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Dear Joe,

Thanks for the reply. Will do as told and continue to give you my reports at regular intervals.

Megastar last decade
Dear Jo

May I thank you again for the wonderful gift that you give myself and the people on this board. It is to be celebrated that I find such a caring soul.. It must be my Karma to have found you I feel.

I have read the boards and still re reding in case I miss something. I thank all those on this board who share there 'ails' dis-eases and embarrasing situations.

My fissure/fistula is on the perinium skin and I am sure that is was from an infection from scratching! Due to itch hemroids - And may be my partner caught it with his nail in a passionate moment some months ago.

I have been cleaning this area as you know with a final topical baby wipe of Aloe vera gel (I cut the baby wipes in two and when finished cleaning up with my soaked/wet tilet roll I leave a piece of babywipe with aloe vera Gel over the anul area. This is obviously moisturising the area and bringing about goodness.

I have sent for the anrica and silcea, although having difficulties in finding the antibiotic cream.

I have, you may be interested to know, also been using a wash I make up from herbal remedy. 4 table spoons of dried yarrow two table spoons of dried cammomile bring to boil in two litres of water. As per your advice I never dry wipe! Instead I wash with a little of the yarrow and cammomile mix from 2 ltrs of bioled water cooled and left in the bathroom. I add this to a little warm water in the sink next to the tiolet and wash every time I have a BM. This seems to help in the cleaning process.

My question is can I use Teatrea oil as an antbactiaral effort, if I can not acquire the antibiotic ointment. Maybe I could add 6 drops of tea tree oil to the Yarrow and camomile mix?

I thank you again in advance and wish your advice and sewing of good Karma return manyfold.

Kind regrads
overanxious last decade
I note your problem with the Antibiotic ointment. You can use Betadine ointment which is only a disinfectant till you locate the Antibiotic which is essentail for the successful resolution of your problem.

You may like to know that in Sri Lanka we always use a bidet after a BM as it washes the area thoroughly which unfortunately is not the case in the developed countries that still use the dry wipe which I consider is just disgusting and totally inefficient as it does not by any means clean the fecal matter completely from the skin.

It is possibly the real reason why the indicidence of Anal problems is so common in the developed countries.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I was also using the Betadine ointment only which was given by my Chemist as an antibiotic ointment only. So, do I now have to look for another ointment? Finding an antibiotic ointment is really a problem for many here......since brands are all different in different countries, would it be possible for you to name the contents in the tube?

Also, I tried to induce the abcess area to drain by massaging like you said, but I think it is not yet ready for drainage. I feel that the inner opening of the fistula is getting closed and that is where the pain is concentrated, not in the outer abcess....which is also closed right now. The area is totally dry right now with both ends closed and I can feel a lot of soreness in the area between the outer opening and the inner opening of the fistula. Just reporting.

Warm regards
Megastar last decade
Dear All,

In the US, the most common available over-the-counter (non-prescription) antibiotic ointment is called NEOSPORIN. Many drug stores carry their own brand or generic labelled as 'Triple Antibiotic Ointment,' as a 'first aid ointment/pain relieving ointment.'

Contents: 1) Polymyxin B Sulfate, 2) Bacitracin Zinc, and 3) Neomycin Sulfate. If the tube is pain relieving, it includes Pramoxine Hcl.

I hope this helps. Mostly we use it to help cuts heal faster.
bethw last decade
Hi all

I am having difficulty locating Nat Phos 6x.

Can any one gve me a pointer. Can't seem to find it on this website

Kind regards
overanxious last decade
Can you please confirm that the below discription is what I am looking for?


New Era Tissue Salts Nat. Phos 10, 450 tablets. Homeopathic remedy, medicine.


Over acidity of the blood; gastric disorders; heartburn; rheumatic tendency.

Recommended Dosage

Adults: 4 tablets.
Children: 2 tablets.
Infants: 1 tablet.
Chronic cases: 3 doses daily.
Acute cases: every half hour until relief is obtained; thereafter 3 doses daily.


Active constituent (in homeopathic potency) Sodium Phosphate Ph. Eur. 6X.


If you think you have over-acid blood or rheumatic tendency, consult a registered practitioner before taking this product.

If you are already receiving treatment tell your doctor you are also taking this product.

Keep this and all medicines out of the reach of children.

Other Information

Biochemic Remedies are homoeopathically prepared from from safe, natural and non-habit forming ingredients. They are based on Dr Schuessler';s Nutritional Biochemic System of Medicine.

Kind regards
overanxious last decade
To Overanxious

The product you described is correct.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for the article on Farah Fawcett fighting anal cancer. As someone who wasn't used to haven't difficulty with constipation, it was disconcerting to have a few bouts and then the burning and pain of the fissure. Of course I am sure that most people who have never had one immediately fixate on cancer since anything 'inside' that hurts - and the healing is slow -- freaks us out. At what point do you recommend having further tests with the doctor?
Perl146 last decade
To Perl

There is nothing to get freaked out every time you have some pain which results from some injury to the anal canal which is usually caused by a hard stool. As you may have read on this thread you can use Nat Phos 6x to soften the BM or if there is some abrasion in the Anal canal, an antibiotic ointment will help in the healing if applied internally.

I considered the possibility that this article may arouse some concern by my copying it but I decided to do so as felt that it is better to be forewarned than sorry. The statistics of anyone getting Anal cancer is very low in comparison to the chances of suffering from the usual Fistula or Fissure. An Abscess which is usually external is caused by the infection resultant to wiping with toilet paper and it is my hope that people will use the wet wipe or as we do here in Sri Lanka use a bidet to wash out the debris that is always left behind with the bacteria after every BM.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dearest Jo what an Angel you are!...

I have had the Doc look at me today.. The cut is there and it does keep opening with little blood every two or three weeks. 'No fissure' 'No Fistula' Dry and External Hemroids with its accompanying little hole.. I have ordrered all I need Homeopathically and the Doctor has given me the Antibiotic Ointment for when and if the hole does open up again. I have lost another 3 kg in weight this week. I have gone from being morbidly obese to obese.. heading for just FAT now (Chuckles)

I thank you from the center of my being
overanxious last decade
You embarass me with your comments !

I am glad that your doctor reassured you that all is well and the best news is that he gave you that much needed prescription for the Antibiotic ointment which is an essential part of this therapy. Use it liberally to ensure that the lesion is permitted to heal without the bacteria.

Keep on with the Arnica but if you do not have any pus discharge, you can drop the Silicea.

Keep us posted with the progress of your lesion which I feel will quickly heal.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

When you asked me to drain my external abcess yesterday, it did not happen even after I tried. It was so painful even to touch that area. It was a punishment to even try to sit, it was so bad. And I had fever also because of it since the last two days. But a short while ago it drained spontaneously. It drained A LOT. The relief was immediate. Thank God for small mercies!

Joe, I have complete faith that you will be able to cure me. Pls tell me how much more time do I have to face this painful cycle of pus drainage?

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warm regards
Megastar last decade
To Megastar

I am happy to learn that your Fistula has finally drained. I can sense your relief from the constant pain you suffered whenever you sat down.

This is the time to keep on with the Silicea 6x and the Arnica 30c to ensure that the drainage and the healing continue. You must also stick your finger in and massage the sore spot to ensure that the fistula passage outward does not get blocked up again and cause you more pain.

You have asked me to give you some time frame for your cure. This is something that I cannot predict as this is beyond my ken. The chances are good however that if you succeed in keeping the fistula passage open by constant massage to help in its drainage till the Arnica works to fill up the area that is responsible for the accumulation of pus, you may discover that your problem may be resolved.

You can consider yourself fortunate that your fistula was helped without surgery. I hope and pray that the therapy you are now using will make your cure permanent.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thank you so much for the help. I will continue with this therapy for as long as it takes to make the cure permanent.

Warm regards
Megastar last decade
Hi Everyone,
I have been reading your posts with great interest over the last three months or so, and have found the site to be very informative with a good cross setion of idears. For me I have had an anul fistula surgicaly removed. My trouble started when I had a buldged disk in my back. I was in so much pain I was admitted to emergency twice not being able to control the pain. It was through taking all of the drugs that caused bad constipation, which tore the iner lining of my bowl causing an abscess. I had that drained and after about 4 weeks the fistula had formed. The biopsy on the first abscess showed some abnormal cells and after seeing a specialist he highly recommended the surgery. Fortunatley or me the abscess was not high and although he removed some muscle all went well. It has been six weeks since my surgery and touch wood I have had no reoccurrence of an abscess or fistula. I have been taking silica, Nux von 30, Aloe-vera Digestive health has been a life saver for keeping my bowls going and as a boost for my system Echinatol. I have given up coffee, but still have a gold beer or glass of wine which is good for my bowls. The operation itself was on a scale of 1 to 10 a 2, I am still taking the silica and Nux von and will for some time. My specalist said when he cut out the fistula he would close the inside opening. Of cause it is a wound but I think if you keep the bowls loose and have the hot baths three time a day these things really help. He also said some people were more prone to fistula than others, but I hope my experience with the surgery can offer some of you another way of looking at your situation.
Collywoll last decade
hi all,
I have been diagnosed with an anal fistula. I experienced two perirectal abscesses last fall, and one recurred last month. Each abscess was drained and with the drainage of this last abscess a fistula developed. My Dr advised a fistulectomy and I am hesitant as it seems as though there is a long rehabilitative process. I am interested in your approach, and have found this forum very informative. Just wondering if your remedy can be used by someone taking paxil daily (20mg once daily).

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
tommyboy last decade
Paxil is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and at 20mg once daily may not antidote the standard remedies that I have prescribed for Fistulas and Abscesses.

You can get the various remedies that you will read about in my previous posts and you are also invited to read some of the posts of persons who have been helped with the therapy.

Please post your response in a week after you start on the therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe - thanks for your reply.

I have read almost all of the pages in this forum, and I still have a bit of skepticism, as it appears people are healing - but I have not seen complete evidence of a cure for the fistula condition.

I am interested in your opinion on the less invasive treatments such as fibrin glue and the plug that have been recently introduced. It appears that the glue can be less intrusive and non-surgical and allows for reapplication in case it does not fully work in one application. The plug seems to be another alternative to the fistulotomy which is less invasive and provides a shorter recovery time - with promising results.

I am just looking into all of my options - and these two seem very intriguing.

Thanks again for your insight.
tommyboy last decade
I underwent a fibrin glue therapy procedure on an outpatient basis on 9/27. My draining seton, in place after fistulotomy in May, was removed, the tract was cleared, and bovine material was inserted. (Autologous material can also be used, made from the patient's blood, but this was not offered to me.) I was sent home relatively pain-free, with the antibiotic Flagyl x 7 days. I was not to drive for 2 days, and not to exercise for 7 days.

Within 10 days I knew the therapy had failed, unfortunately. I will see my colon-rectal surgeon tomorrow to discuss next steps. The fibrin plug was previously discussed, and the doctor said availability would determine which he used. He may decide to repeat the fibrin glue therapy.

My procedure was a 'second stage,' following the healing and drainage of the tract since my operation in May. The surgeon laid open the tract internally down a length, and placed the seton near the anal opening. Thus the sphincter muscle and continence were preserved.

You may research this or ask your surgeon, but I think fibrin glue is only used after fistulotomy or at the same time. The tract/tunnel may need to be cleared of the 'wrong' kinds of cells (and healed) to bind to the fibrin properly.

My fistula was low, transphincteric, and non-complex. The type of procedure is usually dictated by the type of fistula, and other patient factors.

Good luck to you. I hope this helps.
bethw last decade
hi joe,

This is me, trish s. i wrote a few weeks ago finding a lump in my breast and the dr. put me on antibiotics for a breast infection.

well, i had an ultrasound which showed a 'solid mass.' i did the round of antibiotics. The lump is gone. i am continuing to do your routine of homeopathics.

you suggested taking Conium M 30c but i could not find it in my store and did not purchase thru mail order at that time.

do you suggest going back to silicea or order the Conium M 30c?

I think my lack of taking the silicea has caused my fistula or abscess to flare up.

this morning i noticed a hard lump developing under the skin in the same spot as previously.

up until today it was well on it's way to healing. dry and no more seepage. the only irriation i had was itching.

thanks for all your help,

trishs last decade
To Tommyboy

Glad to note that you have read the many pages of this thread and that you have not read the cures that have resulted by those who have used my therapy. You may have to look a little more closely as many of those who finally are cured do not come back and state so, as is common with other patients who have used the therapy that I have offered and were cured. This is symptomatic of a forum such as this where patients sometimes insist on a homeopathic cure on a quick fix basis but when they do experience this form of miracle cure, they do not always confirm that they have in fact been cured. Such is human nature and I am quite used to it.

I note that you have not started the therapy that I prescribed and till you do so it is obvious that you will not be able to evaluate whether or not it can work.

I an not in favour of any invasive surgical treatment for a anal problem as in my experience none has worked. In direct contrast however the simple therapy that I have always prescribed including the antibiotic ointment internally applied after every BM seems to be the therapy that has stood the test of time.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Bethw

I note that your surgeon has tried with the first line of defense but that it has not worked.

To me it seems obvious that you should now commence the therapy that I have indicated above which I shall not repeat again as it has helped many even though we do not see any confirmation that they have been cured. My stand on these patients is that 'no news is good news' !

You will soon discover that surgery is NOT the answer to healing a fistula. The Homeopathic approach with the antibiotic is.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Trishs

You have often been in my thoughts and I must admit that I am relieved that your breast lump has resolved itself, in spite of the grim forebodings of some detractors who just jumped on this manifestation with obvious glee which seemed to me so macabre !

I am so glad that no surgical intervention was found necessary as the antibiotic that you were prescribed fixed it. I shall interested to learn the name of the AB that you used for the record. It is obvious that it is an infection which does not have its origins to the therapy that you were using for your anal problems.

I would like to have more data to work on to help you and I would like to have answers to the following questions:

How many days into the therapy I prescribed did you first notice the lump in your breast ?
Did you inform your doctor about the therapy ?
Did you stop this therapy when you were using the antibiotic ?
How many days did you use the AB ?
How many days after you stopped the AB did you discover the return of the lump ?
Is it tender to the touch ?
You mentioned seepage. Did it seep pus prior to or during the AB therapy ?
Did your doctor advise you to have the pus analyzed for a ABS test ?
What is the current state of your fistula?
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,

thanks for your time.

the answers are as follows:

How many days into the therapy I prescribed did you first notice the lump in your breast ?

i started the therapy in mid-August - i noticed the lump on Sept. 30th.

Did you inform your doctor about the therapy ?

yes, i did. she would not prescibe the antibiotic ointment, so i use over the counter.

Did you stop this therapy when you were using the antibiotic ?

I did stop the Silecea and nat phos, but not arnica. i did re-start silecea today.

How many days did you use the AB ?

i used Augmentin for 10 days.

How many days after you stopped the AB did you discover the return of the lump ?

i noticed the lump return 7 days after the antibiotic ended.

Is it tender to the touch ?

no, it is not tender to touch. just a hard lump about the size of a thickened large coin.

You mentioned seepage. Did it seep pus prior to or during the AB therapy ?

it seeped on and off since August. it had stopped in the last few weeks, just anal itching lately.

Did your doctor advise you to have the pus analyzed for a ABS test ?

No, she did not. what is an ABS test? it is not currently leaking. but, i guess it is building up again.

What is the current state of your fistula?

it was barely noticeable the last month. the only discomfort i had was anal itching with no real pattern. an on and off itch. i did not feel any lumps under the skin. i did, however, feel perhaps, scar tissue. i could feel some thickness under the skin. but not a hard lump.

the lump is not as big as august. in august it felt very large to me. it was painful, an abscess that burst with the fistula.

the fistula opening from the outside was healed over completely. i could never really tell from the inside of the anus. sometims i felt some discomfort.

i must say, my bowel movements have become incredibly irregular. i am not always eliminating when i wake up in the morning and tend to become constipated.

i had this happen even when i was taking the nat phos.

thanks for your help,

trishs last decade
Take note that my recent post was in response to a specific inquiry regarding fibrin glue therapy. I can write with authority, based on my own experience with this treatment. I provided information to a fellow sufferer. Previously I've written about the importance of getting the information you need to make health care decisions.

On May 6th coloclub78 pointed out the serious fact that untreated fistulas may become cancerous. Keep that in mind. You may want to go back on the thread and read that post. Others to this site mention many individual patient factors must be considered in pursuing treatment. Crohn's disease, for instance, is a serious auto-immune inflammatory disease involving the entire digestive tract. Fistula patients with Crohn's should be followed by specialists.

Some changes I've made in my life, since following this forum, I believe have improved my health. I continue to seek a complete cure. I am currently on the next step of this process.
bethw last decade

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