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To Fistula

Thank you for reporting on your progress. I am confident that you will soon be healed permanently but this will take a few more weeks. I cannot recollect how many times you have been in surgery but you will soon see that you will not need to be under the knife any more.

I believe that getting an antibiotic ointment in the UK is difficult but this is an integral part of the therapy and I hope that this can be obtained on prescription.

Metronidazole as far as I know is not available as an ointment. It is popularly known as Flagyl and may not be suitable as a wide spectrum antibiotic like Polyfax or Mycitracin which are avaible in Sri Lanka and have been found to be very effective in helping to keep the bacterial count low after a BM.

I shall copy some clinical data on Flagyl:
Metronidazole is an antibiotic effective against anaerobic bacteria and certain parasites. Anaerobic bacteria are single-cell living organisms that thrive in low oxygen environments and can cause disease in the abdomen (bacterial peritonitis) liver (liver abscess), and pelvis ( abscess of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes). Giardia lamblia and ameba are parasites that can cause abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea in infected individuals. Metronidazole selectively blocks some of the cell functions in these microorganisms, resulting in their demise.

Metronidazole is not available as an Ointment and this is essential as the petroleum base in the ointment tends to maintain it in situ after insertion after a BM to ensure that the healing process is continued.
Joe De Livera last decade
To bthw & Fistula,

Thanks for your advise. Well to start with I had a Fistula, which had two opening i.e mucous used to come out. I had this problem for nearly an year, before I got fed up and got a surgery done.

Iam not sure if this falls into which category.

My surgery was done on 30th June ' 06, and its been two weeks now. This was done on an outpatient basis without complications and under local anesthesia.

Its similar to what bthw mentioned, channel is laid open internally such that the anal sphincter is not cut and the incision ends before the anal opening.

I still have little drainage, and discomfort. I try to take hot baths whenever I can. Iam taking some pills for stool softners. I don't have any problems in my bowels.

My doctor told me that this will heal in 50 days. Do you think this will close completely? Is their any scarring left?
jvirk last decade
JVIRK - wow - I had mine done on the 29th. its a race to the finish then! I had the surgisis procedure done - complicated only by a massive infection - which is what Joe is making suggestions for. I actually live in California and have not tried to find the antibiotic ointments, but will ask when I see my MD on monday. Other than that, continuing with the therapy (minus the nat phos b/c I'm lazy and havent gotten to the pharmacy yet). But despite all of that, I appear to be healing fine. Good luck and keep the posts going.
fistula last decade

Iam in NY. I wonder if I could get your email or phone number. It will just be nice to interact with someone going through the same situation.

I'd like to know how big is ur hole after surgery. Do you belive this will completely close, and leave no scar? I have a little drainage, other than it seems fine. Do you still have drainage? How do you take care of it? I have just felt that I iam left with a hole, but have not had the heart to look at it. Please get in touch.
jvirk last decade
hello, i am very frustrated and need advice. i have been suffering from chrons for about 6yrs now. i have been on asacol,pentasa,have had surgery to remove diseased part of my small intestine in 2002. recently i had a fistulotomy where a seton was placed and tied from the anus to the left side next to the vaginal opening. besides the pentasa my gastro has prescribed imuran and entocort which i have not yet taken (concerned about the side effects) and they want to start me on Remicade (which i have major concerns about. they say that if i do not start these therapies i will end up with a colostomy.
please help, any advice is appreciated.
hatechrons last decade
to hate cron's:

I hate it and have it to! Remicade is an amazing drug and should have had it earlier, it may have saved you surgery. But whatever, that's life. The first one lasted me for 1.5 years without needing another infusion. Following that, I took it 1 every 6/mo. Then 1 every 3/mo and now have been pushing the doses back to one every 5 or so. I know I no longer need it, but I am afraid and am playing it cautiously. Very soon, I'll put it behind me. SOme other factors: DIET, LIFESTYLE, STRESS/ACTIVITIES. Everyone's food response is different but please read (if you havent all ready): 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle' by Elaine Gotschall and 'Patient Heal thyself' by Jordan Rubin. Both life threatening Crohn's cases saved by diet. These books have had a wide spread positive effect on everyone that I know who has employed their ideas. Lifestyle - be healthy. Don't abuse your body. Stress: find your way out of it. I do yoga classes 5 times a week from 830 at night to ten and it is one of THE BEST ways I spend my time. I am healing because of it. Vitamins. . . I used to take digestive enzymes, which helped and I don't need them anymore. Trace mineral additives to water - very helpful.

Don't be affraid of remicade; you'll bounce out of the infusion room; I promise.

About the pain and suffering: please try to look for the blessing in desguise as crohn's disease. Why do you have it? WHat is it asking you to pay attention to? I think you'll come to realize that if you play your hand correctly, 'crohn's disease' may be the best thing to happen to us. keep us posted
fistula last decade
to jvirk:

I'm kinda different in this way - I enjoy the science and biology, so the hard facts and signs on the body don't phase me. Yeah - the whole situation blows, but I DO BELIEVE THAT I WILL HEAL. And I am. The swelling - it has decreased drastically over the last 36 hours b/c the infection is leaving and the stitching has worked itself out of the hole (secondary/outside opening). The hole is microscopic, but as left over drainage builds, it kinda looks like a zit - but then usually busts in a warm bath and follows the same pattern as the swelling goes down and what I'm assuming to be the canal and primary opening sealing up as well. I manage the drainage by 3x3 gauze pads wedged into my butt. I don't even feel it there. Again - over the last few days the drainage has diminished to almost nothing - although I would imagine it will continue as the wound completes it's healing. Side note - a couple of nights ago I woke up because I felth something other that drainage - it was warm and tickly - yes - blood. A lot of it. I called my MD and he said that it was perfectly normal as the blood vessels vascularize and the stitching loses hold or dissolves. not sure if you had that yet. If you havent been there yet - get to trader joe's in union square (its an organinc supermarket from california). There's so much healthy stuff in there and everythings like 3 dollars. You'll see. Hope that covers some ground for you.
fistula last decade
to hate crohn's:

sorry - one more thing: I also find aloe juice really healpful. 1-2 cups a day. And imuran - 6mp - tried it once; alsmost blew up my pancreas the same day. threw the meds in the trash. but that's just me.

ps: JOE, A QUICK QUESTION: does chocolate antidote the arnica?
fistula last decade

Thanks. You seem to know so much, and it is helpful. I do not have any stiches when my surgery was done. Was yours different in some way?. May be it depends on the type of fistula. Mine is an open wound, and it will heal from inside.

I do get some blood stains in my undergarment though. My pain has almost gone, and drainage seems to be under control. I'll start my usual jogs from today.
jvirk last decade

not totally sure what you mean by open wound; the hole has not shrunk and has no skin covering? I dealt with that when my abcess was drained a year ago and I think it took a while - a few months give or take. Anyway - if you do a search on yahoo for surgisis AFP video archive, you can actually see the procedure. The biomaleable material which was pulled through my canal did have some internal stiching, yes. Anyway - glad you're out and about. Feels good, doesn't it!?
fistula last decade
Dear Joe,
This line of treatment with Calc phos 1X and Silicia 3X, was one used by Dr. Fleury with success, and is mentioned in the book titled '12 tissue salts of Schussler' by Boeric & Dewy. This has also helped the gentleman I suggested the remedies to as the fistula has responded quite favorably. As mentioned earlier, I have also suggested the addition of Arnica 30, in wet, two split doses and Nat phos 6X, two tablets after meals for improving blood circulation and acidity, respectively. I request your thought and further guidance on this, please.
Best regards, Karim.
Karim last decade
To Karim,

I have always maintained that it is important that all who are interested and dedicated to the progress of Homeopathy should share with others especially patients their own experience in the treatment of a specific ailment.

I am gald to note that you have added Calc Phos 1x and Silicea 3x (which I have recommended at 6x) both of which have helped a patient. Arnica 30c in the wet dose has also been added with Nat Phos 6x but there is still a remedy you have forgotten which is the Antibiotic Ointment which is, in my opinion, essential for the healing of the lesion in the anus. As you will realize the purpose of this messy insertion into the anus by the patient after every bowel movement is to ensure that the bacterial count in the lesion is kept as low as possible which in turn will help in the healing.

Please report progress of your patient to the addition of the Calc Phos and the Antibiotic ointment like Polyfax to the therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To: Joe.
Thanks for your prompt reply. I would also like to take this opportunity to correct the name of the book and author with reference to my mail dated, 2006-07-16 as follows: The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler, by Boericke & Dewey.
Regards, Karim.
Karim last decade
Fistula- thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate them. I have not decided to take the Remicade, that cannot be the only way to make a fistula heal. They say once I start on Remicade is a life long therapy with very serious side effects. I don't feel comfortable with this medicine that supposedly cures the fistula but can cause a worse effect on the body. I have read through out this forum on the Arnica, Silicea, Nat Phos and Polyfax treatment. I have found everything except the Polyfax, where can I find it and what is the correct amount to be used?
Is this the correct treatment: Arnica 30C (wet dose) 3 globules 2 times daily into 500ml of spring water, Silicea 6X2 tablets 3 times daily, Nat Phos 6X 2 tablets daily (after lunch and dinner) and Polyfax Ointment- I don't know for how long this should be used.

I also read about Nature's Plus Source of Life Vitamins. Does anyone have any info on how good these vitamins are? What about Vitacel 9 with Procaine HCL? How good is that?

Thank you. Best Regards.
hatechrons last decade
To Hatechrons

If you cannot get Polyfax ointment you can ask your pharmacy for any other equivalent of an antibiotic ointment. This is necessary as it keeps the bacterial count after a BM as low as possible as you have to stick your finger in, you know what, every time to help with the curative process.

This combination therapy has helped many as you can see on this thread and I hope that it will also help you.

You can expect a full recovery within 3 months on this therapy.

You must of course avoid the taboos like alcohol, spicy food and other irritants that can interfere with the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
I would prefer that you avoid the following:

Nature's Plus Source of Life Vitamins. Does anyone have any info on how good these vitamins are? What about Vitacel 9 with Procaine HCL
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe -

Does chocolate antidote the arnica? Anyway, am pleased to reprt that things are healing nicely.

How'd you end up in Sri Lanka? Best Regards!
fistula last decade
I am glad to note that your problem is as you put it 'healing nicely'.

Do remember that this therapy is by no means a quick fix as it may take months but the cure is permanent unlike surgery.

You will be the best judge of whether or not chocolate antidotes your therapy. It would be useful for others if you record your experience after eating chocolate in the event of its causing any further problems.

I was born and bred in Sri Lanka which is almost 77 years ago. Where are you located ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe! Thanks again for the response. I'm in Los Angeles, California. It may still be to early to tell - but I don't think chocolate antidotes the arnica because I am still on the same trend of healing; ie no draining, no swelling, no pain, tissue density returning to normal. Somtimes I have gas and a little will sneek through whats left of the fistula - which is a crazy sensation; but that's lessening as well.

Anyway - my best to all and I'm sure if I can do it, you can too!
fistula last decade
Thanks for your advice. I have a question about Arnica . I read how some people are particularly sensitive to the plant and many severe cases of poisoning have resulted from its use, especially if taken internally. How it inhibits liver function in the human body which, in turn, causes death. Have you experienced anything like this?

Also, I have inflammation in my small intestine from my Chron's, would it help if I took Aloe Elite (Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides)?

Could I take it at the same time as the Fistula treatment?
hatechrons last decade
I also have had my Gall bladder out and suffer bile diarohea problems.
Can i take Croton Tig 30 c,5 drops in a little water after every stool?

Will this work with your remedy too?
jonboy last decade
To Hatechrons

Arnica in its raw state is poisonous but in the Homeopathic state it can be classified as a Miracle Remedy whose many aspects have not been fully explored by the classical homeopaths in their Materia Medicas.

I have, I believe, discovered many ailments for which Arnica can be used very successfully and you are invited to visit:

Answering your question about Aloe, I shall copy below Boericke on Aloe Socotrina below:

Socotrine Aloes

An excellent remedy to aid in re-establishing physiological equilibrium after much dosing, where disease and drug symptoms are much mixed. There is no remedy richer in symptoms of portal congestion and none that has given better clinical results, both for the primary pathological condition and secondary phenomena. Bad effects from sedentary life or habits. Especially suitable to lymphatic and hypochondriacal patients. The rectal symptoms usually determine the choice. Adapted to weary people, the aged, and phlegmatic, old beer-drinkers. Dissatisfied and angry about himself, alternating with lumbago. Heat internally and externally. Has been used successfully in the treatment of consumption by giving the pure juice.

Aloe is known to be a remedy that soothes the gut and it may be of some use to you to help with your Chron's. The dose is 2 pellets Aloe Soc 30c taken twice daily. It is perfectly safe to be used in the Homeopathic potencies.

I have not recommended it use for patients who suffer from Fistula and the more I think of the possibilities with this remedy, I am hopeful that it will also help it the cure of both Fistula and Chron's.

Please report your response after a few days on this remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Johnboy

It is possible that Croton Tig can help your diarrhoea. I note that you wish to use 5 drops in water after every stool but I would not recommend it in that dosage. I would prefer that you use the wet dose method where you insert 2 drops of the remedy or 3 pellets into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you shake up hard before you sip a teaspoonful 3 times daily.

Please report your response as to how it helps your condition.

I note you have posted on this Fistula thread. Do you also suffer from this ailment ?

I shall copy Boricke on this remedy below:

Croton-oil Seed

Is a valuable remedy in diarrhÏa, summer complaint, and skin affections. These may alternate with each other. Feels tight all over. It is one of the antidotes to Rhus poisoning, as is evident from its wide and intense action upon skin and mucous surface, causing both irritation and inflammation, with formation of vesicles and mucous discharges. Has elective affinity for skin of face and external genitals. Burning in the Ïsophagus.

Head.--Pressing pain in forehead, especially orbits.

Eyes.--Granular lids; pustules of cornea. Red and raw appearance. Feel drawn backward. Eruptions around eyes. Tensive pain above right orbit.

Stool.--Copious watery stools, with much urging; always forcibly shot out, with gurgling in intestines; worse, drinking the least quantity, or even while eating. Constant urging to stool, followed by sudden evacuation. Swashing sensation in intestines.

Urine.--Night urine foaming; dark orange color; turbid on standing; greasy particles floating on top. Day urine is pale, with white sediment.

Chest.--Drawing-pain through the left chest into the back. Asthma, with cough; cannot expand the chest. Nursing women; every suck the child gives produces pain from nipple back. Inflamed breasts. Cough; as soon as he touches the pillow must get up. Sensitive to deep breathing.
Skin.--Feels hide-bound. Intense itching; but scratching is painful. Pustular eruption, especially on face and genitals, with fearful itching, followed by painful burning. Vesicles; confluent oozing. Vesicular erysipelas, itching exceedingly. Herpes zoster; stinging, smarting pains of the eruption.

Modalities.--Worse, least food or drink; during summer; touch, night and morning, washing.

Relationship.--Compare: Momordica charantia-Hairy Mordica--(has marked drastic properties, producing colic, nausea, vomiting, cholera-like symptoms, abdomen seems full of fluid discharged explosively, thin, watery, yellow. Great thirst). Rhus; Anagallis; Anacard; Sepia.

Antidote: Ant tart.

Dose.--Sixth to thirtieth potency.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for the reply;
I will try to get some over weekend.

Yes I am suffering fistula/fissure and the lack of a gall bladder problem! thought id post both here to make sure remedy you suggest dont conflict with each other..... Im having a tough time with both of these things.
jonboy last decade
I believe that it is best to stabilize your diarrhoea first in order to minimize the constant reinfection that you will be causing in the fistula / fissure after each BM.

Let us see how you respond to the Croton Tig and we can then take it from there.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Although I have not posted any entries via this forum, I have read most entries and followed your recommendations. I suffer from crohn's and have had 4 fistolocomy's (insertion of setons and laying open the infected anal area) in the past 12 months due to the development of anal abscesses and fistulas.

I have been taking silicea (6X) and Anica (30C) for the past 3 months with positive outcomes. I also take imuron for my crohn's. The wound from the fistolocomy has almost healed, hence pus has dried up and wound is completely closed. Although I still feel that it hasn't completely healed (some areas around my anus feel slightly lumpy, might be scar tissue as my surgeon suggests). This may be a pyschological side effect, due to all the procedures I've had.

However with the positive recovery I have noticed that I suffer from constant headaches and lack energy in the past month. Do you have any advice on this or can you provide your thoughts?
Pwkim1 last decade

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