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I have a similar story...started 2 months back with an abscess in the but which was very painful, went to doc he operated immidiately and put a suton, which I got removed last week. The pus has been leeking from the hole and it seems that fistula has developed. I will be seeing the doc again next week, who has already mentioned that in case of fistula will do surgery.

As the pus has been leeking since 2 months, I thought something is wrong and searched the internet for a Fistula Forum to gain some insight and found this one....I read all the 14 pages of this forum just now(took me 4 about hours) and have tried to summarize the information for the new joiners. Most of this information has been picked up directly/compiled from Joe's recomendation for the treatement and responses that I have seen.

Joe and other contributers...Pls,correct and information that you think is wrong or need modification:

Disease: Fistula
Medicines: a) Silicea 6x
b) Arnica 30c (When getting cured, stop Silicea and use low dose Arnica (6))
c) Nat Phos 6x
d) Antibiotic ointment like Polyfax.

How Long to take?/What they do?:
The Silicea is only to be used till the fistula stops discharging while the Arnica can be continued nightly for life but in the lower potency 6c as it will help to keep up the blood supply in the affected area thereby preventing another fistula from developing. This is usually the problem with a fistula as it seems to be never ending and the only solution is surgery which again is never ending.
Nat Phos will help to soften hard stools which will irritate the delicate surface lining further.

Antibiotic Ointment is essential for the healing of the lesion in the anus. As you will realize the purpose of this messy insertion into the anus by the patient after every bowel movement is to ensure that the bacterial count in the lesion is kept as low as possible which in turn will help in the healing. This to be applied after every bowen motion (BM).

How to take the Medicines?
I have always recommended that any homeopathic remedy be used in the liquid dose. This is made by inserting 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you shake hard or bang against your palm to ensure bubbling every time before a teaspoonful which is then the dose is sipped twice daily.

This rule is only good for the c potencies and can therefore only apply to the Arnica. The Silicea 6x must be swallowed whole. 2 tablets is a dose.

You are welcome to do your regular exercise daily. Sitting in one place for long can exacerbate your problem and you are advised to use a hollow air pillow which will ease your discomfort.

Foods to be avoided are red meats, acidic fruits and veg like tomatoes, pineapples and of course alcohol which will cause distress almost immediately. Avoid Coffee. Avoid too much chilley.

Dose Details and Specifics:
1)Silicea 6x 2 tablets taken 3 times daily as DRY DOSE.. (While ordering be specific that BIOCHEMIC version is needed and not HOMEOPATHIC version. For example The silicea 6x I bought says on the label it is BIOCHEMIC ('according to the biochemic theory of Dr. W. H. Schuessler) and is made by Hyland's Homeopathic out of P&S Laboratories, LA, California. or label mighthave CELL SALT which is a biochemic form.)

2)Arnica 30c 2 pellets taken 3 times daily or Arnica 30c 3 pellets taken 2 times daily AS WET DOSE..

3) Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets taken after 2 meals.

4) Antibiotic ointment like Polyfax to the therapy.

From Where To Buy?
Washington Home Products manufactures the Biochemic version of Silicea 6x.
ABC (They might not have Biochemic version...chek to make sure.)

How is Fistula caused?

I believe that the etiology of a Fistula, Fissure or Abscess in the rectum usually starts with the abrasion of the inner lining of the anus which is caused by the passage of a hard constipated mass of fecal matter which causes a tear in the lining. This is infected by the passage of the stool and is further abraided by the passage of the next stool which is usually again hard and so on till the stage is set very quickly and within perhaps a week when an abscess forms. This leads to further damage which can end up in a fistula if the lesion caused by the stool is located further up deep in the sphincter muscle when the bacteria are locked in situ and the body responds by creating a duct or fistula to expel the mess.


(Just for clarification....In Above passages 'I' refers to Joe De Livera)

Regarding me....After reading the posts, I was kind of shocked to learn that I have something which doesn't seem to be 100% curable either through Surgery or Homeopathy....although I will get immidiately started with Homeopathy and see if I can avoid surgery.

summary last decade
To Summary

It was nice of you to put the more important of my advice to various patients in one post for easy reference but I would like to caution you that I am not a qualified homeopath and there may be some error in my advice and deductions which must not be considered as absolutely correct. However there is proof of the pudding and many will testify that my advice has helped them in some way.

I your case I seem to detect some tinge of despair that your problem cannot be cured by surgery or homeopathy. My advice to you is to use the Homeopathic solution to a cure of an ailment which I find affects many people who suffer in slience and only seek assistance when they cannot bear the pain. I am confident that you can be cured as so many have been with this therapy. It may take a few weeks or even months but this approach is far more effective and far less painful to the surgical approach which is unfortunately never ending.

The last para that you quoted is I believe a logical analysis of the etiology of this problem and I would like to add that these problems connected to the anal region can perhaps owe their origin to hyperacidity in some form where the lactic acid in the system are not resolved, according to Dr Schuessler into Carbonic acid and water which is breathed out from the lungs. You can refer to this point on the thread entitled Natrun Phosphoricum where many of us have dealt with the subject in detail.

I believe that if one suffers from Hyperacidity, one should use Nat Phos 6x to resolve this problem by nipping it in the bud rather than waiting for the inevitable lesion to form when it will lead to other complications.

Here again I must admit that I am theorizing and would welcome some dialogue from anyone who read this post.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe,

The silicia ABC sent me is 8x, it lists on the manifest:
Silicia6x (starts at 8x)

should i increase dosage? or continue with 2 in morning, 2 before bed?

Im going on 6 days and i still have the same amount of pus.

buck99se last decade
It is strange that ABC does not stock the 6x potency and supplied you the 8x as this is not a common potency in India and Sri Lanka.

However you can use it instead.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have had surgery on a fistula that was located in between my butt cheeks 6 years ago and have been having problems ever since. I noticed some bleeding again this morning from a lower, dofferent location. Surgery was awful and I do not want to go through that again. I do not have drainage ( pus ) all the time, more so when it is time for my period. I am very desperate for some help. What do you recommend?
julianna480 last decade
I should mention that my fistula developed from an ingrown hair that got infected. I have used Traumeel before, but slacked off on it, so I don't know if it really did work.
julianna480 last decade
Dear Julianna -

I'm a male and maybe there's a difference, but if you scroll up just half a page, someone else summarized EVERYTHING. Mine as well as other's stories are in this post from page 1 and it may be of comfort and support to you to read them. You're not alone in this thing.
fistula last decade

I cannot stress enough the importance of the antibiotic agent that you use. Prescription strength was recommended - but I, as many others, had a hard time obtaining it. I used an over the counter ointment and was running into trouble with infection.

My doctor just prescribed an antibiotic and within a day, that stupid thing (post surgery in my case remember) seems to be closing right up again.
fistula last decade
Thank you. I printed out the summary.

Do I use the biochemic version of silicea or homeopathic?

I remember reading somewhere it should be homeopathic, not biochemic?
julianna480 last decade
To Julianna

I believe that the standard therapy that I have indicated which you can read above in the previous posts on this thread can help you.

This therapy which has helped many is to use Arnica 30c in the wet dose 2-3 times daily and Silicea 6c tablets twice daily.

An antibiotic ointment like Polyfax is essential as you will see from Fistula's reply. This may be rather messy to insert but this is a small price to pay for a cure.

Answering your quetion about the Silicea 6x this is usually available in the Biochemic version which is triturated and is therefore recommended.
Joe De Livera last decade
Is polyfax available without prescription? Or where would I find it?
julianna480 last decade
Oh, and it is it Silicea 6c or 6x????
julianna480 last decade
Thank you for pointing out my error in the potency of Silicea.

It is NOT 6c. It can only be 6x as indicated in my last paragraph.

My apologies.
Joe De Livera last decade
THANK YOU so much... i pray this will work. I am sooo fed up. I am sure it is the story of many...
julianna480 last decade
I have another question... sorry... why do you think it is that my symptoms are worse when I am on my period or right before? And is there anything I can do to help that besides the treatment you recommended?

Thanks so much again
julianna480 last decade
I cannot give you a positive reply to your question as frankly I do not know. If as you state your symptons are exacerbated by your period this may be due to some phenomenon which others more knowledgable than me can answer but even if they do, I believe that it can only be guess work.

I do not think that there is anything special that you can do to overcome your immediate problems during this period and you are advised to continue with the therapy that I have indicated daily especially the messy bit about inserting an antibiotic into you know where after each BM which I consider essential judging by the reports of those who have suffered and who discovered that they problems are alleviated with this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
I went to the doctor today for a follow up, to check how things are going with my recovery from a fisulectomy 5 months ago. I have been having slight tendernous and a secretion of what i thought was pus ever since surgery. a small amount, maybe 5-7 drops worth in a 24hr period.

Well, after a thourough examination, by feal and then by scope he is unable to see anything wrong...he see's no infection and no open wound. The 'pus' I thought I was having is infact a natural mucus that lines the lower intestine/colon it is as refered to it as a natural lubricant during BM's. He also said that it would be about 2 years before i fealt like nothing was wrong down there.

I began to mention the Homeopathic remedies i was doing and it fell on deaf ears as he pretty much ignored what i said and asked me to shift to another position. I asked if he could prescribe an antibiotic ointment and he said it was unneccessary as I have no infection.

I will continue the homeopathic remedies suggested here by Joe as I feal they help in relieving the irritation, I will probably finish off the Silicia I have and then discontinue use, Silicia is used to stop the pus, but since this isn't pus at all it's probably why it hasn't 'Worked' yet. Because there is apparently nothing to 'fix'

Being that the Doc said it would take 2 yrs to Fully heal from this (or atleast to feal 110% again) I will continue with arnica montana for life as joe reccomended and I will probably also continue with Nat Phos as it seems to keep me regular.

I will also continue with antibiotic ointment as it seems to help with relief and itchiness, and i may switch to just vaseline in a few months (as directions say not to exceed 7 days or could cause rash) although i've used for 2 weeks and have had no problems.

Thanks a bunch to you all, and i will report back regularly to tell my story on how things are going!
buck99se last decade
To Buck

I am glad that you confirmed that your surgeon was happy with his handiwork which could have been another story if you had not used the therapy that I indicate to ensure that your lesion healed. Your confirmation that this therapy worked may be of some use to skeptics who feel that the time I have spent in advising patients who have suffered like you with the possibility of a never ending scenario will know that help is at hand.

I am simply amazed at the attitude of the medical fraternity to what is so obvious that while they use the knife even when it is not essential and follow it up with powerful drugs which can maim the patient for life, they still refuse to accept that Homeopathic remedies can help in ways that they just cannot emulate.

You can now stop the antibiotic ointment and replace it with Calendula ointment which is the homeopathic equivalent of a bactericide. This too is oily and is quite safe to use.

You will also keep on with the Nat Phos 6x as you have already discovered that it keeps your BM regular and soft and of course with the Arnica which you can now take in the lower 6c potency for life in the wet dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have not been able to get the meds yet ( getting paid tomorrow woohoo! ) but I do have a couple of questions. Can I use any antibiotic ointment, such as neosporin or polysporin that is freely available? I don't have health insurance so I cant afford to go to the prescription ointment. Is there a homeopathic ointment I can use?

I have been using an ointment that is called 'Prid drawing salve' which contains Arnica and Silicea, to help the irritation till I get the medicine, and it has been helping. I also stopped using caffeine ( I MISS DIET COKE LOL )and have only been drinking water, juice once in a while. I also have not been eating red meat. So far so good. I have not bled in three days and also no pus from my wound in 5 days.

Once I start my treatment with what you recommended I should be even better!
julianna480 last decade
I do not know what the 2 ointments that you mentioned are but you can check them and if they state that they are in fact ANTIBIOTIC you may use them.

Glad to note that you have stopped all beverages and that you feel better with the Salve you are using. You may keep it for future use after your problem has stabilized but I would like you to use the Neosporin instead for the moment.

It is important that you start on the Arnica / Silicea therapy ASAP.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi guys. Two questions...

1)i just went out and got arnica 30c but couldn't find silicea in 6x. The store only had 30c and 30x. Is it okay if i got the 30c and take that instead?

2)about the arnica in the 500ml water bottle... You dissolve three pellets in the water and take 2-3 teaspoons daily correct?

My question is do i continue to take 2-3 teaspoons from the same water bottle day after day until it is empty or do i add three more pellets everyday? or do i get a new water bottle everyday?

kpassman last decade
It is important in homeopathy that you use precisely what is prescribed as otherwise the results can be unpleasant.

You must get the Silicea 6x.

You will not exceed 1 teaspoonful Arnica 30c twice daily. You will use the water from the bottle which is not the remedy till it is exhausted which will be in about 4 months at 2 teaspoons per day.

The antibiotic ointment is also an integral part of this therapy. Please read the post above.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks for the quick response.

in the case of my fistula, it flares up once a week and when it pops or is squeezed. There is only blood. Do i have to continue using silicea?

also, what are the side effects of using silicea30c instead of 6x?

thanks again!
kpassman last decade
You MUST use all the remedies that I have prescribed for your Fistula if you wish to cure it.

Silicea is far too potent at 30c to be of the slightest use for you and I do not see any reason for your using it when you were advised against doing so.

I do not think that there can be any side effects in using 30c but I cannot vouch for it.

I really cannot imagine the reason why you still persist in using this remedy and you may like to know that you are just wasting my time in replying your post again.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have ordered the meds. My store didnt have them in the precise dosage.

today when i went to the bathroom I bled again, and a little red blood clot thingie came along out. I am assuming this comes from a fistula or fissure i have developed in my anus. Is that normal?

I have added fiber to my diet, flachs meal to be exact, to have with my cereal. Organic, of course.

I have also started using the antibiotic ointment like you asked, after every bowel movement.
julianna480 last decade
To Julianna

I hope that you have also ordered the nat Phos 6x which I believe you require to keep your stools soft to ensure that they do not cause further abrasion of the anal area with every BM.

Your report of a blood clot is of some concern as this is not normal at this stage. Please refresh my mind about your case. Did you have surgery and how long ago ?
Joe De Livera last decade

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