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Hi Joe,

May I know how long it will take to cure completely?

akashsankar last decade
Hi Joe,
Here is my story (actually my wife's story). It all started exactly a year ago when she had her first surgery to remove a rather deep fistula. Since then she had to go back to the operating room 5 times as the c-tone they put around the anus to drain the fistula fell 3 times. It didn't seem that this had helped her in anyway as the fistula kept draining and hurting for all this time. I finally came across this website a couple of months ago and we decided that we are gonna give it a shot so I ordered all the stuff you are recommending and she started taking the medication except the thing for the pain. I will have to say that her fistula is getting better. There is less pain. The fistula is not getting swelled as before and there is less pus now. Regardless, it didn't seem to show more improvement signs. I am following the instructions you have:
Arnica 30c: one tea spoon
Silicea 6x: twice daily
Nat Phos 6x: twice daily
Antibiotic ointment: inserted after each BM
I have two questions:
When I ordered the Arnica 30C they have the option to get the 'liquid dilutions' instead of the 'pellets' and I order the liquid dilusion one. Does this make any difference? How many drops she should use? She was using 5-8 drops of Arnica liquid with some water ... is this good or it is too much?
tumzin last decade
It is strange that I did not get the usual email alert for your post and hope that I get it if you respond. It was only by chance that I clicked on this Fistula thread and noticed your post.

It is a pity that your wife has already had 6 encounters with the knife and hopefully she will not need any more.

Answering your question about Arnica Pellets versus Liquid I would prefer the liquid which is always in Ethanol and can be got in India and Pakistan. In the US and the West you will invariably get the pellets.

The remedy is prepared by inserting 2 drops of the Ethanol into a 500ml bottle of spring water from which you have emptied about an inch from the top to leave space for air. Tap water too is OK provided that it is boiled to release the chlorine.

You can proceed to follow my instructions to make and use the remedy and I hope that she will respond in a few days.

Correction to your dosage listed by you:

Arnica 30c -- 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
Silicea 6x -- 2 tablets twice daily.
Nat Phos 6x -- 2 tablets after 2 main meals.
Antibiotic ointment inserted after every BM
Joe De Livera last decade
To Sankar

Every patient with Fistula/Fissure/ Abscess is different and the length of time for a cure is difficult to estimate. If you read the many posts on this thread you may get an answer to your question.

All I can predict at this stage is that you will never have to visit your surgeon for his next 'adjustment' of your fistula. My therapy is designed to permit your body to heal itself which it will do usually sooner than later.
Joe De Livera last decade

here is my report!

My wound between my buttcheeks is indeed better. I have not noticed any oozing of pus or infection, even though I am very close to my period, which usually messes with my wound. That wound was from the infected hair that caused the fistula. That is the wound from surgery 6 years ago.

The new wound ( about 50 days old ) I have at my anus, which I think is a fissure/fistula developing is a little better, with less blood after my stool. However, while I am VERY regular ( i have a BM every morning ) I still notice that the first part of my poop is still a little hard and hurts when it comes out, which explains the little bit of blood still. After that, poop is smooth and doesnt hurt. I do have a burning sensation for about 5 minutes after my stool. Is there anything besides your treatment that I am following I can do or take to not have that happen?
julianna480 last decade
I cannot remember your case and would like to know if you are using:

Arnica 30c in the wet dose to heal the lesion
Silicea 6x tablets to drain the lesion
Nat Phos 6x tablets to keep the BM soft
Antibiotic ointment inserted inside the anus after each BM

I am not receiving email alerts today for some reason and if I do not respond please contact me on my email address you can get from my profile by clicking on my name above.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was the one with the ingrown hair between my buttcheeks that got infected anbd caused a fistula. I had surgery on that 6 years ago.

Then recently I have noticed a fissure, as I assume, in my anus.

Yes I am using your treatment with all the meds you prescribed.
julianna480 last decade
I got the alert this time as I had complained to the moderator of the ABC and he has fixed it within the last few minutes.

The combined therapy above should hopefully cure your problem and also ensure that you do not have to get a fistula. However it is important to ensure that your BM's are soft to avoid the first hard stuff abrading the delicate lining thereby causing bleeding. This must stop ASAP to avoid it promoting an abscess or fissure. Keep the anus clean and washed after a stool, not wiped as this too causes abrasion outside.

The Antibiotic ointment will help it to heal by keeping the bacterial count low.
Joe De Livera last decade
Are there any specific tips you can give me? I wash after every BM, I use babywipes and the antibiotic ointment. Drink more water perhaps? Any specific foods to help? Is there any other remedies I can use in addition???

Thanks you so much!
julianna480 last decade
No you are doing nicely from what you have reported.

No alcohol and coffee and ham bacon and sausages.
Joe De Livera last decade
What about ground beef??? Is that bad for me? Also, what about green tea with sweetener? Sorry to have so many questions. I just want to get better...
julianna480 last decade
Beef is difficult to digest and can even exacerbate your problem. Fish is OK.
Green or black tea is OK but not the chemical sweetener. Sugar is OK.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you very much. I will try to limit the intake and stick to chicken and fish. Glad to hear I can drink green tea. What do you think about Splenda. It is made from real sugar, but doesnt have the calories. I am trying to lose weight a little, too.

Again, sorry for the many questions. But I do with all my heart appreciate your time!
julianna480 last decade
Nat Phos 6x will help with your weight. Visit the many posts on Nat Phos which you can identify by typing Nat Phos into the search forums cage on the left.

I do not know what Splenda is and I cannot believe that it can be sweet if it is made from real sugar.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thanks for your reply and the corrections to the dosages that I listed. This could be the reason why the fistula is kinda coming back eventhough it dramatically improved. My wife was taking half the dosage for everything. Two questions concerning Arnica: 1) Is there any side effects to overdosing (as my wife was taking 5-8 drops once daily) and 2) Do you think 'liquid dilusion' that I got by ordering this in Canada is the same as Ethanol or I should order the pellets. I live in Canada but got the liquid as per my order and not sure any more if this what I am supposed to get or I should re-order the pellets.
tumzin last decade
i shall reply your queries below your text.

my wife was taking half the dosage for everything. two questions concerning arnica: 1) is there any side effects to overdosing (as my wife was taking 5-8 drops once daily)

please read my instructions carefully. you will insert only 2 drops into a 500ml bottle of water. a dose is a teaspoonful which you will sip twice daily. if you continue taking 5-8 drops daily it may be an overdose and i cannot understand the reason why you must take this overdose as i have given precise instructions on its use in a previous post.

2) do you think 'liquid dilusion' that i got by ordering this in canada is the same as ethanol or i should order the pellets. i live in canada but got the liquid as per my order and not sure any more if this what i am supposed to get or i should re-order the pellets

i believe that you have got the arnica in the ethanol solution. you will only need 2 drops as indicated above.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was just confused about the liquid dilusion and I was not sure how it should be used. I will follow your instructions and report back in 2-4 weeks.
Thanks Joe
tumzin last decade
Hello Joe,
I have been suffering from anal fistula for the last 3-4 years now. The size of the boil is around 1cm-1.5cm when full of pus matter. Have taken homeopathic treatment but not regularly. Sometimes the boil heals but it recurs again. When the outer opening is closed, then pus oozes out of the inner opening connected to the stool tract.
I have read on the net that surgery is futile as the problem recurs. Is there a permanent cure for it in Homeopathy? I found on the net that it is treated by Silicea 6x. If this is correct then please tell me the correct dosage to take and if any other medicine is also required along with Silicea 6x?

Pls help me as I am really suffering a lot because of this chronic problem.
Awaiting your response and thanks,

Megastar last decade
Hey guys,

I have an anal fistula. And since I have had a surgery before, I kind of know everything about it, and how much trouble it is, and so do not want to go under the knife again.
Started reading the forum awhile ago, and started taking arnica and silicea pellets. I really felt the difference after 2-3 days. I quit alcohol and coffee. and it really felt like it is working. Felt like I was healed. So I stopped the arnica & silicea after 2 months, and started drinking alcohol (in moderation) again (not coffee though).
After 7-10 days it was back. And I started taking them again. it is helping again, but not healing completely.
I am taking arnica montana 15C (3 pellets, 3 times /day) and silicea 15 C (also 3 pellets, 3 times/day). The store that I buy from doesnt seem to have 6x. Nor liquid forms.

The fistula is really small and I guess it shouldnt take that long to heal.
do I need to increase the dose? do I need to take any other 'medicine'? would appreciate if you could give me any details. I am also thinking of shifting to macrobiotics. Do you think that might help?

Vahboy last decade
To Megastar

Please read the entirety of this thread on Fistula and the therapy that I have perfected in its treatment. You will note that many patients who have had multiple sugeries have been healed and I hope that you too will be one of them.

I shall copy the remedies that I have recommended which many seem unusual but have worked and healed the Fistula.

Arnica 30c -- 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
Silicea 6x -- 2 tablets twice daily.
Nat Phos 6x -- 2 tablets after 2 main meals.
Antibiotic ointment inserted after every BM

Please note that the instructions that I have given which I do not wish to repeat again are clearly spelt out in the posts by me above.

Any questions, feel free to ask
Joe De Livera last decade
To Vahboy

You do not seem to me to be interested in seeking a permanent cure of your Fistula.

You have obviously read the therapy that I have pioneered and refined in the case of many patients and if you are interested in avoiding the knife again and again, you are advised to follow the therapy that has helped and cured many.

I note that you have used other potencies of both Arnica and SIlicea and am interested that they have helped. The Arnica at 15c may be OK although I use the higher 30c but ONLY in the wet dose. The SIlicea at 15c is a surprise to me but the 6x will be far better.

You will have to use the following remedies in the manner that I have prescribed PRECISELY

Arnica 30c -- 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
Silicea 6x -- 2 tablets twice daily.
Nat Phos 6x -- 2 tablets after 2 main meals.
Antibiotic ointment inserted after every bowel movement. Please read the instructions on how to do so.


I have not heard of Macrobiotics and I do not think that whatever it is, it can be any help.

In your own interest, if you are serious about a cure you are advised to follow the therapy that I have used in many cases whose response you can read on this thread above.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have read the entire page about anal fistula and your conversation with other patients. But I need the following clarifications:

1. All the medicines prescribed by you will be available in a Homeopathic medicine shop in Mumbai (India)?

2. I understand that Arnica will be available as a liquid concentrate and only 2 drops of it are required to be inserted in a 500 ml bottle of water? And one teaspoonful of this water will make one dose?

3. Can you please name the antibiotic ointment to be inserted after every BM? Also, please specify how far inside the anus does this ointment has to be inserted? And will the ointment tube come with a nozzle which can be inserted inside the anus?

4. I understand that a patient cannot/should not take COFFEE, ALCOHOL, EXCESSIVE PEPPERS (GREEN, RED & BLACK)throughout his/her life. Am I correct? Any other tips?

Thank you so much for your time, Joe. God Bless.
Megastar last decade
1 Yes

2 Yes

3 I live in Sri Lanka and am not aware of the Antibiotic ointment available in India. I can see that you have not read the other pages on Fistula where I have clearly indicated the method of application of the ointment on the tip of a finger which is covered in a 'finger cote' or the finger of a rubber glove and inserted into the anus after each BM.

4 Correct.

5 Start the therapy immediately and report progress. Follow instructions to the letter if you wish to succeed in avoiding the knife.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thanks again. I just read this current page and am yet to read the backlog of the last 18 pages. Will do so immediately.

Will start your prescription a.s.a.p and will report the progress here.

Thank you.
Megastar last decade
Dear Joe,
I visited my nearby Homeopathy shop and got the medicines prescribed by you. Pls clarify the following:

1. The shopkeeper told me that there was no 'antibiotic ointment' available in Homeopathy and asked me if I wanted an 'antibacterial ointment'. That sounded correct to me so I got this ointment called 'Pomade Sulphur Antibacterial Ointment'. It is an all purpose antibacterial ointment with the following contents printed on the packing:
Sulphur 1x -10% w/w
Ointment base q.s. (white petrolatum, Paraffin & Lanolin). Is this the correct one?

2. You said Nat Phos 6x makes one lose weight as much as one pound a week! My friend, I don't need to lose weight. My weight is perfect for my height. And I have never had a problem of constipation. I workout daily in the gym and am also taking Protein isolates in my diet.

In the light of the above info I've given, wouldn't it be more appropriate if I take Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets just after ONE main meal instead of two?

I will begin consuming these medicines from tomorrow as soon as you give me these clarifications.

Megastar last decade
Oh and one more small point:

3. Are the tablets of Silicea and Nat phos to be consumed without diluting them in water? If yes, then are they to be chewed or swallowed?

I am sure you must have specified this info somewhere in the earlier pages, but it would really be a pain trying to search for this specific info in the previous 18 pages of back and forth communications between you and other patients! So pls be kind enough to repeat once again for my benefit and oblige. :)

Thanks again
Megastar last decade

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