able to drain but the lump under the skin is still there, but smaller. I still have a whitehead that is 3cm-4cm. My girlfriend used a sterile needle and poked the whitehead and thick green pus drained, followed by red and pink blood. As soon as I was able to squeeze the pus out, the actual lump went down half the size but the pin hole closed up. Sitz baths are not opening it up again, and the whitehead is still there.

I am getting a little confused. In the last few posts on page 1 of this thread, sajjadakram635 told a patient to take one remedy at a time, but I understand I am to take all the remedies prescribed, one hour apart from each other.

Should I be taking only the silica for a while as the pus is trapped under the skin?

Should I be taking Myristica?

Thank you for all the help. I feel this treatment will heal me, I am just worried that it will heal and have pus buried under the skin. My other option is to convince the Colon-rectal surgeon to lance it and put a drain, but that may be difficult to do
helpthisguy last decade
I hope you will appreciate that the cure of a Fistula takes more than just 6 days.

You will have to be patient as the only other alternative would be surgery which is far worse as it is usually never ending when one surgical experiment invariably leads to another and another with disastrous results for the patient.

Your fear that 'I am just worried that it will heal and have pus buried under the skin.' is unfounded. The Silicea will expel the pus and the Arnica will fill up the damaged tissue with new fresh tissue which is the secret of my success with my Joepathy which I have used to cure Fistula, Fissure and Abscess as you can read on this over 50 pages of this thread.

You have not confirmed that you are doing the internal massage with an Antibiotic ointment and I hope that you are doing so as otherwise you cannot be cured.

Please follow the protocol that I have prescribed precisely and report your response weekly.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have been doing the Antibiotic cream. I have been inserting it, and lightly moving the finger to stimulate inside.

I am not hoping to be cured in 6 days, just that it isn't draining on it's own and there is pus/fluid build up in the channels under the skin. I read that Silica will expel the pus but it isn't actually expelling, it's sitting under the skin in a big knot. My girlfriend had to coax it by inserting a sewing needle in the whitehead and pus ran out.The whitehead is alongside the anus, and was bluish in color when it was filled. After pricking it with a pin, the swelling went down, and is of normal color, but it fills again and doesn't drain now.

So it's ok if it isn't physically draining or expelling?

Thanks in advance.
helpthisguy last decade
To Helpthisguy......I was also a fellow fistula sufferer and am pleased to announce that by following Mr. DeLivera's protocol, I am no longer suffering with this ailment any longer. A fistula is something that your body needs time with healing the internal infection. I have done research on the cell salt silicea and believe that it is a slow, deep acting and also long lasting cell salt. I personally believe you need to give it a little time to work. Once you see it is working, I would stop taking it and continue using the other remedies that were prescribed by Mr. DeLivera. From being a fellow sufferer, I noticed a few things on how to also heal the abcess/fistula that you are currently dealing with. 1). I believe weight causes a lot of anal problems. Once I lost 10 lbs and went back to my old weight, a lot of my problems went away including my hemorrhoids. Also, witch hazel in it's liquid astringent form worked miracles for me. Take a cotton ball and soak it and place on abcess area where you have the pinhole of puss. Don't squeeze it, you will only irritate and inflame the tissue. I had the same problem as you with the blue/purplish skin discoloration under the abcess. By frequently soaking this area it dried it up. You will be interested to know that women that are given episiotomies after having a baby are told to wear Tucks pads that are to heal their wound and prevent it from getting infected. 3) try to stay regular and after a BM make sure you are immaculately clean. 4) refrain from alcohol and coffee. I hope you'll be feeling better soon. I'm sure if you follow all the recommendations above, you'll be as lucky as me and will be totally healed. I developed my fistula in Dec 09 and I was 100% healed by Apr '10. Best of luck to you and don't despair and get anxious. This protocol takes time and patience. Feel better and have a good weekend!
Overalready last decade
To Helpthisguy

I believe that there is a pocket of pus just inside your anus which is not draining. You state:
'I have been doing the Antibiotic cream. I have been inserting it, and lightly moving the finger to stimulate inside. '

You may have to exert some more pressure inside to tease the pus out as pus usually comprises dead bacteria which they body is expelling with the serum. A patient on this thread has used a tennis ball on which he would sit after the internal massage and this would bring out a lot of pus with blood. You can try it gingerly and observe results.

The advice you have been given by Overalready is very valuable as it comes from a fellow sufferer.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Overalready.

Your advice is very valuable and I thank you for recording your own progress towards a cure.

It is this type of personal record of your own progress that is valuable as the patients can see for themselves that my Joepathy which has often been censured by some in the past has invariably helped the patient.

I have not suffered from any anal problems throughout my long life of 81 years and it is just the satisfaction that I get from helping anyone in distress that impels me to work out new methods of dealing with problems like that reported by our patient.

I am glad that you stressed the cleanliness factor after a bowel motion and I would advice the use of a water spray to clean up instead of the standard toilet paper which does not really clean the output from the bowels which is laced with choice bacteria which can prolong the infection.

I would recommend that you and everyone who reads this thread will take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose at least once daily irrespective of whether or not they have any ailment which will warrant it.

Thank you again for your advice.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Overalready

The kind words and support from a total stranger is up lfting, Thank you.

Since suffering with this since 2000 of and on, I've become obsessed with getting the pus out. The abscesses would get so bad I would run 102 degree fevers 24hrs, and have a lump that would distort my buttocks, literally moaning in pain while I lay still for days. When it would burst, huge blood clots would emerge and the most rancid pus and blood would spill out. I get to a point of not wanting to relive those events, soooo, I constantly squeeze when I feel it building up and it won't drain.

My fear is that if I do not keep the hole opened, it will back up into my system.

I do massage the area,I practiced this same method years ago, advice given from my surgeon to flow the pus towards the opening. So far only applying pressure on the outside works.It simply will not drain unless I periodically sit on the toilet and apply pressure around the whitehead and pus comes out.

I too have had to use the tennis ball trick when I had a fistula back in 2000. I had multiple tracks that were not draining, and sitting on a tennis ball in a certain way and relaxing the buttock muscles would do the trick.

Trust me... I believe this will help me, and I am following everything to 'T'. I get concerned when I can't get pus to drain to relieve the pressure and pain.
helpthisguy last decade
Hi Mr. DeLivera.....I am ever so grateful for you and your homeopathic remedies. I am STILL fistula/abcess free for a few months now and feel great and have no evidence of ever having a problem. Thanks again for your advice and regimen that you prescribed for my nasty problem. I feel if I hadn't sought the route of homeopathy, I surely would have been under the knife of a surgeon. It pains me to see people suffer with the effects of a fistula. I unfortunately know how not only physically it takes a toll on your body, but also mentally. Thanks again and God Bless.
Overalready last decade
To Helpthisguy.....thank you for your kind response. I am more than confident that you are on the road to a speedy recovery. Mr. DeLivera's protocol is the best and if you follow it exactly as he has stated, you will feel better in no time. Try also the witch hazel...that really worked for me. It dried the lesion up and disinfected it. When my abcess would fill up, the area underneath would turn a blue/purple hue and that would be a signal that it was going to burst. Puss and a watery/bloody discharge would follow. The witch hazel stopped the abcess from forming. I was very diligent attending to the abcess several times during the day. From your previous post, it sounds like this happens to you every so often so undoubtedly, your immune system will heal it up once again. Probably much sooner with using 'Joepathy'. Good luck and stay positive. A positive attitude will heal you much faster than a negative one. Enjoy the weekend.
Overalready last decade
thank you sir i will definitely follow the routine
goodgini last decade
Hello there, first of all I would like to say what an inspiring forum this is. My name is Jensen, and I am 22 years old. I've been battling anal fistulas for the past 2 years. Within the past 2 years I've had 1 major fistula that has been a problem. I've tried the 'plug' procedure, which failed miserably(fell out 2 days after surgery). It stayed open and continued to drain for about a year, and then randomly closed. It started to swell and another abscess soon developed. I got it lanced, and that brought relief for a few months. The same thing happened again. I went to a new doctor and judging from what he saw (it was a very shallow fistula) he decided to do a seton placement. So he made a new incision above the old fistula, and looped it through the rectum. The old fistula wound healed and closed and did not bother me. It continued to drain like that, until one day it stopped draining, and started to swell in my old fistula. I was wondering, 'how could this be? the seton is in, and it continues to swell.' My doctor took a look and lanced the same location where the old fistula was. After he did that, it started to drain normally, but now it drained from two areas, one on top of the other. This continued to drain for 2 months. 2 Days ago, it closed again, the skin was tender enough so i decided to sit in a sitz bath, and rubbed it till it burst a little bit. I fear it will close soon. My doctor says the old fistula may have branched out, and connected somehow. He would like to burn the old scar tissue and let it heal with new tissue. I am reluctant to go under the knife again. Can anyone help me please? it would be much appreciated.
jensen0288 last decade

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