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Dear Joe

As long as you continue to engage your energies to counter me, the better for the patients, as you yourself agreed that you are not able to prescribe, as you used to earlier.

That is one way to prevent patients from getting your useless prescriptions.

Please continue your longish, substanceless, boring posts. I started enjoying them.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

Your 2 posts above confirm a fact that I suspected a few weeks ago.

Joe De Livera last decade
There was a delay in my previous post to appear on the thread. i thought it was lost. And hence made the second post.

I know you will come back, with this sort of comment, and hence reserved my explanation to answer you.

Any thing else?

Let other classical prescribers like rishimba,Jacob,Maheeru,Rajiv do the actual prescribing. Even the other prescribers are doing a goood job.

So, let us continue engaging each other here, so as the patients are not disturbed.

Instead of Nesha's jokes thread they will come here.

Please keep up your part of the commitment.

I will be waiting.

gavinimurthy last decade
I have a 2MBPS broad band connection in my office, for my exclusive use, and ofcourse at home too.

I am my own boss in the office, and at home also. No body disturbs me, unless I want to talk to them.

So, I have all the time on this earth, to engage creatures like you.

Let us continue the entertainment for the benefit of visitors.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi Guys,

what I meant was:

Savlon is tooooooo mild. You have to use antibiotic ointment. Its the ointment that is effective. savlon is not strong enough.

Its not antibiotic ointment alone that helped me, it was

+ silicea
+ arnica
+ sitz bath
+ vitamin c
+ zinc
+ posture while using toilet
+ strict diet
+ lots of water
+ fibre pills

And mine was abscess, not fistula.
izaac last decade
One strange thing I discovered about arnica:

I dont get the flu easily after started taking arnica,, for about a year now. Even when my other family members are down with it (the flu).
izaac last decade
To Izaac

Thank you for spreading the good news on the treatment protocol you used for your Abscess. I believe that the same protocol will be equally effective for a Fistula and a Fissure too.

It is interesting that you too noticed that Arnica gives you more resistance to colds. I too had noticed it about 10 years ago shortly after I started on my nightly dose which at that time was twice daily and which I reduced to just once nightly after my Prostatectomy 4 years ago.

I am glad that you on your own mentioned this fact and I shall now add it to my record of case histories for Arnica on:


It is this form of sharing one's experiences that this forum is meant to be used for but unfortunately as you can see from the posts above, we do have to suffer from trolls who imagine that they are protecting patients from my Joepathy which has invariably worked and has produced results faster than the homeopathy practiced by classical homeopaths who seem annoyed that I have proved that there is another way of healing with what they have termed an allopathic approach to cure using standard Homeopathic remedies.

Please continue your efforts to spread the good news.
Joe De Livera last decade
do not worry. we are matured audience.
izaac last decade
LOL. ROFL. Does anyone else also see the humour in this ongoing tug-of-war between Murthy and Joe? LOL.

They say laughter is the best medicine....LOL....maybe I'll get cured by this.

Megastar last decade
To Duravita

It is coming on to midnight here in Sri Lanka where I live.

I believe that we have given Murthy all the time that he wants to help you but so far he has only pontificated on how great his knowledge of homeopathy is and insists on insulting my own method of healing which has invariably resulted in success as you can read from the posts of both Izaac and Megastar.

The remedies that I use are :

Arnica 30c to heal inside the lesion
Silicea 6x to expel the pus
Nat Phos 6x to keep the stools soft
Antibiotic Ointment to be inserted into the anus after every bowel movement (BM) to keep the bactrerial count in the affected area as low as possible.

Please read the posts in the earlier pages to see how to use these various remedies and if you have any questions please record them and I shall reply tomorrow.

Please have confidence in my therapy which has helped many to heal.

Ignore the ravings of Murthy who is very obviously jealous of my success in helping patients with my Joepathy to heal their anal problems.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you for your response. the treatment you reccomend seems to be working. the abscesses have gone down. I am concerned that if there is drainage through the fissure from the abcess and that being the only release point. that the fissure may not ever be able to heal. can you reccomend a specific antibiotic ointment. I have been using tea tree oil, quinine compounded in very small doses in white petrolateum. I have also used the nytroglycering in the past few months for spasms.

Thank you

duravita last decade
Dear All,

Here is my previous post about antiobiotic ointment:

'In the US, the most common available over-the-counter (non-prescription) antibiotic ointment is called NEOSPORIN. Many drug stores carry their own brand or generic labelled as 'Triple Antibiotic Ointment,' as a 'first aid ointment/pain relieving ointment.'

Contents: 1) Polymyxin B Sulfate, 2) Bacitracin Zinc, and 3) Neomycin Sulfate. If the tube is pain relieving, it includes Pramoxine Hcl.

I hope this helps. Mostly we use it to help cuts heal faster.'
bethw last decade
To Duravita

Glad to note that your abscess has responded to the therapy that I have prescribed on this thread which as you can read has helped many. I would like to know for how long you have used it and how precisely it has helped your problem.

Please note that this therapy is not a quick fix and will take some months to help you as long as you presist in using it precisely as indicated.

The Neosporin ointment is OK but the one I have experience with is Polyfax which is available here in Sri Lanka.

I am concerned with your report of the spasms that you experience and would liike to have more data on this problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have been following your regiment of arnica and silecea for about four weeks. I had severe pain from what seemed two inces from the abscess on the left . I suspect it was the fistulous tract and saw a doctor that prescribed the nitro for spasms. it seemed to help particularly after a bowel movement. My bowel movements have always been small in diameter and the doc said I was anal retentive and that stress had something to do with that.
thank you for taking this time to correspond.


duravita last decade
I regret that I cannot help you with your spasms in the anus which is an unusual symptom and if the nitro helps you must continue with it.

The Nat Phos that I have prescribed will keep the BM soft and will enable you to pass a BM without further abrading the passage, which is part of the curative aspect of my therapy.

The Arnica 30c will help to heal the abscess while the Silicea 6x will ensure that it drains the pus.

I hope that you have got the AB ointment and are using it as instructed.

Also please note that dry wiping will exacerbate your problem. Use wet toilet paper or equivalent.

Please post your progress from time to time to enable me to advice you.
Joe De Livera last decade
I need advice,,,,I had an isrectal abcess about 4 yrs ago. They drained and packed it. It returned around 5 mo later and contributed it to having steroids perscribed for my foot that I broke. Now I have, like a blood blister type thing at the the scar area. At times it will become irritated and bleed. I truly believe there is a small hole that connects the blister to the anal lining. If I have normal bowel movements, one a day, I usually have no problem. But if I eat something that irritaes me,,,then I have problems.I have been taking Arnica 30 faithfully for the past 3 mo. Is there anything else that I can do to make this go away?
nanoftwo last decade
Good to note that you have taken Arnica 30c for the last 3 months which I hope you have done in the wet dose . I am however concerned that it does not seem to have helped you.

Your case is somewhat complicated as you are also using steroids for your broken foot and these cannot help with the healing process.

If as you state you have some problem with your BM's you can use Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after meals and see if it keeps the BM soft.

Please read the posts above on the treatment of Fistulas and Abxcesses and if some of them can be used to help yoru condition you are advised to use them.
Joe De Livera last decade
Update from someone (me) who had surgery for anal fistula!

Hi all, just wanted to drop by and give everyone an update on my condition. I know how awful this ailment is, and Im sure someone here will find the answer they're looking for, from my update.

I had surgery for my anal fistula in july. Its going great as I mentioned before. Only thing Ive noticed is if I eat anything spicy AND liquidy (curry etc.), that area fills up. but then it drains soon there-after (2-3 days max).

And then Im back to normal: no drainage, no pain, no abcess, nothing! just like I used to be before the ailment.

So if anyone isnt having luck with homeopathy, I highly recommend surgery.

btw, before I went under the knife, I tried silicea and arnica etc. etc. but they tended to just have a 2 week cycle: drainge would stop, go away for a day, then come back when the area would 'close up'. Then drain again ... so on and so forth!

surgery is sooo much better.

good luck!

noproblemo last decade

Would you like to take over this case ?

It is quite possible that your classical formula can help NP.

Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, mine isnt a case. Im posting here to show that surgery worked. I dont need any other treatment. I think the fact that it drains when I eat spicy will go away after it heals COMPLETELY. Its been only 5 months.

If I need anyone to take my case, I'll ask. :)

noproblemo last decade
My husband has been having some abscesses for the past few months now. We have had incision and drainage done, but it doesnt seem to help plus it is very painful. Another one has crept up now. It is huge, painful, and does not seem to drain at all. He has put turmeric around it, soaks in the bath tub, but nothing seems to help. Pls help. Can I start him on Arnica Mont?
He is a pure vegetarian. Takes very less alcohol occasionally. Has regular bowel movements in the morning. Drinks plenty of water. Has occasional stress.
prathiba last decade
If it is an abscess try myristica sebifera first.

You may need Hepar sulph later, and perhaps silecia too.

We will go one at a time.

gavinimurthy last decade
Gavini - What is the difference between an abscesss and fistula? My husband's looks like a pimple but grows larger when heat etc. is applied to it.
prathiba last decade
fistula is generally a longish opening, more like a long cut with a blade.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

gavinimurthy last decade
abscess is more roundish and elevated.

I think you are talking about an abscess only.

see this image.


gavinimurthy last decade
an absess is roundish and elevated.

See this image.


gavinimurthy last decade

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