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To Bluemoon

GSE is OK as it it not a drug.
Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Joe,
plz go thro. my letter to u dt.23/8/2010 where i hv. mentioned going thro. ;Joepathy'already for one week & stated my present condition.all i want to know, how long should i continue with this medicine or when to stop?
apurba last decade
To Apurba

You have inquired once again, when you will be cured. You have stated:
'i hv. mentioned going thro. ;Joepathy'already for one week & stated my present condition.all i want to know, how long should i continue with this medicine or when to stop?'

You must realize that I am not GOD and cannot possibly be expected to give you a time frame when you will be cured. You can consider yourself as being very fortunate that you discovered this ABC forum and that I took your case which other homeopaths both classical and non classical would not dare to treat. They can replicate my therapy and hopefully achieve the same result but there are many nuances in the therapy which may require the magic touch from one who cares.

You must also understand that the CURE of a Fistula is a very delicate matter the protocol for which I have refined continuously from the time that I was first involved in the treatment of anal problems.
You are advised to read the many hundreds of posts on this thread which is now the longest running thread on the ABC to realize that that there is every chance of you being cured if you follow my Joepathy protocol.

You have only started my Joepathy on your own admission for just ONE WEEK and you still persist in 'counting your chickens before your eggs are hatched'.

I regret that if you persist in doing so, you will compel me to abandon your case.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Mr. Joe

This is my report for the first week after using Jeopathy. I was having unbearably intense pain b4 starting and now only after a week my pain is almost negligible. I discovered that there are two openings (one above the other) with the upper one being 6 inches exactly upside my anal hole. previously the lower opening was somewhat inactive.

The amount of blood is neglible now, although it was bleeding very much b4 using your medicines.

The amount of puss which was negligible b4 jeopathy, increased manifold in first 3 - 4 days but now has reduced considerably (although its still oozing in small amount)

There still is a small lump in the upper fistula but it has shrinked and today when i touched it, i noticed that it is drying.

Overall Jeopathy has miraculous impact on my fistula so far, although i understand that the complete cure is still to be achieved and requires patience as well as consistency in using Jeopathy even if the situation gets worse for some time in the middle of Jeopathy, as this is also part of my journey towards the complete cure as evident from various posts by other members.

I would like to mention that i have been eating papaya daily as it is known to have anti-bacterial characteristicss and this has helped me for the last 8 years in which i was taking no medicine but only papaya. I hope it will benefit many people reading this most popular thread on this forum.

I have no words to thank you as your prescription has helped me a lot in my condition of extreme distress. Only God can reward an angel like you. It is beyond human capacity to reward such selfless and devoted service!

Best Regards
pm lums last decade
Respected Joe,
it appears that I have hurt your feelings which I never meant to do so, plz forgive me.I will go on continuing your medicine & report the reaction from time-to-time.
with regards,
apurba last decade
Hi Joe,
The is to report to you since I started your joepathy.
From 6/8/2010, I am taking the following dose.
1. Arnica 30c 1cap full 3 times after shaking for 5 times
2. Silicea 6x 2tab 3 times.
3. Natphos 6x 2tab 3 times after food.
4. Ferrphos 6x 3tab 3 times.
5. AB onitment inside anus after returning from toilet. You have from 20/08/2010 has reduced the dose as following as pus has reduced a lot but pain has increased:
1. Arnica 30c 1cap full 2 times after shaking for 5 times
2. Silicea 6x 2tab 1 times.
3. Natphos 6x 2tab 2 times after food.
4. Ferrphos 6x 3tab 2 times.
5. AB onitment inside anus
Subsequently pain has decreased but it started to increase again from 22/08/10, so I again increased the dose to earlier dose except silicia which I am taking twice daily. Now I have pain in fistula opening in anus which I can feel with my finger after returning from toilet for atleast 3 hours. Fistula mouth on the skin has closed and there is no pus secreation now. I have catch common cold with sneezing, fever etc but I am not taking any other medicine as I am using your joepathy.
Please advice whether I need to change the joepathy dose and the medicine which I should take for common cold.
hectech last decade
To Apurba

I am glad to note that you have accepted my therapy in the manner that I have gladly prescribed it to you and to so many others, the majority of whom have been cured.

Please be patient and you will also be cured as proved by those who suffered from your ailment, which is usually very difficult to be cured.

You cannot however demand an instant cure but patience will be rewarded WITHOUT SURGERY.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Hectech

Your presentation of how you are using my therapy is commendable as others usually expect me to painfully refer back to the therapy I had prescribed many months ago to advise them on their current status. As you know I am treating about 6 patients currently and if only each would present their case as you have done it would help me to not waste my time in ferreting out the therapy prescribed to each patient.

There is little that can be done for a cold as you are already taking Ferr Phos 6x which is the default remedy for avoiding colds. Rest and plenty of warm fluids will soon end the cold. If you get a feeling that the cold is migrating to the throat you can use Bryonia 200 in the Wet dose which you will use as a gargle and later swallow. I have found this simple remedy to be most effective.

I believe that your present problem of pain and general discomfort in your anus may be due to the antibiotic ointment. It is possible that the bacteria are not sensitive anymore to the AB you are using today. Get another brand which can hopefully kill other types of bacteria and you will have to depend on the pharmacist to advise you after reading the fine print in the literature included with each tube.

Report your response to the new AB ointment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thx for your prompt reply but you have not suggested whether I should continue the earlier dose of your joepathy or the reduced dose.
I am trying to locate an AB ointment which can work for both gram positive & gram negative bacteria. I am also going to get the liquid dose of Bryonia 200 - But please let me know the dose for bryonia.
hectech last decade
Hi Joe,
I also want to update you about one thing. Now a days Bisleri is adding some salt to their mineral water bottle and when anyone will prepare the liquid dose of arnica of your joepathy some sediment will occur. I have tried the same twice but after one day sediment occur which may be due to some reaction between added minerals & arnica. But when I prepared the liquid dose in distill water no sediment occur. Hope this thing will be usefull in your treatment.
hectech last decade
You can use the original selection with Silicea taken just twice daily.

It would be of academic interest to observe if my calculated guess that it is the AB ointment that was the reason for your present distress and you should know within 12 hours after first using the new ointment.

I have had some complaints of debris at the bottom of Bisleri from other patients and I shall not recommend in future. The Arnica has absolutely nothing to do with this debris and I am surprised that the government authorities do not take action to prevent the inclusion of salt which is obviously used to keep the water from going green with algae during long storage in shops especially if the water is near an open window when UV radiation will promote the growth.

The ultimate of course is Distilled water but this is not easily available and you are fortunate to get supplies. As you perhaps are aware, I live in Sri Lanka and do not know the various brands of Spring water available in India by name and you can perhaps record them for me.

Bryonia 200 is made in the usual manner -- 3 drops in a 500ml bottle of spring water and you gargle with a mouthful of the remedy which you will later swallow up to 3 times daily. You will observe that all your secretions of phlegm will disappear and what is most important is that the virus which is the original cause of the oncoming throat infection is aborted. Bryonia has never failed me personally and others to whom I have passed on this therapy have also confirmed that it is the ultimate remedy to ward off any virus.
Joe De Livera last decade
Somebody suggested me peonia 6 MA and Trillium 30 M .i want to know where can i get these in dubai .kindly please reply soon
eman.f last decade
This thread is dedicated to the treatment of Fistula, Fissure and Abscess and I cannot answer your question as I live in Sri Lanka.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Have been taking joepathy...felt really good..for the last two days..i have very hard stool...and after that i have very burning sensation around anus and feel pain like it is coming back...pus is really low but sinus still there...please help..do u think nat phos 6x will soften the stool...i think i ate dates perhaps it's that...
fortjames last decade
Your name rings a bell and I believe that I had treated you for Fissure some months ago. Please give the history of your problem and for how long you used my therapy and when you stopped using it after you were cured.
Joe De Livera last decade

I have received your email where you request me to respond to your last post of July 25. I did read it yesterday but since there was very little that I could add I did not think that a reply from me was indicated.

You will continue with the therapy that I prescribed and I am confident on the basis of your report that you will be cured in a few weeks. I note that you have realized that no other homeopath would have been able to equate my therapy which is now leading you towards an eventual cure in the near future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanx 4 the reply. I have been fasting these days and sice u have directed me not to take any cola drinks my father has bought two drinks for me. But i will not eat or drink anything without your permission. Can u plz confirm if taking the following is alright along with Jeopathy:

1. TANG (Orange Juice Powder)
Ingredients written on the pack:
sugar, citric acid, colors (titanium dioxide, tarttarzine, sunset yellow FCF), acidity regulator (trisodium citrat), natural orange flavourings, thickners (gum arabic, xantham gum, , sodium carboxymethylcellulose), vitamin C, salt, beta carotene, Vitamin A acetate, folic acid (B9), Vitamin B2.

2. Jam-e-shirin (red drink like roh afza)
refined sugar, distilled aquas extracts of herbs, keora, rose, sandal, ushna, khass, colour ponceau 4r, preservative 0.1% sodium benzoate.
pm lums last decade

The answer is NO.

Suggest you drink up to 3 ltrs of water from the mains, boiled to release the chlorine and filtered if possible.
Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Joe,

Although it would be very tough not to drink any artificial juice but i will abide by your direction and will only drink fruit juices prepared by me at home without any artificial flavor or preservative. I want to get permanently cured and will religiously follow all your advise. Thanks a million!
pm lums last decade
Respected Mr. Joe,

One more thing i want to mention is my routine of taking Jeopathy medicines, this is because i m fasting and so cant eat or drink anything for 14 hours:

7.00 pm----------> arnica 30 c wet dose(this is when my fast ends)
7.30 pm ---------> silica 6x 8.00 pm ---------> ferrum phosphoricum 6x
8.30 pm----------> i start eating other things like fruits, water etc.
12.00 am --------> arnica wet dose
3.15 am----------> i finish eating anything for sehr. (when we are about to start fast)
3.45 am-----------> arnica 30c in wet dose.
4.15 am-----------> silica
4.45 am ----------> ferrum phosphoricum 6x
Polyfax after every BM when i am not fasting, as during fast its not allowed! Although i seldom have any BM during fasting.

Am i taking the medicines correctly (as the time in which i can eat or drink is just 10 hrs) or u suggest a reduction of dosage??

During these 30 minutes breaks between the medicines am i allowed to drink water or natural juices??

Actually i want to follow your advise in letter and spirit in order to get permanent cure, thats why i am asking you every thing. Hope u will not mind.

Best regards
pm lums last decade
Respected Mr Joe,

I had posted one more message, but it didnt appear here. i m typing it again.

As you know i m fasting these days, so i m not allowed to eat or drink anything from 4.45 am to 7.00 pm. Here is the routine which i am following:

7.00 pm arnica 30c in wet dose
7.30 pm silica 6x
8.00 pm ferrum phosphoricum 6x
8.30 pm i start eating food.
12.00 am arnica 30c in wet dose
3.00 am i start eating for sehri (meal b4 fast starts). I finish it in 10 minutes.
3.45 am arnica 30c in wet dose
4.15 am silica 6x
4.45 am ferrum phosphoricum 6x
Polyfax after every BM.

Do u suggest any reduction in dosage given the fact that I have only 10 hours to eat/drink and the protocol was for 24 hours??

Can i drink water or natural juices in between the 30 minutes break between medicines??

Actually i m asking each and every bit as i am desperate to get cured from the ailment which others think incurable and for which u have found a miraculous cure called Jeopathy. I want to follow your advise in letter and spirit. Hope u will not mind!

Best Regards
pm lums last decade
The First message appeared after 35 minutes! I waited for 30 minutes for it but i couldnt see that despite repeatedly refreshing the page. So i retyped and posted again but then both messages appeared!
pm lums last decade

I am indeed surprised that your problem is responding to my therapy in spite of the fact that you are using it at night only during the non fasting hours. This only goes to prove that my therapy which is truly Joepathy as it was pioneered by me, is very positive in the treatment of Ano Rectal ailments which are usually very difficult to treat. Your case is special in every respect.

It is in your own interest to seek permission from your Imams to take the remedies prescribed during the fasting hours as I have read that medical aid qualifies to break the fast. I hope that Polyfax qualifies for use during the fast.

You must drink water and fruit juice as often as possible as this is part of the therapy which you must freely use to overcome your ailment and return back to normal health. You have suffered enough during the past few years and you deserve the right to do so.

Feel free to ask any question pertaining to your problem.
It is my pleasure to help you to return you back to health.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, I have been taking medicines as prescribed by you for last 1 week. Please find my weekly report as follows:

22/09/2010 : - Watery Discharge all day, Pain, 2 hard lumps (1 Small and 1 very small), Burning sensation, pain on pressing lumps
29/09/2010 :- Watery Discharge 2-3 time in 7 days, negligible pain, lumps are there as they were, pain on pressing lumps

Medicines taken:

Hamamelis 200 - Dr. Reckeweg (made in Germany) 90 Vol. % Alcohol -- Water Dose 2 times daily
Arnica Montana 30 - Made by SBL Industries 90 % v/v -- Water Dose 3 times daily
Natrum Phosphoricum 6x - Bio - Chemic Tablets - Made by SBL Industries -- 2 tablet x2
Ferrum Phosphoricum 6x - Bio - Chemic Tablets - Made by SBL Industries -- 2 tablet x2
Neosporin 20g - Contains - Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Bacitracin Zinc Ointment -- after BM in morning(I have 1 BM only)

(1). Watery discharge has reduced considerably
(2). Pain has reduced considerably

(1). I do not feel anything while and after applying Neosporin. Is this a good sign or bad sign?
(2). How will this medicine effect the lumps, as I think they are the main issue in my case?
(3). I could not take medicine at exact same time all days. But I try to maintian the gap between the doses. Is this correct approach or should I take medicines according to a strict schedule?

Thanks for your kind suggestions. I believe I can be cured with these medicines. Please let me know if I have to do something else apart from it.
pankajnirwan103 last decade
To Pankaj

You seem to be doing OK for just one week into my therapy. I cannot diagnose the lumps you have described and if they are source of worry you can always consult a surgeon. It is very likely that they will disappear during the process of recovery. If they do not you will have to get a diagnosis and rule our Hemorrhoids.

As long as you take the many remedies regularly you will be OK soon.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I am taking your medicines for the past one week:

Nat phos 6x : 2 tabs twice daily
Ferr Phos 6x : 2 tabs twice daily
Silicea 6x : 2 tabs twice daily
Arnica 30c: i could not get the wet dose in bangalore hence using dry pellets right now 2 tabs twice daily

I am not having any pus from many months neither BM (never had it god's grace).

I am feeling comfortable after one week and previous itching, pain etc have reduced.

I am drinking lot of water and eating fibre rich diet.

Please advice if i need to change / increase the dosage

I really appreciate your help and look forward to your response
kurellanarendra last decade

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