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To Jonboy

Glad you responded to my inquiry. I note that your Fistula has cleared but the Fissure still remains.

Would you like to define Fissure ?
Does it bleed ?
Pain ?

I presume that you use the finger technique I recommended with an antibiotic ointment which should be used to disinfect the lesion inside the anal muscles.

Do you take Arnic and Silicea as recommended ? Please indicate potency and dosage.
Joe De Livera last decade
No I havent tried the finger thing yet !

Yes it occasionaly bleeds more times than not; only marginally painful when passing stools.

Only take arnica (as per your dosage) cos i thought the sillicea was for drainage.

From all the symptoms I had Im conviced I have Crohns. (was already diagnosed IBS).
jonboy last decade
hi all,

ok so Im the one who posted 2 weeks ago that drainage had stopped and it looked like it was all healed.

But it filled and broke again a week ago and its really tender now.

Im not sure what I did but I guess there could have been a couple of reasons.

but anyway, Im getting tired of the fistula and the discomfort. So Im considering surgery. Even my naturopath suggested the arnica and silicea doesnt bring relief to everyone.

So I have 1 question:

say I get the surgery done. And say it doesnt heal. Wouldnt I be back at THIS point where I am now? meaning, isnt it worth trying the surgey and if it doesnt work, I will have tried the surgery?


noproblemo last decade
I have not read your previous posts and if you have already had surgery you are advised not to attempt another experimental bout as this scenario will recur again and again and will only cause you pain with the danger of the anaesthesia.

You must do everything possible to avoid surgery as I have a patient who had 6 episodes and arrived more dead than alive and is now cured.

Unless you have some very good reason you should keep on with the standard therapy which comprises of using Arnica 30c and Silicea 6x daily with the finger technique which is to keep the bacterial count as low as is possible after every stool.

If your stools are hard Nat Phos 6x after meals will keep them soft and easy.
Joe De Livera last decade
No Problemo, I actually agree with Joe, that the arnica and silicea can do some great things, but I too was in your situation. I got so annoyed with the fistula and just wanted it resolved. For me, the remedies took care of the symptoms but the fistula was there still so I decided to have the surgery done. I am going to start using the Arnica to help with the healing, but honestly I feel that the surgery was very simple and easy to handle... took abotu 30 min and my surgeon let me have a spinal so I stayed awake. So far its healing nicely, no pus, and actually very little pain or discomfort (Im not sure why, because given the area I thought for sure it would be super painful) even going to the bathroom is not that painful... so anyways, just a little food for thought on my experience...
ColoCub78 last decade
To Noproblemo and Cococub

The reason why I advice against surgery is because it is never ending. I have had a case who was in surgery 5 times over about 18 months and was scheduled for the 6th. After a few weeks on my therapy which I have detailed above he is now stabilized and does not have any bleeding or discharge of pus.

He does use the Arnica and Silicea and I hope can be considered as cured. The antibiotic is not required any more. I believe that the combination of the Arnica and the Silicea have both contributed to the healing of the lesion which when it is inside the sphincter muscle is complicated. Surgery will only temporarily fix the problem which will be reinfected with every passing stool and will pave the way for the next surgery and so on.
Joe De Livera last decade
ColoCub, you agreed with Joe but then you recommended I go for surgery? Im confused.

Joe, I have another question: do we have an example of a patient who was cured completely under your remedies? is it possible to get them to write on this forum? how long did it take for it to heal? how long has it not re-occured? what were the stages they went through? did it ever come back? what medicines are they on now?

I havent seen a single person on this forum say 'Ive been using arnica and silicea for x months and its completely gone. Now I can sit on my butt, I dont have to wear a gauze pad and there is no discomfort'. (But maybe I skipped that post)

I wouild like to base my decision on actual experiences. Believe me, I dont want to go srugery, but the Arnica and Silicea seem to work well for 2 weeks, then cut off for some reason, then work again. But those 2 weeks tht they're not working, I cant handle it.

thank you so much for your advice and support Joe. Lets see if I can still stay away from surgery.

noproblemo last decade
Hi NP, sorry for the confusion... what I meant, was that Joe is most definately right, the remedies clearly have properties that help alleviate the symptoms etc (I was told that some dr's now recommended taking arnica pre and post surgeries because it can help with healing).. The thing for me (and this is just me), is that the symptoms went away for awhile but it would fill back up and start draining again, so I opted to have the surgery and use the remedies to help the healing afterwards. I just to put your mind at east IN CASE you decided to do the surgery, that it really was a piece of cake, In fact I think having the absess drained was more painful.. and with a fistulotomy, they also destroy the gland that is trouble... again..thats just my story.. so far so good
ColoCub78 last decade
ColoClub, how long ago did you gave surgery? is it possible for me to keep in touch with you somehow? to see how you feel coming months?

cause if Joe is saying after surgery it'll come back, then the easiness of the surgery actually doesnt matter, cause thats short term.

Can we exchange email addys?

noproblemo last decade
Joe, if I have surgery, and say it comes back, am I at the same place I am now? or worse?

meaning can I not just start back on your remedy after having tried surgery once and if it fails?

I just feel like I should try it, you never know, it may not come back for me. But if it does, I wouldnt have lost anything, I would be back where I am now.

what do you think?

noproblemo last decade
Sure, that's no problem, noproblemo :-) ColoCub78 at aol. I had my surgery on the 5th of the month so its been about 2-3 weeks...feel free to email me
ColoCub78 last decade

I can see that you are keen to have surgery for your Fistula. However as I have stated before, they have invariably recurred again and again after.

It is just that I tried to give you the option of another method that has worked in many cases over some years of using Silicea to drain and the Arnica to heal the lesion from inside outwards which medicine cannot do.

It was only recently that it occurred to me that the use of an antibiotic ointment after each bowel movement can help to heal a Fissure and an Abscess quicker by reducing the bacterial count in the anal muscles and I observed that this was an improvement to just using the 2 remedies.

I do not know how long you have suffered from your Fistula and also if you have used my method for some time but the decision is yours to make whether or not you would like to have surgical intervention to help your problem or to take the easier method that I have suggested.

Someone on this thread has asked me whether it will be possible to get a patient who has been cured to post on this thread but unfortunately he is not computer literate and lives in another village far from Colombo where I live.

For what it is worth, my advice to you is to use my method and if it does not help in say a month, go for surgery. If you do, do not go for general anaesthesia as there is a slight risk.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe you forgot to answer after I gave feedback
jonboy last decade
I was going to have surgery but the thought of the open wound with 2 weeks of daily dressing changes and the possibility of becoming less contenant (which is a side effect of the surgery) put me off. I suffer IBS and dont want it any worse by not being able to hold it !!
jonboy last decade
To Jonboy

My apologies for the late reply.

I firmly believe that surgery is not the answer to cure a fistula.

Preventive action must be taken if one feels any discomfort like burning after passing a hard stool. One is OK but if this pain continues day after day which is due to infection by the bacteria in the gut, the foundation is laid for an Abscess, Fissure, or the worst case scenario, a Fistula.

I do hope that these instructions will be read by others who may be prime candidates for this and similar ailments.

In the event of the first signs of discomfort you are advised to get any suitable disinfectant ointment (not cream) which you should insert into your anus with a finger covered by an rubber glove. If this burning continues, you must then use an Antibiotic ointment like Polyfax.

Action must also be taken to ensure that future bowel movements (BM) will be soft to avoid further laceration and reinfection of the wound. Fruits like bananas, prunes, papaws all help to keep the BM soft.

In the event that there is still some discomfort you are advised to use the ointment after every BM and the chances of any anal distress will be minimised.

The management of established Abscesses, Fissures and Fistulas have already been dealt with by me in earlier posts on this thread. Arnica 30c with Silicea 6x are the remedies to be used.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

One final word. Do not ever consider surgery as it will be never ending once you have it performed. This is because of the reinfection of the wound which always occurs and creates pockets of infection which no surgery can eradicate.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,,

Why not cream? Does antiseptic cream work?

izaac last decade
No because it does not adhere to the area which is affected as much as the petroleum based ointment does. And remember it must be an antibiotic ointment like Polyfax.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Anal Fistula/Fissure Patients

I have been reading this posts with utmost interests as my Uncle is suffering from Anal Fissure, and I have noted the following.

First Joe prescribed Arnica (his fav remedy), which on its own wasnt successfull. Please read the following post by a patient called CHIPPER, who just used Arnica

Posts from CHIPPER

''Hi Joe,This is my weekly report to you.I have been taking the Arnica Montana 30c liquid form for a week and there is no change. I guess I shouldn't expect anything to soon.''
''Hi Joe, This is my second weekly report to you. There is still no change. Is there a certain point where I should notice the change? ''
''Thanks Joe,I don't want it to sound like I am getting impatient, as I am only looking for a rough time estimate which you gave me. I will continue with the Arnica for as long as needed and continue to report weekly. Thanks for all the positive encouragement which I really needed. Have you seen many fistulas healed with this Arnica solution?''

Later Joe picked up on SILICIA, which was originally advised by Dr.Sajjad Akram, and patients started reporting some improvements.

My question and advise to all the patients is, that they should try one medicine at a time, and try to find out which one is working, whether it is Arnica or Silica, mixing medicine is not a good idea if we want to learn about homeopathy.

I would suggest, please try ARNICA first as Joe has recommended, if it doesnt help, then one can try SILICA or any other medicines, so we can all benefit


sazim last decade
The treatment of Fistulas, Fissures and Abscesses in the anal region is best done with the combination of Arnica 30c in the wet dose and Silicea 6x tablets in the dry dose reinforced with the Antibiotic ointment which is inserted internally by the patient after every bowel movement. The antibiotic is to keep the lesion as disinfected as is possible after the passage of a stool.

If the stools are hard this can cause further abrasion of the lesion and the patient is advised to take Nat Phos 6x biochemic cell salt tablets dose 2 tablets take after lunch and dinner.

The Arnica heals from within.
The Silicea drains the pus.
The Antibiotic disinfects the lesion.
The Nat Phos keeps the BM soft.
Joe De Livera last decade
is the Anusol cream OK its used in UK for mainly for pilesand other rectal problems. Is this same as Polyfex type?
jonboy last decade
Anusol is not an antibiotic ointment.

Polyfax is an antibiotic ointment and there may be many more in the UK that can be used but you may have to get a prescription to get them.
Joe De Livera last decade
The remedy works to help healing, but the surgery is truley the only way to cure a fistula. Please read up...a fisutal will NEVER heal, because your body already THINKS it is healed...the cells involved with a fistula are similar to the cells on your arm or hand, they will never grow onto itself and heal. I tried the remedies for weeks...being anxious and literally taking up my lifestyle following...BUT in the end...the result I found was that the syptoms went away temporarily and the all the sudden the fisula built up and drained again. I decided to have the surgery done on may 5...it was simple, painless, I was home the same night, I had little/no pain the next day or after...AND it never came back yet....I started weight lifting again, drinking with friends...I DO however attribute the remedies to my healing POST OP, but honestly a fistula will never heal without being dissected and allowed to RE heal.....just my thoughts....
ColoCub78 last decade
To Colocub

I am glad to learn that you have had surgery for your fistula and that you were able to return home shortly after.

I presume that you will not use the therapy that I have suggested which I believe in needed especially now after your surgery.

You have stated that a fistula will NEVER heal with the therapy that I have indicated but if you read the posts on this thread you will discover that the reverse is the case.

We shall await news from you perhaps a few weeks into the future when you may discover that another surgical adventure is again needed to look after the next fistula which will surely occur. You may then consider the therapy that I have suggested
Joe De Livera last decade

>>if you read the posts on this thread you will discover that the reverse is the case.

which posts are you referring to? I didnt see any that said 'I wa cured completely by the remedies'.

But what I HAVE seen is people disappear from this forum once they undergo surgery. They got cured, what else can that mean!

Im undergoing surgery in 2 weeks too cause I noticed a cycle with the remedies:

pus lessens, then stops coming out cause the opening gets healed, then the pus accumulates in the pouch, which eventually breaks and the pus leaks for 3-4 days ... then the cycles starts all over.

This is what happened to me for over 8 months. By the way, it was the same before and after I started taking the remedy (Arnica & Silicea). Only difference was less pus and less discomfort.

noproblemo last decade
If as you state that both surgery and the therapy I have indicated give the same result, it is up to you the patient to decide which of the two alternatives you will go with.

The fact is that I have been able to cure about 75% of my patients with my therapy and they are most grateful for having saved them recurrent surgery.

You must understand that curing a Fistula, Fissure or an Abscess is not an overnight fix and it may be worth the wait to have it done in a manner that permits the body to heal itself.

You mentioned that those who opt for surgery disappear from the forum and I hope that they are cured. I believe that it will only be a matter of time before they have to return to surgery again and again as many have done in the past.

It all depends on you.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have read in an earlier thread here where somone indicated that their anal fistula/fissure returned after surgery.

You need to go through some old threads here to find out what other people have said.
Joe also treats people offline not solely at this website so he gets his experience not only from this site.

You can start reading previous posts by doing a search at this site by typing 'fistula' in the white blank space to the left.
parisNSA last decade

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