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hi nawAz,
so Aesculus Hippocastanum Q is in the form of TINCTURE ?
just wnated to make sure i order the right meds.
i will have 2nd day shoipment this time as im desperate and ned to travel next week urgetly on business.

god bless you
also, i was able to aquire Alumina & Ruta from a local store here.
please Dr Nawaz, is there any other meds i need ? i will order it tonight for 2nd day deleviry from this website.
good bless
[message edited by caliGuy123 on Tue, 17 Apr 2012 05:10:15 BST]
caliGuy123 last decade
'so Aesculus Hippocastanum Q is in the form of TINCTURE ? '

Please take Ruta 200C, 4 pills/drops mixed in 1/4 glass of mineral water, 2 times a day, for 4 days.

'is there any other meds i need ? i will order it tonight for 2nd day deleviry from this website. '
Can't think of any other right now.
nawazkhan last decade
thank you Dr nawaz for your guidance and remedies
caliGuy123 last decade
You are welcome! Good Night. Please don't forget to file your tax return as today is the last day:-)
nawazkhan last decade
thank you Dr Nawaz:)
we are lucky to have a dr like you around who at times acts as our accountant lol :)
may god bless you
caliGuy123 last decade
Thanks, this is an honor. Please stay blessed!
nawazkhan last decade
Good morning!

Quick update: No negative changes until this morning - some swelling (looks pearly...think it's going to drain soon) and feeling itchy. I took a sitz bath.

I ordered the Belladonna the other day. It's been shipped so I am waiting for that. Their delivery dates show an arrival between Monday and Thursday of next week.

Today is day 6 of my seven days of the Calendula. Today should be the last day of my period. Should I return to taking the Berbaris Vulgaris Q now that my period is ending?

Thank you!
syn1295 last decade
Good Morning to you too Syn1295!

Let's look at the color of pus after drainage?

Also, no hurry to start on BV Q. Please relax and forward your current symptoms in a day or two.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Mr. Nawaz,

Thank you for your email. I have asked a relative to bring it back from dubai, God willing, it will be here on saturday evening (BVQ). Continuing my remedies as per your instructions :).

Best regards,
Lebanese_patient last decade
Dear Nawaz,

My cold and pains are gone now, And Feeling pretty comfortable I took 3 doses of Nux Vomica 30C 3 times today. I had some pain at fistula in the morning Pus (Light yellow ) discharge of 5 to 6 drops in the afternoon after that pain reduced feels like completely gone when compared to earlier but have little pain.
I am sorry for reporting a new problem everyday.

Thank you for your support.
I didnt had acidity problem today, I took breakfast made of weat floor in the morning, little rice with veg curry in the lunch and weat roti with veg curry in dinner.

I want to give you a bit more description about my cold problem as its a usual problem for me. I will not get cold in rainy or winter season. I ll Often get cold in summer. whenever I go on hot time outside I will get cold on the next day. and it will go in 1 or 2 days. I dono whether its common because of heat as here the termperatures go around 32-35 degree.
[message edited by vik2k12 on Tue, 17 Apr 2012 18:57:27 BST]
vik2k12 last decade
hi Dr Nawaz-
update form today:
pain the is worse in months today.
no constipation .. just bad pain after BM.
no bloood or pus either.
feeling of heaviness inside rectum and swelling too.

loosing hope by the day.
my meds will arrive tomorrow.
thank you
caliGuy123 last decade
Good afternoon,

The pus drainage was light yellow with a little blood tinge to it.

syn1295 last decade
To caliguy123:

Hey man. May god bring you calmity and rest soon.

Lebanese_patient last decade
Hi Lebanese_patient, I am glad to know about BV Q, finally. Good luck.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear CaliGuy123,

I am really sorry and feel your pain. What may be the cause of this pain, in your opinion? What did you have for meals? Any other unusual activity?

Please don't give up hope. God willing, you will be ok soon.

Did you take Ruta 200C?

You may also increase the number of doses of Hypericum 200C for pain.

Many many prayers for your painless life.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear vik2k12,

Thank you for the comfortable and pain free post. Please stay blessed!

Ok, we will work on the summer sinus issue soon, Inshallah.

More prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Hi Syn1295,

Thanks for the update. Let's wait for a couple of days. In the meantime, please take a strong dose of patience along with Calendula.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Hi CaliGuy123, I would like to look at your current mental symptoms. I am really worried about your severe pain.

May God Bless You.
nawazkhan last decade
hi Dr nawaz-
i did take ruta(once) and hypercium200 (2wice already) since morning but no releif in pain whatsoever.

usually, im very relaxed and happy person. only since past 6 months since i have this problem that i;m always tensed and worried and also short of temper and get annoyed very quickly.
pretty muhc all the time i'm thinking of this problem and weather if at all i wille ver get better :(

i think my case got worse because of not getting the correct diagnosis.
i have been to 4 homeppaths and everyone gave meds for AF which never worked.
Physical doc was also not able to see anythng in physical exam and diagnosed as internal AF.
i have no where to turn now :(
thank you for your support
caliGuy123 last decade
'i have no where to turn now :( '
Please turn to your creator with full trust.
nawazkhan last decade
thank you de nawaz..
thst is always in my mind.
can i ask u another question?

when i went for my physical exam, doc was not able to see anything..
is that something common with 'blind piles'

thank you again.
caliGuy123 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Thank you for your support.
I had one trouble free day yesterday and having trouble free today. I have very little pain. Had a couple of pus drops (Light Yellow) discharged while BM in the afternoon. Swelling is still there but looks like reducing. acidity problem is very much in control. so all good today.

I am taking only Nux Vomica 30 3 doses today no other remedy.

Thank you.
vik2k12 last decade
'when i went for my physical exam, doc was not able to see anything..
is that something common with 'blind piles' '
Not necessarily. Usually, we call blind piles when there is no bleeding.

So, are you getting your remedies today?

How is the pain now? Please describe your pain in detail.

Many prayers for you CaliGuy.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear vik2k12, Great! Please stay that way. It is all due to the help, mercy and blessings of our creator. Therefore, we must thank him more than his universe.

More prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Hello dr nawaz ,
Pain is very bad ..after BM there was a lot of swelling and I also noticed a small lump (like a hard boil)
Right on the rectum..

Thisvhad happened once before 2 months ago but went ayaw in a day so I did not think it was a big deal ...
Terrible pain today:(

Just had ruta 200 but no relief yet.. Yes media coming today and will start right away
Thank you
caliGuy123 last decade
'Pain is very bad '
'Terrible pain today:('
'Please describe your pain in detail. '
The above must be addressed for the selection of correct remedy for your type of severe pain. Otherwise, this kind of pain will never go away. Sorry.

'Right on the rectum..'
Where, I don't get it. Sorry again. Is it inside the anus or outside around the anal area? How big it is?

'Yes media coming today'

Please stay blessed! I am sure, God willing, we will control your severe pain soon.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade

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