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Oh and one more small point:

3. Are the tablets of Silicea and Nat phos to be consumed without diluting them in water? If yes, then are they to be chewed or swallowed?

I am sure you must have specified this info somewhere in the earlier pages, but it would really be a pain trying to search for this specific info in the previous 18 pages of back and forth communications between you and other patients! So pls be kind enough to repeat once again for my benefit and oblige. :)

Thanks again
Megastar last decade
3. Are the tablets to be taken with water or without? If without, then are they to be swallowed or chewed?

Pls specify and oblige.

Thanks again
Megastar last decade
It is almost midnight here in Sri Lanka and I saw your post coming in and felt that I must respond to it immediately.

Antibiotic ointment is NOT homeopathic but it is an essential ingredient of the cure that has worked in the posts above which you have yet to read.

Get the ointment from a medical pharmacy. If you cannot do so without a doctor's prescription pay a doctor to give it to you. The ointment will ensure that the anal area is kept as sterile as is possible after each BM.

The other stuff you have got is useless. Trash it.

Do not worry about your weight. If you do not constipate usually you do not have to use it.

I presume that you have got the other items Silicea, Arnica.

You MUST STOP all other medication like your Protein Isolates whatever they are if you wish to be healed in your bottom.

Your cure is in your hands and you are advised to read ALL the pages of this thread ASAP.

Wish you luck.
Joe De Livera last decade
Good morning, Joe,

When I asked you last time whether all these medicines were Homeopathic, you said yes. Now, I understand that the ANTIBIOTIC CREAM is NOT HOMEOPATHIC after you've specified it. Pls answer pointwise to avoid confusion.

1.You are saying now, that I can skip the Nat Phos completely? Or should I take 2 tabs after ONE meal instead of two?

2.Protein isolates is not a medication but just like a chocolate drink which contains a richness of proteins and is used as a diet supplement. Do you still want me to stop it?

3. You have still not answered my point #3 in the last query. Are the tablets to be consumed without water? If so, then are they to be chewed or swallowed.

I know you are not being paid for your advice and I appreciate that, but you could pls answer the questions pointwise to avoid confusion for the patient.

Thanks again
Megastar last decade
pls read antibiotic ointment instead of antibiotic cream.
Megastar last decade
The problem with a person like you is that you just refuse to read the posts on this thread which will give you chapter and verse of my advice to others who have been saved from the knife, some of them permanently.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
Instead of giving answers to my questions you ask me again to read through TWENTY PAGES OF BACK AND FORTH COMMUNICATIONS most of which has no connections with what I asked you.

I repeat, that I appreciate your advice and thank you for it and am doing exactly like you are asking me to do. I went out again and bought another ointment, because last time you didn't specify that it was not a homeopathic ointment.

I would suggest you save your instructions in a txt document and copy paste that whenever a new patient like me comes.

Now would you kindly answer the question I asked. I do not have the time to go thru TWENTY PAGES OF BACK AND FORTH COMMUNICATIONS. Specially when I read about 10 pages of it and didn't find the answer to my specific queries.

Thank you for being so kind and understanding.
Megastar last decade
I repeat my questions which remain unanswered for the last time:

1.You are saying now, that I can skip the Nat Phos completely? Or should I take 2 tabs after ONE meal instead of two?

2.Protein isolates is not a medication but just like a chocolate drink which contains a richness of proteins and is used as a diet supplement. Do you still want me to stop it?

3. You have still not answered my point #3 in the last query. Are the tablets to be consumed without water? If so, then are they to be chewed or swallowed.
Megastar last decade
Thank you for your suggestion to copy and paste my therapy but the problem in doing so is that each patient cannot be treated with the same stock therapy and in your case I had already given you specific instructions which you now persist in questioning whether or not an antibiotic ointment is homeopathic or otherwise.

You must appreciate that I am a busy man even at my advanced age of 77 and I have to attend to my primary duty as the Chairman of my family owned business, rather than keep on replying your queries ad nauseam.

However in deference to your request I shall attempt to do so for this last time.

You can use your judgement whether to use NP or not.

Quite frankly I am not interested in the pedigree of your protein isolates. If you must take them do so but do not expect to be cured. I mention this as all additives unlike the food you eat to live, have various chemicals that can perhaps be the cause of a lesion in your body. High protein is also known to cause lesions and eruptions. If you have been taking this for some time, it may well be the cause. Coffee, alcohol, preserved meats containing saltpeter are all included in this list of taboos.

You can eat the tablets or dissolve them, it really does not matter. They cannot however be used in the manner that I have prescribed to make the wet dose with any remedy as this technique is reserved for the c or centismal potencies. The x or decimal must be used wholly.

All your queries have been answered by me in my many post above which you just refuse to read and also in the previous post where I patiently answered each of your individual queries.

I regret that I will not be patient with you if you still persist in your line of questioning and demanding that I help you.

I believe that I am too soft with types like you who should be shown the door. It is just my humanity that keeps me replying you as I am now doing as in spite of your attitude, I still feel that you deserve to be healed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
I respect you for the work you are doing to help patients like me and also your advanced age. Thank you for finally answering the questions which were specific to me and were only a logical progression from the conversation I had with you earlier.

I would have to say this to you that you are probably being too quick to form a judgement about me by using phrases like 'persons like you' and 'types like you'. :)

I have no doubts about your humanity and it was never in question. But you know precious little about me to make careless comments like that.

Also, I started consuming the Protein isolates health drink only one month back and it has no connection with the fistula whatsoever. It is just a harmless chocolate drink which is rich in protein. The fistula has been there for the last 3-4 years, as I told you in my first post on this forum.

I still thank you again for your help and will report to you it's progress in due course. :)

Warm regards
Megastar last decade
Hello Joe,

I am checking in. Still following your recommendations.

This week i have a lot of itching. Is there something i can do about the anal itch?


trish s
trishs last decade
I believe that the itch is due to the action of bacteria in your anus and the answer is to insert the Arntibiotic ointment into the anus to keep the bacteria under control.

I do realize that it is not the most pleasant thing to do but it will help you.

Report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I suppose we could use a cotton bud instead of the finger. Its less uncomfortable.

izaac last decade
I have experienced some itching, too, Trish. I use the Neosporin ( antibiotic ointment) still. I wonder if it is from that. Or if my wound is healing. I am still using it after the BM, but I also try to clean the area again after a while so that it doesnt itch so bad.
julianna480 last decade
To Izaac

I'm afraid that a cotton bud is far too small to be of the slightest use to keep the bacterial count as low as is possible after a BM.

You want a finger in a rubber finger cote or the equivalent which you can get from a rubber surgical glove which is cut off from the hand and you coat it liberally with the ointment and insert it inside. It is not at all as messy as you think that it should be and of course it is the most effective.

You must remember that it is a small price to pay for your recovery.

And do NOT use toilet paper which you rub against the area to be cleaned. A bidet is the ideal but if you do not have one as is the case in most homes, you can always use a wet wipe or even damped toilet paper which will clean thoroughly and not abraid the area.
Joe De Livera last decade
Whether hemorrhoids, fissure, abscess, or fistula, sitz baths are VERY helpful therapy for healing. Purchase a sitz basin from a pharmacy, or draw enough water in a bath tub to cover your affected area and sit for 15-20 minutes up to 3 times a day, especially after a bowel movement if needed. Water should be at least warm, but I prefer it hotter. Read more here: www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/Atoz/ency/sitz_bath.jsp RESULTS: swelling goes down, discomfort is eased, healing is promoted. This is a basic measure to take, recommended by each doctor and nurse treating me.
bethw last decade

i have been using the antibiotic ointment and still have the itch. perhaps i am not using enough or i need to remember to reapply.


trishs last decade
trish are you using neosporin?
julianna480 last decade
It may be that the antibiotic ointment you are using is not effective.

Can you get another brand like Polyfax ?

Please follow my instructions on the method of application and do not use toilet paper to wipe after a BM.
Joe De Livera last decade
QUOTE: 'You can eat the tablets or dissolve them, it really does not matter. They cannot however be used in the manner that I have prescribed to make the wet dose with any remedy as this technique is reserved for the c or centismal potencies. The x or decimal must be used wholly.'

This is UTTER rubbish. Any remedy in ANY scale of potency may be administered in water, and in fact this is the very mode of application used when dosing with LM's, so your assertion that this method of administration can only be used for Centesimals is without any logic whatsoever.

I despair...
Hahnemania last decade
Hi Joe,

I am new to this post, and have read the majority of pages on this site regarding your advice for the treatment of an anal fistula.

A year ago, I had an anal abcess, which spontaneously drained about 2 months after developing. However, several months later, this developed into a fisula. I was surgically treated for this fistula 2 months ago.

Just yesterday, I discovered a small abcess over the spot where the fistula had healed and now there is pain and swelling again. I am incredibly frustrated, as I had tried my best to follow nurses' orders with respect to healing the fistula after surgery.

I have read your advice and just want clarification on your treatment plan. You are advising to take:

- Arnica 30C - 1 teaspoon twice daily (how is this prepared? In a previous post you said to 3 pellets of Arnica 6c and shake and then drink a teaspoon 3 times daily) Can you clarify?

- Silicea 6x - 2 tablets twice daily

- Antibiotic ointment inserted after each BM

Is this all? This just started recurring yesterday, after thinking that I was completely cured after my surgery 2 months ago... please help!
Frustrated223 last decade
Dear Frustrated,

Do you actually have an abscess or is it a lump of sensitive tissue at the opening of your fistula?

I had a fistulotomy in May and had a lump that I suspected was a new abscess, although there was never any fluid from it. Scar tissue develops with surgery, and if this is what has happened to you, you should leave it alone. Use only the very softest toilet paper or wet wipes, but keep the area clean. It may even bleed a small amount if it gets irritated.

I noticed that long periods of sitting, extremely hot weather, tight clothing, or vigorous exercise would cause problems. Sitz baths help the discomfort and aid in healing, which takes months, I've discovered.

BTW, I had another procedure this week to remove the draining seton and close the channel with fibrin glue. This was a breeze compared with the fistulotomy. So far I feel great! I am hopeful this is the final cure for me.
bethw last decade
Hmmm, that is a good question. It IS a small lump over top of the opening where the anal fistula was, however, I do not think it is just scar tissue. I could feel scar tissue prior to this developing (sort of felt like tissue UNDER the skin). This now feels like a small, fluid-filled area over top of where the opening was. I can manipulate it, which indicates to me that is is a small abcess, although I am not entirely sure.

All I know is that everything was fine up until yesterday, when I had a BM, then I was in the same sort of discomfort that I was before I had the fistulectomy.

Also, ever since my surgery 2 months, ago, I still do have a small amount of bleeding when I go to the bathroom. I am assuming this is normal.

All I know is that is so frustating, and I do not want to go back to the surgeon to be told I need another surgery. I would rather try another route before that... if infact it IS not corrected.
Frustrated223 last decade
To Frustrated

You have the beginnings of another Fistula and I believe that it is not too late to start the therapy that you have detailed in your last post.

The Arnica wet dose is made exactly as you have copied and should not pose any problem to make.

Remember the antibiotic ointment which is all part of the therapy and must be inserted after each BM
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe. I will try this right away.

How long should this treatment be taken for? And does it usually heal the fistula completely, or only eliminate the symtoms?

Thanks for your help.
Frustrated223 last decade
You are invited to read the last 19 pages of this thread to answer your question. You will note that the majority of those who have posted here have confirmed that they were helped towards a cure of their problem.

I hope that you will number among this majority.

In any event I would doubt very much if surgery is the answer.
Joe De Livera last decade

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